Double Your Pleasure


When he pushed his cock into her pussy, he remembered how tight she had been the night before as her pussy gripped his cock tightly, almost sucking on it as he began to fuck her.

"Jeezus, Billie, you have the tightest pussy I've ever fucked," Bart exclaimed as he began to really ram her. "How long have you been fucking?" he asked.

"Only a couple of months," Billie gasped from between her mother's thighs.

"Well, you've got a fantastic pussy," Bart said, slamming his cock into her. "How long have you been eating pussy?" he asked.

"About the same," she managed to say.

"And which one do you like the best?" he asked, now slowly stroking his cock in and out of her pussy, watching as her pussy lips clung to the shaft of his cock.

"Hmm, not sure," she said with a chuckle. "They're both so yummy."

All this while Beth had been standing in the doorway watching, her fingers busy between her own legs. She couldn't believe how erotic it was watching Billie eat her own mother's pussy, something that had revolted her the night before when Bart had indirectly suggested sex with their own parents.

She caught Bart's eyes on her, a small smile on his lips as he continued to slowly fuck Billie. Slowly she saw him nod his head in the direction of Brenda. Not sure at first what he was indicating, it suddenly dawned on her what he might mean and her eyes widened and her jaw dropped at the thought, realizing that she was correct by the smile that was now ear to ear on Bart's face.

Looking at Brenda, Beth saw that she was softly caressing Billie's head as she ate her, her own eyes closed and a dreamy smile on her face. Seeing Bart nod at her once more, she took a deep breath and quickly walked over to where Brenda's head was on the floor and knelt down, feeling Brenda's nose and mouth and then tongue in her pussy.

"Mmm, what a delicious surprise," Brenda said from between Beth's thighs, causing Billie to look up from her mother's pussy, a look of shock and surprise on her face when she saw a naked Beth sitting on her mother's face.

"Oh, gosh, hi, Beth," Billie stammered as Bart's cock continued to sluice in and out of her pussy.

"Hi, Billie," Beth replied, enjoying Brenda's tongue in her pussy. "Having fun?" she asked, a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eyes.

"Shit, yes," Billie said, a huge smile creasing her face.

"And she's about to have a better one," Bart said, sliding his cock from her pussy and placing it against her rosebud, knowing from the night before that she loved a cock in her ass.

"Oh, god, yes, yes," Billie moaned as the head of Bart's cock slid past her sphincter, her whole body shuddering as she began to have an intense orgasm.

"Oh, god, you lucky little girl," Brenda gasped from between Beth's thighs. "You're getting that wonderful cock in your ass, aren't you?"

"Oh, god, yes, yes," Billie gasped as Bart began to rhythmically fuck her ass.

"Oh, god, I'm cumming," Beth gasped as her body shuddered, Brenda's tongue sluicing in and out of her, drinking her up.

"Such a delicious pussy," Brenda whispered from between Beth's thighs, her faced bathed in her pussy juices. "That was so nice," Beth said, breathing deeply as she dismounted Brenda's face.

"Yes, it was," Brenda agreed, "but let's watch your brother fuck Billie's ass," she suggested, scrambling onto her hands and knees and crawling around so that she could watch as Bart's cock slid in and out of Billie's ass, Beth kneeling on the other side.

"Have you ever seen anyone fucked in the ass?" Brenda asked Beth.

"No," Beth replied, shaking her head, "not real, live, like this."

"Have you ever seen your brother fuck anyone?" she asked, reaching out and fondling Bart's balls as he continued to fuck Billie's ass."

"No," Beth whispered, shaking her head, her eyes glued to Bart's cock sliding in and out of Billie's ass, wishing it were her.

"I'm gonna cum," Bart gasped, increasing the pace of his thrusts.

"Cum all over her ass," Brenda instructed. "Cover her ass and pussy with it."

"Oh, god," Bart cried out, pulling his cock from Billie's ass, cum shooting from the end to splash against her puffy rosebud and gaping pussy lips.

"Beautiful!" Brenda said, clapping her hands as Bart squeezed the last drops of cum from the end of his cock onto Billie's ass.

"Let me clean you up, Sweetheart," Brenda said, leaning in towards the gooey mess between her ass cheeks and pussy lips. "But what kind of a hostess am I?" she said suddenly, stopping and sitting up. "You're our guest, like your brother, so please, if you'd like," she said, holding her hand in the direction of Billie's swampy pussy and ass.

Beth hesitated for a minute, not knowing what to do, though knowing deep inside that she wanted nothing more than to eat her brother's cum from Billie's pussy. At the same time she didn't want them to think that she was perverted or anything. Then laughing first inside and then outwardly at the realization that that's exactly what she was, perverted, totally and completely, Beth dove into Billie's cum-filled ass and pussy, eagerly lapping up her brother's cum, the tastiest thing in the world to her.

"Oh, damn!" Bart exclaimed as he watched his sister eating Billie's swampy ass and pussy.

"You like that, don't you?" Brenda asked, her hand wrapping around his rapidly growing cock. "It turns you on watching your own sister eating your cum out of Billie's ass and pussy, doesn't it?"

"Shit yes," Bart breathed, not believing what he was seeing.

"Do you think you can manage to fuck my ass for me with this while you watch?" she asked, pumping his now rock-hard cock in her hand.

"Shit yes!" Bart said, roughly pushing her onto her hands and knees next to where Beth was still busily eating Billie's ass and pussy.

With almost no preparation he speared Brenda's ass, his cock simply disappearing as she gasped.

"Oh, yes, that's it, fuck me real nice now," Brenda said, pressing her ass back into him as he furiously fucked her.

Bart lost track of time as he pumped Brenda's ass. He became aware of Billie and Beth kneeling on either side of him, fondling his balls as he continued to pound Brenda's ass. Beth looked up at him, a smile on her cum-smeared face.

"Cum all over her ass like you did with Billie," she told him.

"Oh, god," Bart cried, the thought and remembrance of the sight of Beth eating Billie's swampy ass and pussy pushing him over the edge, his balls painfully exploding as he pulled his cock from Brenda's ass, Billie catching it and aiming it to shoot and drip what little cum he had left onto Brenda's backside and thence down through her spread pussy lips.

"Oh my god, you two are amazing," Brenda gasped as Beth began to eat her swampy ass and pussy, just like she had done to Billie.

They were lying on their backs trying to get their breath back when they heard the doorbell ring, followed by the sound of Brittany's voice calling out.

"Oh, shit!" Beth said, grabbing for her clothes.

"Just relax, get dressed, I'll answer the door," Brenda said, calmly pulling her clothes on. "Be pushing the rest of the boxes up the ladder into the attic," she instructed, heading down the stairs.

And that's exactly how their mother and Brenda found them a few minutes later, pushing the last of the boxes up into the attic, Bart on the floor pushing the box up as far as possible while the two girls wrestled it into the attic.

"That does it," Brenda announced. "I can't thank you enough. Beth was the difference to get it all done."

"Well, I'm glad they could be of help," Brittany said, almost stuttering as she realized that both Beth and Billie had no panties on as they descended the ladder.

"Hi, Mom," Beth said, kissing her mother on the cheek. "It's hot up there," she said, wiping her forehead with the back of her hand.

"Well, let's get home and you can take a shower and we'll get dinner ready," she told her, puzzled by an odd smell that she couldn't immediately place.

"Thanks to both of you again," Brenda told them, giving each one a big hug and kiss on the cheek at the door. "Remember, you now have lifetime pool privileges with our pool," she told them.

"Really?" both Bart and Beth asked at the same time.

"Really," Brenda replied with a laugh. "Whenever you like, no need to ask or anything. That goes for you, too, Brittany, and Brian. Whenever you'd like, please, enjoy yourselves."

"Well, that's certainly very nice of you," Brittany said, a big smile on her face. "It'll certainly be appreciated. Thanks."

"Bye," Brenda and Billie said, waving from the door, arm in arm. "See you soon."

"Well, that seemed to go well," Brittany commented as they walked back to their house.

"They're both really nice," Beth said. "I'm glad we could help," she said, winking at her brother behind their mother's back.

"They seem really close, too," Brittany observed.

"They're like joined at the hip," Beth said with a laugh. "They're so like best friends."

"Aren't we best friends?" Brittany asked.

"Of course we are," Beth said, hugging her mother. "It's just that you're busy, have a life and things, and they do almost everything together, much more than we do or have up to now. That doesn't mean we're not best friends."

"That's better," Brittany said, a smile on her face. "Now get showered, the two of you, and I'll get dinner ready."

"That wasn't fair," Beth hissed at Bart as they ran up the stairs.

"What?" Bart asked.

"I wanted to get fucked in the ass, too," she said, suddenly stopping and grabbing him by the balls. "So I'll expect something real nice later."

"Oh, god, I'm drained," Bart complained.

"You'll do just fine," Beth said, releasing him and darting into the bathroom. "Me first!" she said.

"Brian, I'm a bit concerned about Beth," Brittany said to him when he arrived home as he took her in his arms.

"What's up?" he asked, kissing her neck, one hand unerringly finding her ass and squeezing and kneading it.

"Well, she and Bart were helping Brenda and Billie next door today," she began. "I went to see how it was going and noticed Beth coming down a step ladder. She didn't have any panties on."

"No kidding!" Brian said, looking up from Brittany's neck. "You sure?"

"Trust me, I know what a pussy looks like without panties covering it. And, she shaves, too," she added.

"No kidding!" Brian said, now stepping back, a stunned look on his face.

"What should we do?" she asked.

"Do? What can we do?" Brian asked. "And what exactly are you worried about?"

"Well, Bart was also there, and if he didn't notice, I'll be a monkey's uncle."

"Did he act like he noticed?" Brian asked. "I mean, are they acting strangely around each other?"

"No, I can't say that they are," Brittany admitted.

"Well, maybe it's just that overactive sexual imagination of yours," Brian said with a laugh, reaching under her skirt and finding nothing but hot wet pussy. "Maybe she's just taking after her mother," he said, slipping a couple of fingers into her pussy.

"It's bad enough that I'm the most depraved slut on the planet," Brittany sighed, humping herself against Brian's hand, "that doesn't mean I want my daughter to also be one."

"She seems like a fine and sweet girl to me," Brian said, his thumb rolling her clit. "I think you're making too much out of it. You never wear panties; hell, you don't even own any to the best of my knowledge. Maybe she's just imitating you, like all little girls do."

"But she's not a little girl anymore," Brittany protested, her pussy flooding as Brian's fingers worked their magic. "And why would she be shaving her pussy?"

"Well, we'll just ask her at dinner, what do you say?" Brian said with a laugh, holding her tightly as her body spasmed in orgasm.

"Oh, god, you are so wicked," Brittany said, wrapping her arms around his head and kissing him. "That was wonderful."

"Who could that be?" Brian asked when he heard the doorbell.

"Get it, will you; I'm busy with dinner," Brittany asked.

"Oh, hi. Brenda, right?" Brian said when he opened the door to find her standing there, wearing only a bikini with a mini-sarong wrapped around her waist, the bikini top barely covering her nipples.

"Yes, and you're Brian, right?" Brenda said with a laugh, offering her hand. "Strange that we've never met."

"It is, but we've only been neighbors for a couple of years," he said with a laugh. "Come on in, Brittany's in the kitchen getting dinner ready."

"Oh, hi, Brenda," Brittany said. "More boxes for the attic?"

"No, nothing like that," she replied with a laugh. "But I do want to thank you again for letting Bart and Beth help. They were great."

"Would you like to join us for dinner?" Brittany asked. "We've got plenty and it'll be ready in a few minutes."

"Oh, I just couldn't," Brenda protested.

"Oh, you must be getting dinner ready yourself for Bill and Billie," she said.

"Actually, no," Brenda admitted. "Bill's got a meeting tonight and Billie's out with some friends."

"Then you have no excuses," Brittany told her. "We'll just set an extra place."

"Well, that's nice and I thank you," Brenda said. "Maybe I should go change," she offered, looking down at herself.

"Nonsense," Brittany said. "You look fine, doesn't she, Brian?"

"Just fine," Brian said with a very serious face, then broke up laughing. "Maybe she's wearing too much, though," he added.

"Down boy," Brittany said with a laugh. "Just like a dog; if I don't watch him, you just never know where his nose will end up. So, what brings you over, other than my wonderful cooking?"

"Oh, I was thinking about our pool," Brenda said. "I think it would be a nice idea to make a nice gate in the fence so that you can just go from your backyard into ours to use the pool, that way you don't have to come and knock, go through the house, the whole thing. It would make it much easier for you."

"Pool! What's this?" Brian asked.

Brittany quickly explained Brenda's offer to him, his eyes getting wider every minute.

"Wow, that's great," Brian said. "Are you sure you want to have your privacy so invaded though?" he asked.

"There's nothing you could possibly interrupt," Brenda reassured him. "If there were, we could just let you know."

"Well, then you should let us take care of building the gate," Brian said. "You just tell me what you want it to look like and I'll take care of it, if you're sure you want to do this."

"I'm sure," Brenda said. "It will be so nice to have some friends, Bill is away so much with his work."

"That must be hard," Brittany sympathized. "I know I need my Brian here all the time."

"Yes, so many needs to satisfy," Brian laughed.

"Mmm, that must be nice," Brenda laughed. "It is frustrating to have that 'itch' and not have any help to scratch it."

"Oh, you poor dear," Brittany said laughing. "I'm sure your Bill can't possibly keep his hands off of you, not with that body of yours."

"I'll say," Brian said. "I think it's time for some wine. Anyone want to join me?"

"After a compliment like that, I need one," Brenda said. "Now I really feel underdressed."

"Nonsense," Brittany told her. "We'll go change into something else too, that way you won't feel so self-conscious."

"Oh, hi, Brenda," Beth said as she came into the kitchen, drying her hair, a diaphanous sarong wrapped around her damp body, tied just above her breasts and coming down to her upper thighs.

"Brenda's having dinner with us," Brittany explained, inwardly not happy with what little Beth was wearing.

"Oh, that's nice," she said. "Mom, is it okay if Kimiko comes over later, maybe spends the night?"

"I don't see why not," Brittany said. "But I hope you're going to change for dinner," she added.

"Of course, silly," Beth said with a laugh, spinning on her heels and leaving the room.

"Sometimes I just don't know what to do," Brittany confessed to Brenda. "They grow up so fast and you try to hold them back just a bit, because you know better from experience."

"Yes, I know," Brenda laughed. "I had the same problem with Billie. I finally solved it by just going along with her, joining her whenever possible. It seems to work, as we have an extraordinarily close relationship."

"That's wonderful," Brittany said, nodding. "I know we have a great relationship with the twins, but I do sometimes wish we were spending more time together. I feel like I'm missing out on something."

"Well, that is the way of it, isn't it," Brenda said, struggling not to blush as she remembered her afternoon with Beth and Bart and realized that Brittany was indeed missing out on something.

"Sometimes it's so hard to think of them as children, much less mine," Brittany sighed. "They're so beautiful."

"They certainly are," Brenda agreed. "You're very lucky to have such children."

"I do know it, too," Brittany said with a smile. "But I think it's time for dinner."

"I think I should go change," Brenda said.

"Nonsense," Brittany told her. "You look fine."

"But you had Beth change," Brenda reminded her.

"Yes, because she was practically naked," Brittany laughed.

"And I'm not?" Brenda laughed, looking down at herself. "But you're not my daughter," Brittany reminded her. "I'd rather Brian be looking at you and thinking dessert than looking at Beth and thinking it."

"Oh, my!" Brenda said, her hand going to her mouth. "Am I to be dessert?"

"Only if we're lucky," Brittany laughed as she began to put the food on the table.

Dinner was fun with lots of conversation. Both Brittany and Brenda noticed that Brian's eyes often strayed to Brenda's chest, the nipples of her 35Cs plainly visible straining against the material of her bikini. Bart and Beth were amazed at the electricity that was apparent at the table between the 3 adults and they exchanged several poignant and knowing glances, realizing that they knew a whole lot more about everything than the adults did.

They had just finished eating and everyone had helped to clean up when the doorbell rang.

"That's Kimiko," Beth announced. "I'll get it."

"Hi, Kimiko," Beth said when she opened the door. "Don't you just look yummy," she added, hugging her then looking at her critically. "I don't know why, but I just can't wait to eat your pussy. Come on in," she said, dragging a shocked looking Kimiko behind her.

After performing introductions, Beth announced that they were going to her room and they disappeared.

"Well, I don't know about you, but I'm certainly ready for a nice hottub," Brenda said. "Would you like to join me?" she asked.

"Mmm, that sounds nice, actually," Brittany said, trying not to smile to broadly when she saw Brian's eyebrows arch up.

"I think I'll just watch some TV in my room," Bart said, getting to his feet.

"I guess that just leaves the adults," Brenda said with a laugh. "Will you join me?"

"Absolutely," Brittany said. "Let me just get my suit."

"Nonsense," Brenda said with a laugh. "Unless you want to, that is. I never wear one in the tub or pool, so please feel free to do whatever is comfortable for you. If it would make you uncomfortable that I don't wear one, of course I can just keep this on; it won't matter. There's no sun at night."

"No, we're not shy about our bodies," Brittany said. "Are you going to join us, Brian?" she asked. "I wouldn't miss this for the world," Brian said with a laugh.

As soon as Bart heard the door to the house close he looked out the window and saw his parents going with Brenda to her house. Quickly changing into just a pair of gym shorts and t-shirt, he went next door to his sister's room and listened at the door for a second. Hearing what sounded to him like the right kind of sounds, he quickly opened the door, stepping in to find Beth kneeling at the foot of the bed, Kimiko on her knees, her face pressed into the bed with her skirt up over her ass, Beth's face pressed into her pussy.

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