Double Wedding


Mr Rother came home from work as Joyce was clipping the long flowing train to my dress and Mrs Rother adjusted the huge bow on my bottom.

Mr Rother took a double take as he walked into the room cleaning his glasses. 'My goodness,' he said 'this gorgeous young thing can't be our...'

He stood and stared from the doorway and put his glasses back on, squinted and adjusted his eyes to the light. Disappointment etched across his face.

Mrs Rother spoke first. 'Yes, darling its our future son in law. Doesn't he make you proud?'

Mr Rother never approved of his wives idea and looks at me as if I was something nasty he'd stepped on in the street.

'Look,' Mrs Rother says, 'look how he's taken to his new feminine role, like a duck to water,' and before I could stop her she lifted my skirts high and shown him my shaven legs, stockings and panties as if this extra feminisation made the picture complete.

'Remarkably it's our daughters wish,' he says begrudgingly. 'We should respect that. It's not me to give an opinion.'

Mrs Rother nodded. 'But you've got to agree doesn't she look beautiful? I'm sure you won't mind giving her away at the church.'

He nodded and I simultaneously imagined hanging off his arm as he proudly walked me down the isle. Yet despite everything I began to have doubts Mrs Rother seemed to be taking it to extremes and over the following weeks I felt my masculinity stripped from me as she made me grow my hair, shave my whole body and learn female mannerisms. I was even treated to a facial and a manicure as she readied me to the big event. Paula's mum seemed determined to feminise me not for a day but to make deep scarring changes that would take years to disappear. She took me to have my ears pierced, plucked my eyebrows into a feminine arch, insisted I wear panties under my trousers at all time and made me grew my nails which she insisted I coat with clear varnish, until I could hardly do anything manual. Work began to get suspicious as though they knew about the wedding I hadn't told them who was to be the bride. I just hoped I could hold them off until after the big day when I could cut my hair and nails and resume my normal life.

Mrs Rother even insisted that I learn to dance. She had this wild romantic notion that Paula and I take to the floor for the first dance. Paula knew how to dance already so Mrs Rother paid for me to do lessons at a local school so I could surprise Paula with my new talent. And she was going to be surprised for sure as Mrs Rother enrolled me as Kristy and took me to and from lessons insisting I dressed the part. She bought me a black crepe dress, a bee-stripe sweater and a gold lame miniskirt, and a black wrap dress. I was the smartest there and I not only learnt to dance as a woman the whole experience made me act more and more like a young woman.

It all seemed so extreme and I feared Paula would go off my new feminised body but as the wedding approached because Mrs Rother seemed to be more accepting of me Paula became more and more comfortable with the whole idea of marriage. Though if the truth is to be known I noticed a change in Paula that I found a little unsettling. She began to talk to me like a woman, she would chat about fashion, ask my opinion, and talk about men and emotions. We didn't have sex very often. I assumed she was saving herself for the wedding night and when we did she took control but could I blame her. I was looking increasingly feminine and I found it difficult to be the macho man wearing panties, with increasingly longer hair, a body as smooth as a babies, with pierced ears and arched brows.

For the wedding rehearsal Paula asked me to her house so we could go with her parents. I had been dreading the event and as it turned out I had good reason. As soon as I arrived the two of them whisked me upstairs and made me strip in front of them. I was embarrassed to be wearing panties but that was nothing to the pretty floral dress they expected me to wear to church. Secretly I loved it but feebly protested, as I knew they expected. Apparently they'd spun a line to the vicar implying that I dressed as a woman 100% of the time therefore turning up in jeans may jeopardise the whole proceedings. Twenty minutes later I was dressed in a fresh lacy pair of panties, sheer tights, matching bra, and an incredibly feminine dress. Mrs Rother handed me an outrageously high pair of heels.

I smirked as I took them from her.

'You're kidding,' I gasped.

'You should know me by now darling these shoes will transform your legs into a shapely turn; they'll complete your outfit. They'll give you height, authority and poise, and can completely change the mood.'

'But were only going to the church,' I mutter.

'More reason to look your best. The vicars expecting to marry a beautiful bride so you can't disappoint her at the reception.'

I frown and look at Paula but she smiles reassuringly glad that its me not her wearing the girlish dress.

Not surprisingly I tottered precariously about as both women laughed at my pathetic attempts to master the heels. Mrs Rother gave me some tips and within a few minutes I was striding like a catwalk model and she was right I was transformed. This was the first Paula had seen me in a dress and she was surprised at how convincing I looked.

'My goodness,' she said, her jaw almost touching the floor you look absolutely stunning I should be jealous. That dress looks better on you than me.'

I grinned like a teenage girl, clutched the floaty hem and fine slip and twirled on the carpet like a ballerina. It was easy in my new unmarked heels and as I spun gracefully I lifted my skirt to reveal my pretty lace panties. I heard her gasp with surprise but to my disappointment Paula was less than supportive. She mocked my enthusiasm and even implied that I'd make a better wife than a husband. I wasn't pleased. I couldn't win, the situation seemed hopeless and to make matters worse I saw Mrs Rother curl her lips upwards in a cruel smile as if half expecting Paula's reaction.

'Women who choose a high heel over a sensible shoe enjoy mischief-making,' Mrs Rother said. 'They enjoy political incorrectness, looking good in clothes and just a little personal torture.' she grinned like a cat that's got the cream and I noticed a slight frown of concern on Paula's brow.

The next couple of hours where surreal. Dressing in the wedding dress in Mrs Rother house was kinda fun and innocent, a bit like a fancy dress but this was different. I was now masquerading as a convincing woman and everything I experienced was new. Getting in and out of the car without showing too much leg, walking one toe in front of the other, swinging my hips, head up proud, holding a handbag and talking in a high pitched voice.

Everything went as planned even the choir boys didn't expect a thing. And yes I even enjoyed wearing the new dress, clutching my handbag and brushing away my hair in a suggestive manner. And the lipstick was gorgeous. It tasted of cherry and I loved the feeling of rich glossy lips I couldn't help but wanting to keep touching it up and checking my reflection in any mirror. After the rehearsal we went for a drink in the village pub. I thought I'd be embarrassed but by now, especially after the dance classes, wearing the dress was second nature and I could easily walk the walk and talk the talk. When I went to the toilet Paula came with me. She seemed concerned. I asked her if anything had changed and she paused momentarily before replying. 'As long as you haven't changed,' she said with a wink.

'Of course not,' I said moving towards her to kiss her but it was difficult to be convincing with your legs encased in nylons, a heavy filled bra wrapped round your chest, a light dress hanging from your shoulders, floating round your thighs and your feet squeezed into towering heels. She pushed me away with distaste. And I was about to protest when another girl joined us. She said hello and we both smiled as I went into a cubicle. That was my first ever experience of going to the toilet a woman and I loved it. I enjoyed hitching up my dress, pulling my tights and panties down, even squatting over the seat. It all seemed so natural. As I finished and dapped myself with some tissue alarm bells immediately rang in my head. Why didn't I stand I wondered but there was something about the dress and the situation that made standing inappropriate. Women don't stand, I wasn't a man therefore I sit. I shuddered at my own thoughts, flushed and hurriedly rearranged my pretty dress.

Unbeknown to me Graham stayed in touch with Paula at work. I guess it was difficult not too. Mrs Rother sent him an email of me wearing the wedding lingerie and the dress and he learnt with mirth about the new wedding arrangements. I can still hear him ridiculing me now and at the time I was fearful of losing Paula so I made even more of an effort to please. Then to my amazement Paula dropped a bombshell. She wanted Graham to be best man and I stupidly agreed.

On the morning of the wedding unbeknown to me as I was being dressed and having my face done Graham popped round to see Paula. In his smart morning suit he made one last attempt to win her away from me. You can imagine what he focused on... Me upstairs in her mothers wedding dress seemingly loving every minute.

Like I did a few months earlier he apparently dropped on one knee but instead of a cheap tin ring pull he produced the diamond engagement ring he'd bought for her a few months ago. Again like I had done before he let rip with his feelings and how he was concerned that I was a secret cross dresser. I'm sure it didn't take much convincing I had made sure of that. Then to her surprise he announced how he had booked a registry office wedding when he originally proposed and not cancelled it. They where due in a two hours and if they hurried they could wed before the church service.

'What do you want as a husband? A man who dresses as a woman or a real man?' he said.

To his surprise she said yes and in an excited frenzy they fled the house as her mother struggled to lace me into my tight corset.

Outside they met Tina and Jon, two friends from university who where guests and they all went to the registry as witnesses. Paula explained on the way her change of heart. If she was in any doubt Jon and Tina did Graham many favours as they joined in devaluing my status as a man and suitable partner. Two hours later as I had my hair combed and the bridal headdress clipped in place they where back at her mothers house as legal man and wife. Paula I believe had the full intention to stop the wedding but when faced with her excited mother she didn't have the heart to tell everyone yet again about the change of plan. So Paula quickly changed into her grooms suit in a confused state with the intention of saying something latter. I was secretly smuggled out of the house so she couldn't see me. I was then driven to the church with my bridesmaids and her father who had no idea what had just happened. To waste time the chauffeur drove round the town a few times and as I gazed nervously out the window my heart fluttering, smiling at all the women who looked at me enviously unaware of my Identity.

I've no idea what was going through Grahams and Paula's minds as the two of them sat at the front of the church as man and wife whilst I dressed up as a the radiant bride stood outside the church door trembling like a leaf with her father. Jon and Tina had taken a pew and sat equally bemused. The organ began to play and Mr Rother took my hand proudly and led me down the flower-laden isle. Of Course As I approached the alter each tiny step made it more difficult to stop the proceedings. The guests where wonderful, I think they all knew that it was me under the dress and make-up but they where so understanding and I didn't see one person chuckle or smirk and I felt myself want to cry with happiness. It was really a dream come true... or was it.

She didn't, no one gave a reason why we shouldn't wed. I said 'I do' and so did Paula. She put her wedding ring on my finger, next to her diamond engagement ring that I borrowed and kissed me as her bride. Next minute we signed the registry and posed for photographs outside the church in the sun. Oblivious to what had gone on I tossed my pretty flower bouquet to the eager onlookers, as I was deliriously happy and blissfully unaware of what had gone on. I'd unknowingly committed adultery.

Graham played along with the charade smug that he had married my true love first. We where driven to the hotel for the wedding breakfast and she chatted to me excitedly and didn't once let on that she had already married Graham.

Though excited I could tell something was amiss. Our guests where great and we walked past them in a line as we entered the hotel. Most of them where friends of Paula or her parents acquaintances. I had no family and dare not invite anyone from work. Not one of them mentioned my gender instead I got told how pretty I looked and how they liked my hair or make-up. We ate, Paula and Graham all did a speech and everything seemed normal. As they cleared the tables away and some more guests arrived I politely excused myself to change. Still no one said anything and Mrs Rother was sweetness itself as she offered to help me out of the dress. That's where I got my another shock as in the bedroom room designated for me to change wasn't my smart trousers, shirt and jacket but a gorgeous chiffon summers dress.

'I decided your going away outfit was inappropriate,' she said, 'you can't wear trousers after my wedding dress so I choose you something more fitting to your character.'

'I can't wear this I protest holding the light flimsy dress, 'What will Paula think?'

That's when she smiled cruelly. 'She helped me choose it,' she lied. 'Paula though you made such a lovely wife you should stay as one for as long as possible.'

Too be honest, as you can know doubt tell I had enjoyed the attention and secretly loved being the bride for the day. I even dreaded taking off the wedding dress and think many of the guests though confused, had thought of me as the bride. I was hating the moment when I had to step out of the feminine wedding dress and into a smart trousers suit. I wasn't sure if I could carry it off and even thought I would look overtly camp or like a woman in mans clothes as I'd become so conditioned as a woman. It had to be said but the past month dressing in lingerie 24/7 behaving as a convincing young lady had taken its toll on me. I feared that I felt more comfortable in the submissive feminine role than the strong masculine role. I had enjoyed all the attention, looking pretty and having all the decisions made for me. I looked at the chiffon dress on the bed, it was stunning and I could almost hear it calling my name. I felt like a fly caught in a spiders web and as I struggled I became more entwined and the spider scuttled towards me its fangs dripping with the paralysing venom. Mrs Rother saw my fear and hurriedly unbuttoned me from the dress.

'Come on dear the guests and groom await.' I winced as she unhooked the corset but loved the idea of the chiffon dress. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity but what would Paula say?

In a dizzy state I let Mrs Rother undress me again then redress me in the sexy chiffon dress. This time it felt so gloriously natural I didn't resist. I knew what to do and compared to the wedding dress it felt so light and comfortable I hardly felt it on.

But my joy was short lived - The dress was fitted and to my horror showed my complete lack of hips the material sadly sagged around my bum. I looked like a ruler and very unfeminine despite my large breasts. Mrs Rother came to the rescue... her solution was a pair of padded panties. She had apparently thought of everything I thought as I lifted my skirts up to my waist but instead of an over girdle type foundation thing they where figure hugging panties of an incredibly tight and stretchy fabric. She rather unceremoniously tore down my miniscule panties and pushed me over the sofa back like a naughty child about to receive some form of punishment. Strangely I trusted her implicitly and thought nothing unusual as I back stepped into the padded panties.

Mrs Rother gave a long, sad sigh. 'Strange as it may seem, in one respect I envy you. You have experienced being a man and a woman and I have not. You have seen both sides. Of course, I know all there is to know about men, but only second hand. You, by contrast, have been on the front line, you've seen it and lived it, and that is a different matter entirely. And very soon she added, with an almost wistful expression, 'You'll be there again as a woman, except this time you will not becoming back as a man. Now if you are ready, we may as well proceed with your total feminisation and ultimate divorce.'

Wine can make your head spin but it took me only half a second to translate feminisation and divorce. With a yelp like a dog, I jumped back, or tried to but with my knees cuffed together with the padded panties my feet stayed where they where, as though they'd been set in concrete by a very discreet gangster. Mrs Rother frowned. It was the sort of frown I remember from being a kid. This won't hurt, her expression was telling me. Don't be such a sissy. It's for your own good. You'll like it once they're up.' Then I felt something hard brush against my inside leg.

'Hold on,' I whimper.

'I could of course explain these,' Mrs Rother replied. 'But what would be the point? Please keep still. I want to get back to the party, I have many people to see after I've finished with you, and a little co-operation would be most welcome. Nothing you can do could possibly alter the outcome, and its churlish to cause inconvenience to others for the sake of being difficult.'

I tried wriggling out of the way, but my arms and legs didn't seem to be working. She pulled the padded panties higher and the tight Lycra slowly enveloped my thighs until she began to pull the tight material over my butt. I felt the hard object again. But this time it pressed against my sphincter. It was cold and strangely greasy.

'I regret having to do this; of course, such a blunt, brutal approach is practically an admission of defeat. However, I have to say, you have nobody to blame but yourself. This may probably the shortest wedding in history. Goodbye. It was hardly a pleasure having known you, but most certainly an education.' and with that she hauls the panties over my butt even further and the hard object presses against my most intimate opening as if an arrow head stretched on a bow. But this was no slender arrowhead and as it teased my opening I could only guess its girth. I gasp as she cups my gusset and presses it firmly, with no remorse into my passage with one long smooth movement.

'Bend further over,' she barks pushing it deeper into me. 'Did you honestly think my daughter wants a complete sissy as a husband? This little extra feminisation will be the final straw. There is only so much girlie behaviour even my daughter can endure in a man.' She slaps my buttocks and my muscle stretches and my eyes water with pain. 'Call this a wedding present from your new parent-in-laws' she laughs and pushes it fully in place with a satisfying slap.

I stand motionless filled to capacity as a new feminine sensation flows though me. I feel defenceless, submissive and hopelessly like a woman, I totter on my heels, off balance as my tiny cock suddenly twitches and quite inexplicably I gasp and dribble my excitement into the foundation panties. Guilt must have shown on my face but Mrs Rother ignores it.

'These padded dildo panties are so functional but not very pretty,' she chirps holding out a fresh pair of panties for me to step into. 'Lets cover them up with something pretty we don't want to spoil Paula's surprise do we?'

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