tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDoug's Fantasy Ch. 05

Doug's Fantasy Ch. 05


Author's Note: I decided to place this in the NonConsent category because of it's implications and overtones although it is not necessarily a rape story, it is sex without consent. I hope you enjoy!


Mary was completely exhausted, dead asleep... and yet Doug couldn't keep his hands off of her. Although he'd never thought that a sleeping woman would be sexy - it seemed too much like rape - having her innocent young body at his complete command was too much for him to resist.

At first he just tried to keep it non-sexual, rubbing her arms and her stomach... her thighs... her sides... and yet his hands just always seemed to drift to her breasts, ass, or that critical juncture between her thighs. Gently he kissed her shoulder, his fingers caressing her hip, and he felt the stirring in his own groin which let him know he was going to want to do more than just touch her. And very soon.

His half-hard dick bumped against the smooth curve of her ass and he shuddered with excitement... Mary's unconscious state was becoming exciting to him. She was always quite willing to do anything that he wanted, but the idea that he could do literally anything he wanted was both intriguing and dangerous. Especially if he was to do it without waking her up...

Turning her onto her back, Doug finally allowed himself to put his hand fully on her sleeping breast, squeezing the tender flesh a bit and rubbing her nipple. She didn't even respond, other than the tightening of her nipple to hardness underneath his thumb. Reaching up he gripped both of her breasts, his finger nuzzling her other nipple to hardness as he began to suck on the first one.

Mary's breath let out in a sigh as his lips closed around her nipple, and her head fell to the side, but she displayed no other reaction as he began to manipulate her sleeping body. The idea of forcing himself upon her unconscious form was becoming more and more exciting, his cock twitched against her spread legs in excitement and he bit down on her nipple a little harder than he'd meant to. She stirred slightly, her forehead wrinkling at the slight pain, and he froze, releasing her nipple inside his mouth and laving it gently with his tongue as if to soothe away the hurt.

When she didn't move again for another few moments, Doug ran his hands up and down her body, kneeling between her legs and rubbing his fingers against her sore folds. She stirred slightly again, but he just rubbed the pinkness gently, trying to coax some moisture from her. Although he was quite gentle and insistent, he didn't have much success in coaxing wetness to her pussy...

Well that wouldn't do. He wanted to fuck her.

Spreading her thighs wider with his hands, Doug lowered his mouth to her splayed pussy and began to lick around the edges. Mary moaned and writhed a little in her sleep, but he ignored it, intent on his own desires. His tongue slipped in and out of her hole and up to the top of her pussy to tease her clit, causing her to writhe a little more.

She was just starting to wake up a little from the pleasure when Doug couldn't take it anymore, he pulled himself up and pressed himself against her sore pussy. Since he'd fucked her earlier that day, quite roughly and more than once, her pussy was very tender and she cried out with the pain and discomfort as she was rudely awakened by his cock burying itself into her sensitive channel.

Without thinking her hands went up to push him away and she cried out, "No! It hurts!"

Inexplicably angered by her resistance, Doug grabbed her wrists and held them down on either side of her head, roughly kissing her and forcing his tongue into her mouth much as he was forcing himself between her legs. Still not fully awake, Mary pushed against him, moving her hips in an effort to dislodge him from her body and he could feel wet tears on her cheeks.

Normally, such a display would have Doug on hands and knees apologizing, but tonight it only fueled his fury. Pushing her wrists far above her head, he held both of them down in one of his big hands, using the other to hold her face in place so that she couldn't pull away from his kiss; all the while his dick was thrusting roughly in and out of her tight pussy.

He could feel her quivering beneath him, crying a little at the rough treatment of her body, but she was slowly submitting to the brutal fucking and almost rape. A feeling of triumph rushed through him, she was subjugated beneath him, and his victory was the taking of her unwilling body. Grunting loudly with exertion, he began to fuck her harder, his hand leaving her chin and moving to her breast.

It was the roughest he'd ever treated any woman, much less her, as he pinched and twisted her nipple, feeling her resistance as well as her immediate submission to him. He continued to hold down her wrists with one hand as he slammed in and out of her, one hand like a suction cup on her breast as he forcefully kissed her.

Mary moaned into his mouth, writhing a little, and he realized that she was starting to get off on the rough treatment despite her discomfort. This surprising reaction to his taking of her unwilling body made him even more excited. His hand left her breast and reached under her leg, pulling it up onto his shoulder and opening her even more fully to him as he found his place on her breast again.

Holding her beneath him like that, completely immobilized, he ravaged her body, feeling her trying to move against him - although she was no longer trying to throw him off - he brutally took her soreness and rubbed her raw with his passion. Mary screamed as she came, her orgasm both intense and painful, her body tightening around him and rippling.

Lunging into her, Doug groaned as his cum began to spray her insides, the thick hot liquid soothing her ravaged interior. She quivered and sobbed beneath him as she felt his dick pulsing inside her tightness, once he released her wrists she clung to him rather than pushing him away. Although he was still startled at her ultimate reaction, and he felt a little bad for having taken advantage of her in that way, both of them realized that she had enjoyed it.

In fact, Mary was breathless now, and slightly comforted by the feel of him inside of her, despite her soreness. She had never expected that pain could mingle into pleasure like that. Doug just wrapped her tightly in his arms as he pulled out of her, feeling more than hearing her gasp as he left her body. Snuggling into the crook of his arm, Mary clung to him as she fell quickly back to sleep.

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