tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDove's Tale Ch. 05

Dove's Tale Ch. 05


IT WAS late the next morning when he came and woke her up.

She heard the hated nickname being called...'Dove! Dove!'...and rolled over, grumbling. His voice was amused as he continued.

'Time to get up Dove,' he said even louder.

As the fog of sleep slowly cleared, Phyllis recognized her surroundings and his voice. She let out a deep, miserable sigh.

Her Master ignored it. He was in a cheerful mood.

'Did you sleep well pet? You certainly slept late,' he chuckled.



she mumbled, struggling into a sitting position on the edge of her bed.

He smirked and set a cup of tea on the tiny table next to her bed. 'Five minutes pet,' he said, mussing her hair. She tried not to flinch away from his touch.

Whistling, he left the room. Phyllis peed, splashed some water on her face, brushed her teeth and hair, and drank some of the warm tea. She felt almost human when he reappeared in the doorway.

'Come along Dove,' he commanded gently.

She reached for her *skirt*, but he shook his head.

'You don't need that this morning pet. But since I'm in such a good mood, I won't make you crawl.'

She turned away from him to set the tiny garment on her bed, letting her eyes close and her teeth clench for a moment to dispel her anger.

'Thank you.


she said in what she hoped was a humble tone, then followed him down the hall.

He led her to another room she hadn't been in. Large, sparsely furnished, with a thick, luxurious white carpet that her feet sank into.

The other three girls were already there, standing meekly in a row with their hands behind their backs. They were wearing identical black shorts, and each was gagged. Phyllis noted with dismay the way their eyes lit up when he entered the room.

'God, they really do adore the bastard,' she thought sadly.

He led her to the end of the row, and handed her a pair of the black shorts. They were leather, or fake leather, and she bit back a gasp when she saw there was a small fake cock sewn into the crotch.

Her Master crossed his arms and waited. She wanted more than anything to throw the sick thing in his face and storm out of the room, but knew she couldn't. Instead, she stepped into the shorts and pulled them up her legs.

The dildo was only about four inches long and no thicker than her thumb, and even without lube it was little trouble to get it inside her body. The shorts fit snugly, but not uncomfortably, and she could tell without looking they were cut both high and low in the back, leaving most of her butt uncovered.

He tilted his head and seemed to be waiting for something. Phyllis looked puzzled for a moment, then realized what he expected-how he expected her to degrade herself.

'Thank you.


she whimpered, and he nodded with satisfaction.

Next, he gagged her same as the others. There was a similiar fake cock on the gag, but shorter. Her face reddened as he buckled it around her head.

The other girls were watching him intently, almost eagerly. He picked up a remote and Phyllis shivered in fear, remembering the last time he had used a remote control device on her.

But nothing happened to her when he pressed the button. Instead, four sets of handcuffs came down from the ceiling, dangling in a circle in the middle of the room.

'Come, my pets,' he crooned. The others made soft sounds of excitement as they were directed to stand directly under a pair of the hanging cuffs. Phyllis saw that each set was at a different height, corresponding to the varying heights of the girls.

'You all know the game. Hold on to the cuffs and don't let go no matter what.'

Phyllis obediently reached up and gripped the handcuffs firmly. They weren't too high-her arms were bent at a little more than a 45 degree angle.

And with every step, with every movement, hell with every breath, the toy jiggled around inside her. It wasn't really hard-it was spongey, and small enough to press and rub a different spot every time it moved. It felt odd but not unpleasant.

He had a many-tailed flogger in his hand. Kitten was on Phyllis' right, and she watched, her stomach twisting in fear and revulsion, as he flicked his wrist and lashed her bare back.

Only...there was no loud crack, no moan of pain-Kitten just shuddered as the blow landed, and the noises she made behind her gag sounded more like pleasure than pain.

Rogue was directly opposite Phyllis, and Trouble was to her left. Both received a lash, and both reacted to it the way you'd expect a woman to react to a lover's carress.

She heard him whisper, 'This won't hurt, little Dove,' and felt the flogger stroke her skin. He wasn't lying-the whip was too soft, the blow too gentle, to cause pain. It slid across her back like a kitten's whiskers.

He walked around and around the circle, fluttering the flogger over the girl's backs and rumps. Phyllis watched Rogue, only a few feet away right in front of her, as her eyes started to blaze with passion and her hips started to twitch.

'This little excersize is to remind you girls,' he lectured as the soft whip fell again and again, 'that you belong to me. Whatever I choose to give you-pain, pleasure, punishment, or any combination-you will accept gratefully.'

The other girls were all panting and moaning around the dildo gags in their mouths. Phyllis saw him whisper something into Kittens ear, and the girl's eyes gleamed with delight.

The red haired slave leaned forward and spread her feet apart, her hips wiggling voluptuously. He chuckled and flicked the whip up, letting the tails of the flogger kiss her between the legs.

Even with the gag, Kitten's groan of pleasure was clearly audible.

He whispered to Rogue as well, and the action was repeated. The diminutive girl gasped and moaned, clinging to the cuffs above her head as her hips bucked shamelessly.

Trouble was more demure, but her arousal was obvious from the glazed look in her eyes and the quivering of her spread legs as the flogger slid over her barely covered groin.

Phyllis sunk her teeth into the little fake cock in her mouth when she felt his lips brush her ear, but he surprised her.

'Keep watching, little pet,' he crooned. 'Watch and learn from your sisters. Next time, I'll ask if you want it the way they're getting it.'

He stepped back and flicked the whip, lashing it across her almost nude bottom. Her hips twitched reflexively, making the dildo in her pussy jiggle around inside her.

She was confused and puzzled by her reaction. It did feel good, she had to admit to herself. It had been so long since she'd felt any true pleasure or arousal that this little bit of excitement made her feel like a dam holding back a raging river. She was afraid to let herself go, afraid to truly enjoy the sensations, afraid that if she started she would lose control completely.

She watched the other girls squirming, moaning, giving in to the ecstacy, sucking on the gags in their mouths as the flogger carressed between their legs. Her own body was responding, the heat between her legs so unfamiliar and yet so welcome.

She was torn. Half of her wanted to fight it, half of her seemed to shrug and say 'Why not? Don't we deserve some pleasure in the midst of all this misery?'

Alexander smirked as he approached his Dove again, noting the way she ground her thighs together, knowing the scene was getting to her.

'Spread your legs if you want to, pet,' he whispered, then stepped back and waited a moment. She almost did-her hips twitched adorably and her back arched, but she wasn't quite ready yet. Smiling confidently, he ran the flogger over her lovely ass again, his grin widening when she couldn't hold back a soft sigh.

He brushed his hand over her hair as he walked past. 'Keep watching Dove,' he ordered gently, smirking as her head popped up obediently.

She watched wide eyed as he went around the circle again, giving each of the other girls a soft lash between the legs. All three were shamelessly trembling and panting with delight, seemingly on the verge of climax.

She heard his voice in her ear again, deep and soft and seductive. 'Do it Dove. You know you want to,' and helplessly she widened her stance, tears filling her eyes as she gave in to her body's demands.

The flogger licked hotly between her legs, and she squealed her joy, her knees shaking as long-dormant fires ignited inside her. She could barely focus her eyes as he moved on to the next girl, and found herself aching for his return, her sex throbbing with need, pulsing around the too-small toy inside her.

She heard Trouble's gasp of pleasure and eagerly arched her back, her pert bottom wiggling in anticipation as he moved behind her-and moaned in frustration when the blow fell across her buttocks instead of where she wanted it so desperately.

And then it was over. He had them let go of the cuffs and remove each other's gags. Phyllis flexed her lips and jaw as Kitten slipped the fake cock out of her mouth, then returned the favor, unfastening the girls gag.

She flushed as she gained a little control, stunned by what had occurred. Her desire was a sweet, burning ache in her belly and groin.

'I want you girls to clean up the mess from the party. Dove, you listen to Kitten-she knows where everything goes.'

Phyllis nodded and bowed her head, slipping back easily into the role of reluctant, scared slave girl.

Alexander chuckled. 'If you need to use the bathroom, come to my study and ask permission. Otherwise, you all get to wear those shorts all day.'

Looking down at her feet, Dove's eyes went wide again with dismay. To her surprise, the other girls seemed delighted at the prospect. Rogue even made a humming sound that almost sounded like contented purring.

He clapped his hands softly. 'To work girls. Brunch in a couple hours.'

With all four of them working, it didn't take long to clean up all the debris from the party. She knew Alexander had servants-three afternoons a week, the girls were confined to their rooms so his maid service could clean without discovering his secret, and the kitchen area was usually off-limits because his excellent cook didn't know he had slaves either. The girls were usually only responsible for keeping their own rooms and the playrooms clean.

But today he had given them this chore. The girls wiped tables, swept floors, ran vacuums-and all the while the little dildos in their shorts wiggled around inside them.

The toy was keeping her arousal steadily simmering. Phyllis hated to admit it, even to herself, but she was honestly wet-and it felt good.

She was glad she'd gone to the bathroom before she had to put the shorts on though-she wasn't looking forward to going to him and asking permission to pee. Two of the other girls did as they were cleaning, and came back blushing and giggling. Phyllis wondered if they'd relieved themselves in more than one way in the restroom.

The other girls laughed a lot and playfully teased each other as they worked. Phyllis stayed quiet and somber, but her mind was racing. They seemed genuinely happy with their situation, and seemed to truly care for one another-and from the soft smiles and gentle words that came her way, they seemed to care for her as well.

When everything was cleaned to Kitten's satisfaction, they all went to the kitchen and prepared brunch. Basic stuff-Alexander cooked bacon, joking 'It's a bad idea for topless girls to do this,' and there were scrambled eggs, toasted bagels, orange juice, hash browns, and fresh fruit.

It was a pleasant meal-no humiliations, no anger, and a relaxed atmosphere. Phyllis had more appetite than usual, and ate a strip of the crisp bacon, half a bagel, and several forkfulls of fluffy eggs.

She felt pleasantly full after, and they all took an hour to 'let the food settle.'

Finally, the demands of her bladder were too insistent to ignore, and she went to ask him if she could use the bathroom.

'Of course Dove,' he said distractedly, looking over some papers. 'But don't do anything else-understood?'

She blushed softly. She hadn't been planning on it, but it was unsettling how he seemed to know she'd been wondering about it.

'I understand.


'When you're done, pop back and tell me you're returning to the den.'

Phyllis feared he would subject her to some kind of humiliating inspection, but when she leaned through the doorway, he merely glanced up and nodded.

After a bit, Barry came in and gave them all brand new athletic shoes-a signal that they were to go to the workout room.

Alexander had a very impressive home gym, and Phyllis relished the opportunity to use it after so many weeks of idleness. Still, using the stair climber and treadmill bare breasted, with the small dildo jostling around inside her, was an exquisite kind of torment.

At one point, Rogue actually hopped off the treadmill and collapsed to the floor, shuddering and whimpering just short of a climax. Kitten came over and held the small girl gently, stroking her hair and murmuring soothingly as the hapless girl quivered in her arms.

Phyllis wasn't any where close to that level of arousal, but she was appalled by how quickly she tired, and vowed to use the equipment as often as she could. Then she remembered the tiny knife hidden in her room, and almost chuckled.

'Hopefully I won't be here long enough to get back in shape,' she thought.

After working up a good sweat, Kitten led the girls through some stretching and yoga poses as a cool down. A quick group shower and it was almost time for supper.

Yankee pot roast, with potatoes, carrots and onion, plus a salad and bread-Phyllis still ate slowly and said little, but the workout and long day had given her a pretty good appetite, and again she ate more than she usually did.

It wasn't as relaxed as lunch had been-Alexander used the time to quiz the girls on house rules, positions, and what they should do in various scenarios.

She found herself staring at her fork in amazement. 'I can't believe this is starting to seem mundane,' she thought. 'Sitting at the dinner table, topless, with a dildo shoved up my snatch, answering questions about how to be a better slave-this is too fucking surreal.'

She curled her left hand into a fist and dug her nails into her palm to stifle hysterical giggles.

After eating, they went into the TV room, where Alexander popped in a DVD of old Bugs Bunny cartoons. He chuckled through a couple episodes. It was so strange-he was an intelligent, extremely successful businessman and a cruel sexual sadist, yet his taste in entertainment hadn't changed much since he was eight years old.

Phyllis tried to act the same way she'd been acting the last few weeks-depressed, disinterested, listless-but between the anxiety of having a knife hidden in her room and the constant, low level stimulation between her legs she found it hard to keep that 'mask' on. A full day of wearing the dildo shorts had her on edge-she wanted to squirm, to fondle her breasts and rub between her legs and relieve the pressure and heat that had been slowly building for so many hours.

Alexander was in his black recliner, facing the TV, and the girls were of course on the floor. Rogue was at his right, snuggling against his leg as he petted her hair idly. Phyllis was to his left, close enough to touch although mercifully he mostly left her alone. Kitten and Trouble sat a few feet away with their arms around each other, whispering and giggling as they watched the cartoons.

The show ended, and he turned the TV off. It was getting dark, and the lamplight in the room was soft and gentle.

'Line up, my pets,' he commanded, his voice soft but confident, secure in the knowledge that he would be obeyed. 'Cat,' he added.

The four girls assumed the position before his chair, kneeling on their palms. Phyllis wasn't sure if it was easier or harder to pose like a doll when she was part of the group.

He smiled and reached down to carress each girl's face, coaxing them to lift their heads higher. Phyllis was on one end of the row, and when he got to Trouble on the other end, he guided her closer.

'Would you like to cum little one?' he asked the little blonde girl, his voice cheerful and amused.

'Oh yes Master,' she purred, gazing up at him adoringly.

He patted her head tenderly and nudged her back into line, bringing Kitten to his feet.

'Would my Kitten like to make her little pussy cum?' he asked.

'Mmmm yes please Master,' came the response. He pulled her head up and whispered in her ear, and the girl shivered with obvious delight and nodded.

Smirking, he looked down at Rogue, who had 'suffered' the most from the day's activities.

'I don't need to ask you, do I pet?' he laughed softly, and the tiny brunette blushed lightly, biting her bottom lip, her quivering body betraying her need.

Finally, he turned his head and looked at Phyllis curiously. He reached down and cupped her chin gently, urging her to crawl a little closer, looking into her eyes and trying to gauge what he saw there.

'What about you, my little Dove?' he asked softly. 'Would you like to have an orgasm?'

'I...I'm...I'm not sure,' she stammered, her voice little more than a whisper.

He raised an eyebrow. 'Look into your heart, little one. Forget for a moment what you think you *should* do, and discover what you truly *want* to do.'

Phyllis closed her eyes for a second. There was a dull, unfulfilled ache in the pit of her stomach. Her pussy pulsed and throbbed around the too-small dildo that moved inside her with every breath she took.

It had been so long! She hadn't felt true desire during her entire captivity, and now months of pent-up frustration were building to a peak inside her.

She took a slow, deep breath and opened her eyes, gazing up at the man she was forced to call Master. One of his biggest rules was to never lie, and she clung to that as she answered honestly.



His smile was genuine.

'Yes what, my pet?'

Her face got warm, but she knew what he wanted.

'Yes, I want to have an orgasm.


He bent down and kissed her forehead with surprising tenderness.

'Master is very proud of you pet,' he whispered.

He leaned back in his chair, and Phyllis crawled back into the line, her heart pounding.

'Ok Kitten,' he said simply, and the red haired girl rose and walked across the room, her lovely backside twitching and swaying gracefully. She returned carrying a small leather bag-like an overnight bag. Kneeling in front of him, she lowered her head and offered it up.

'Shorts off girls,' he said as he unzipped the bag.

Kitten grabbed four pillows off the couch, dropping one behind each of the girls. Phyllis hesitated for a moment, until she saw how eagerly the others were stripping. There were gasps as they pulled the black shorts down far enough for the toys to pop free, and then all four girls were kneeling naked on the floor, gazing up at their Master eagerly, adoringly, or (in Phyllis' case) with a combination of curiosity and reluctance.

Alexander looked down at Trouble, enjoying her shy but lustful expression. 'Rabbit or wand?' he asked her softly.

'Rabbit please, Master,' she replied, blushing.

He reached into the bag and pulled out a fancy vibrator. Phyllis had seen them on the internet-rabbit style vibrators were pretty common. She shivered a little as Trouble took the toy with a murmured 'thank you Master.'

He turned his head slightly, and Kitten didn't hesitate-she didn't even wait for him to ask. 'Wand please, Master' she said grinning, and he gave her a foot long Hitachi style toy-another one Phyllis had seen pictures of.

'Rogue I assume you want your favorite?' he asked, chuckling softly.

'Please Master,' the girl purred, her voice husky with pent-up passion. He dipped his hand into the bag again and produced a black vibrator with a gold tip that Rogue accepted eagerly.

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