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Down On The Farm


Bill and Joy Jones was a happily married young couple, living on a small farm that had been in his family for over a hundred years. They were America’s idea of the perfect couple. Both were 25 years old, very good looking, and just made for each other. They met in college and when they graduated they married and set about creating the good life.

She was a tall brunette with beautiful long legs, a perfectly shaped ass, and a pair of c cup breast that made every man want to wrap his lips around them. She was Miss everything in High school and college.

He was Mr. football in high school and a star in college. If he hadn’t torn up a knee he would probably played in the pros. He was 6’2” and weighed 190 pounds, blond with bright blue eyes.

They met their freshman year and never separated during their college career. Within a month of going together they were sleeping together. Both were virgins at the time and neither one had ever been with anyone else since.

Besides their good looks they also had one other thing in common. They both loved sex and a lot of it. Being virgins they learned together, and were willing to try all the different positions that they read about. Their motto was, “if we both want it then do it.” From the pictures that she saw in magazines she knew that she had a prize in Bill. His cock was at least 8” or larger and he filled her young cunt to over flowing.

Bill knew he was lucky to have her. All his buddies were always trying to take her away from him, but she never gave them the opportunity.

When they first married Bill had a job with a computer firm and she was a first grade teacher. Their life was good and they looked forward to the day they could start raising a family.

Then tragedy hit. Bill’s parents were killed in a car accident. In their will they left the farm to Bill and his brother, with the stipulation that they not sale it as it had been in the family so long. They could rent it but not sale the farm.

Chet was in the military at the time, and didn’t have any interest in living on the farm at all. He told Bill that he was welcome to live there, if he liked, until his time in service was up. Then they would decide what to do with the place.

The farm was a couple of hundred of acres where his father had bred thoroughbred horses. Joy loved the farm and the horses. They quit their jobs and moved in.

At first it was a lot of fun being out in the country and working with the horses. Then realizations set in. The farm did not turn a profit. They were soon in debt and no way to pay the expenses. The only real asset was a stallion that was used as a stud. A few years early he had been very successful on the track and was in demand as a sire. A few mares made up the bulk of the livestock.

As they always did, Bill and Joy sat down to talk about their problem. They decided that Bill would go back to work and she would take care of the farm. It would mean several miles of travel each day for Bill, but they would be able to hang on to the farm.

The first year wasn’t so bad. Bill went to work with a company in the local town. It didn’t pay as much as the larger cities but he was close to home. Things again took a turn for the worse. The company he worked for sold out to a larger company and they closed down the local office. Bill along with some of the others was transferred to the home office. He would not have gone but it meant nearly doubling his salary. It was an offer that he could not turn down.

At the same time the farm had started turning a profit under Joy’s guiding hand. Once again they talked, and decided to make a go of it. Bill drove in to work early on Monday mornings; he stayed in the city during the week and would leave for home at lunch on Fridays.

Joy had never been away from him since they dated, and it wasn’t long before she started being lonesome. She was use to having sex on a regular basis and she was suddenly cut off without sex for a week at a time. When Bill came in on Fridays they were all over each other. They spent most of their time catching up on the sex they missed during the week. It wasn’t as bad on him since he had his work to keep him occupied.

Just as they were managing to make the most out of a difficult situation Chet showed up. He had called a few weeks earlier and said he was getting out of the service and would be coming home. He didn’t ask if it would be all right, just took it for granted that since he owned half interest in the farm that he would live there until he found something else to do.

Joy didn’t care much for Chet. The only time she had been around him was at her wedding and he had tried to hit on her at the reception. He looked a lot like Bill, but that was where the likeness stopped. He was very demanding where Bill was a loving and giving person. He had always had his share of women and anyone else’s woman that he went after. Thus his hitting on Joy at their wedding was just one of the things he was likely to do. He also never expected to get turned down.

It was Saturday morning and Joy was headed to the barn for the morning chores. She wasn’t in a very good mood. Bill had to work this weekend replacing the company’s servers, and would not be home until the next Friday. She was hot from the weather and she hadn’t been this long with out sex since they married. To top that off, Chet was coming home the first of the week and she wasn’t looking forward to being alone with him.

She would have been even madder if she had known at that very time Bill was sliding his big hard cock into Jenny, the little blond programmer that was helping them swap over the equipment. She had wanted to get Bill in her bed ever since he went to work for the company. Her husband was out of town for the weekend and she took the opportunity to seduce Bill.

Bill wasn’t hard to seduce; he had his eye on her for a while. They had worked late the night before and had gone out for food and a few drinks. One thing let to another and now he was fucking the only other woman in his life.

He was amazed at the difference between Joy and Jenny. Sex with Joy was wild, hot, with multiple orgasms. Jenny was slow and soft. She wanted sex to last a long time. She could do things with her cunt muscles that Joy never did. Each time he would be about to cum she changed positions to slow him down. This morning was just his second time to fuck her. If it had been Joy they would have been working on a dozen by now. She wasn’t better than Joy, just different. He was experiencing his first time at adulteress sex, and the forbidden act made it even better.

Meanwhile back at the farm Joy had finished the morning chores. She loved the ranch and didn’t mind the hard work that was involved. If they could only save enough money to purchase a few good brood mares then Bill could stay at home.

Playboy, the stallion greeted her as she got to his pen. His head was hanging over the fence waiting for his morning caress. This morning she had a job for him to do. One of their customers had dropped off a mare the evening before, and he was to breed her today.

Joy went to the mare barn, got the mare and put her in the breeding pen. She then led Playboy in to her. She unsnapped his lead and he headed straight for the mare. At first she didn’t want anything to do with him. He was having none of that. He gripped her neck in his mouth and mounted her. His hard cock went straight for her cunt and he plowed straight in with one stroke. The mare screamed but there wasn’t anything she could do. A few strokes and it was all over.

Joy loved this part of the horse ranch. It always excited her to watch the stud take a mare. To the stud and mare it was just natures way to reproduce, to Joy it was a sexual act that made her nipples hard and her cunt wet. She wished that Bill were home to take care of her needs.

Her bra less tits were hard and sticking against the thin material of her blouse. She had taken to leaving off her bra since she was usually the only one at home. As she was waiting for them to finish up so she could put them back in their stalls, she heard a sound behind her. She whirled around and found Chet standing a few feet from her, watching her.

“God Chet, you almost scared me to death! Why didn’t you make some noise so I would know you were around?”

“I didn’t want to bother you. Looks like you were enjoying the show. I always like to watch them mate when I was a kid; it was really a turn on for a young boy. Looks like it is for an old married woman.”

Joy realized that he was looking at her nipples through her thin blouse, and that instead off upsetting her they got harder. She quickly turned away and led the mare back to the barn. This let her cool down before she went back for Playboy. She quickly put him away and dropped fresh hay in his stall.

She stayed away as long as she could to keep from facing Chet. She shouldn’t have bothered; he followed her into the barn and was watching her the same way the stud had watched the mare. She jumped when she saw him. It unnerved her the way he moved behind her without her knowing.

She said, “I didn’t expect you before next week. Bill isn’t home this weekend, he had to work.”

“I know, I talked to him at work and he said he would be working. I came on early so you and I could get acquainted without Bill around. Aren’t you going to welcome me home?”

The look in his eyes made her know just what he meant by getting acquainted. She slowly moved to him and gave him a brief hug before pulling away.

He caught her by the arms and pulled her back up against his hot body. “Is that any way to greet your long lost brother-in law?

She tried to push away put he was too strong. Before she knew what was happing he was kissing her. His tongue forced its way pass her lips into the hot opening of her mouth. Her body was pulled so tight against his that she knew he could feel her hard nipples. In spite of her self she enjoyed the rough way he was handling her.

He broke the contact between them, but still didn’t release her. “Now wasn’t that a better way to greet each other?” She turned to go but he pulled her back. In doing so his hand brushed across the hard nipples. “Wow sister-in law, you have even better tits than I remember. How did Bill ever end up with you?”

Without waiting for an answer he pulled her to him again. This time making sure her breast got a squeeze from his hands. Once again he covered her lips with his.

This time he didn’t catch her by surprise, and she managed to keep her lips closed tightly to prevent his tongue from entering her mouth. She tried to turn her head but he was too strong.

With one hand he held her head so she could not move away from him and with the other pulled her young body close against him so he could feel her large tits pressing against his chest. His tongue finally forced her mouth open and he quickly moved it in to do battle with hers.

Joy was helpless to stop him, She tried with all her power to break away from him but he wouldn’t turn her loose. She could feel his hard muscled chest against her tits and try as she might she could not stop her nipples from getting harder. She could also feel his hard cock pressing against her cunt. Just as the stallion took the mare against her will, Chet was slowly doing the same to her.

He broke the kiss after what seemed forever to her, but still held her tight against his body making sure she could not help but feel his cock touching her. He knew that she had never felt another cock this large since her only other man was his brother. Growing up together, he knew how Bill was hung and that even as large as he was he was no match for his older brother.

“I am sure going to enjoy my stay, with you to keep me company everyday and night.” He emphasized the word night, letting her know just what he had in. mind.

Joy pushed him away, “Keep your hands off me or I will tell Bill when he gets home. I have no intentions of keeping you company anytime. I know that you own half of this farm but I’m not part off it.

Bill would shoot you if he knew you were assaulting me.”

“I’m not assaulting you. Just look at your tits, they are hard like a woman that wants to get laid. I bet your cunt is wet to. I’m going to enjoy watching you spread those pretty legs for me.”

Joy turned and ran for the house. His laughter followed her all the way.

For the rest of the weekend she managed to stay out of his way. She didn’t know how she would manage until Bill arrived Friday.

For his part, Chet didn’t bother her until Monday. She had fixed food for them but then went to her room as soon as they finished eating. On Monday morning all that changed. He walked in the kitchen while she was fixing lunch. She had her back turned and didn’t know he was on the place until he wrapped his arms around her from behind. He had a tit in each hand as he pulled her back against him. His cock was rubbing against her ass as he squeezed the nipples on her breasts. He kissed the nap of her neck even as she fought to break away from him.

She jumped with surprise when he grasped her. All weekend he had behaved himself and she thought he had quit bothering her, after she threaten to tell Bill. She had also started wearing a bra since he had moved back in. Once again she was helpless in his grasp. The problem was she liked the way his hands felt on her loved starved breasts, and the kisses on her neck were one other thing that turned her on. She could feel his hard cock against her ass and in spite of her self wondered just how big he really was!

He released her and she turned around to slap him but he caught her arm. He twisted it behind her back as he pulled her to him again. Once again his lips found hers and when she didn’t open her mouth to him he twisted her arm harder. With a gasp of pain she opened to him.

He continued to kiss her over and over before turning her arm loose. She didn’t know how long he had been kissing her before she realized she was free. Even then she didn’t break away at once. Actually it was he that broke the kiss.

“Ready to go to bed for a good long fuck,” he asked.

Once again she pushed away, “There is not going to be a good long fuck between us. I am going to tell Bill when he gets home. We will just make some kind of deal for us to buy your half of this place and you can leave.”

“You don’t have any money to buy me out, and I don’t want to sale anyway. I think I’m going to like this horse farming, and having you here to keep me company.”

She turned and ran for her room, closed and locked the door. She lay on the bed and cried for hours. She missed Bill since it was nearly two weeks since he had been home. She could still feel Chet’s hands on her breast, and this bothered her most of all.

He did the same thing two more times, on Tuesday and Wednesday. Anytime he could get close to her without her knowing he would grab her. He never forced her to have sex but he let her know that he fully intended to fuck her at some future date. To her, his hands felt better and better all the time. At night she would use her finger for release. It shocked her to find that it wasn’t Bill she thought about but Chet.

Bill surprised her by coming home on Thursday. He was given the day off to make up for working the weekend before. He could have come home on Wednesday but he spent that day in bed with Jenny. Her husband was due the next day and they didn’t know when they would have another time together.

Joy was happy to have him home and looked forward to the loving waiting for them.

Chet and Bill were happy to see each other. They hugged and talked about old times, and caught each other up on what had been going on in their lives. Joy was left on her own. The guys talked past bed time. Both had consumed a lot of beer and when they finally decided to call it a night neither one were in to good of shape. Chet staggered to his room and Bill to his.

Joy was mad as a wet hen. She had not seen Bill in two weeks and he ignored her to talk to his brother. She went to bed early hoping that Bill would soon join her. By the time he did make it to bed he was in no shape to make love to her. For the first time in their married life he did not want sex. He kissed her good night and rolled over and went to sleep. If she had known how many times he had had sex with Ginny she would have know why he was tired.

By Sunday night they had been together only a couple of times. The sex was as good as ever but it just wasn’t enough for her. Chet always seem to be around when they would try to get together. It was late that night when they finally had an opportunity to talk.

She wanted to tell Bill what his brother had been doing all week, but she didn’t want to drive a wedge between them. She finally told him that she was uncomfortable with Chet being there all week with him gone.

Bill said, “It will be alright, he owns half the place and I can’t tell him to leave. Besides, I worked out a deal with him. He is going to furnish enough money to buy several brood mares. With those this place will start showing a tidy profit and I want have to go out each week to work. In return, he will own half of everything here. He is thinking of going back in the service, but until then he’ll have to live here. You will have company and some one to help with the work.”

She was in total shock by what he said. True, they had wanted to purchase the brood mares but she didn’t want to have to fight Chet off everyday. She tried once again to tell him that she didn’t want Chet here with her, but Bill wouldn’t listen. He was glad to have his older brother home, and for the money he was investing in the ranch. Sex that night wasn’t very good for her. She was already worrying about the coming week.

Bill had to get up early each Monday to get back to work on time. She got up to help him pack and get on the road. Chet had said his good-byes the night before and stayed in bed.

Joy walked him to the car, and watched as he drove out of sight. She was crying as she went back up to bed. Just as she opened her bedroom door Chet called to her. “No need to cry. Come on in here with me and I’ll make you feel better.”

She didn’t say a word, just looked at him. He only had on a pair of jockey shorts and she couldn’t help looking at the bulge in them.

He saw where she was looking and started toward her. “You can get a better look if you like.”

Joy didn’t say a word, just turned and walked into her bedroom and shut the door. Again she could hear him laugh as he returned to his room.

It was an hour before she could get back to sleep. She could not get Chet off her mind. How was she going to handle him by herself?

Joy tossed and turned for a long time. The frustration she felt from the lack of sex over the weekend and knowing Chet was going to be here for however long he desired, kept her slipping in and out of sleep.

She would dream of Bill for a while and then about Chet. This caused her to wake up in a cold sweat. He was the only man that she never could control. All other men, including Bill, would stop when she told them, but he never seemed to hear a word she said. It was like he had a one-track mind and that was on getting her in bed.

The weight of someone setting down on the edge of the bed woke her. She woke from a fretful sleep thinking that Bill had returned. It wasn’t Bill but Chet on the bed next to her. “What do you think your doing she screamed?”

“I just here to give you a little loving since I’m sure you didn’t get enough this weekend.”

“Get out of this room right now! I told Bill that I didn’t want you around! Now get out!” She tried to roll away from him but he reached across her body and his weight was too much for her to shake off. She tried to slap him but he just caught her hands and laughed at her feeble efforts.

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