tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDown at the Matinee

Down at the Matinee


Ian sat down, placing his drink in the cup holder and settling his popcorn on his lap. He had been wanting to see this horror movie for quite a while, but he preferred it when there was almost no one else in the theater. So, just like with nearly every movie he went to see, he waited until he estimated the movie was in its last week in the theater. Over the years, he'd gotten pretty good at it. He was happy to see that he had guessed correctly once again. There was a few teenagers in the middle rows, a couple closer to his age off to the side and himself, all the way in the back row.

Checking his watch, Ian saw there was only a couple minutes before the previews should start, so he just munched his popcorn and entertained himself with the repetitive trivia and quotes on the screen. With just a minute or so to go, a very attractive woman entered the theater. She seemed to be in her mid-thirties, as he was, with lovely dark hair cut at shoulder length. He watched her slender body climb the stairs until she was also in the back row. To his surprise, she came all the way over to him.

Indicating the seat next to him, she asked, "Do you mind if I sit here?"

"Not at all," he replied. If a beautiful woman wanted to sit next to him, he certainly wasn't going to complain.

She smiled at his response. It was a dazzling smile, with perfect white teeth, and it seemed to illuminate her entire face. Being this close, he could see that her eyes were a deep blue color. "Thanks," she said, taking off her coat and sitting beside him. "I couldn't find anyone to go with me to see this movie, and I just hate sitting alone."

The lights went out and the screen lit up. Ian offered the woman some of his popcorn and she accepted, treating him to another of her bright smiles. "Thanks," she whispered. "I was afraid of being late so I didn't get a chance to buy snacks." She munched on her handful of popcorn. "Maybe I'll get something before I leave."

They seemed to like the same kind of movies. As they watched the previews they both laughed at the funny ones, rolled their eyes at the predictable plotlines, and smiled at each other for those that looked entertaining. Ian found himself enjoying having this lovely creature next to him, and began to hope that she might be one of those women who were clingy during horror movies. He didn't really expect it, but he could hope.

The movie started and they both watched, snacking on the popcorn and even sharing Ian's soda. It was almost like a date, he thought, just very spur of the moment. They shared a shy smile after they both jumped at a scary part on the screen, and the woman seemed to blush when she realized she had grabbed Ian's forearm. He went back to watching the movie, acting as if the contact was no big deal, but almost cheering on the inside. She was one of those women, he thought with a smile.

She released his arm, but rested her hand on his leg instead. With her eyes focused on the screen, she ran her hand up and down his thigh, squeezing gently. Darting a glance at her, she seemed not to notice what she was doing. At least, she seemed totally intent on the movie, and not what her hand was doing. He could feel himself getting a little hard as her hand slowly massaged his leg.

Ian figured the movie had to be about halfway over. They had finished both the popcorn and the soda a little bit ago. He tried to concentrate on the movie, but he was more interested in the things the woman's hand was doing. She continued to rub his leg for a while and then to his surprise, she moved it over his crotch. Ian gasped a little at the contact, looking her way again, but like before her eyes were on the movie screen. Her hand began to rub his now fully hard penis through his jeans, and he slouched down in his seat to give her better access to it.

Ian stifled a moan of pleasure as she rubbed him, and just closed his eyes for a moment to enjoy it. When he opened his eyes again, he saw the woman looking at him with another of her smiles on her face. This one, however, seemed mischievous and somehow turned him on even more. She stopped rubbing him, but only until she could move the armrest between them up. Then she reached over and unfastened his jeans. Slowly, still smiling at him, she unzipped them and slid her hand inside his underwear.

The contact of her hand on his cock, with no clothing between them, made him jump more than anything in the movie had. He let out another gasp as she pulled his hard member out and began to stroke him. She turned her attention back to the movie, running her hand up and down his hard shaft. At this point, Ian could barely remember what movie he had been watching. He only knew that he did not want her to stop. His eyes were focused on the sight of her hand, moving up and down, and up and down his cock over and over again.

Without warning, she leaned over and sucked him into her mouth. Ian couldn't help but let out a moan as her lips moved down his cock. A little panicked, he looked out at the other moviegoers, but no one seemed to have noticed it. When she started swirling her tongue around his shaft, tickling the sensitive spot under the head, he no longer cared if anyone noticed. He rested a hand on the back of her head, feeling her silky dark hair under his fingers as she bobbed her head up and down slowly on his cock.

Unconsciously, he thrust upward, driving himself deep into her hungry mouth, hitting the back of her throat. If she hadn't still been holding him with one hand, she would have choked, but she seemed to know exactly what she was doing. Her hand continued to stroke him as she sucked and licked him. Ian could only caress her hair in return, too amazed and far too lost in his own pleasure to think to do anything else. The sight of his cock disappearing into her mouth as she went down on him, her eyes closed as if savoring something delicious, her hair held back by his hand, all of it was nearly overwhelming.

Ian could feel a big orgasm coming on, and he must have tensed up or something because she seemed to sense it, and she increased the speed of her motions. He clutched her hair as his orgasm started, a distant part of his mind hoping that he wasn't hurting her, the rest of it reeling in ecstasy. The orgasm exploded through him, his semen shooting out of his hard cock and into her mouth. As he watched, she opened her eyes and looked into his, the deep blues full of need and lust. He shuddered as he felt her swallow, the tightening of her mouth on his very sensitive cock being almost too much for him to handle at the moment. She swallowed again and again as he continued to pump his seed into her mouth.

Finally, he finished, and limply lay back in his seat. The woman continued to suck his still hard cock, making sure she got every last drop from him. Ian could only lie there, panting. Her eyes never left his as she ran her lips all the way to the tip of his penis and off. She planted a tiny kiss on the head and smiled at him. Sitting back up in her seat, she leaned over until her lips were by his ear. "Thanks for the snack," she whispered. "Enjoy the movie." She picked up her coat and left.

Ian wanted to go after her, but he couldn't do much more than sit there and recover. That had to have been the best blow job he had ever received, and certainly one of the best orgasms he'd ever experienced. Trembling a little, he stuffed his still hard member back into his pants and buttoned them up. He waited until the end of the movie, not really paying much attention to the rest of it, but just remembering the woman.

When the lights came on, he got up and left. One of the theater's employees asked, "Did you enjoy your movie, sir?"

"Best movie of my life," Ian replied with a smile on his face.

He drove home, opened the door and saw his wife on the couch. She smiled up at him, and asked, "Did you enjoy the movie?" In response, he lifted her in his arms and kissed her deeply, carrying her to the bedroom. Still filled with need, and having never lost his erection from the theater, he practically ripped off both their clothes and fell into bed.

Their lips met again, and Ian let his hands run all over his wife's body, holding her to him, caressing all her sensitive spots, smiling as he tickled her a little. She accepted his attentions with relish, melting at his touch, moaning and panting in need. She spread her legs wide for her husband and he touched her there to find her wet and ready. Climbing atop her, he slid his hard member all the way inside her, and she gasped at the sensation.

Ian gazed into her eyes as he thrust into her, kissing her, touching her, tasting her. She moved with him, legs wrapping around him, pulling him into her, arms holding onto him for dear life. Ian relished each and every sigh and moan his wife made, knowing they were from the sheer pleasure he was making her feel. He felt her tense up and then let out a cry of release as an orgasm crashed through her body.

Without removing himself from her, Ian rolled over so that his wife was atop him, arching his back so his hard cock would push as deep as possible inside her. She let out a sharp gasp and seemed to collapse, falling forward limply. He held her and thrust in and out of her, making her moan even louder than before. He could feel his orgasm building and knew that he could bring his wife to another when she started moving with him again.

She sat up, riding his cock, meeting his upward thrusts with a downward push of her body, driving him deep inside of herself. She would then move up, until only the head of his penis was still inside her before repeating the process. Ian knew he wasn't going to last much longer, so he reached down and rubbed her clit with his thumb. This set his wife off almost instantly and she screamed as another orgasm hit. The sudden tight clenching of her pussy was enough for Ian to reach his own orgasm, and they both moaned loudly as pure pleasure rolled through them.

It seemed to last forever, yet no time at all. Then his wife collapsed on top of him, and he just held her, his deflating cock still inside her. They relaxed in each others arms, recovering from their orgasms. "I should send you to the movies more often," she whispered in his ear. He turned to look at her and she sat up a little so they could look in each other's eyes. Her dark hair fell around her beautiful face, but not concealing the dark blue of her eyes, now sparkling with satisfaction and contentment, or the smile on her face, playful and teasing. He could still smell his cum on her breath, but that did not detract from her allure in the least.

Ian could only smile back. "I suppose you should."

His wife rested her head on his chest. "Next time it's my turn," she said.

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