tagIncest/TabooDoublejays Joy

Doublejays Joy


As I turned the key in my apartment door my heart sank as I heard Western pop music coming from my teenage daughter Noreen’s room.

I sighed as I hung my coat in the cloakroom.

I had hoped to spend an hour in peace and quiet, checking my e-mails and reading my newspaper before my family returned from work and college.

I am a journalist on the Lahore Chronicle in Pakistan. I live with my 40 yr. old wife Nadia, mother Nargis and daughters Noreen 18 and Yasmin 16.

Her door was slightly open as I prepared myself to ask her to turn the music down. My blood ran cold when I realised that she was naked from the waist down, peering out of the window from behind the net curtain.

All I could do was stand and stare at her plump bottom and chubby legs, which reminded me of her mother at the same age.

I was still trying to make sense of the situation when she slightly spread her legs and inserted something into her vagina. Noreen slightly buckled her legs and let out a soft moan as she pushed it deep inside her body. My mouth hung open and was as dry as a stone.

My daughter’s left hand began stroking and squeezing her large breasts through her loose fitting kameez as her other hand slowly pushed the object in and out of her vagina.

Noreen’s’ breathing became faster and louder as both of her hands became a blur.

“Huh, huh, huh oooooohhhhhh!” She groaned as a powerful orgasm made my beautiful young daughter shake and have to steady her back against the wall.

I stepped away, but she hadn’t seen me as her eyes were closed tightly shut as her hands roughly caressed her voluptuous breasts. I was amazed to see a long white candle dangling from her hairy vagina.

Before she spotted me I quickly tip toed back along the hallway to the toilet.

I couldn’t stop myself. I just had to masturbate. In seconds I was furiously rubbing my hard penis; images of my dirty daughter flashing through my head. I had to grit my teeth as I ejaculated into the basin, then onto the floor then back into the basin. I hadn’t felt this sexually aroused for a lot of years.

I was panting for air as I wiped my mess up and flushed the toilet. My feelings were all mixed up – guilt and intense excitement.

When I left the toilet my daughter called from the kitchen, “Hi daddy. Would you like a cup of tea?”

“Yes, yes please.” I called back.

I stood in the kitchen doorway as she boiled the kettle. As a father I hadn’t noticed that my darling daughter was now a beautiful young woman. She looked exactly like her mother at that age, long black hair, large round breasts (36d – I’ve checked) and a very sexy bottom. They are both just over 5 feet tall, which is very common with Pakistani women.

Noreen smiled as she handed me my steaming cup.

“I didn’t hear you come home.” She nonchalantly told me.

“Your music was very loud. I didn’t want to disturb you.” I stammered, remembering exactly why I hadn’t disturbed her.

She blushed, slightly, “Oh. I’m sorry daddy. I was…I was...doing some college work, I didn’t realise. I’m sorry.”

I smiled and went to my bedroom to check my e-mails. It was difficult for me to concentrate as I couldn’t get the image of my daughter masturbating out of my mind.

After a while something began to puzzle me; what had she actually been looking at out of the window?

I couldn’t think of an excuse to go into her bedroom, and then I remembered (!) that looking out of the bathroom window might give me a clue.

As my mother and wife prepared the evening meal I locked the bathroom door and knelt on the toilet seat to peep out of the small window. It was difficult but I soon realised that she must have been looking down into an American Doctors’ apartment.

‘Doublejay’ had moved here three months previously. He was a regular customer in my mothers’ shop and had told her that he would be working in the ER at Lahore General Hospital for a year.

He had introduced himself as “James Jefferson – Doublejay to my friends!”

He was a very pleasant young man; always smiling. I thought that he looked like the boxer Mike Tyson, but my wife disagreed, saying that he was much better looking. I had teased her about it for days. Just like a boxer we would often see Doublejay jogging around the streets in his vest and shorts.

He dwarfed my slight 5ft. 7 inch frame at over 6 feet tall and 17 stone.

I spent the rest of the night reading and preparing some work for the following day, but couldn’t stop myself glancing at Noreen and smiling to myself.

I decided not to tell my wife as I wasn’t sure how she would react.

Although Nadia had been a virgin on our wedding night she very quickly discovered an almost insatiable desire for sex. My wife’s breasts and private parts were (and still are) very sensitive which led to her being easily aroused and very orgasmic. She loved straddling my cock as I licked and suckled her breasts and nipples. In this position she would almost go into a trance as she rode me to orgasm after glorious orgasm.

It took a while for me to pluck up the courage to try and introduce oral sex to our love making, but I needn’t have worried – she absolutely loved sucking my cock as long as I licked her soaking pussy! Nadia was a dream wife, making me the luckiest man in the world for 4 or 5 years.

I worried for a while that my wife was becoming sexually frustrated, as we now had to live together in a cramped 4 roomed apartment with my mother and two teenage daughters. I tried to fulfil her needs but it was difficult – I was working long hours and the confines of our new home meant that she had to be very quiet during love-making or else everyone would know what we were doing.

The following day I arrived home at the same time hoping to find my daughter masturbating again. I was disappointed to find the house empty. I went into her bedroom and discretely looked out of her window.

I had guessed correctly, she had a clear view of Doublejays’ bedroom. He was lying naked on his side talking to someone.

I changed position but still couldn’t see the other person; presumably a girlfriend. Even as a man I could see why my teenage daughter would find him attractive.

Still with his back to the window he climbed off the bed and left the room with the other person.

As I turned I knocked my leg against a set of drawers. I grinned to myself as I opened the first one. It was the drawer that Noreen kept her underwear in. I had never done this before but one by one I took her panties out and inspected them. I was surprised and shocked to find that many of them were tiny thongs and G-strings.

Her mother and I try to be liberal in our attitudes with her and her sister, even allowing them to wear jeans instead of the traditional shalwar that my wife wears. It can be difficult in a culture like ours to teach our younger generations of our centuries old traditions when they are inundated with Western ideas and music.

Hidden in beneath her sexy underwear was the candle. I gently picked it up and examined it. The long white waxy phallus had been well used. The edges had all been worn smooth and there were even indentations from her grip. I shook my head and grinned. My beautiful daughter was just as horny as her mother had been.

I could feel my cock begin to stiffen as I ran the candle along my nostrils inhaling my daughter’s sexual musk.

Aware of some movement in Doublejays’ room I swivelled to see what he was doing.

Like the previous day my jaw fell open.

Doublejay was lying on his back with his hand behind his head, kneeling beside him on the bed, naked, was my wife!

Nadia was grinning as she stroked his huge erect penis. Doublejay was laughing as he talked to her. Nadia bent forward and draped her floppy breasts over his knob then squashed them around the black shaft.

My stomach ached and my chest felt tight as I moved the curtain to obscure my position.

Nadia was now kissing his fat knob as it peeped out of her luscious breasts.

Doublejay appeared to be giving her a commentary making my wife smile as she sucked and licked his cock.

He opened his legs slightly as Nadia cupped his hairy balls, making him wince with pleasure. She had now released his cock from her tits and was trying to stuff as much cock as possible into her mouth.

My own penis was now in my hand and I was stroking it furiously.

As Nadia stopped sucking she raised herself back onto her knees making her breasts wobble which amused Doublejay.

As she manouvered across his belly I realised that my daughter must have been masturbating watching her mother with this black man the previous day.

Nadia leant forward and pressed her tits against his bearded face. H finally moved his hands from behind his head as he suckled on my wifes’ stiff nipples making her throw her head back with pleasure. His huge hands stroked and squashed her floppy breasts until he seemed to be smothering himself

After 5 or 6 minutes of having her sensitive breasts sucked and caressed my wife slid back until his huge black cock nudged against her most private place. From nowhere I could see Nadia’s hand on his ball sack as she guided him into her pussy.

I grunted as an electric orgasm erupted from my penis into a pair of my daughters’ red panties that I’d been rubbing myself with!

My wife was now sitting upright with all of his American cock inside her once tight cunt.

My own penis was still rock hard as I watched her bounce up and down shaking her big tits as she fucked that fantastic pole. Doublejays’ cock must have been 8 or 9 inches long and twice as thick as my own. His hands were now pulling and tugging at her breasts and nipples making her squeal and shout.

DJ stopped grinning and spoke to Nadia making her smile even more.

She lifted her leg and slid off his cock which was shining with her love juice. It took a minute but Nadia positioned herself on all fours facing away from him as he stood beside the bed nudging the fat purple knob against her stretched pussy lips.

Nadia looked over her shoulders and seemed to be urging her lover to put his cock into her. He took hold of her copious backside and slowly pressed his long fat cock into my wifes’ willing cunt making her gasp and drool. As he filled her pussy with American black cock one of his hands groped at her dangling tits. Nadia was talking and groaning as he fucked her like a dog.

I came for a second time into Noreen’s’ red panties as this young man fucked my middle aged wife.

Nadia was in ecstasy as Doublejay rammed inch after inch into her tender hole making her shiver and shake until I recognised that old familiar look on her face as she had a most amazing orgasm.

She flopped forward, shaking, as Doublejay slowly removed his cock from her gaping hole.

Laughing her pushed her onto her back and knelt beside her face. His cock now looked even bigger as he slapped her light brown face with it. Nadia obligingly opened her mouth as he began pumping his hand up and down the shaft. She didn’t look like she had the strength to suck him off but just lay with her mouth open. DJ began alternating between her tits and her swollen tits until he spewed gallons and gallons of hot white spunk onto my wifes face and tits.

He then fell beside her on the bed, holding my wife and stroking her hair.

Gasping for air I turned away only to face Noreen standing in the doorway grinning like her mother had just done. My shrinking cock was still wrapped in her sticky knickers as she chuckled, “So, you’ve finally found out about mummy!”

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