tagGroup SexDouble your Pleasure

Double your Pleasure


He was looking at the beautiful diamond necklace he had just picked up for his wife for Valentines Day when the telephone rang. The sweet voice on the other end of the line was Jenna, his wife.

"Hey, I was just thinking of you," he said

She replied huskily "I'm thinking of you too, I wanted to make sure you would be straight home tonight after work."

"I have a special evening planned for Valentines Day and I am quite sure you won't want to miss it."

The husky sound of her voice definitely had his attention and he promised he would be home no later than 5:30.

Arriving home he was shuffling his briefcase in his hands hunting for his key when the door swung inwards and there stood Jenna in a very sexy topless French maid outfit.

Her pert breasts exposed above the black and white costume took him by surprise. She smiled at his reaction and took his briefcase and her Valentine present from his hands.

She mock-curtsied to him as she said "Good evening sir, I am so happy to see you home safely."

She then turned to lead him into the living room and he saw that she was also bottomless as she directed him toward his favorite easy chair.

As he sat down she kneeled in front of him untying his shoes and removing them along with his socks. She began to rub his feet as she made idle chatter to him.

He smiled back at her as she continued to stay "in character" as the maid. He looked to the table on his right and there was a shot of his favorite tequila. He relaxed and enjoyed sipping his tequila and the foot massage. Her beautiful breasts made it hard to concentrate on her face and she was constantly smiling at this conundrum.

She began to rub up his legs saying "Did you have a hard day sir?"

The last statement was accompanied by her rubbing the obvious hard-on lurking in his pants. Her hands opened his belt and unzipped his pants. His cock was rock hard. She rubbed his erection outside of his underwear as she pulled downward on his pants and underwear to expose his cock.

He stood up to make it easier to remove and she quickly dropped his pants and pushed his underwear past his knees.

He sat back down as she removed his pants and leaned forward to unfasten his tie and shirt. She made a point of rubbing her hard bare nipples against his super hard cock as she leaned.

Kissing him on the chest and gently biting on his nipples. Her hand was stroking his cock and she now looked up at him as she began to gently lick and suck on the head of his cock, paying special attention to his favorite spot, the Frenulum, where his foreskin was attached to his cock. When she licked that spot it sent shivers through his entire body.

He just gave it up to her and laid his head back and let her have her way with him. She alternated between sucking hard and soft while keeping his cock very wet with lots of saliva.

His cock was beginning to throb and he knew he wouldn't be able to last much longer.

She sensed his coming explosion and gently pulled downward on his balls delaying his orgasm for another minute.

But her jacking and sucking was not to be denied and soon he pulled her head forward as his cock began to convulse. She took his dick in her mouth without objection and looked up at him as he sent shot after shot of come down her beautiful throat as she continued to jack him.

After his orgasm stopped Jenna continued licking and sucking the rest of the come from his cock cleaning him totally as he sat satiated in his chair.

She finished undressing him and led him by the hand naked to the bathroom where a bath was waiting. Sinking him into the tub she gently washed his body. having him stand at the last to be rinsed.

She toweled him dry, gently sucking on the head of his cock for just a minute and smiling up at him as she kneeled to towel his legs. She then led him into the bedroom where fresh pajamas lay on the bed.

After dressing him she led him to the Dining Room full of lit candles, seated him and poured a glass of wine. She made a point of leaning over to display her breasts and ass in the tiny maid outfit as she served him dinner and stood by while he ate.

Finishing dinner she brought him another glass of wine and sat down with him. He insisted she open her Valentine gift. She loved the necklace and it was beautiful on her naked throat. Accentuating her full breasts magnificently.

She said to him "now for the last part of your Valentine surprise. You must promise me that you will do exactly as I say. If you deviate from what I instruct you to do, the game is over, and I guarantee you will be very sorry to miss out on the entire event".

He promised to do whatever she asked.

She said "great, come with me and don't talk anymore, beginning now".

She led him to their bedroom and opened the closet across from their bed. Inside was a chair. She told him to wait inside, sit in the chair. But he must remain ABSOLUTELY silent and not make a sound until he heard the code word "Doublemint".

When he heard the code word he could step out of the closet and join in the fun. But until that time he must remain completely silent and just be a voyeur...

He agreed and sat down in the chair. She left the door cracked slightly open. After leaving the closet she dimmed the lights and left the bedroom. He sat in the dark closet wondering what in the hell was going to happen?

Soon the sounds of Enya wafted through the bedroom and he could hear her coming back into the room. She totally ignored the closet as she stood in front of the dresser mirror removing the maid outfit including her stockings and stilettos.

She moved over in front of the oval dressing mirror cupping her breasts and turning from side to side. She pinched her nipples stiffening them and pulling outwards on them as she moved her hands down her body. She touched her Mons Veneris, gently stimulating her clitoris, closing her eyes as she did so.

She then turned looking over her shoulder at her perfect tight ass in the mirror, cupping each of the firm cheeks and squeezing them hard firmly slapping each cheek twice.

She disappeared from sight for a minute and then returned with something red in her hands. She slipped it over her arms and began to fasten the front of a gorgeous sexy red bustier.

It looked gorgeous on her forcing her breasts upwards creating even deeper cleavage. She stepped into a matching garter skirt and moved it around her waist.

She then sat on the dressing bench. She raised one leg in the air and pointed it directly toward the closet offering a terrific "snap shot" of her bare pussy as she rolled fresh black designer stockings onto each leg.

Standing, she raised one leg to the dressing chair providing a beautiful pose as she hooked the garters to her stockings. She turned backwards and forwards looking at each side adjusting the skirt and bustier until she was satisfied with the look.

She walked over to the bed and opened a lower drawer removing our "toy sack" that was full of vibrators, DVD's, etc. and walked to her side of the bed.

I had been standing for sometime now and my cock was rock hard as I watched her put a porn movie in the TV before lying down on the bed. The title of the movie was "Ass Angels"...

As the movie began she began to toy with herself gently lifting her garter skirt and touching her smooth pussy with her fingers. She soon reached into the sack for one of the smaller vibrators. When the buzzing began my cock became even stiffer just from hearing the sound.

She raised her ass off the bed making little mewing sounds in her throat as she rubbed the vibrator up and down teasing her clit and gasping with pleasure while she watched two girls making out on the TV.

By now I was stroking my very hard cock and wishing she would say Doublemint sooner rather than later!

She continued to masturbate and I really enjoyed watching her experiment with each toy. The dressing mirror was providing an extra reflected view of Jenna and I hardly knew which one to look at first as she continued to masturbate while pinching her nipples with the other hand.

Dave could hear her lamenting how she would love to have a man "doing her right now!". The vibrator continued its drone and Dave continued to stroke his very hard cock.

He could hear her moaning in pleasure as she now used the larger vibrator to stimulate her pussy. She looked so sexy her long dark hair spread out on the bed. Her legs spread wide and half of the vibrator slipping in and out of her very wet pussy as she pumped her ass up and down on the bed.

Her face was very red when the doorbell rang... His first thought was "who in the hell?"

She quickly slipped off the bed heading toward the living room in only her bustier, apparently she was expecting someone. "What the hell was she doing? And with whom?"

In a few minutes she returned to their bedroom with her best friend Janet. Janet had been a lingerie/swimsuit model until 2 years ago. She had returned home after losing her husband in a tragic car wreck.

Janet had no children so she spent a lot of time with us. She was drop-dead gorgeous with shoulder length blond hair and a voluptuous body to die for. I had been having secret fantasies since the first time I met her.

Jenna and Janet had known each other since Pre-K and they had been roommates at the university. But he had no idea just how close they really were. But as he peeked from the closet he was gaining a new perspective.

He was straining to hear what they were saying as he watched Janet cup Jenna's breast with her hand and kiss her on the lips. What! Jenna was now returning her loving strokes as they gently kissed each other.

He heard Janet wish Jenna a Happy Valentines Day as she dropped her skirt making a puddle of cloth on the floor. The tiny pink panties with silver hearts on them that she wore accented her beautiful model legs.

He continued to stroke his cock finding himself growing very hot watching his wife and her best friend making out.

Jenna unbuttoned Janet's blouse and opened it to reveal her gorgeous breasts. Dave had imagined her breasts many times when he saw her in a bikini. He was not disappointed! Her nipples were standing out stiffly like tiny arrows from her body.

Jenna leaned forward to kiss and suckle each breast while Janet stroked her head. At this point Dave was so stunned by the events he didn't know what to do but keep an eye glued to the crack in the door.

Jenna helped to remove Janet's blouse but left her garter belt, panties, stockings and shoes on. Jenna pushed Janet backwards onto the bed falling with her as they were giggling and whispering to each other in hushed tones...

Dave was amazed as he watched his wife lower her head between Janet's legs. Jenna had carefully positioned Janet so that he could see her long pink tongue stroking up and down Janet's slit.

Janet's face was pure delight as she enjoyed the excellent licking she was receiving. Janet cooperated further by spreading her legs even wider and humping up to Jenna's face for deeper licking.

After awhile Jenna scooted around and put her pussy over Janet's face in the 69 position inviting her to lick her pussy too. Janet greedily went after Jenna's pussy licking and sucking.

The girls were very much at ease having sex with each other; it obviously was not the first time they had done this. They continued to pleasure each other taking turns using all of the tools in the bag to bring each other to multiple orgasms.

The girls were now whispering to each other as he heard both Jenna and Janet say "Doublemint". He is stunned at first but then suddenly realizes it is his time! He gently opened the door and the girls are gesturing to him. They were holding onto each other smiling and extending arms inviting him to join them as they shout "Happy Valentines Day"!

As he headed towards the bed Dave thought "Yes, this was going to be a very nice Valentines Day indeed..."

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