tagMatureDown by the Lake Ch. 04

Down by the Lake Ch. 04


I was lying in my bed, flowing auburn hair on my right shoulder, close cut, rumpled brown on my left. My arms around women I loved more every minute. Jeannie eased up on my chest, laying kisses around my left nipple. Playfully smiling at Madge, she semi-whispered, "It's his turn now, any suggestions?"

"Mm mm, his cock is hard, I want him in you. I want to watch him love you. No waiting, do it now."

Jeannie turned her hazel eyes to me, "What do you want, shall I tease you more? Maybe hold you on the edge for a while?"

"Jeannie, I've been on the edge since you jumped in my arms. Do you want bottom or top, that's all that matters now?"

"Extend your arms over your head...now keep them there."

She rolled onto my chest, lifted a little, and guided my cock to her pussy. Taking several swipes with the head through the juices flowing freely, positioning me at her entrance, she sat straight up, looked down at me, over at Madge, and then slid slowly down, fully engulfing my cock. Closing her eyes, smiling, her pussy clamping and releasing she said to Madge, "This is nice. I love you. I love Madge; I even love that crazy dog of yours. Please, don't let this be a onetime thing."

I thrust upwards, spurring Jeannie into responding. Her hands dropped to my chest, fingers clenching skin as she lifted and fell, accelerating until she was bucking and quivering, crying out in a wordless shout. As she reached her peak, I hit mine. I thrust up, hands pulling her hips down, grinding us together, shooting cum that had been building in me all day. She slumped forward, my hands slipping down to cup her ass, holding her to me. Jeannie gasped for air, then took a deep breathe, and looked over at Madge. "How was that?"

"Beautiful. You have me all turned on again, but I didn't want to move, I didn't want to miss a moment."

"Give me a minute, we'll fix that."

Slowly Jeannie slid off, to Madge. Once again they started kissing, Jeannie's right hand seeking Madge's pussy, sliding between the lips, drawing a moan from her. Madge guided Jeannie's breasts to her waiting mouth, the tongue extended, searching for the nipples. As I watched, Jeannie dug her fingers into her lover's pussy forcefully, causing Madge to answer with a now signature guttural moan. Frozen in place, Madge and Jeannie kissed, panted, babbled incoherently and finally crashed back to the bed, spent.

Totally worn, I crawled out of bed, reeled into the shower, and just stood under the hot water. When I was refreshed I looked in on the girls. They again loved each other, Jeannie on her stomach, Madge kneeling over her thighs, caressing her from neck to buttocks, following her hands with kisses. Jeannie's face, turned toward me, glowing in the joy she felt. Her eyes focused on me enough that she could give me a small smile, and then lost focus again.


Down stairs I poured myself a shot of scotch and sat on the deck. Bogart put his chin on my lap, wanting his ears rubbed.

Have you ever had times when you just sit, no thoughts, letting events flow? That was me until the girls finally came out an hour later. They were holding hands, freshly showered, bare as could be. We sat looking out over the meadow, no one wanting to break the spell.

Bogart rose; moved to Madge, put his chin on her lap, wanting an ear rub. "That dog really likes you." observed Jeannie.

"Honey, you have no idea."

Jeannie seemed overpowered by events, so I asked what she was thinking.

"Well...contrary to what happened today, I don't fuck on a first date, I've never had sex with a woman...I've never been in a three way...I've never been in love with woman. And those are just what I can think of right now. I know I talk a great game, but really, I've only been with two guys, and I married the second one."

"I'm a stay-at-home mom, well, except for work. This is my first time away from the kids since before my divorce. When I told my folks of your offer, you know, me coming up for a couple days, they thought it would do me good. Boy! Little did they know! Now, I wonder, did I just blow up everything that I've been repressing? Or is this real?"

Tears were welling in Madge's eyes, "Honey, I can only hope it's real, but if it's a one-time, than I will hold it to my heart. You showed me something rare, and I can't lose it."

"Jeannie, Madge, time will show how real this is. I suggest we get dressed. We'll go into town, hit Jerry's Pizza for dinner, and then come back in time for sunset."

We dressed, I made sure Bogart had food and water, and jumped into the pickup.

In town, it was the usual Monday evening quiet; a few people hitting the grocery, someone gassing up, the last of the Postal customers coming out. Jerry's is busy on Friday night and all day on the weekends or holidays, so he'll have a waitress or two. But the rest of the week, it's just Jerry. Now, I've known him, and the rest of the town, more than twenty years. They knew Naomi in the good times, and helped me during the tough ones. Occasionally someone would tease me that I should find another 'Good Woman'.

I parked at the curb, just in front of Jerry's, walked around to the passenger side, held the door open, extended my hand. Did I mention the girls were dressed in shorts and light blouses? Well...they were. The first pair of legs to slide out were Jennie's, she stepped to the side, and I helped Madge step out. In the corner of my eye, the two guys at the gas station had frozen in place, and Mrs. Jepson, the Postmistress, was fumbling at her lock. With just a little swagger in my step, I led my two beauties inside.

Jerry was behind the counter, busy at the oven and not even looking up, shouted he'd be with us. I sat Madge and Jeannie at a table near a window, ambled over to the counter.

"Hey Jerry, how about cooking up a family combo for me? I'll have it here."

"Murph, when did you last need that big an order? Did you bring in an army?"

"Well, sorta. And we'll need three beers. We're over at the window." And I waved towards the table.

"Jesus," he whispered, "are they with you?"

"As they say in Maine - ayep. Come on over, I'll introduce you."

I had barely gotten to the table when Jerry brought the beers, a smile from ear to ear, looking at the girls eagerly. I introduced everyone, explained to the girls how long I had known him, the way he and his wife had helped, generally made him into such a nice guy that he was glowering at me.

"Thanks for nothing."

Then I told him Madge was staying with me, and Jeannie was our guest for a couple days.

About then he had to hustle back to get our order in the oven. "Why didn't you tell him about us?"

"Madge darlin', look at his left ear. He's hooked to his phone, lets him work and take calls. I'll bet he's already telling his wife everything we said. If he keeps glancing over, she's asking what you look like, and he's filling in every detail. By seven tonight, everyone in town will know you two gorgeous pieces of feminine art are with me. Then the real fun will begin."

"What do you mean?"

"Obviously I'm too old for you guys, so there'll be all kinds of speculation. It's entirely possible they'll have you as my nieces, or granddaughters even. I may have fun with this. Oops, hold on here comes Marie Jepson."

Mrs. Jepson was looking around as she came through the door. She spotted us and came over smiling, "hello, Mr. Murphy, how nice to see you."

"Mr. Murphy? When did I become Mr.? Let me introduce Marjorie and Jeannie. Marjorie is staying with me, Jeannie is visiting. This is Marie Jepson, our Postmistress, and a very good friend. When Naomi was dying, and then after she passed, Marie and several of the other women in town made sure I ate, and stayed clean, and generally just made it through that time. Honestly, I think they saved me."

"Oh go on. We only did what any neighbor would do."

"Neighbor? Marie you live, what eight, ten miles from me?"

"That's nothing. Neighbor isn't measured by miles, just like friendship can't be limited. And besides, look how often you visit my Carl."

"Carl," I told the girls, "had been exposed to Agent Orange in 'Nam. It's giving him problems."

"He was a Marine." Marie proudly told them.

"Tell him I'll swing by later in the week. He should restock his lies. Jarheads can't remember but three stories at a time."

Laughing, she left, saying over her shoulder, "I'll tell him."

"Darlin's, I just saved you from a major cross-examination. And...here comes Jerry."

"Pizza's here. Piping hot, be careful and enjoy."

"Did you get Sandy all filled in?"


"Come on, Jerry, it's me. How many times have I sat over there at the counter while you told Sandy who was here, who they were with?"

The girls were holding back laughter, but it was clearly a losing battle. Jerry soo wanted to pump me, but there was no way he could try now. He slouched back to the counter, hand to ear. I suspected Sandy was on the phone again. I just raised an eye brow at Madge and Jeannie, and they let it all out! They were leaning against each other, tears running down, trying to not embarrass Jerry.

We dove into the pizza, I fetched a couple more beers, and I gave them more background on Fairfax. I explained it was once a coal mining company town, but once the coal ran out, the town almost died. They tried logging for a while, then that faded. The town had only half a dozen businesses now, and no one was getting rich, but they all wanted to stay.


Near seven, we piled back into the truck, heading up the hill. The girls were in a cheerful mood, giggling about their reception in town. At the house, they ran in, shedding clothes, giggling, telling me to hurry. Quickly putting the truck in the barn, I joined them on the deck, clothes in a line behind me. Madge had a bottle of wine and glasses waiting, Jeannie was pulling two chaise together, and Bogart was off to the side watching all this, head cocked.

When we had settled in for the nightly show, Madge asked if Naomi and I had ever found someone up here.

"What're we talking about?"

"Oh, I forgot you didn't know...Josh and Naomi developed an idea they could have lovers."

"Sure, swinging."

"No, he says it's different. Josh will you explain?"

So I gave Jeannie a short version of our discoveries. Then I addressed Madge's question, "We did find someone. Well actually, two, a couple; Claire and Wally. We loved them for close to ten years. Until he was offered a VP slot in his company. They had to move to Houston and it broke our hearts, but it was just too good an offer for them."

"Did you live together?"

"Technically, no. We maintained separate residences, but we were in one house or the other continuously, sometimes all together, others as couples."

"So, you were lovers?"

"Jeannie, we were more than that. It was as if we had a bond between the four of us. Naomi loved Claire as much as Wally."

"What about you and Wally? Did you play with his willy?"

"Damn, no puns!...Yes." I thought back to my time with them. "Occasionally Wally and I would be together. Not as much as Naomi and Claire, they were inseparable at times. But yes, every now and then we needed to make love."

"Where are they now?"

"Still in Houston. He's CEO now. They came up for Naomi's funeral, and we spent some time reminiscing, but we had all changed over the years."

Jeannie looked toward the sunset, thinking. "So you got all this out of two books?"

"Oh no. Many books. Some philosophy, some religious, even some science-fiction. Heinlein posited cultures of multi-family lines over generations. Virtually all the books and magazines are still in the den. You can read any of them. Oh, and don't forget Loving more, it's a magazine in there."

"So...you guys really researched it before you did it."

"We probably spent twenty hours rehearsing to every hour reading."


"As I told Madge, We did a lot of mental work on it. Picturing scenarios, then working through our reactions. After a while, the thought of Naomi with a man, didn't cause me pain, it brought joy."


"Em hmm. There is a term that has reached prominence in the poly community, it's 'compersion'.The opposite of jealousy. We had that feeling long before we knew the word."

"Poly community?"

"Yeah, it's estimated there are as many as three million people in this country, practicing polyamory, the open loving of more than one."

"Are they all one man two women?"

"No, every combination imaginable."

"Whew...you've given me a lot to think about, and now I'm sleepy."

"It is late, let's shut down; we can talk more tomorrow if you want."

We trooped to bed after the evening routine of putting things away, turning off lights. Madge of course joined me, Jeannie went to her room. I had barely cuddled to Madge's back when there was a knock, and Jeannie standing in the door, nude, asking if she could join us. Never one to turn a lady down, I rolled onto my back, waving her in. We settled into a cozy group; Madge, sleepily welcoming Jeannie, then drifting off, she tucking into my right side, breasts pressing into me, kissing me good night, and me deciding I didn't want to wake from this dream.

Later I had to go to the bathroom. Coming back, they had moved around, Madge in the middle of the bed, Jeannie spooned to her back. Shrugging my shoulders, I slipped in, pressing my butt against Madge, and back to sleep.


The morning sun had me stirring, Madge's breasts pressing into my back, her arms around me, breathing lightly in my ear. She began to stir, rubbing my chest, sliding a hand toward my cock. My cock, twitching in response, anticipating her hand...

"JESUS! What was that?"

I jumped. Madge's hand clenched on my cock. Without even turning Madge asked, "Was it cold?"

"Yes, what was that?"

"In your butt?"

"Yeah, wha..."

Giggling, "That was Bogart. Welcome to the family."

We were laughing so hard now; all thought of sex had passed. I stumbled out of bed, Madge behind me. Bogart was at the door, head cocked, tongue hanging out, "huh, huh, huh"

Jeannie sat in the middle of the bed, sheet clutched around her, staring at the dog.

"You put him up to that, didn't you?"

"Not me. Did you, honey?"

"Nope. I should tell you he got me the other day. You've been officially 'nosed' into the family."

Giggling, Madge led the way to the kitchen, Jeannie following me, her head turned, one eye on the dog. In the kitchen, the girls sat at the counter, facing the room. Both keeping wary eyes on Bogart. I guess he had made his 'point' as he ignored them, coming to me for attention. Checking her phone, Madge said she had a text from Dave, "He says he's outside SF (I guess that's San Francisco) and has a job. More details later. That's good to see."

We decided a brisk walk after breakfast would do us some good. Madge had seen some parts of the property, Jeannie less, so we did the tour. In the barn I pointed out the Mustang and my Spitfire under wraps, the bikes hanging on the wall, and the canoe hanging from the rafters. Madge thought we should start using the bikes, 'to get you into shape'. Jeannie was captivated by the canoe, "I always wanted to learn how to use one."

"Perhaps next time you come up."

"That'd be great, but it might be a while, I don't think my folks are going to go for this every week. Oh, and Friday is the Fourth of July. We're having a major sale at the store. Mrs. Patrick needs me Monday for inventory."

"How about you bring the boys the week after? They'd love it, and your folks will get a break."

Coming back to the house, I teased the girls they still hadn't delivered on the fashion show.

"Buster, you go park on the deck. We'll give you a show."

"Yeah, and you may want to shed those shorts; things might get tight, you know."

Pulling a beer from the refrigerator, I made myself comfortable. Taking Jeannie's advice, I shucked all my clothing and stretched on a chaise, waiting, letting the sun warm my skin. Bogart flopped to the deck beside me. Life was good.


I'm not sure how long I waited on the deck, it seemed forever, and yet just a moment, when music came from the den. A giggling, squeaking, voice announced, "Ladies and Gentlemen! I am proud to offer for your viewing pleasure...Miss Marjorie!"

The curtains parted and an auburn haired vision stepped onto the deck. Her hair had been brushed to a high sheen; her makeup accented the color of her eyes and the shape of her mouth. But it's what she was wearing that held my gaze. White heels to accent her tanned legs, led my eye up to lacy white panties, extending from her navel down over her pussy, the auburn color just showing through. My eye traveled up, over her softly rounded belly to her globular breasts, encased in a lacy bra to match her panties. As she approached me she did a slow turn, allowing a chance to appreciate the curves of her legs, and the way the panties clung to her cheeks, revealing, yet covering still. As she strode back to the curtain, I admired the sway of her hips. I was frozen in awe.

Behind the curtain I heard whispering, then a feminine voice, "And now, the sleek, sexy, Lady Jeannie!"

Out stepped Jeannie, wearing black heels, black cling top nylons, a narrow wedge of black panties, and a matching semi-sheer, vest like top, her small, conical breasts pushing proudly against the material. She stopped directly in front of me, her eyes half-closed, watching me as she did a slow turn, her shapely cheeks separated by a thin band of material. Truly, a gorgeous sight. And I told her so as she cat walked back to the curtain.

Several minutes passed, then both stepped out in matching sets; black bras and panties that just concealed nipples and pussies. They strode toward me, did a pair of slow turns, then back behind the curtain.

Again a pause. Once again Jeannie stepped out, the sun shining off her skin and the filmy pink bra encasing her lovely tits, her pussy just covered by a tiny piece of pink material, pulled tightly against her lips, cupping them as if to say 'here they are'. She turned, revealing the thinnest strip, materializing from between her cheeks. All I could do was whisper she was beautiful. She smiled over her shoulder saying, "Thank you sir."

Behind the curtain I could hear excited whisperings, though not what was said. I took a deep drink of my nearly forgotten beer, eagerly awaiting the next presentation. Again I heard Jeannie's voice announcing, "And now Sir, our finale, the lovely, the lovable, the delicious, "MARJORIE!"

It was the filmy green number from the shop. In the sunlight the gauzy material was no more than a brush stroke of color over her breasts. She stepped to me, slowly turning, allowing me a view of all. Her ass, round and toned, encased in the same green brush of color, then, as she turned more, her pussy, pushing against the wisp of material, her lips visible, yet not. Standing before me, her legs spread, hands on hips, she gave me plenty of time to admire her. Finally she pivoted on the balls of her feet once again, then walked in the exaggerated manner of a model, behind the curtain.

Totally stunned, I sat for a minute or more (They must have been awaiting my reaction). Suddenly I jumped up, applauding, calling them out, and when they appeared, raved how beautiful they were. Their smiles were priceless. I swept them into my arms, kissing one, then the other, telling each how beautiful she was, how enticing.

Hands encompassed my cock. I hadn't even realized how hard I'd become, but once I did, I couldn't keep my hands from them. Guiding my beauties to adjoining chaise, I removed each thin piece of clothing carefully, laying a trail of kisses. I moved from Madge to Jeannie, Jeannie to Madge, relishing the differences in shape, color, taste, in their tits, bellies, pussies. I buried my face in labia, licking, sucking, biting. Drawing clits in with a suctioning move, then, when fully extended, thrumming with my tongue. First Madge, then Jeannie climaxed, each with her distinctive cry, one low and guttural, the other higher, keening.

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