tagAnalDown Low Brotha is Hot

Down Low Brotha is Hot


Hello, there. My name is Christine Pierre and I am a freaky chick from the hood. I stand five feet ten inches tall, thick and jet-black, with large breasts, wide hips and a big, plump ass. I absolutely love sex and I take it any way I can get it. Some females got sexual limits. I don't. I'm into everything. For as long as I can remember, I've been cool like that. I'm just your everyday, average, forthrightly sexually adventurous black female. I do it all. Oral sex. Anal sex. Strap on dildos. The works. Male on female. Female on female. Threesomes. You name it, I do it. When I'm not sexing someone hot, I work at the grocery store. Hey, it pays the bills down in Dorchester, Massachusetts. Holler at me!

Right now, I'm hanging out with this cool and sexy brotha named Tyson Jakes in his Ashmont apartment. He's a tall, good-looking black dude who works as a mechanic in my neighborhood. Tyson is a dude with some freaky tastes. He's got a big black dick that he loves to shove up big women's asses but he's also got some fetishes of his very own. The black stud likes to get fucked with strap ons. Oh, well. That's cool. Just not something he should ever let people find out. Especially in the hood. Bitches talk. Well, I'm not a talker. I'm a fucker. That's why I've got Tyson on all fours with his ass spread. I ram the dildo up his ass and he squeals in delight, loving it.

Fucking guys in the ass with a strap on dildo isn't my favorite thing but it's close. Lots of guys love it. Especially black guys. But they never talk about it. What gives? They brag about fucking females in the ass all the time. What about the strap on fun a lot of them are having on the side with freaky females? Why ain't they talking about it with their friends? I guess it's still taboo. That doesn't bother me. One bit. I place my hands on Tyson's hips and continue to pump away. The black stud loves getting fucked in the ass by my thick black strap on dildo. And I love giving it to him.

Honestly, I don't know why the fuss is about. Why can't the world accept that some guys are into strap on dildos? It doesn't make them gay. It just makes them kinky. I mean, does the world think any less of me for being a big black woman who loves getting fucked in the ass? I'm sure some people do. They're probably uptight conservatives who could use a good fucking. I like anal sex. Just thinking about it is enough to make my pussy quiver and get wet. How could I deny my boyfriend the same pleasure? I'm not one of those selfish bitches you read about in scary stories. I'm a very open-minded and decidedly giving sort of woman. That's why I'm giving Tyrone all of my ten inches!

My sexy boyfriend is screaming in pleasure as I ram the dildo into his ass. And he is loving it. Hell, I'm loving it too. Sometimes, I wish I had a dick instead of a pussy. It would be so much fun. Oh, and not getting periods ever again would be awesome. Unfortunately, I cannot change my lot in life. Besides, even though Tyrone is a freaky and sexually adventurous guy, I don't think he'd like it if his girlfriend decided to have a sex change operation. That wouldn't shock people, though. I've always been a tomboy. My friends are all male. I like contact sports. Rugby. Basketball. You name it. It's all good. I like beer, and get into burping contests with my guy friends. I also like comic books and follow college football and professional baseball religiously. Yeah, I'm one of the guys. Except of course I'm not.

Yeah, I'm a freak. Fortunately, my man loves me. I'm a tall, thick and curvy black female. But I'm not the prettiest chick out there. I'm rather plain in the face. Guys like me because I'm easy to get along with, I like the same things they do and I'm down with hot sex. If I left it up to beauty, I'd never get laid. But facial beauty isn't everything. I know how to please a man. And keep him coming back for more. That's why Tyson likes me. He's a very good-looking guy. He can have his pick of females in the hood. But I'm the only chick who can satisfy him. I stroke his cock as I pump the dildo into his ass. His cock gets really hard. I know this stuff turns him on. When he finally does cum, I pull the dildo out of his ass and suck his cock. I can suck a mean dick. Word up. I'm the best cock sucker out there. I drink Tyson's seed until he's dry. He sighs in pleasure. I smile. Yeah, stud. I know how to make you feel good. Can those pretty-faced white and Hispanic chicks you sleep with on the side do that? I don't think so.

Tyson looks at me, smiling. He kisses me. I kiss him back. He thanks me for taking him on the ride of his life. Then he tells me it's my turn. I happily get on all fours. Oops, I forgot to take off the strap on dildo. Tyson smiles and tells me it doesn't even matter. He comes up behind me and spreads my plump black butt cheeks. He presses his uncut black dick against my asshole and pushes. With a swift thrust, his cock is in my ass. My pussy twitches. This is fun. Tyson places his hands on my hips and thrusts into me. He's ready to give me a good fucking. That's cool with me. I love getting fucked in the ass. He slams his cock into my asshole. I scream in pleasure. The deliciously hot pain feels so good. I can't get enough of it and beg him for more.

Tyson grabs my hair and yanks my head back while drilling his cock into my asshole. I finger my pussy as he fucks me. Damn, this feels good. This is what sex in the hood feels like. Ghetto women know how to please their men. I'm what they call the female triple threat. A woman who takes it in every hole. Mouth, pussy and ass. I'm the married man's dream and the married woman's nightmare. They just can't compete with me. Tyson loves this about me and fucks me good. We go at it for some time until he cums again, sending his hot manly seed deep into my asshole. I screamed loud enough to wake the dead. He smacked my ass and laughed.

Afterwards, we hit the showers. Tyson and I kiss and laugh in the showers and it's all good. Like a scene from a movie. We're your average black lower middle class couple. I'm a manager at the local grocery store, making twenty bucks per hour. It sounded good when I got out of high school. Six years later, it was barely enough to live. That's why I'm back at Quincy College, taking night courses in Nursing. I figured working as a nurse beats being a grocery store clerk. Tyson went to Bridgewater State College and got his Associate's degree in business. He didn't like working for people so he opened up an Auto Body Shop with five of his male friends. We've been friends and fuck buddies for a while. He's got his girlfriends and yes, his boyfriends. Tyson is bisexual. Does that shock you? I'm bi too but mostly into men. Females are crazy. I slept with a white chick named Elise at work and she stalked me for months afterwards. I had to get a restraining order to get her to quit. Yeah, I don't mess with females no more. I stick with men, and again, mostly with Tyson.

Tyson and I step out of the shower. He's got to go to work later. I understand. My apartment is only five blocks away so it's not like it's a long walk. I sit on the couch, and he reprimands me for getting his stuff wet. I laugh and head to the bedroom, grabbing a towel and drying myself. I watch Tyson as he does his thing. He is so pretty. So tall, fine and sexy. I never tell him but I've loved him for years. And although I never show it, I get jealous when I see him with other females. For some reason, it doesn't bother me when he's with guys. With Tyson, relations with gay or bisexual men are purely sexual. I just wish he didn't view our relationship the same way. But I don't bring it up because I don't want to lose him. Asking too much of him at the wrong time will make him run. He's been that way since Dorchester High School. We met there, six years ago. Back when he was a football star and I was a biology nerd. How time flies.

I am done getting dressed, and I'm about to leave. Tyson stops me. I look at him. He scratches his head and asks me if I'm doing something later. I'm thinking he wants a piece of ass so I smile coyly. He shakes his head and tells me to get my thoughts out of the gutter. A friend gave him two movie tickets to the theater in downtown Boston. He's asking me if I want to go. My hear skips a beat. Me and Tyson going together someplace? We haven't done that in ages. Mostly, we just fuck. I nod affirmatively. Tyson smiles and tells me I've got half an hour to get ready otherwise he's leaving without me. I smile and dash from my place to his. I rush back home, get dressed and make myself presentable. I put on a black T-shirt and a red jeans. Oh, and my Santana hat. As I rush downstairs, I find Tyson waiting for me. He's wearing a black silk shirt, black jeans and a durag. He's looking hot. I smile. He smiles too. Damn, my man is so hot! He takes my hand in his, and we head out. I feel so happy holding hands with the man I love while walking the streets. Tyson and I head to catch the Red Line Train to downtown Boston from Ashmont. My heart is racing and I'm on cloud nine. Suddenly, I feel a sharp pain. I look at Tyson's mischievous face, frowning. Yeah, he just pinched my ass. When I ask him why he did it, he says it's because I look so hot. He just couldn't help himself. I smile. Some things never change.

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