tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDown By The River

Down By The River


Over the past few years T and I have greatly enjoyed going to a "wild and scenic" river that's a couple hour drive from our home. Since this area is off limits to large high powered boats and has a somewhat restricted access so we can spend some quiet time together without any loud groups of people going by.

We usually go up river for a couple of hours, find a nice spot for a picnic and then hang out for a couple of hours before heading back down river and going home. Once we've finished our lunch we just lay back and enjoy the sunshine and the peace and quiet. This is also a signal that it's "titty time" as I untie the knot from T's halter top swimsuit and enjoy the watching the sunshine on her bare breasts.

This doesn't mean that we're by ourselves as there are always small fishing boats, kayakers, and several canoes that pass by so we keep an eye out for any families or fishermen that may pass by. Although she usually pulls up her top to cover her nipples there is still enough white skin that the men look.

Last year we were sitting in the sun enjoying ourselves and although we were watching the river we were surprised when a guy fishing walked right up to us. We hadn't considered the possibility that someone would be on foot, and not in a boat T was caught with her top around her waist. I don't know who was more surprised, and I don't know how long the fisherman had been watching before he said "hello" and announced his presence. I do know that from where he was standing he got a clear view of her tits.

He must have enjoyed what he saw because he spent the next hours fishing from the shoreline within 15 feet of us. If he'd have gone just a little further away he might had gotten more of a show but T was uncomfortable with him so close to us and on land besides.

When it looked like he was busy fishing I would pull the strap down on T's top and expose her tits some more and although he pretended not to be looking it was obvious that he kept trying to catch a quick peek now and then...and we was rewarded for his efforts.

Another time T was sitting with her top just hanging on her nipples and a group of 3 men in kayaks came by and all 3 of them paddled closer to the shore where we were sitting to see if T was showing anything. As T waved hello her swimsuit slipped just a bit and she exposed her left breast to all 3 of them. She hadn't realized that she was exposed and sat that way for a couple more minutes as they finally paddled away.

It was only after they were gone that she looked down and saw her breast was showing, but didn't bother to pull her suit back up until a family in a canoe came by us. I told T that when she waved to the guys her suit had fallen down and she had accidentally exposed herself. She joked that they could look all they want as long as they didn't get out of their kayaks and try to touch her.

We only had another weekend last year when we got away to the river and nothing much changed from the times before. After lunch I untied T's swimsuit top and we spent a couple of hours enjoying the sun and watching the canoes and kayaks paddle past us. Several times she waved as people went by and unless there were children in the group she always managed to let her top slip down and expose one or both of her tits.

As usual there were single guys in kayaks, a few fishermen and a family or two in their canoe. The surprise was when a single kayak came down the river by itself as they usually come in groups. The man paddling saw us on the riverbank and almost crossed the river to get a look at T. Since he was by himself she was a bit braver and as he came closer she sat up and let her suit fall to her waist as she waved and said hello.

With that hello he stopped paddling and just stared at T sitting along the river with both her tits exposed. I know this was just what he was hoping for since he's crossed the river to check her out, but I don't think he expected to really get a show. He paddled a bit closed and T made no effort to cover herself as he continued to look at her. By then we all knew that her exposure was intentional but that didn't seem to change things.

Although it seemed like it was a long time, it was only a couple of minutes and then T pulled up her top and said goodbye. I told her that she'd really made his day, and questioned whether or not the poor guy would be able to wait until he got home to masturbate or if would he have to stop along the river and run into the bushes. She thought that was funny and although she spent most of the rest of the afternoon topless there were no more watchers like that one.

And now onto this year:

While T's halter top swimsuit was easy to untie it still covered up most of her body even when it was untied. Just before our first forecasted weekend of hot weather T decided that it was time to buy a new, and smaller swimsuit to wear when we went out on the river. She said that the old one was too hot and wanted something with a smaller top instead.

We went to a local department store and T tried on several two piece swimsuits and all of them either had tops that tied around her neck, or loose straps that would easily slide off. While she was trying them on I found a cute 2 piece that had a very small top for her to try on.The best part was that the top tied both around her neck and in the back so just 2 quick pulls and she would be exposed.

I didn't think that she'd go for it, but as soon as she saw it she thought it looked cute and once she tried it on she knew it was perfect for her. I could hardly wait to get home so I could get her to model it for me. After showing it to me we looked to see how it would look with just the top untied, and then with the back untied. If the top was untied in fell right down and exposed both her tits. With the back untied the top was loosely covering her tits but any movement, such as waving to a kayaker, would allow other her tits to show.

A couple of days later we were once again out on the river and after we had our picnic lunch I asked her top or back? She thought back would be best for now since the river was quick busy. This way she was also able to sit up and watch people go by us and she felt that she was still covered up enough so she didn't have to worry about families going by. However, just a slight tug on one of her straps and the top would slide to the side enough that both nipples would peek into view.

We were sitting on the riverbank and once again a couple of kayaks came by and slowed down to check out T. Since both of her nipples were already showing they paddles a bit closer for a better look. Nobody said anything, but it was obvious that they were looking at her tits. T acted like they weren't even there and although she had seen them just sat in the sun with her eyes closed.

Of course I wanted to show her off even more so as they watched I pulled the knot on the back of her neck and untied her top. Her top fell into her lap and her tits were now completely exposed. We all froze for a few minutes and then when a boat with a couple of teens started to come around the corner T turned around and laid down on her front to cover herself.

Soon the two guys paddled away and as soon as they were out of sight I grabbed T by the hand and took her out of sight into the tall grass. I knew that I was extremely turned on by what had happened, but I was even more surprised to find out that T's pussy was soaking wet. It only took a couple of minutes as we both enjoyed an afternoon delight out in the sunshine.

Afterwards we packed up our stuff and headed back down river and home. T kept on telling me what a wonderful she'd had and now nice the weather was and enjoyable the picnic, and our sex in the tall grass had been. It wasn't until I asked that she admitted that the day would have been much less pleasant if she hadn't been exposed to the two guys.

That night we talked about it some more and she indicated again the she wanted them to see her tits, and look all they want, but she didn't want any touching to take place. I asked her if I could also show off her pussy and she told me if I could without her taking off her pants that it was ok with her. She thought that if her pants were off it would be too much of an indication to the voyeurs that she wanted to have sex with them.

After a couple of weeks of bad weather we finally were able to get back out on the river. This time it was the 4th of July so we expected the river would be more crowded and it might now be so easy to find someone that would be able to look at her tits. We were wrong with that thought!

As usual we went up river and found a spot in the sunshine, but on the river channel that had less traffic so it would be quieter. Even though it was a holiday weekend we had several minutes of peace and quiet between the people passing by us.

After lunch I untied her top in the back so that it would loosely cover her tits. She first laid on her stomach and got some sun on her back and then rolled over to get more sun on her stomach. It didn't take long before she was too hot and needed a drink of water. As she sat up her top fell away and to the side so both her tits were exposed. Within minutes a group came by in their kayaks and T did nothing to cover herself so it looked like she wasn't aware that she was exposed.

They all paddled past us and all looked in our direction so we waved hello. One guy slowed way down and waved again and it was apparent that as T waved back both her tits had fallen out of her top. He looked again and slowly paddled away and it looked like he was adjusting his shorts as he moved around the bend in the river.

I moved behind T and was cupping both her tits with my hands and teasing her about he admirer when he came back up river to where we were sitting. This time he was on our side of the river and we watched as he paddled up to within a few feet of us. I was still holding on to T's tits so she waved and said hello to him.

He asked if he could look some more so I told him he could, but he needed to stay in his kayak. His reply was no problem when I told him that it was a look and not touch situation. He watched for awhile as I rubbed T's tits, and as a family came by we all just waited until they were gone.

T leaned back into me as I once again started to caress her tits and when I untied her top completely she let me pull it off and toss it on the blanket. By then I didn't think it would matter who might come by as we were all lost in the moment.

I slid one hand down T's stomach and into her bottoms started to caress her pussy and rub her clit.

I looked up at her admirer and it was no surprise that he now had his cock out of his shorts and was stroking himself. I pulled my hand out of T's pants and as soon as I reached down and pushed both side of her bottoms down she lifted her butt so I could slide her suit down. I stopped when it reached her knees, but her shaved pussy was totally exposed to him by then. He asked if he could come up by us, but T said no so he stayed put.

I continued to stroke T's clit and finger her pussy as I pulled on her nipples. For all practical purposes she was totally nude but all 3 of us were unaware of anyone that might be on the river. T was watching her admirer as he stroked his cock and it wasn't long before his cum shot over the side of his kayak and into the river. That was just enough to send T over the edge as well and she closed her legs on my hand as she gasped through her orgasm.

She had barely finished her orgasm, and hadn't even pulled up her bottoms yet and the kayaker was already gone. My thought was that he could hardly wait to get going to tell his friends what they had missed. We both laughed at that and remarked that it was a good thing all of them hadn't come back or it might have turned into a gang bang.

We packed up and slowly headed downriver and hadn't gone very far before we caught up with the group to which T's admirer was a part. They had stopped along the shore to rest and as we passed he hollered and waved at us and got the rest of his friends to look as he pointed to T.

That night we discussed the events of the day and I asked if she would have minded if the kayaker would have gotten out and come ashore. Once again she said that she wasn't interested in having sex or having another guy touch her but that she did find it exciting to watch him masturbate and shoot his load into the river. I hinted that maybe she'd like to have a load of cum shot on her instead and as she gave me a blow job she pulled off so I could cover her face with cum.

I always tell her she looks good with cum on her face and wondered out loud how she'd look with some other guys cum on her?

We still have half the summer left to find out??

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