tagIncest/TabooDown on the Farm

Down on the Farm

byNo Panty Girl©

I guess you could say we were "dirt poor". Pa had a small farm near Hagersville that he had inherited from his father. It was three acres of scrubland with a barn and an old brick house.

The farm was home for my sister Becky, Mom and me and of course Pa. Pa's only outside income was what he made working part-time doing odd jobs for the neighbors. Mom looked after the chickens and use the egg money to run the household. We usually had a couple of pigs we kept for butchering and a pair of dairy cattle.

I had graduated from Bell Cairn School and was helping out at Ma Cowell's General Store for a few bucks a week. Mom did wonders managing the household, turning drapes she picked up at the Goodwill Store into clothes for Becky and me. We did not have much but we were happy.

At eighteen I had already lost my virginity in the barn with a couple of schoolmates, Ernie Taylor and Dave White. As I passed through puberty and my body blossomed several boys wanted a roll in the hay with me. I guess I was naïve because although I was not using birth control I would let them have their way with me.

Uncle Steve was Mom's brother. A thirty-something shiftless guy with a strong liking for the alcohol. Uncle Steve would visit us often usually staying for a few days.

It was during one of Uncle Steve's visits that he first fucked me. Pa had gone into town with Ma to buy some vittles and Becky was at school.

Uncle Steve came into my bedroom as I was still sleeping. I usually slept wearing only my panties and was awaken by Uncle Steve pulling down the covers exposing my bare breasts,

"Shhhh, it's O.K.!" he said as his hand cupped my breasts.

I knew by the way he was looking at my semi-naked body he had lustful intentions.

"I want to fuck your sweet little body!" he grunted as his hand tunneled under my panties and his fingers forced themselves into my wet slit.

We had been brought up to show respect for our elders, if Uncle Steve wanted to bed me I would allow him the use of my body.

A man had never bedded me before; the others had just been inexperienced teenagers having their first times with a girl. I watched Uncle Steve getting undressed and was amazed by the size of his pecker! He was hard of course but his erection was huge, I knew it was going to stretch my young pussy.

Uncle Steve climbed into my bed naked. I opened my legs as wide as I could as he mounted me. I felt him guide the head of his cock into my nest as he lowered his weight into me driving his cock into my young cunt.

My youthful fuck-hole was pliable enough to allow Uncle's enormous cock to enter me fully. I felt his ball sack kiss my pussy lips as I accepted the entire length of his pecker inside of me.

"Fuck me Uncle Steve!" I moaned shoving my hips up to meet his plunge.

Steve grabbed my bare hips and pulled me onto his cock like a rag doll, driving his tool into me up to its hilt.

"Oh you feel so good Peggy Sue! I knew you would." He said as his thick meat filled my adolescent hole.

Uncle Steve comes very fast, shooting a huge load of his cream into my baby-making machine.

"Suck me clean!" he orders as he lies soaking inside of me.

Gladly I climbed out from under Uncle Steve and quickly take his spent cock in my mouth. Even after he has come his limp cock feels big in my mouth. My mouth moves up and down on his shaft, my lips squeegee our love juices off his prick. Uncle Steve's cum tasted strong and salty.

"Did you like fucking me?" I asked my uncle when I had completed my task.

"You are one hellva good piece of ass Peggy Sue!" he grinned.

I was so proud having pleased Uncle Steve.

"Steve says he fucked you?" Mom said.

"Sure did!" I smiled.

"He's got a bigger dick than your Pa." Mom said knowingly.

Pa had been my first lover, taking my cherry in my own bed while Becky watched.

"He said I was good!" I proudly added

"Mind he don't have that no good Leroy sniffing around you!" Mom warned.

Leroy Jackson was Uncle Steve's black fiend from over in Lester County. Leroy was as black as the ace of spades and the only Negro I had ever talked with.

I had heard stories from other girls how black men had peckers the size of horses and how they could split a white girl wide open. I had often daydreamed what it would be like to be fucked by a black man.

Sure enough a couple of days later Uncle Steve and Leroy drove up the lane on their motorbikes. Just Becky and me were home, Mom and Pa had gone over to the Lockers to look at a litter of pigs they were selling.

"Hi Uncle Steve!" I said going out into the yard to greet him.

It was a hot summer day and I was only wearing a pair of cut-off denim shorts and a halter-top.

"Hey Peggy Sue, Leroy and me was wondering if you wanted some more cock?" Uncle Steve asked.

I looked at Leroy; he had a look of anticipation on his face, "Sure!" I smiled.

"Let's go in the barn, Becky is in the house.

Leroy and Uncle Steve followed me across the yard to the barn. We went into the hayloft and I went over to a pile of hay beside Pa's McCormick tractor.

The guys watched as I quickly slipped my clothes off and stood proudly naked in front of them.

"Golly Peggy Sue, you sure are pretty!" Leroy exclaimed.

"And she's got the tightest little pussy you could imagine." Uncle Steve added.

"Why don't you suck out cocks first?" Uncle Steve suggested getting his dick out.

Leroy followed my uncle's lead and whipped out his hard-on.

Oh my God! Leroy's cock must have been ten inches long and as thick as my arm. "How am I gonna handle that?" I thought.

"C'mon Baby, start sucking these dicks." Uncle Steve ordered.

Submissively I sunk to my knees in front of Uncle Steve's waving erection.

Uncle Steve's cock fit in my mouth quite comfortably, it wasn't much bigger than Pa's. I sealed my lips around his dick and slid it over my tongue the way Pa liked it. Uncle Steve moaned as his cock throbbed inside my mouth.

"Let me try it man!" Leroy said as I was working my uncle's cock.

Uncle Steve withdrew from my mouth and Leroy's big black cockhead pressed against my lips.

I opened my mouth as wide as possible and squeezed Leroy's meat in between my lips. His cock was so thick I could hardly close my mouth at all and he grabbed the back of my head and pulled me onto him.

I gagged as my mouth was suddenly filled with black cockmeat, cutting off my airway. Mercifully Leroy withdrew slightly allowing me to gasp for breath.

"Don't choke he man with that big licorice stick of yours, we gotta fuck her yet!" Uncle Steve scolded hearing me choking.

Leroy allowed me to take as much of him as I was able and was happy with my tongue caressing his enormous shaft.

"Don't cum yet, save your cum for her pussy!" Uncle Steve told his black buddy. "Pa would shit if she had a black baby!"

Up until then I had never thought about getting pregnant, never mind by a black man!

Both cocks were hard and ready for me now. Uncle Steve guided me onto my back on a small mound of hay so they could use my pussy.

Leroy watched stroking his cock while Uncle Steve slid his dick into my waiting cunt.

Oh God it felt so good, Uncle Steve's cock stretching my young hole again.

"Oh yes, fuck me! I am your dirty little bitch!" I cried as my uncle pounded my pussy with her thick hard cock.

Leroy watched my face as Uncle Steve's cum flowed into me.

Pulling his dripping cock out of me he offered my cum drenched hole to his buddy.

Even though a rather big cock had just fucked me my cunt was not loosen enough to take Leroy's meat.

"Oh no, it's too big!" I cried as Leroy tried to ram his black monster into me.

"You can take it you little cunt!" Leroy said as he gave a powerful plunge.

The pain was acute as my young pussy yielded to his strength and 10" of black snake was forced into me.

"Oh my God!" I cried when I realized I had done the impossible.

I felt like a marshmallow on the end of a stick with Leroy's big cock impaling me. I was helpless, completely at his mercy unable to escape the assault on my young fuck hole.

Leroy scooped up my small ass in his big hands and held me onto his massive cock as he began to pull me on and off his shaft, by stretched pussy stroking his cock like a warm, wet hand.

"Oh yes, you feel good Baby!" he moaned as 10" of thick black cock filled me.

I knew the moment was quickly approaching; he was going to cum in my waiting pussy. Although I was already drenched with Uncle Steve's seed the addition of Leroy's black seed would make a potent sperm soup inside of me. I knew his was how girls got pregnant.

"Don't cum in me!" I panicked.

"What you mean?" Leroy said surprised.

Don't shoot your jism in me!" I pleaded.

I don't know if Leroy would have honored my request but I had spoken too late. I felt Leroy stiffen as he released his sperm into me.

"Aaaargh!" Leroy grunted as he emptied his ball into me.

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