tagLoving WivesDouble Trouble, Double Pay Back

Double Trouble, Double Pay Back


Here I am, sitting at C.J's bar and grill with my father-in law. He is hitting the Jack and coke pretty hard, me, I am a beer kind of guy, tonight it's a nice dark brew I found a few years ago while on assignment in Texas with my Partner Jess Garcia.

The brew is called Blood And Honey. It's made by a brewery called Revolver Brewing Company somewhere in Texas.

Let me introduce my self, My name is Brad Stone, they call me Stoney. I am 36 years old, 6 ft. 1 inches tall 190 lbs. I work for a government agency, you wouldn't know which one because it doesn't exist on paper. It's a special part of the C.I.A. Jess and I are partners, our job is special security over all shipping and distribution, we make sure special deliveries are sent and received safely.

Now a little about my military life. I was somewhat of a trouble maker when I was 19, just out of high school and constantly in fights. The last time I came before the judge in our small town here in the pan handle of Florida, the judge gave me two options.

First option, 2 years county jail. Second option, join the military. Judge Walker felt like the military was my only hope for a long life without jail time and he made the comment, "Stoney, they will either beat the meanness out of you or find a good use for it."

I joined the Marines with the intent to spend my 3 year stint getting paid rather than sitting in a cell block.

I actually fell in love with the Marine Corps and after my first year was offered the opportunity to join the special forces, after a few stints in the middle east, I was assigned to help a special unit of the C.I.A in Central America.

Our mission was to help in the safe delivery of weapons to our allies and to blow up all shipments of drugs from neighboring countries like Columbia and sometimes picking off high ranking members of the cartel.

It was when one of these missions didn't go as well as planned when I just knew my life was over. My group of 5 men had been ambushed, 3 were dead, my captain was severely injured and I was held captive.

Dragged to a cabin, beat by 3 men then pushed onto my knees. I felt the Colt 45 as the cartel soldier put it to my head, I knew it was all over.

I flinched when I heard 3 nearly silent taps, then 3 loud thuds as their bodies hit the floor. I looked up to see who had just saved my life and looked into the dark eyes of someone I would never had believed could do this.

It was Jess, or at the time I called the soldier, C.I.A Special Agent Jessica Garcia. A gorgeous dark headed dark eyed Goddess, at least at the time she was the prettiest thing on earth.

After that stint I was recruited by the Company or by the other name C.I.A, well I signed on and was paired up with my hero Jess.

I was 25 at the time and we were sent to south Florida for our assignment, it worked out so well we were given the task of starting up the team we have at this time and stationed out of Tampa.

Now let me tell you a little about my father-in law, Ken Masters, well he was really my ex father-in law but wait ,he is still my father-in law. Let me explain.

I was married to his daughter Karla Masters or rather Karla Stone, but we divorced. So how is he still my father-in law, well this gets kind of confusing.

Karla and I are divorced and now I am married to my hero and partner Jessica, Ken married Jessica's mother Maria, let's start this story again when I met Karla, 8 and half years ago.

I had came in from a mission and one of my friends asked me to join them one night at a party he was throwing. I went, it was nice but I was tired so I hadn't planned on staying long, then I seen her, she was beautiful. 5 ft.3 short blonde hair and everything on her was perfect.

I was slow to approach her. Surely this pretty lady was attached. As I was about to leave, I was telling my friend good bye when his wife brought this beauty toward us.

"Stoney, your not leaving are you."

"Yes Sandy. I was just on my way."

"That's to bad, I wanted you to meet a friend of mine, Karla. She is single and here alone."

Karla and I both blushed but I think we both felt some instant attraction.

"Hello Karla, my name is Brad, it's my pleasure to meet such a nice beautiful lady."

"My Sandy, he is not only good looking as you said, he is a Gentleman."

"Well Karla, not very many people would call me a gentleman, but thank you."

I stayed a few more hours that night and we spent the whole time together, before leaving, I was lucky enough to get Karla's number and she asked. "Please call me Brad, call me soon."

I promise I will call Karla, but please call me Stoney that is what all my friends call me."

I called Karla the next 2 days and the 3rd day we had our first date. By our 2nd month of dating we agreed to be exclusive.

I had been on a security trip in Texas on the border of Juarez for 4 days and the day of my return I decided to go to Lunch at C.J's bar and grill. I wasn't there for 15 or 20 minutes when in walks Karla, her arm locked into the arm of another man, he was a big guy maybe 6 ft. 3, 220 lbs.

Of course I was furious, but I knew if I beat the shit out of this guy, I would be in serious trouble with my superiors.

They had just sat down at a booth , I walked up and said. "I thought we were going to be exclusive, but I go out of town for a few days and now here you are."

She had a shocked and scared look on her face. and the guy she was with started to stand up while he was calling me a bad name or two.

"Don't bother getting up man, my beef is not with you, and I don't care about her, she's a lying slut any way. "Karla, I thought we were going to be exclusive, I didn't know that only applied to me."

She had a stunned look on her face and the guy she was with was sitting there with a smug grin just as he was about to say something, I put my hand up to shut him down and said.

"Don't say a thing man, she is yours."

"Yes she is mine, she is my wife and not who you think she is."

"Well just so you know, your wife has been cheating on you for the last 2 months."

As I turned and walked away, I heard Karla, "Mr. it's not what you think."

I walked out of C.J's and never looked back.

The next morning my phone was blown up with calls from Karla, I just hung up and any messages I deleted, then I sent her a text to please erase my number from her contacts and never call again. There were no more calls after that.

3 weeks later, I was walking inside the mall when I heard someone call my name.

"Stoney, hey Stoney wait up."

I tuned and seen Karla. "Hello Karla, where is your husband."

"I am not married Stoney."

"Ok what ever Karla." I said and started to walk away.

She was smiling when she ran in front of me and said, "Wait a minute Stoney, I know you wouldn't understand this and probably not believe it, so you just have to see it yourself, my parents are having a cook out Saturday, it's just family, me my parents and my sister and brother-in law. Will you come please?"

"What about your husband Karla, will he be there."

"Stoney, listen to me, I am not married, come to the cook out Saturday and you will understand."

"I don't know Karla, I can't get involved in a three way relationship."

"I will send you the address Stoney just be there will you please, then you will see how wrong you are."

We parted ways, she smiled and waved, then a few minutes later I received the address in a text from Karla.

I showed up that Saturday, I came a little late, and was met at the door by Karla's dad, Ken. "Welcome young man, come in, sorry we have already started, wasn't sure you would be here."

"That's ok Sir. I didn't come here to eat, Karla asked me here for another reason,"

"And what would that reason be young man."

"I haven't got a clue Sir."

"Call me Ken, young man, what is your name again."

"My name is Brad Stone Sir, but my friends Call me Stoney."

"Again you are welcome here Stoney, and please call me Ken."

"Yes Sir, uhhhh, I mean yes Ken, thank you for having me here."

Karla came running into the entry and gave me a hug and said she was glad to see me, and walked me to the patio.as we walked through the sliding glass door, my face got red with anger.

There sitting by the pool was the guy that was with Karla at C.J's. He seen me and broke into a laugh and that made me even more angry. I was turning to leave when I bumped into someone.

I looked from Karla to this other person, the asshole husband was laughing even harder and Ken started laughing.

Karla grabbed my hand with hers, "Stoney, this is my sister Karen."

I was stunned and couldn't speak.

"We have already met sister, remember I told you about some prick calling me a slut, well the prick is right here." She said all this without a smile.

Karla's mom came out from the kitchen with a pitcher of tea and said.

"I am sorry, you went through that, it happens all the time, my daughters are twins, as a matter of fact as you can see they are identical twins."

Karla introduced me to everyone, I had already met her dad Ken, her sister Karen and her brother-in law Roger, her mom was Kathy.

"Mrs. Masters, I can see where both girls get there beauty."

"Why thank you Stoney, welcome to our home, Karla be a good host get your boyfriend some dinner."

"Oh thank you Mrs. Masters but I am fine. and we are just friends, I am not her boyfriend."

Then Karla said. "Yes he is mom, he just wont admit it yet lol."

We had a pleasant evening, Roger and I talked some, I apologized to him and Karen, he accepted but Karen just turned and walked away.

I left that evening and Karla followed me to my house and stayed the night, we made love all night long.

Karla and I dated for 3 or 4 more months then I asked her to marry me, she accepted with tears in her eyes, she was very happy. That weekend we told her family and I guess that is where this all really started.

I was almost to the kitchen door when I heard them talking to Karla.

"Karla, you are my sister and I want only the best for you, Sis I think you are marring down, he is beneath you."

Then it was her mom. "Yes dear, he told us he was what security, hell daughter he is just a security guard. you deserve someone as good as your sister has, why don't you let Roger introduce you to one of his friends."

"Karen, mom, leave it alone, I don't care what Stoney does for a living I love him."

I had heard enough to know how my sister-in law and her mother felt about me, but was proud of Karen for standing up for me. My father in law and I had got along great and even Roger wasn't too bad.

Roger came from a fairly wealthy family, he was the all star running back in high school, team hero. He also was an all American running back at Florida State. He was a fairly good looking man I guess and he made very good money, Roger was an Investment Banker and he bragged every chance he got about making at least 350 grand a year, Roger was ok to me most of the time but yes, he was a arrogant prick.

We were married and had a lovely wedding, went to Hawaii on our Honeymoon for 2 weeks.

I sold my house and bought a larger nicer house, I was under the impression we were going to start a family early in our marriage, so the larger home made sense.

Things were great for the first year and a half, we had sex every night I was in town, we enjoyed each others company, went dancing, out to eat often, had family functions all the time.

It was at one of these functions that I started to wonder about things in my marriage.

Like I said earlier in this story, Karla and Karen are identical twins, the only way you could tell them apart was they way they were dressed or how they done their hair, but lately, they would dress alike and fix their hair alike at a lot of these family outings.

Today was one of those days, we were having a cook out at Karla's parents house and Ken and I had came out of the house from watching a game, I noticed Roger had Karen wrapped up in his arms and she was acting like she was struggling trying to get away while she was laughing.

I heard her giggle and say ok as he cupped her tits in his hands and she reached behind her and grabbed his cock. Then they broke from each other and he gave her a tender open mouth kiss.

It brought out my desire for my wife and I saw her just inside the kitchen so I slipped inside and wrapped my arms around her and said.

"Baby why don't we go up to your old bedroom and let me have some of that wonderful pussy."

I was surprised when she turned and slapped me,.

"What makes you think I would have something to do with someone like you, my sister may stoop that low but I never would."

I was shocked and thoughts were running through my head 100 miles an hour, what the fuck just happened, Karen went out to the pool and was having a heated discussion with Karla. Then Karla came in and asked, "what the fuck was going on."

"Karla, I thought it was you."

"Maybe you should be more sure next time Stoney."

That pissed me off bad. "Well I am sure you and old Roger boy were sure who you were when he was cupping your tits and you grabbed his cock."

"Oh don't be ridiculous Stoney that was nothing we were just playing around."

"That was no play around kiss at the end Karla."

"Your being a silly jealous fool."

I turned walked out the doo and drove straight home, my phone was ringing before I got 3 miles away.

"What are you doing."

"I am going home."

"I was not ready to leave yet Stoney."

"Karla, I think your ass is still there and you can have Roger bring you home unless you want to stay there."

I was looking out the bedroom window as I was packing a bag for my upcoming trip to Mexico City when I heard the car pull up, it was Ken, he dropped Karla off. I figured we would have our heated argument but she just came in sat on the bed and apologized about things today, said she was just playing around with Roger.

"Karla, if you want to fuck Roger, go ahead I wont stop you, but I will not be here when you are finished, just tell me now and we can get a divorce."

Karla seen the bag I was packing and she started crying, "Please Stoney don't leave me, I am not fucking anyone but you, I only love you honey."

"Karla I am not leaving you, yes I am going away, but it is one of my business trips."

"Stoney, I have to ask this stupid question, why does a security guard have to leave on so many trips, most security guards never leave the mall they watch."

"Karla, I wont say this again, I am not a security guard. and if you don't want to be with someone like me say so now."

"I love you Stoney and only want to be with you."

We made passionate love that night and I left early the next morning. Jess and I were gone only 2 days and after my return.

Karla and I had a talk about our relationship and about starting a family. Karla wanted to wait a few years and I wanted them sooner.

Everything went well between us for a few months, then we started arguing more, we had sex less and that went on for about 3 months.

At our family get outings, Roger and Karen would always criticize things I did for Karla, why doesn't he get you this. Roger bought me a new car, why doesn't Brad buy you one.

Then the last one we had, Karen and Roger started in on me about bettering my self, why did I want to stay a security guard all my life. Then it was Kathy my mother-in law that started in.

"Stoney is just like Ken, stuck in the same old rut, they will never amount to any thing like Roger, they will never be a real man like him, probably in any way."

My skin is pretty thick and those things didn't bother me I watched as Ken just drank his Jack Daniels and Coke down and then went into the house.

What hurt me was when my wife agreed with them, "Yes that's right Stoney, why cant you be the man that Roger is financially, be responsible and quit that pissy job and get a real mans job."

I just walked back into the house and out the front door. that night I didn't get a call and Karla came home the next morning and we talked.

"Well, where did you stay last night, did you go home with your real man."

"No Stoney, I didn't go home with Roger and Karen, I stayed at mom's and slept in my old bed."

"If you feel more at home there than here Karla, go back, you made it clear last night, I am not man enough for you."

"Oh Stoney don't be silly, you please me very much, you are all the man I need and I want to be here with you and no one else, but what every one says is true, why cant you try to better yourself for me."

"Karla, you married me the way I was, I am just me the security guard."

Our sex life picked back up after that night, well at least for a few months. We had sex maybe 2 or 3 nights a week and usually we made love one night then skipped a few nights, but this is where it got weird.

On the nights we made love we were very affectionate to each other, when we didn't she didn't even want me touching her. One day after work I seen her fixing dinner and slipped up behind her and grabbed her cute ass and she turned around and almost slapped me.

"Oh I am sorry Brad, you scared me, I didn't know who it was."

I thought to myself, who the fuck else would it be doing that. Another weird thing, some nights the dinner she made me was the fantastic dishes she made since we were married, Karla was an excellent cook, but some nights it was barely tolerable.

That night I was pretty frisky and wanted to fuck my wife but she was having nothing to do with it, we had a big argument and I slept in the spare bedroom, and it was her Idea.

The next morning, I was heading into the kitchen to get some coffee when I heard Karla on the phone.

"I don't care sis, I don't want him touching me, ok, ok, yes I know, I will hold my temper. Ok bye, Love you guys too."

Then she hung up and I took my cup of coffee back to my study. I wad already dressed so I left for work early and talked to my best friend, Jess.

"Jess, I don't like what's going on at home, I'm not too sure Karla isn't cheating on me."

"Stoney, I never liked the bitch any ways, never trusted her besides she is not the woman you were meant to be with."

"I know beautiful, we were meant to be together." Then I laughed.

"That's not funny Stoney."

"I need your help Jessica."

"Don't call me that ass hole."

'Ok Baby."

Jess kissed me on the cheek. "You can call me Baby anytime you like hun."

"Jess I need you and the team to do a little work for me."

One thing about our team, they would do any thing at all for each other, even kill for their team members, no I wasn't asking them to kill any one, well not yet any ways.

"Jess, I need you guys to find me any info you can on a man named Roger Olsen. Dig up every thing you can."

The next 2 weeks were the same as the last months, when we made love it was passionate, when we didn't either her or myself ended sleeping in the spare bedroom.

One morning after a passionate night of making love, Karla was fast asleep and I took a small clipping of her hair, the next night was hell night, when I was sure she was asleep, I slipped in and took a small piece of her hair.

It took our labs a few days for the results and then I knew for sure. I know what you are thinking, anyone but an idiot would have already figured it out, I was pretty sure of it but needed proof.

I called Karla that morning. "Hello Stoney, how is your day going baby."

I was sure by her attitude, this was my wife Karla. "I am doing fine Karla, I will be home in about 1 hour, we need to talk, just you and me."

"Ok honey, but who else would be here besides me."

"That my dear is what we will discuss when I get there." I hung up as she was about to say something and when she tried to call back, I just let the phone roll over to voice mail.

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