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Down By The River


Rachel Robins felt the hot caress of the Southern sun on her well-oiled body as she effortlessly pulled on the oar in her hands, propelling the canoe down the sleepy, sultry river.

The summer sun and the sight of her husband in the canoe ahead, along with the consumables they'd taken along, had conspired to make her very horny. She reveled in the sight of her man as he leisurely stroked his oar, the muscles in his bare, bronzed back rippling as he worked the boat down the river.

Randy Robins was lost in thought, his mind attuned to the sights and sounds of the backwoods, but he could sense the smoldering gaze of his wife, and he felt his cock begin to stir. He smiled as he thought about his plans for that evening.

Randy and Rachel were in their late 30s and had been married 15 years, with three children. They lived in an outlying suburb of a fairly large Southern city, where he worked for a commercial contractor as an engineer. Rachel was an assistant branch manager for a large local bank. Randy coached his two sons' Little League teams, and Rachel helped their daughter's soccer team.

They were just your ordinary American couple. But something would happen this day that would be decidedly out of the ordinary.

This float trip was their 15th anniversary present to each other. Rachel's folks had taken the kids for the week, so that they could have this time alone. They had booked an overnight canoe trip down a popular, but secluded river, something they had done as a family quite often. The attraction wasn't white water; in this part of the country there is no white water, but rather the solitude and serenity is the big draw.

The river flowed at a slow, but steady pace, navigating around fallen trees and sand bars. It offered enough of a challenge to demand your attention, but it wasn't dangerous, unless you're stupid. There was some deep water, in shaded bends, offering excellent swimming, and offering, too, outstanding fishing. This river was also chock full of long, wide sand bars that made for perfect camping spots along the 25-mile stretch of water they would be floating.

Randy and Rachel planned to set up camp a little better than halfway down the river, cook a couple of steaks, eat, drink and build a bonfire. Then, after they'd sat with the fire and gotten a good, healthy buzz, they planned to engage in one of their favorite practices, one they done many times when they were courting and early in their marriage, before kids, and that was sex under the stars. Randy wanted to get his wife good and wasted – get himself nicely toasted, as well – then get her on her knees or on her back and fuck the living daylights out of her right there in the open. Randy and Rachel may have been your average American couple, but they were also a horny American couple, and they had some pretty lurid fantasies and erotic stories that they often shared with each other during sex.

Rachel found her mind wandering back to when she and her husband first met, back when she was a sophomore in college. Rachel had grown up the only daughter right stuck smack in the middle of four brothers, two older and two younger. That fact and the fact that she'd grown up tall and athletic scotched any chance she had of being "dainty" or overly feminine, but she was blessed with a very pretty face and a body that could stop traffic. She was a big girl with a big frame, in the 5-foot-10 range, and it was a good thing, because that frame had to hold up two of the nicest, juiciest breasts you'll ever see. When she was younger, they'd jutted out from her chest just about perfectly, with big, fat nipples that stiffened into pebbles at the least provocation.

Rachel had been a good enough athlete to make her high school basketball team, and she finally started the second half of her senior season. She also played first base and hit cleanup for her softball team for three seasons. Being around her father and brothers and the jocks at her school, she was always comfortable with men, and her family had always been pretty open about sex. She lost her virginity at a fairly young age, and from then until the very first time she made love with Randy Robins, she led a very active and varied sex life. She liked sex and she was good at it. She became practiced at a number of sexual arts, and wasn't shy about using them on her many boyfriends, and even one or two girlfriends.

Randy had grown up 18 months behind an older brother, and they had been inseparable until his brother had gone off to join the navy. They had done everything together in high school: played ball, drank beer, smoked joints and screwed girls, pretty much in that order. Randy wasn't a big guy, about 5-9 and slender, but he, too, was athletic, good enough to start at shortstop for his high school baseball team his senior year.

He had gone on to the state university, studying construction engineering, and had joined a co-ed intramural softball team. It was about midway through the spring semester of his junior year, when his team played a team Rachel was on, playing her customary first base. Randy got three singles that day, and, thus, had several chances to chat up the tall brunette with the big tits. After the game, Randy had invited Rachel to join him for some post-game drinks; she accepted and they hit it off. They had a lot in common: a love of sports and an enjoyment of the high life – sex and drugs and rock-and-roll. Soon they were feeling a definite vibe. Rachel happened to be between steady boyfriends; the last one had gotten jealous of her other boyfriends, so she'd dumped him. Rachel was in no way ready to settle down with just one man, and didn't have time for jealous boyfriends. At least that's what she thought at the time.

Rachel played it pretty cool on that first date with Randy, but things heated up when they went out on a more formal second date. After dinner and a movie, they'd made out a little bit in the front seat of his car, and they felt their lust and curiosity blossom about each other's best features. Randy was intoxicated by Rachel's tits and ached to get his hands on them. For her part, Rachel had sized up Randy's crotch and was intrigued by what she saw. She saw him begin to swell as they kissed, and she saw that he was very well hung. Very well hung. But they didn't do anything on that date; Randy's roommate and a couple of his friends were hanging out in his apartment, and Rachel's roommate was studying in their dorm room.

Nevertheless, they'd made plans for another date on the Saturday after the following week. That day happened to be the intramural softball championship and Rachel's team won it. Randy had had to take his car into the shop for some much-needed repairs and had missed the game, and thus missed the wild post-game party that broke out at the apartment of one of the team members. He was supposed to pick up Rachel at her dorm at 7:30, and he needed a working automobile if that was to happen.

There was a lot of beer, liquor and weed at the post-game celebration that afternoon, and Rachel quickly got drunk and high, and she also got horny. So when one of her teammates put the moves on her, she just went with the flow. As she pulled her oar through the water and floated serenely down the river, Rachel had a bemused smile on her face as she recalled the whole scenario. Hell, she even remembered the guy's name: Donnie Coleman, the team's second baseman. They had bumped into each other in the hall and had embraced, kissing excitedly, then with more passion. They had had a bit of a relationship a year or so earlier and had stayed friends, so when he suggested they move to the laundry room, she was far too gone to resist.

Rachel's big weakness in life was the connection between mind-altering substances and sex. She could drink beer and wine OK, but give her distilled spirits, and she lost all of her inhibitions and most of her control. As she had matured into a wife and mother, she had learned to tightly control when and where she drank, knowing her nature. But whenever she and Randy wanted to cut loose with each other, she turned to her trusty vodka bottle, and maybe one or two rolled ones.

And it was that way with Donnie Coleman. She didn't even think about saying, "no, I have a date tonight with a guy I like a lot." She just let herself be maneuvered into the laundry room. Donnie locked the door, then they resumed kissing frantically. Rachel peeled off Donnie's t-shirt while he pulled off Rachel's tank top, then pulled the sports bra up off her tits. He filled his hands with Rachel's glorious mammaries, pinching and squeezing the nipples. After a few seconds of that, Rachel slid down to her knees, licking Donnie's chest as she did. She pulled his shorts and his underwear down in one smooth motion, then engulfed his dick, which was already fully hard. She sucked him into her mouth and began bobbing her head up and down on his throbbing member.

After a minute or two of furious sucking, Donnie pulled Rachel's head off his cock, turned her around and pushed her gently, but firmly onto her knees, leaning her over the hamper that sat against the wall. He swiftly pulled down Rachel's gym shorts, her tight athletic shorts and her panties as far as her knees, stroked her wet pussy with one hand, lined up his cock with the other hand and pushed it in all the way.

Rachel could feel her pussy throbbing as she vividly recalled the quick encounter in the laundry room. Donnie had one of the smaller dicks she'd been with, but usually he could really use what he had in a very satisfactory way. However, this wasn't one of those times. With Donnie, she needed time and a slow build-up before she could get worked up enough to get much friction with him, and he needed room to corkscrew his cock around her clit, which was his singular sexual talent. None of that they had. It was simply fast and furious fucking, and after some three minutes of humping, Rachel felt Donnie's cock spew a very large load of cum into her pussy. Rachel managed a weak orgasm on her fingers as he came, but it still left her needy and somewhat frustrated.

Suddenly, she remembered Randy, and her date that night, and saw the gathering darkness outside. She realized that she had only about a half-hour before Randy was going to pick her up. She frantically pulled her pants up, adjusted her bra, slid her shirt on, gave Donnie a quick goodbye kiss and flew out the door. She made it to her dorm about 10 minutes before Randy arrived, so she didn't have time to shower, and, the longer she walked around with Donnie's cum securely in her cunt, the hornier she got. She got a thrill out of the idea of having sex with two different guys within hours of each other, and wondered if Randy would be able to tell.

It would be years before he confessed to her that he did indeed know, almost from the get-go. He knew as soon as he saw her that she was still drunk from the softball celebration, and he could sense a certain sluttiness about her that he found extremely arousing. Rachel had changed bras, and had slapped on some deodorant and a little perfume in an attempt to mask the odor of sex, then she had put on a nice, fairly dressy t-shirt and a tight pair of jeans. "Back when tight jeans looked good on me," she thought with a sardonic chuckle, as she oared her boat down the river. She'd kept the same pair of panties on, however, because she didn't want to chance losing any of Donnie's cum, until Randy pulled them off himself. And there was no mistaking; she was going to fuck Randy that night. She had felt a oneness with him on their previous dates that she had never felt with any other man, and she wanted to know all about him, most especially about the large cock he seemed to be carrying.

They had gone to a nice club for a few beers, but they hadn't stayed long. Rachel was already pretty drunk and didn't need much more, and Randy knew instinctively that he was about to score big time that night and that he'd better not blow it by drinking too much. On the way back to his empty apartment, they smoked a joint, and Rachel curled up next to Randy on the seat when they were finished.

As soon as they flopped onto the sofa in Randy's apartment, they went at each other with sizzling lust. Randy quickly got Rachel's shirt off, then she leaned forward to allow him to unhook her bra. Randy gasped as he got his first look at Rachel's tits. It was a sight he would never forget. They were so inviting that he immediately ravished them, heaping kisses, licks and sucks all over the voluminous flesh, while kneading them at the base with his hands.

After Randy had momentarily gotten his fill, Rachel pulled him up and went after him. She pulled his t-shirt off, then unsnapped and pulled Randy's jeans down his leg. Then her eyes got wide as she saw Randy's dick for the first time. It was the longest, prettiest piece of meat she'd ever beheld. She'd always hated the obsession some people had with measuring cock size, but she found herself gazing at the dong that had poked through the hole in his boxers, and she wanted to take a guess. Rachel quickly pulled his underwear off and began to lightly stroke him into full hardness. When she had him fully hard and dripping, she pulled back and gazed at her prize. It was long, fat and purple.

"Mmmmmm, let's see," she said, acting like a doctor examining a patient. She squinted an eye as she appraised his dick, then added, "I'd say 9, 9½ inches." Randy just shrugged; he'd never taken a ruler to it, he'd just used it to please nearly every girl he'd ever had. Months later, when Rachel actually did put a ruler to Randy's hard-on, she learned that she had a pretty good eye, because it came up at almost 9½ inches.

Rachel bent to his cock and licked him up and down and all around, before she opened her mouth and took the head of his cock into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around just the head before descending slowly down the shaft. She managed nearly three-quarters of it before she just couldn't take any more. She was astounded. Never before had she met a cock she couldn't suck completely. She'd learned the art of deep throat in high school, from a college-age boyfriend, and she prided herself on her oral skills.

Rachel began to give Randy's cock long, deep sucks, rolling her tongue around languidly as she pursed her lips around the shaft. After a few minutes of that, Rachel could feel Randy's cock begin to twitch and his hips begin to thrust upward, and right at that moment, Randy pulled her head up, kissed her violently, then they stood up and stumbled to his bedroom. They were panting in their passion for each other at that moment. Rachel lay back on his bed with a fuck-me look on her face. Randy unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them off her legs, and when her panties came off with them, he was assailed by an aroma he knew well. He looked up at Rachel oddly for just a split second before putting his hand to her sopping-wet cunt. Randy had followed his brother into many a slut's pussy, and he immediately recognized the odor and texture of semen in Rachel's cunt. It was a sight and smell that would stay with him forever, and it absolutely set him on fire.

Randy grasped his purple dong in his fist, pressed it to Rachel's swampy slit and pushed it in very slowly, as he always did, especially with a new lover. Rachel had been sitting on the edge of a huge orgasm since before her encounter with Donnie, and when Randy got his huge cock fully up her pussy, she began to go wild. She spit out her first orgasm almost the moment Randy began to fuck her with slow, steady pumps, and he just kept going, on and on, bringing her to three explosive climaxes before he finally fired off a rocky gusher of cum into the deepest parts of her womb.

An hour's rest and another joint, and they were at it again, this time with Rachel on her knees and Randy's cock plowing her pussy from behind. Three hours after they finished that round, she'd awakened him by sucking his cock back to hardness and climbing on to ride him long and slow before he came up her flooded cunt again. They fucked again in the kitchen of his apartment in the bright light of morning before Randy had to take her home.

The moment Rachel staggered in to her dorm room, she announced to her startled roommate that she'd met the man she was going to marry and spend the rest of her life with. And that's what had happened. She abruptly cut off all of her other boyfriends and devoted herself to Randy, as he did with her. They married three years later, after she'd been out of college a year working, and he'd gotten himself established with a large construction company.

At first, Rachel had tried hard to keep her weight down, going through every strenuous exercise program you could think of. But having three children in the space of four years defeated those efforts, and she'd been unable to lose the 35-40 extra pounds she'd put on having them. She still went to the gym two or three times a week, to walk the track and shoot some hoops, but she no longer tried real hard to lose weight. If she could just stay where she was, she decided, she'd be fine with that.

Besides, the added poundage rather enhanced her sensuality in a Rubeneqsue sort of way. It made her breasts stand out even bigger, although they sagged a bit more than they had in her youth, and her round belly and plump buttocks, combined with her smoky good looks and her long, thick mane of dark curly hair – a gift from her Cajun grandmother – gave her an earthy, mature sexuality that made her appealing.

Certainly, Randy still thought so. Even after 15 years of marriage and three years of courtship before that, he never tired of Rachel's body, nor her mind and soul, and he availed himself of each of them at every opportunity. And Rachel still gave her man everything she had whenever he wanted it, whether it was her hot, meaty pussy; her big, beautiful ass, with its tight, but muscular hole; or her voracious mouth and darting tongue. It hadn't taken her long to deep throat even Randy's cock, and they'd quickly developed a deep love of anal sex.

In spite of their lusty natures, they had never shared with others; they had devoted themselves to each other, and they were both happy with each other.

But they still had those fantasies. Rachel often thought back to all the different cocks she'd had before she'd met Randy, and had often wondered what it would have been like to take on more than one at a time, something Randy had done to girls many times with his brother. And Randy always harbored a sweet memory of that first time, when he'd fucked Rachel's cum-filled pussy, knowing she'd had another man there immediately before him.

Rachel was shaken out of her reverie by the crunching of Randy's canoe on the left shore of the river. They'd come onto a sand bar, and stopped to rest, open another beer, smoke a bowl and maybe swim a little bit. After popping the top on couple of beers and passing a bowl of decent commercial weed to each other, they swam and played in the water with each other. Lying in the shallow water together, Rachel crawled into her husband's arms and they kissed excitedly. Rachel's hand quickly found Randy's hard-on, which was making a tent of his wet shorts, and she squeezed and rubbed him through his pants as they relaxed on the river, without a care in the world.

Like Rachel, Randy had also put on weight, 30 pounds at least from his playing weight. But most of his was muscle, except for the modest beer gut that was the unfortunate legacy of a longtime love of beer and weed. His father had been a foreman for the state highway department, and had used his connections to get both of his sons construction jobs every year in the summer until they graduated from college. Randy had, in fact, learned most of what he knew about running a job site from his summer experiences. Moreover, he had always been good with his hands, and did a good deal of amateur carpentry on the side. He had built the deck at his house all by himself, lugging and cutting every single 2x4, and he had also replaced several cabinets in his kitchen.

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