tagIncest/TabooDouble Trouble Ch. 4

Double Trouble Ch. 4

byThe Enchanter©

Ch. 4: New Horizons...

In the next month, mom aunt Gen and I had almost no time to get together. Mom was busy getting her job relocated and aunt Gen was taking care of the houses. I was in charge of finding a new hose and packing up and selling off what we didn't need and all the duplicates. We had decided to move to southern California for the warm weather and the ocean and because mom's company had a branch office of which she would be in charge of. This would also make it easy for her to get a job for myself and aunt Gen if we wanted. We bought a new SUV as we wanted to enjoy the drive and have something to haul our personal stuff. The mover's would not have our furniture and other belongings out to us for a week after we were ready to leave.

We left with no remorse and hearts filled with adventure. The first couple of hundred miles went by before we calmed down enough to take in the surrounding country side. Mom was driving and I sat shotgun. Aunt Gen was in the back seat directly behind mom. I was looking out mom's side of the cab when I glanced down and saw aunt Gen had her legs up on the seat. She was sitting in a manner that gave me a clear view up her short skirt. She wasn't wearing any panties.

"Gen! You are a naughty girl! Where are your fucking panties?"

"I guess I forgot to put them on in the rush?"

"Well seeing how forgetful you are I think maybe you should take off your skirt and show the whole world what a absentminded little slut you are!"

"Yes Jack."

She unzipped her skirt and pulled it off handing it to me. She made no attempt to cover her naked bottom half, which made me think she was really into the master/slave routine. She obviously didn't want to piss me off.

"Very good Gen! Tell me dear. Are you getting a little wet, being naughty?"

"I am getting very wet Jack. Would you like to see?"

"Yes my little pet show your master what you do when you get a wet pussy. Show me how you finger that wet cunt."

He Left hand was at her cleft spreading it so her right hand could do it's magic on her pussy and clit. I could see her nipples begin to harden as her head fell back against the head rest, her eyes closed and her mind on her task at hand. I reached over and placed my hand on Gerri-Ann's lap, covering her pussy mound. She looked at me and smiled saying she was driving and had to concentrate.

"Why don't you jump in the back and let my slut of a sister suck all the tension out of your big salami?"

"Good idea Gerri!"

As I climbed over the seat mom gave me a slap on the ass, which caused me to stumble and fall into Genni'' lap. My nose ended up bumping her finger filled snatch. I pulled her hand away and liked her from the bottom of her slit up to her clit. This sent a shudder through Genni which made her tits shake like Jell-O. I sat up and looked at Genni and pointed to my crotch. She stopped her masturbating and reached for the tab on my zipper. Her Bright red finger nails gripped the tab and pulled it down. Next came the button then she asked me to lift my butt so she could pull my jeans off. I obliged her and soon I was also naked from the waist down.

"OK Gen let's see if you can suck all the tension out of my cock, but let me warn you. Don't make me cum to soon, and when I do I want you to jack me off into your mouth and hold all that precious white gooey cum in your mouth. Don't swallow one single drop. When I say it's OK then you can swallow. Understood?"

"Yes master. I will hold every thick creamy drop of your cock cream in my mouth until you tell me what to do. May I play with my pussy while I suck your beautiful hard cock?"

"NO! I want you to concentrate on my cock only. I will tell you when you can finger your cunt."

Gen bent her head and took the end of my cock into her warm mouth, salivating profusely wetting the exposed shaft and my balls. The woman sure could suck the sausage. Her and mother were so much alike that unless you knew who it was you would swear they were one and the same person. It was my turn to lay my head against the head rest and close my eyes, savoring Gen's hot sucking mouth. Her tongue would lavish the girth of my cock while her teeth would gently scrape the sides every so often. I took a fist full of her hair and pulled her head back until my cock fell free slapping my belly.

"Gen my little slut. I expressly told you not to make me cum too soon. Another two sucks and you would be swallowing a big load. For your misbehavior you will have to do something extra special, like say............... I know!"

I pushed her out of the way and got on all fours with my ass sticking up in the air in her face. It was dark enough outside for anyone too see us. They would only get a flash of ass if anything.

"I want you to tongue my asshole out, and make sure you don't fuck this up either!"

Gen was a real trooper and immediately stuck her tongue between my ass cheeks searching out. Her oral administrations were heavenly. Her probing tongue pushed hard at the opening trying to gain entrance. Her hands played with my balls while jacking me off at the same time.

"That's better my love helot. Your ass sucking is exquisite. Yes my pet that's the way, stick those taste buds up my asshole. Ohhhhhhh fuck yeah that's nice. Now suck my cock a bit then go back to my butt hole."

It was pure carnal delight. My beautiful aunt was stabbing my asshole with her tongue and bringing my cum to the bursting point.

"That's it my fuck slut suck Jack's big cock and pull all that hot gummy glue from deep inside. Oh yes bitch suck me off!"

I flipped over keeping her head against my groin. I now had two fists full of hair and her head was tight against my stomach. The total length of my cock was deep in her throat. I would have loved to keep it there and just blasted off into her gullet but I wanted her to jack my seed into her open mouth. There was a greater thrill involved in seeing the white milky sperm shoot into her passive mouth.

"OK cunt! Start jacking my cock in your mouth! I want to watch you take it all in you slut mouth. You had better not spill a drop. If you do you will remain naked for the whole trip!"

I watched my lovely mother's twin pull on my steel hard cock, milking me, desperate for the white fluid I would soon deposit. I tilted my head back and howled at the moon as my cock erupted in her open mouth.

"Yesssssssssss.... You beautiful slut. Fill your fucking mouth with that hot white cum. Oh FUCK yes Gen......it feels so good babe, ungh....ungh.....unghhhhhhhhhhhh."

It was over too soon. I was still shivering with post orgasmic tremors when I looked down and saw Gen with her mouth open and nearly full with my sperm. It was erotic enough to send another jolt through my body.

"God dam you are one fine cocksucker aunt Gen!"

"Hey I thought I was one fine cocksucker?" said mom.

"You are mom! But she's is your twin and you did learn together, so to speak. Besides if it were not for aunt Gen I wouldn't be fucking and sucking the two loveliest women in the world now would I?"

"I won't argue that point son. Now that you are sated how about taking over at the wheel. It's getting to dark for me and I am getting tired."

"Sure thing mom. Pull over and I'll take the wheel while my two love slaves crash! Aunt Gen you can swallow now."

I watched as her Adam's apple went up and down, letting the thick whit goo slide down her throat into her belly. Her tongue made a sweep of her lips to pick up any traces. She smiled at me and blew me a kiss.

"Thanks hon. That was delicious! I could use the ladies room if you don't mind. I would like to tinkle."

"Yes. I need to empty mine as well son."

"OK ladies. Mom pull in at the next service center and we will relieve ourselves."

We pulled in and all headed for the3 john. When we were finished we all grabbed a bite to eat and then headed out into the night again. It was just past one am when we made the border to New Mexico. It would be a long flat drive for a while so the women dozed off and I drove on. It was a moon lit night so one could see for quite a distance. The desert vegetation was not very high and very sparse. We had traveled about a hundred miles when I saw what appeared to be a car off to the side of the road. Next I saw a signal flare being lit. It looked as if someone was in trouble. I slowed down as we got closer to the stranded vehicle. I was a bit nervous as I did not want to take a chance, in case of criminals. When I was twenty feet or so away I saw a uniform. Navy uniform. It was a very big uniform too. The man wearing it was as dark as night. Her also had three gold bands on his arm, telling me this was no regular deck hand. I stopped and opened the window.

"Thank you for stopping sir. My name in Jim Jen. Commander, US Navy. My rental has broken down. Would I be able to get a lift to the next service station?"

"Certainly Commander. Hope in!"

"thank you sir. I'll just get my thinks and throw them in the back."

I had forgotten about Gen being naked so I quickly took the blanket and tossed it over her, covering her exposed body. It was none to soon as Jim was just reaching for the rear gate handle as the blanket settled. The light lit up the interior and woke up the girls. Mom looked around and asked what was up'

"We have picked up a stranded sailor ladies. So I expect you to be on your best behavior."

"Jack dear!" whispered Gen. "I have no clothes on! What am I suppose to do?"

"What ever I tell you to do my lovely lady!"

Mom snickered at my answer, so I looked at her and said, "That goes for you to mother! Remember ladies! I am the master, you are the slaves, and we are no longer related If you do as I say we can all have some fun."

Jim opened the back door and placed his six foot five frame next to Gen's curled up covered body. My guess is Jim weighed in at about two thirty, and no fat. This sailor was in great shape.

"Thanks again sir for picking me up. I was starting to get a bit concerned being in the middle of no where with no transportation."

"We are glad to be of help Jim. Allow me to introduce you to my ladies. Genni-ann is to your right and this is Gerri-ann in the front."

Both women extended their hands to greet Jim and he raised his huge hand to each lady in turn.

"Pleased to meet you ladies. I see you are twins, and very lovely I might add."

"Why thank you sir>" said Gerri. You are a handsome sailor and I do love a man in uniform. Tell me Jim. Just what are you doing so far from the ocean?"

"Well truth be known I was just on my way back to San Diego. I was on my way back from Arkansas. I went there to see my fiancé to make arrangements for our wedding. It seems she forgot to tell me she was having company. When I got there she was living with some drug dealer. He was able to get her hooked on drugs and after that she was his for the taking. She didn't want anything to do with me if I wasn't going to but her what she wanted. Mainly drugs. SO now I'm headed back to the ship to ponder what I will do next. I don't mean to burden you kind people with my troubles, but it's been three months since I have seen any women and I was hoping to spend some time with my ex."

"Oh gee Jim! That is a terrible shame. That was a very cruel thing to have happen to anyone!"

"Yes I suppose, but I don't really think I will dwell on it for very long. It only hurts when I do."

I felt sorry for the big guy. He had spent all this time and money only to find out his lady was now a junkie. I could see the way mom was looking at him. I wondered if she was thinking the same as me "Are all black men hung like horses". I decided that I was going to find out if this particular fine looking gentleman was indeed hung like the horse.

"Jim my good man! I would think that being deprived from female companionship could be very detrimental to one's moral as well as the safety of our country."

"Well, I don't think our country would suffer much sir. "

"Jim. It' Jack, Genni, and Gerri. OK"

"OK" Jack!"

"Gen? Why don't you show Jim how hospitable we can be. I'm certain he must be ready to burst from being cooped up on a shift for so long!"

Gerri was quick to add.

"Yeah Genni. Show the man what you can do."

Without a moments hesitation Gen pulled back the blanket to reveal her naked beauty to the surprised sailor. From the look on his face I would say he was impressed with what he saw.

"Well! Do I pass inspection Commander?"

"Whooooeee mam! You are certainly one very foxy lady. Please forgive my saying this but........I don't really know any of you and the thought of contracting any....any....."

"Don't worry Jim! My two lovely ladies and myself are free of any known diseases. I only hope for your sake that your answer is the same. I wouldn't want either of my girls to contract anything I do not want."

"Jack Sir. I can attest that I have not contracted anything either. You see even though I am thirty-five I have only had sex with one person in my life and that was ten months ago, and I know that she is also clean."

"Well in that case. Gen why not see what the Commander's missile looks like."

"Aye Aye Capin' Jack!"

I couldn't see everything as well as mom, but what I did see was enough to turn me on. Genni's hands were fumbling with the zipper on Jim's uniform. She was mumbling something I couldn't make out clearly. Just every other word or so.

"Fuckin ........stupid......tight.....can't get .....cock out........dammit"

Mom had her neck stretched trying to get a peek at the strange cock.

Gen must have finally freed her prize. The gasp that came from the back seat was almost a scream

"Mother Fucker. Would you look at the size of this thing............ and it isn't even hard yet."

Mom looked down and her eyes got as big as saucers.

"Oh my God Jack. This man is huge. He must be over a foot when he's hard."

"Twelve and a half inches mam. To be accurate."

I slowed and turned. Gen had two hands wrapped around his cock and there was still more than half sticking past her hand. I could see her head moving towards his blood filling cock. I knew she was going to enjoy this piece of flesh. Looking at mom I could see her actually drooling at the sight of this huge black cock. I chuckled to myself and knew she wanted a part of it as well. I knew right then that tonight was going to be a night to remember. I was going to watch my mother and my aunt fuck and suck some black cock. I was getting harder by the minute.

I saw a sign that read Desert Inn twenty miles. Last one for two hundred. I decided then and there that this would be the place where my slaves would lose their black cherries.

"Oh shit Jack Gen is trying to deep throat that monster. She's got more than half of it buried in her throat. I think the movement of the car is making her gag though. Maybe we could stop for a while?"

"Gerri-ann I was thinking the same thing. There is a motel a few minutes up the road. When we get their you can go and get a couple of rooms for us."

I leaned over and whispered in her ear.

"Tell me mother. Do you want to try some of that black cock? Hmmmmmm?"

"Would you think I was wrong to want it son?"

"Of course not mother dear. Feel for yourself. I'm hard just thinking what it will look like to see you with that big hard black cock in your mouth and pussy. Maybe even in your ass?"

"Oh heavens I think it would tear me in half if he ever put that think in my butt."

I sat back and drove the remaining few miles to the motel. I could hear the slurps and sloshing going on in the back seat. Genni's ass was sticking up in the air. You could see the outline of Jim's big black hand as he rubbed her ass, sticking a finger in her sopping pussy form time to time. I pulled up to the motel keeping back far enough so no one could see in the vehicle.

"Gerri! Go get us adjoining rooms please and be quick about it. Jim may blow his cookies pretty soon."

Mom jumped out and went inside. She was back in lees than five minutes, with two keys hanging from her right middle finger.

"Hear you are dear. Rooms five and six, and are paid up until two p.m. tomorrow."

"Thank you my lovely! Shall we adjourn to the boudoir people."

Mom picked up the hers and Gen's overnight bag and locked the truck as the rest of us snuck into the room with just a blanket covering Gen. We really didn't have to worry about anyone seeing us as there was only one other car in the lot and we were away from the lights. As soon as we opened the door I shoved Gen inside pulling the blanket off as she fell into the room on the queen sized bed. Jim was behind me and his grin said he was no longer concerned about what's her name in Arkansas.

"Jim! Can I ask you a question?"

"Sure Jack! What's on your mind?"

"I am surprised you haven't mentioned anything in regard to the twins being as open minded about their sexuality."

"Well. To be honest I am not a person who passes judgment on others. I have a few ghosts in my closet and it would be wrong if I were to say anything against the ladies."

"That's good enough for me. Now show me that horse cock you have in your pants. I want to see my dear Gen swallow that thing. Gerri seems to think she can, but I want to see Gen try as well."

I sat on the bed and watched as Jim walked the three steps to the bed. I felt mom place the bag on the bed and her hand went right to my bulge. She massaged my cock with one hand and was unbuttoning her blouse with the other. Jim unbuckled his uniform slacks and removed his jacket. His white shirt contrasted greatly with his natural dark complexion. Gen finished pulling down his pants to reveal his Navy boxer's. She took the elastic waist band in both hands and pulled it over the rising sword hidden beneath the cotton garment. The huge gudgeon sprang up and hit Gen under her chin. Her head snapped back as her hands came up to grab the monster attacking her face.

"Good lord Jim. How on earth do you hide this thing when you get aroused in public. You would have to be blind not to see it."

"Truth be known kind people I strap it to my leg when I am in public, in uniform. I had just taken it off two minutes before your light lit up my stranded car. I just finished taking a piss and didn't have time to tie big Jim down again. I am sure glad I didn't. May I ask you a question Genni-ann?"

"Anything sweet prince."

"Have you ever had a black lover?" "As of right now, no. In about two seconds that answer is about to change. So sit you big beautiful black ass on this bed and watch white trash cock loving slut sucks cock. When I get through with you, you will know you've been sucked off by one of the best."

"That's my girl Gen. But I think your dear sister will have something to say about that, won't you Gerri-ann?"

"Definitely master! I want my turn on the end of that cunt-splitter too."

"You will my little slut. You will. Come here and take me in your mouth and do me while I watch your slut sister devour that black cock."

Mom stripped the remaining garments from her luscious body and crawled over me to a kneeling position in front of me. Her fingers quickly unfastened my pants and removed them along with my shorts and shirt. Her smooth skin felt good against my hard cock, her slender fingers gliding up and down my comparatively smaller shaft. Her lips sought out the end, taking it in the warm confines of her sensuous mouth. Her red lips left a trail of lipstick on my wet shaft.

"Ouuuu Gerri-ann my wonderful cocksucker you are such a wonderful woman. I am truly lucky to have such a beautiful woman at my beck and call. You should see your shadow sucking that big hard black cock. Her lips traveling up and down the ebony length. Every pass she takes a little more in her throat. Soon the whole shaft will be buried in her gullet. Would you like to see her suck the black beauty?"

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