tagMatureDown by the Lake Ch. 07

Down by the Lake Ch. 07


Have you ever noticed how much work is involved, when you want others to do some work for you? Friday I called the spa company, ordering the unit I wanted. I insisted they hold it until the concrete pad was ready. They assured me it could be delivered on 24 hours' notice.

The pool company was different. They wanted their own people doing site prep, or they couldn't guarantee the pool. We compromised. They could inspect the hole before delivery.

At first they weren't happy about it, but when I said 'Big Swede', the man on the phone just laughed. "That's the guy we contract to do this. I'd just be inspecting my own crew."

Jeannie went to work at nine. Madge and I took the boys and Bogart down to the lake. No canoe this time, but they brought their rods.

We settled Madge in her spot, then wandered along the shore, looking for places to fish. The boys settled in about ten feet apart, started casting. Now that he was using his left, JD was getting about twenty yards out. Clark seemed to have a ten yard limit, so I directed him towards a grass bed to his left, and about twenty feet away. "Just drop it out there, then retrieve the way I taught you."

After a while they became bored, put the poles down, started running around. I tried keeping them away from Madge, but Bogart's romping and barking finished her meditation for the day. "Sorry about that. I'd forgotten 'bout the short attention span of youngsters."

"It's ok. That's just something we'll have to adjust to. Besides, I think I was finished."

Gathering everything, we hiked back up the hill in time for lunch.

Brady's guys had the spa site leveled, and were in the process of framing it in. They were confident we could pour concrete on Monday, if the plumber and electrician were done, and they were expected in the afternoon. Their next phase would be framing a roof, but that would wait 'til the spa was in place.

At the other end of the deck, Johansen's crew had cleared the area needed for the pool. Theirs was the more complicated job, as a hole had to be dug and excess dirt removed. They asked if we could wait for the concrete pour before bringing in an excavator. This was what these guys did-as long as the job got done, I wasn't going to get in their way.


While the boys napped, I took Madge to bed. We slowly undressed each other, hands lingering in special spots, caressing, touching. We had slowed in our lovemaking, but now it felt deeper, more intense. I entered her slowly, not stopping until our pelvis were pushed together. Wrapping arms and legs about me, she held me to her. 'Naomi says I should do this..."

She began a rhythmic movement within her pussy, a rippling, grasping that moved up and down my cock. There was no resisting the sensations. Without a single move on my part, I came. As I returned to awareness, I watched a flush sweep across her face and chest. Again a rippling over my cock, then quiet. She slowly opened her eyes. "I didn't know I could do that." She whispered.

"I didn't think anyone but Naomi knew how. When did you learn that?"

"This morning. She taught me. While you were with the boys."


Saturday, Madge's mother came up. She looked more relaxed than even a few days before. We set her up in the spare bedroom, as she was staying the weekend. Madge took her to the lake while I kept the boys busy at the house. They returned a little over an hour later, both looking quite relaxed.

After lunch I had the boys 'rest'. We sat on the deck (what was left of it) talking. Mostly it was mundane things, the everyday. She was getting to know me, reconnect with Madge. Nancy proved to be smart and insightful. She had a grasp on current affairs, an opinion on the coming elections, the ongoing wars. She suggested several web sites for the boys, including a couple that stressed learning.

In the main, we just relaxed.

Being Saturday, Jeannie didn't get home until ten. Totally exhausted, all she wanted was a small snack and sleep. We poured her into bed, then Madge and I returned to her mother. "You know if she keeps up like this, it will splinter you."

"This was the first Saturday she's had to come up here after work. And it's summer. I hate to think of December or January."

"Does she know anything about real estate? I have a friend in Buckley with an office, she may be looking for someone."

"Mom, I know real estate. I'm a licensed agent. Josh, would you mind if I went back to work?"

"I don't want to force you into anything, or keep you from something, but you do realize you'll be working weekends again?"

"That's a problem, you'd be here alone with The Dervishes. Let's talk things over with Jeannie on Monday, when she's relaxed. Maybe we'll come up with something."


Monday proved interesting. Brady's crew arrived at 8, the concrete at 9, and by 12, everyone was gone again. The plumber and electrician had trenched in their pipes Friday afternoon, and basically just stood by during the pour, insuring their work was ok.

Nancy called in the early afternoon. Her friend was looking for part time help, and if Marjorie called, she would be happy to set an interview. We broached the subject with Jeannie, but she wasn't receptive to quitting the shop. I understood, this was something she enjoyed.

Jeannie's mother came up the hill while the pour was going on. The boys were so engrossed in the construction, they barely acknowledged her. When the crew left however, they realized not only was she here, their bikes were on the back of her car. They spent most of the afternoon blasting around the house on their bikes. Jeannie and Mary sat on the deck, watching them going in circles, laughing. By four they were exhausted. Jeannie gave them juice, parking them in a corner of the den.

All that mad action gave me an idea. Leading Jeannie, Mary, and Madge behind the barn, I laid out a track for the boys. They could peddle to their hearts' content, and not lay a cloud of dust on the house. Three heads nodded in unison. My next project was in the works.


Tuesday opened with the arrival of the excavator and a dump truck. The boys could hardly eat they were so anxious to get outside. They were parked on the deck all morning, one of us staying close by to prevent accidents.

I asked the dump driver to take his first load behind the barn, explaining what I had in mind. He had three boys. Understood instantly. When I explained my plan to the track hoe operator, he said the first load would be topsoil, the hardpan farther down would go elsewhere.

Maybe it was genetic, their father being an equipment operator, but the boys ate up every move the track hoe was doing. By four, the hole was shaped. Johansen came by, asked for some adjustments, then pronounced it good. Looking at me, "Tomorrow we bring in sand, to cushion the pool. By Thursday, I should be able to set the pool in for the first fit."

"First fit? How many are there?"

"Hopefully one, usually several, I don't want any voids under it."


The boys went to bed early, they were exhausted once again. Bikes are good for my love life.

Madge and I took our lovely Jeannie into the den. Madge laid a comforter on the floor, I brought in wine. After only a few sips, Madge tugged Jeannie down, laying kisses over her lips and face. Soon she sat up, pulling her shirt off, then leaning forward, offering a nipple to Jeannie's waiting mouth. Lovingly, she extended her tongue, swiping across the hardening pink cone. Madge lowered herself, feeding more tit into her lover's grasp, moaning, "Jeannie, sweet Jeannie, love me..."

She swayed, moving tits across Jeannie's lips, teasing herself. When she'd had enough, Madge sat up, pulled her lovers blouse off, then tenderly began dancing her tongue from conical nipple to conical nipple, finally dropping to encompass a breast completely.

Jeannie gasped, held her breath, then exhaled with a swoosh. She pulled Madge up, kissing tenderly. They reached down, pushing shorts past knees, wiggling them the rest of the way. Fingers searching out labia. Lips upon lips, they stroked each other, drawing each higher. Pressing breast to breast, my two beauties brought the other to the brink, then eased back, to the brink once again, then over, in a tumbling climax that had them rolling side to side, fingers digging, searching for every moment of climax.

Slowly, they returned to the present, smiling over at me. They opened their arms, calling me to them, welcoming me with kisses. They pushed me onto my back, Jeannie licking and kissing my stomach, taking my cock into her mouth. Madge all over my face, kissing eyes, cheeks, kissing lips, moaning loving sounds into my mouth. She moved up, offering her tits to me, first one then the other. Very soon, her stomach slid past my lips giving me a chance to lay more kisses on her, licking her navel to bring a giggle. She lifted, straddling my shoulders, teasing my nose with the strawberry essence above me. She teased my lips, drawing her labia across them, until I closed over her. My tongue flicked out, seeking to part those delicious lips, drawing her juices, seeking more.

At my hips, Jeannie had drawn me fully into her mouth, hardening me as I have seldom been. I felt her release me, the cool air tingling my cock, then some shifting. Her legs pressed my hips, I felt a hand grasp my cock, the moisture of her slit surrounding my head. She lowered herself, causing me to moan into Madge's flowing cunt. In response, Madge ground onto my face.

If they were saying anything, I couldn't hear, as Madge's thighs were pressed against my ears. I didn't mind, I cared more about sucking every drop from her, even while Jeannie was trying to fuck everything from my cock. I held Madge by the hips, pulling her to my face. Jeannie was surging up and down, her velvet pussy clamping me. I felt my come rushing through me, jetting into Jeannie. She began quivering, forcing herself down, hard, onto my cock. My face was drowning in pussy juice and I didn't care. I licked everywhere my tongue could reach, directing her pussy with my hands on Madge's hips.

Slowly, the pressure eased on my face, Madge tilted over, virtually falling to her side. Jeannie, my beautiful Jeannie, stretched onto my chest, licking the juices from my face. She gave me a small smile, "I think I like your idea of 'important stuff'."


Wednesday afternoon I took the boys into town. We stopped at the General Store, where I bought ice cream cones. John came over to meet JD and Clark, shaking their hands. "Murph, you doin' alright?"

"Sure why?"

"Oh, you're just lookin' a little tuckered. You getting enough sleep with these guys around the house?"

"We're not keeping Josh awake, really!"

"Yeah, me and JD go to bed on time."

"Sundgren just lifted an eyebrow, "Maybe you just need vitamins. I have a big bottle of Supers behind the counter." And he was gone, laughing.

"Josh, what did he mean?"

"He's just bustin' my chops."

"What does that mean?"

"He's joking with me."


"He thinks I look tired."

"Are you? Are you ok?"

"Yeah, I've just been working harder than I'm used to. Maybe I better get those vitamins."


"Momma Madge! Mr. Sundgren says Josh is tired!"

"Yeah, he said Josh was tuckered. Is that bad?

Madge looked over at me, "Tuckered?"

"That's what Sundgren said. I guess I am kinda spent. But it's ok, I got vitamins. See."

I put the large bottle on the counter with a thunk. She picked it up, started reading it then burst out laughing. "These are horse vitamins!"

"Yeah, John said if I was going to be put out to stud, I'd better take the right pills."

That night I had steak for dinner.


Thursday morning the spa arrived. For Brady's crew, this was the easiest stage. Being a self-contained unit, they just had to locate it, then check for level. The plumber and electrician would do the rest. Meantime, they began plotting out the retractable roof.

Over at the pool side, Johansen's crew awaited their delivery. This was more complicated; being an oversize load, it required plenty of maneuvering room at the site. Not to mention a crane.

The boys were taking all this in avidly. Madge was plenty busy, handing out coffee and cinnamon rolls to everyone. Hey, I even got one!

Johansen was overseeing this operation. The crane set up, then the truck carrying the pool backed into place. Slings were set, and the crane operator took his first pick. Now, these guys had done this a bunch of times, so they were within inches of perfect on balance. While Madge, the boys and I watched, the pool was picked, rotated, and lowered into place. Johansen's guys scrambled to guide it into the hole, then jumped in to spot it, aligning with the drain plumbing. They let it settle until some weight was off the slings, then lifted it back out. Johansen jumped into the hole, checking the imprint on wet sand. Some sand was placed at his direction, then he climbed out and the pool was set. Levels were broken out, everything checked, then rechecked. Finally Swede was satisfied, and a backhoe started pouring sand around the pool. The crew tamped it all around to about four inches from ground level.

The crane folded up, the truck departed, the crew took a long breather. Everyone being done for the day, I handed out beers, telling them they earned it.

Brady had hung around, watching the pool lift, so he just happened to be there for the beer. Plus, it was check time again. After finishing that, I asked what their work load looked like after Labor Day. Johansen was pretty booked into October, Brady had some openings in mid-September. Both were curious why I asked.

"Well, as you've seen, my family has grown. Plus, I've acquired a few in-laws. And they like coming up here. So I'm thinking I need more guest space. Now, I have a rough apartment in the barn, and it could be cleaned up, maybe insulated. It'd make a decent place for guests."

"Damn Murph, you're sure spending a lot around here."

"I know, some of this, like the spa, I'd been thinking on before. The pool, yeah, that's an add-on. The apartment is just because I don't have enough bedrooms if everyone comes at once.


IF you're getting the impression things were busy around my place, you don't know the half of it. Along with the construction going on, Madge had me exercising and bike riding, we were meditating, plus we had the boys (Now officially known as The Dervishes) to look after. And that included on-line time with some math sites. Then there was our personal time, usually cuddling and making out. When Jeannie was home, Madge and I found time for her. Sometimes together, others separately. Oh, and don't forget all the chores around the place.

Madge now did most of the grocery shopping. Good for her, she met everyone in town. Bad for me, I didn't get into town as much. Plus she did most of the cooking and cleaning. Impressed? Damn right I was impressed.


Moving into August, things were busy, yet my new normal.

Friday, Madge met with the realtor in Buckley. They hit it off, but until Madge came up with a suitable car, no job was offered. Coming home, she wasn't sure if she should be happy or sad. I parked her in front of the computer, told her to start looking. Carl called, asked me to drop by, he needed some advice.

Carl was thinking about the new chair he had coming, and how he could start driving again. He was thinking a ramp up into his pickup, but I thought that'd take a twenty footer. "How about a lift gate?"

Once all that was worked out, we settled into a couple games of gin, and the usual gabbin'. "Murph, I gotta ask you somethin'."

"Sure, what is it?"

"If it's not my business, ok. How do you know you can trust those women? You're a lot older, maybe they're just takin' you."

"If I thought you were asking just too be snoopy, I'd tell you to go to hell. But I don't think that's it. Gyrene, you're worried about me!"

"Not me, Marie..."

"Bull, she'd ask if she were concerned. It's ok. Do I trust them? Yeah, and I'll tell you why. I believe most people are good. I'm willing to trust someone until they show me otherwise. So far, they haven't given me any reason to doubt them."

"And if you're wrong?"

"I'll have a lot of pleasant memories I wasn't going to have."

"You've thought this out?"

"Oh, yeah."

"What about your kids?"

"I do have to talk with them. Maybe I should get Jessie out here to collect the Mustang. Talk to her then."


"Yeah, I promised it, now would be a good time."


Saturday morning I called the kid's, invited them up for Labor Day. I explained to Bob his mother's car was going to Denver with Jessie. That wasn't a surprise. I also told him there was more, but we'd talk about it when he got here. Talking to Jessie, I let her know she was taking the Mustang back. "Dad, are you sure? That's Mom's car."

"I promised her you'd get it when the time was right. I think now is the time. I've also invited Bob up, there are some things we need to talk about."

"Dad, are you all right? Are you sick? Losing the cabin? What's going on?"

"None of the above, Pumpkin, just a change in my life. Oh, can you still practice law in Washington?"

"Yes, is there something I should know?"

"All in good time, it may be something, it may be nothing. I'm pretty sure I'll know by the time you guys get here."


Sunday Madge found her car. Or rather, she found two. We sat at the computer going over her choices. "I can go two ways; number one is a Miata. This one is three years old, my research tells me the owner is asking a slightly high price, but he may come down on a fair offer."

"What about real estate, don't you need something to haul clients around?"

"No, most people do their own driving, they only want to see one or two houses at a time."

"Ok, what's number two?"


"A van? That's quite a changeup."

"I know, but there's good reason."

"Such as?"

"Well...in case you haven't noticed, The Dervishes call me Momma Madge. With Jeannie working, somebody has to run them around, and you can't always do it. And let's face it, they're not safe in the pickup like they would be in a van. Plus, there will be times all five of us go somewhere together."

"You'd rather have the van?"

"If it means I'm Momma Madge, yes."

"Ok, what do you know about the van?"


Monday I awoke to my lovelies kissing each other. What a beautiful sight. Weekends were tough, Jeannie was usually too tired to do much but eat and sleep. Monday was her catch up day. Usually she started with Madge, and while they 'Slept In', I took care of the boys.

Madge and I called on the van, arranged to see it. After breakfast we ran into Tacoma, hit the Credit Union for a certified check, then went looking; a two year old Freestar. Nice and clean, low miles, it had been a fleet vehicle. Even had maintenance records. The owner and I did the dicker bit, he felt he got his price, I came close enough to mine to be satisfied. Madge was happy, she got the van.


Back home, everyone admired the van, oohing and aahing over it's pristine condition and all the space. Jeannie pulled me aside, "Josh, I don't want you to take this wrong, but I don't want a different car. This one is mine, and I want to keep it."

"Is that all?"

"No. You've done a lot, and plan on doing more. But I don't want you, or me, feeling I'm staying with you for things, or to milk you, or anything like that."

"Has anyone suggested that? Me, or anyone else?"

"Josh Murphy! Listen to me! This is important to all of us! If I feel I'm just here for 'things', I'll leave. It won't be right. It won't be for love. And I don't want that. I want to stay. I want to be with you and Madge a very long time."

"Honey, neither you or Madge have given me any reason to think otherwise. She got clothes because she needed them, and practicality had her accepting without an argument. The same with the van. Do you know the main reason for the van? She's Momma Madge."

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