tagIncest/TabooDown at the Twist and Shout Ch. 02

Down at the Twist and Shout Ch. 02


My thanks, as always, to GrandTeton for his tireless efforts to teach me how to write, punctuate, make sense, and stop drooling, and for taming my wilder flights of fancy, and to my dear wife and her friends and family for their help and assistance; without them I wouldn't have gotten anywhere with this story.

As before, please remember, this is only a story, so please suspend disbelief and take a wander through my world, who knows, you might even enjoy it...

All characters depicted herein are consenting adults, indulging in consensual acts and activities appropriate to and within the rules of this site.



Justine was finding it increasingly difficult to divest herself of her soon-to-be ex-husband Carlo and the travesty of a marriage she'd endured all those years.

Six months had passed since she'd walked out on Carlo, and found a new life with her Johnny-Bear, her older brother, and now her lover; as far as she was concerned, she and Johnny were together, and Carlo was out of the picture for good.

She'd told him enough times that they were done, that she wanted a clean break, but Carlo just didn't seem to be getting the message. For reasons of his own, and despite her repeated statements to him that she wanted a divorce, now, he persisted in showing up unannounced at the loft, claiming he wanted to reconcile with her.

Justine remained adamant; the marriage was over, and he was wasting his time; she was staying with her brother, with the cover story for Carlo's benefit that she was looking for a place of her own and her brother was letting her crash at his place until then, but she was crystal-clear on one point; she wanted out, she didn't want alimony, she didn't want any kind of settlement at all; she just wanted Carlo to sign the papers and leave her alone, just accept they were done, get on with his life, and let her get on with hers.

Carlo, however, seemed to be going out of his way to drag the whole thing out, instead of just accepting it was over and moving on, and for the life of her she couldn't understand why.

Instead, he'd show up and try to wheedle his way into the loft, haranguing her at the door and deliberately making a commotion just to annoy Johnny; he knew he worked nights, just as he was aware Justine too worked all night, and he enjoyed the mean, spiteful little thrill he got out of knowing he was depriving the pair of them of their rest by deliberately being as loud and obnoxious as he could.

Carlo never tried to force his way into the loft. Much as he wanted to snoop around inside, or at least try and get a clue as to where Justine was hiding her money, he wasn't foolish enough to force the issue. The thought of any kind of physical confrontation with Johnny made his stomach lurch and shudder, so he played his mean little game, always waiting until he was sure those two incestuous sickos were nicely tucked-up in bed and fast asleep after their night's work and their sick little morning fuck before once again disturbing their rest.

It had gotten to the point where Justine found it easier to just pass on getting any kind of rest the morning after a night's work; Carlo and his mid-morning visit would just break-up her sleep anyway, and Johnny's offer to take him somewhere and properly educate him in the art of getting lost was no solution; she wanted her divorce cut and dried and out of the way, and having Carlo in the Emergency Room and Johnny in the county lock-up would just make things more difficult.

So she let him play his game, convinced he'd eventually get tired of it, sign the papers, and leave her alone once and for all.

But Carlo had no intention of leaving her alone, not until he knew exactly where the money was, and so he kept it up, with no pattern Justine could predict; some weeks he'd be there every morning on some pretext or another, then the following week he'd show up Monday, then Thursday, then nothing until the following Tuesday, but he knew she'd be sitting up, waiting for his knock, whether or not he showed-up, and it pleased his petty mind that she was forced to do that; it was just the beginning of what he had in mind to punish her for keeping his money from him, which was how he thought of her earnings; his wife, ergo his money, period.

Finally his persistence paid off; one morning several weeks after his low-key harassment first began, Justine answered the door to Carlo's knock after a particularly long and tiring night; her tiredness was exacerbated by the cumulative effect of too little sleep caused by Carlo's little game, so when he handed her some papers to sign, something to do with cancelling her co-sign on the lease, but so petty he could easily have mailed it to her, her guard slipped, and while she was distracted by scanning carefully through the documents to see what was so damned important about them, he edged into the loft, where he finally spotted what he'd been looking for all along.

Through the open door of the loft bedroom partition he glimpsed the safe he'd hoped would be somewhere in that enormous space. Now he knew for certain where the money was, time to start things moving.

The plan Gina had worked out was foolproof, all they had to do was watch the two of them until Justine was alone, then they could pounce, take the money, and be long gone before that lumbering hillbilly fucktard brother of hers ever knew what had happened.


When Carlo had gone Justine pondered for a while on this latest visit. Usually Carlo went out of his way to make a commotion, doing all he could to disturb Johnny's rest.

At Justine's insistence, John normally waited in earshot but out of sight for Carlo to leave after he'd had his fill of annoying her, confident he wouldn't try anything physical with her, because he knew what Johnny was capable of doing to him if he tried any rough stuff. This time, though, was different; he'd seemed almost jubilant, like something had hit his happy switch; maybe her signing the papers was the reason; perhaps he'd finally seen that it was time for him to move on too...

Thinking thoughts like this, she put the coffee on, losing herself in the simple domesticity of it. The pot had just brewed when two arms snaked around her waist and a pair of lips pressed against her neck, making her jump; damn, Johnny B could move silently sometimes; he'd almost scared her out of a year's growth!

"Dammit Johnny, don't do that, you scared the shit out of me!" she scolded; tried to scold, that is, because she was spun around, and kissed by what felt like a friendly cyclone, a storm of kisses cutting off her words in mid-scold. Justine gave in to the inevitable and kissed him back just as eagerly, feeling him harden against her even as his hands crept around her waist to clasp and squeeze her tight little buttocks.

Eventually they had to surface for air, and Justine pulled away slightly so she could thump him on the chest playfully.

"What have I told you about sneakin' up on me?" she growled, and dodged him when he tried to kiss her again.

"No, no you don't, not 'til I've had my say, Johnny-Bear! You really startled me..." she grumbled, then gaped as he handed her a candy bar.

"Here, have a Snickers; you're not you when you're hungry!" he straight-faced, and Justine collapsed in peals of laughter.

"Everyone says you're mad as a sack-full of cats; they're so right!" she giggled, then swiped his tousled hair flat as she blew him a kiss. "But you're kind of cute too, in a special, ugly kind of way, so I forgive you, Country Boy, just don't do it again! Wanna coffee? I just finished making some when you snuck up on me and nearly made me have an accident..."

John smiled down at his little sister, at her black hair held back from her face with a printed silk headband, her sweetly pretty face, and her naturally coral-pink lips, and once more marveled that she was in his arms and his bed. At the thought, his arms swept around her, while his hands once more cupped her firm little bottom and pulled her tightly against the urgent need she could feel as she rubbed against him.

"Didn't mean to startle you, baby girl," he rumbled, squeezing and jiggling her tight buns as she ground herself against him.

"You wanna be startin' something, Country Boy?" she murmured. "I thought you were tired, way you just keeled over and started snoring when you came in this morning..."

Johnny grinned down at her, seeing the devil of mischief dancing in her eyes.

"I was tired, then," he grinned as he gave her bottom another jiggle and squeeze. "But I ain't now..."

Justine smiled back and locked her hands around his neck, dragging him down for another lingering kiss. Johnny continued to knead and gently squeeze her buttocks, before breaking the kiss to whisper: "Whose cute little ass is this, baby-girl?"

"It's mine, Country Boy," she whispered back, kissing him on the tip of his nose. "But I like you, so I'll let you borrow it just this once..."

Johnny grinned as he swept her up in his arms, all thoughts of coffee forgotten in the surge of another, more primal need. Justine draped her arms around his neck and rested her head against his chest, smiling happily at the feel of his arms around her.

"I'm only small, don't you break me, now, Country Boy..." she murmured, and groaned softly when he squeezed her bottom.

"I'd never do nuthin' that all-out foolish, baby girl!" he drawled at her, making her smile the way she always did when he let the bayou back into his voice.

Johnny laid her down gently on the rumpled bed and slid up next to her, his lips tracing the arc of her neck and shoulder even as his hand slipped down inside her work sweats to cup her warm, soft buttock and squeeze gently.

"Said it afore, li'l gal, an' I gotta say it again: you-all got a real nice ass!" he breathed in her ear, before shoving his tongue in, making her shriek with laughter, and then they were rolling around on the bed, all thoughts of Carlo forgotten as they tickled and groped and squeezed each other.

Somehow, in all their horseplay and laughing, Justine ended up on top of John, her small hands pinning his upper arms to the bed and her thighs wrapped around his.

"Say 'Uncle' or I'll spit up your nose!"she threatened, and worked her lips and tongue like she was getting one ready when he sneered at her.

"That's gross, where you learn stuff like that?" he grinned, so Justine leaned even harder on his biceps.

"I learned it from you, and I mean it, Swamp Thing; say it or it's gonna get real gross around here, and it'll all be your fault! Here it comes, loogie-time...!" she threatened.

Johnny smiled slyly.

"Uncle, baby-girl, damned if'n you-all ain't jest gone an' won again! Looks like I gotta pay you now; what you want, li'l girl?"

Justine grinned happily as she sat up on his midriff, gyrating her hips slowly, meaningfully, grinding against him, and feeling the response from his body.

"Ohhh, that..." murmured Johnny, "You one dirty-minded li'l girl, cherie! You lucky I like that kinda stuff too..."

Even as he spoke, his hands were sliding up the front of her sweatshirt, his thumbs brushing her nipples and drawing a soft murmuring groan from her as the sensitive little nubs perked-up at his touch.

"More, baby, please..." sighed Justine, and Johnny obliged, once more rubbing the pads of his thumbs over her nipples, and enjoying the long, shuddering breath she drew as he slowly worked her up.

Justine writhed gently as his big, gentle hands once more worked their magic, until finally she could take no more, tugging her top over her head and tossing it on the floor.

"Baby..." she murmured, and, taking his cue from her, Johnny sat upright, holding her as she arched her back to thrust out her stiff nipples invitingly.

Now Johnny was in his element: Justine's nipples fascinated him, so pink and stiff, appealing and inviting, and he took his time just gazing at them, once more mesmerised by their perfection, until a soft but meaningful throat-clearing from her broke him out of his entranced reverie.

"Just starin' at them does nothing for me, Johnny B..." she hinted, then gasped softly as he dragged his tongue lightly but firmly over one of the stiff, fleshy little pillars.

More sighs and gasps ensued as he kept it up, driving her further and higher. When he finally clamped his lips over one deliciously stiff and chewable little teat and sucked, her eyes snapped open as the colour rose in her face, and her hands cupped his face, holding him against her as his tongue lashed and teased her nipple.

"Oh God yes, more, keep going!" she gasped, wriggling sensuously on his lap, tormenting his burgeoning erection as she ground against him.

"Johnny, now, oh God, yes, now..." she murmured, raising up as Johnny hooked his fingers in the waistband of her sweats and pulled them down around her thighs so she could kick them off. With them went her panties, and now she was naked, her damp and dewy labia burning his pulsing erection with their moist heat.

"Fair's fair, Johnny..." she murmured, and Johnny grinned as he arched his back, allowing her to yank his shorts off.

"Oh yes..." breathed Justine as his stiff cock swung upright, and when she took him in her small hand and squeezed as she fisted him, Johnny groaned out loud.

"You like that, Country Boy?" she teased, "How 'bout this, then?" as she slid her lips over the purpled dome of his thick penis, fisting him even as she sucked him.

Johnny shuddered in ecstasy, suppressing only by an effort of will the urge to ram himself into the hot succulence enveloping him, fighting to remain passive as she sucked and teased him with her talented mouth and nimble tongue.

Johnny knew he couldn't take much of what she was doing to him, and suddenly pulled himself from her, instead rolling her onto her back even as she squeaked in surprise, a smile suddenly breaking out as she realised what he was about to do.

"My turn, li'l girl..." he grinned, clamping his lips around her erect nipple, and drawing a shuddering sigh from her.

"So good...so good..." she whispered, combing her fingers through his hair as he began kissing between her breasts, and on down her midriff. He smiled at her soft giggle when he poked his tongue into her navel, before continuing to lick and gently kiss her until he reached his target, the damp and fragrant folds of her juicy little pussy. He paused, grinning, to look into her eyes, at her raised eyebrow, then slowly licked her with the flat of his tongue, lapping her from the tight little knot of her anus to the solid little nub of her clitoris in its fleshy hood.

"Oooohhh..." murmured Justine, then again as he did it again, pressing his tongue firmly against her as he dragged it the length of her vulva, jangling her nerve-endings with the pressure of his tongue on her most sensitive parts. Justine shuddered with every soft stroke of his tongue, holding his face against her as the beginnings of orgasm uncoiled and trailed through her, lighting-up her nerve endings with delight at what he was doing to her.

Just when she thought she couldn't take any more, his tongue flicked and lashed across her clitoris, and she screamed as a gigantic wave of pleasure blasted through her, shutting off all sensation except the feel of her Johnny-Bear taking her higher and higher.

Johnny changed his approach, and as her muscles tensed with the first hot glow of orgasm, he pushed his tongue into her as hard as he could, and simultaneously slid one finger into her tight anus.

Justine whined through clenched teeth as a fresh thunderclap burst inside her at the doubled attack, her moans muffled for him by her thighs clamped around his head, and when he wriggled and hooked his finger inside her, that thunderclap burst inside her again, her fragrant juices slicking his lips and chin as she came like she never had before, filling his world with her own special, delicate fragrance.

Justine slumped back, her heart thudding fit to burst, aftershocks running through and through, until finally she became aware of Johnny kneeling between her splayed-open legs, his hands resting on his thighs as he smiled down at her. His thick, tense erection bobbed slightly with every beat of his heart, primed and ready for her.

"Somethin' I can help you with, Country-Boy?" she husked as Johnny reared over her, her restless hands finding and fondling him, wondering, as she always did, at the steely hardness overlaid with warm, velvety smooth skin.

"Oh, I heard about this stuff! I think I know where this goes baby; you ready to find out?" she teased, then as always, the breath rushed from her as he slid into her, feeling, like it had every time they did this, like it was the first time as she stretched to accommodate his girth.

As Johnny slipped in and out of her, settling into his rhythm, Justine gasped and moaned as she moved against him; the feel of him inside her, the scent of his nearness, the warmth of his skin against hers, the smooth, masculine, muscular feel of him, all these took her higher and higher, reaching once more for that plateau. Stronger and faster became their frenzied coupling as they gorged themselves on each other, while Justine bathed in his adoring gaze, in his beautiful grey eyes boring into hers as he fucked her the way she wanted him to.

Johnny couldn't hold out for long, not when it was his Justy he was making love to; she excited and aroused him in ways no other woman ever had, and as his excitement built, so he could feel her chiming along with him, in perfect sync with him, until, when it seemed he was overloading himself, Justine groaned as once again orgasm swept over and through her. As she tightened around him, Johnny lost it, his body tensing as the white fire swept through him, with his whole being centred on his release as he pumped what felt like gallons of spunk deep inside his woman.

Thick spurts of hot spunk pulsed from him, filling her with his seed as her own orgasm raged and fluttered through her, each thrust of his cock inside her awakening another wave of pleasure, until they were finally both sated and spent. Johnny slumped down over her, his cock rigid still, unwilling to leave the warmth of her body, while Justine clung to him, her racing heart in perfect counterpoint to his own.

Johnny finally recovered enough to realise where he was, and rolled to one side so as not to crush Justine, then onto his back, taking her with him, still joined as they were. They lay in warm, comfortable silence for a while, no words necessary between them, as Johnny slipped from her, while Justine sighed softly, more asleep than awake. If he had his way, she'd sleep there the rest of the day; she weighed virtually nothing, and he enjoyed immensely the feel of his woman lying on him, with his arms around her, holding her close and keeping her safe, and feeling her heart flutter against him.

Justine stirred and sleepily kissed him on the chest, before patting his chest lightly.

"Let me go, Johnny-Bear, got to go the bathroom, what'd you do inside me, you dirty, dirty man?" she teased, wriggling sensuously atop him even as his big hand clamped hold of her bottom.

"Why I let you go, boo'sha', I likes this jest fine?" he drawled, jiggling her bottom and making her giggle.

"Lemme go clean up, five minutes, then you got me all day, Country Boy..." she promised, kissed him once more, and slid off the bed, to pad across the loft to the bathroom. Johnny watched her tight little ass-cheeks twinkle as she walked away from him, grinning when she looked back over her shoulder at him and flirted her bottom at him.

"What are you lookin' at, Mister Big-Eyes?" she smiled, slapping her bottom and laughing as she skipped into the bathroom. When she'd finished her quick shower she headed back to bed, to find Johnny fast asleep, the long night and the morning's exertions finally catching up with him. Justine smiled as she slipped into bed next to him; Johnny immediately rolled over and put his arm around her, spooning her in his sleep with a murmured "...Justy..." as his arm drew her closer.

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