Down The Path Ch. 05


'I'm a total faggot Miss. There isn't anything I won't do to suck a cock. My ass needs be kept red all the time to remind me what a pathetic excuse for a man I am.' He looks over at Mr. M, ' Would you please slap me as hard as you want Sir?'

Mr. M suddenly slaps him really hard almost knocking him off his knees. That had to really hurt but the boy leans back up and asks him if you would please do it again harder. I can't believe it. Mr. M doesn't hesitate and backhands him hard on the other cheek. I see the tears running down the boys face as he kneels in front of you and thanks you. Then he asks you if you want to slap him some more. Mr. M declines and the boy gets up and walks away. Mr. M looks at me, the look in his face intense but his voice is soothing.

'He needed that Steffi, faggots like him need what real man can give him.'

He takes my arm and escorts me into the mansion, my mind is racing, taking in the sights, not believing what Mr. M just did to that boy and how Mr. M really seemed to enjoy it. If I had any doubts about what kind of place this was and what might happen, that exchange with the pretty boy doesn't leave much doubt and again I realize how important it is for me to do well. I take small steps, can feel the butt plug, making me swish my ass, holding onto your arm and smiling at all the men and women we meet as you escort me into the mansion.

A man comes up to you. 'You are late Mr. M.'

'Yes I know but you know how our special girls are. She saw this dress in a store and she just had to try it on. It did look nice on here and I told her if she was good tonight, I would buy it for her tomorrow so she's just being so good. Isn't that right Steffi?'

Know he is making this all up but know that I better go along with it so I answer him in the fem voice I used earlier. 'Yes Sir, the dress was beautiful and I want to look so pretty for Mr. M.' It seems easier to sound like that now. The two of them move away a little and get into a discussion about something so it gives me a chance to look around.

The place is so high end. Most of the men in there are in tuxedos and their ladies are dressed in fancy dresses and their makeup is very exotic. Then I realize that some of these women aren't really women at all and I start looking closer and I'm sure a lot of them are really guys but they still look so hot and sexy. Suddenly, I feel a soft touch on my arm and a pretty girl is standing there.

'You are to go with me Steffi,' she says.

I look at you and you nod yes. She leads me up a winding marble staircase to a room upstairs.

'Undress Steffi.'

I wait for her to leave but she doesn't move and not wanting to get off on wrong foot so I start undressing. I get down to my panties and look at her. She tells me to take them off so I do. It's rather intimidating to be naked in front of her with her totally dressed. She is dressed in a tight black dress with seamed nylons and unbelievably high heeled pumps. The heels look to be about 6" high making it look like she is standing on her toes and it also makes me look up at her. She also has a leather collar around her neck. I think she must work here. She really isn't very friendly. Notice my cock is soft and looks small. I see her look at it and look away like she thinks it pathetic. She moves behind me and notices the butt plug.

'I should have known you would have something up your sissy ass, take it out. Now!!'

I bend over and reach back and grab the end of it and start trying to remove it. Moan when I feel the first bubble stretching my asshole. Can feel her watching me as I finally pull it free and let out a moan. I continue pulling and the rest comes out easier. I stand back up. I feel so empty as I hold the plug not knowing what to do with it. See her move back in front of me.

'Stop acting like the first thing you have had up your ass, I know how you "boys" are. Don't just stand there, lick it clean."

I can't believe she wants me to do that but when I look up to say something, the look on her face tells me not to say anything. I bring the plug up to my mouth and lick it. The taste is so strange but really not that bad. I glance at her and see the disgusting look she gives me. I wonder why she seems so unfriendly.

'Lick it up sissy boy,' she tells me and I start licking it as she watches me. 'That's so disgusting, you realize that don't you girl? Taking that plug from your ass and licking it clean. Yuck! I bet you want to suck it don't you bitch?' her glare so intense.

I can't make eye contact with her and just nod yes. I hear her laugh.

'No bitch, I don't think so, I'm sure you prefer real cock anyway.' It's time to get you ready. Go put your new friend down and come over here. Lift your arms.'

When I do, she puts a white corset around my waist and start lacing it up.

'Grab the bar above your head and breathe in.'

She starts tightening the corset, tighter and tighter. I tell her that I'm having trouble getting a breath but she tells me it will get easier. She finally has it as tight as she can get it. I can't take more than a small breath and start feeling a little light headed. Feel her hand running lightly over my ass. My mind still racing and I close my eyes and her touch feels so good.

'The corset makes your ass look so nice Steffi, I'm sure the men will love it.'

Her voice seems to be more of a taunt than a comfort. She moves around in front of me.

'Too bad Mike hasn't got you tits yet but this should help and she picks up something with a small rubber ball on it and puts it against my nipple and squeezes the ball. When she releases it, I pull my nipple up hard into the little bell shaped glass piece hooked to the ball. I cry out as it hurts being stretched like they are. Realize this is what Mike and Mr. M must have done to Cici. I cry out again as she does the other nipple. Looking down, I can see my nipples stretched all the way into the glass bells.

'Don't be such a wimp, I really can't stand wimps.' Her hand is slapping one cheek lightly. 'You don't want to give me a good reason to hurt you or do you Steffi? Oh wait, I'm almost forgot.' She comes back with a pill and a glass of water. 'Take this.'

'What is it?' not recognizing ecstasy. She slaps my face hard.

'I said take it.'

I reach down and take it. She pushes a finger into my mouth making sure I swallowed it. One time she prods so deep it makes me gag.

Hear her laugh, 'If my little finger makes you gag you are in for a long night sissy boy. Hold on the bar above you again.'

When I do she lifts on leg and starts sliding white nylons on me. I feel her connect them to the garters hanging from the corset. Then she does the other leg. Then I feel her slide a high heel pump on my foot and when I look down it looks like white patent leather and the heels look to be at least 4". The pumps have an ankle strap and she fastens it then I hear the click of a small padlock and realize I won't be able to remove the shoes without help. She puts the other shoe on me. It's a good thing I'm hanging onto the ball to keep my balance.

'Ok, let loose, you need to learn to walk in the heels.'

I let loose and almost lose my balance but recover. I feel a little slap on my ass and when I look over I see the girl has picked up a leather crop and is slapping my ass lightly with it.

'Walk bitch,' she tells me, her voice getting more commanding and domineering.

I start walking taking small steps trying to keep my balance when suddenly a hard whack on an ass cheek from the crop.

'Eyes up, look straight ahead, one foot right in front of other.'

I try doing as she says but it's even harder and catch myself looking down to try and make it easier.

'Ok bitch, if that's the way you want it.'

She goes takes something out of closet and when I look I see it's a white patent leather collar but not a regular collar. This one looks to be about 6" wide and has silver rings front, back and on both sides. She start fastening it on me and I have to stretch my neck for her to get it on and when she tightens it, it holds my head erect and I can't move it even from side to side.

'Now walk bitch.'

She walks me back and forth across the room not sparing the crop. Soon I get better at it. Have to listen as she tells me that I'm swishing my ass like a real little whore. She tells me that sissies like me disgust her and her Master makes her help dress up sissies because he knows I hate it. She tells me how it makes her sick that some men would rather be with a pathetic fag sissy than be with a real woman. She tells me that I won't ever be a real girl but will just be a sissy for men to use and throw away like they are trash. It's so hard to hear all this as she makes me walk back and forth, responding to her blows. Finally she lets me stop and she hands me a pair of silky, white panties. They have rolls of white ruffles across the ass. I put them on and realize they have a small opening in the crotch.

'Pull your cock and balls through the opening. Thankfully, he doesn't make me touch your disgusting cock and balls. By the way, your cock is pathetic. It's no wonder you are a sissy fag. No woman would want that cock.'

I was feeling pretty good when we went up to the room but her statements are making me feel smaller and smaller. She brings over a makeup case and starts working on my face. She works on it for over a half hour then another fifteen minutes doing my hair. She then makes off the nipple stretchers and my nipples look big and are all red. See her smile when she sees them. She leads me over to a mirror.

I can't believe how I look. My face and hair look so sexy. I can't believe how much I look like a woman. Then I look down and see my red nipples and my cock and balls. The small opening holds my cock and balls up putting them on display. The collar is not letting me do anything but stare at myself. I feel a body rush, my body feels so strange but so good. The tight corset has such an effect, don't know if it's because I have to take smaller breathes or what but it makes me feel...I guess fem. I feel so strange just look at myself. What kind of a man could I be, just look at me. Feel like I'm about to cry. I feel so out of control. My mind rushing, my body feeling so alive and then I see her back there just staring at me.

The ecstasy and the Viagra still doing their thing and I just stand there and look in the mirror. I see a woman looking back and me. I feel her come up behind me and she slips a long white sheer nightgown on me. Then she puts expensive looking earrings on me and then she takes the posture collar off me. It feels so much better without it stretching my neck. In its place she puts a small feminine white collar around my neck. She attaches a silver chain leash with a white leather handle on it. She makes me stand there looking at myself in the mirror. My waist looks so small and makes my ass stick out even more and gives me small breasts.

'I want you to remember this fag boy. In case you wonder how much of a man you are, I want you to remember this and your question should be answered. You aren't a fucking man at all. You are just a fucking sissy faggot. Say it!'

'I'm a sissy faggot.' She makes me say it over and over. She is coming on really strong then gets in my face.

'I'm going to hurt you so bad someday and I'm going to love it.'

I look at her in the mirror and see the hate in her eyes. Wonder if she is like this to others or does she just not like me? I look down quickly.

'Your public is waiting faggot. The auction starts in about thirty minutes and the men need to see what they are bidding for.'

Oh god, the silent auction. He brought me here to sell me? How can they do this to me? Oh god. What if it's for the weekend? I know they know I'm off the next two days. I feel the jerk on my collar and follow behind the woman. See the look on her face and it leaves no doubt she can't wait to see me being sold like a piece of meat. She leads me from the room and to the top of the staircase. I look down and all the people below are looking up from me. She starts leading me down the stairs as my mind tries to deal with what's happening. I see Mr. M standing at the bar. A boy is on his knees in front of him sucking his cock as I swish my way down the stairs. What is going to happen to me?

I look at the people and notice some looking at the matching staircase on other side of room. When I look over there, I see another woman dress much like the woman leading me. Behind her follows a very pretty girl. She is small, blonde and very sexy. She is dressed identically to me but all in pink. What is going on? My mind is racing not able to really focus.

The crowd is totally quiet as we are lead down the staircases around on onto a raised stage. The other girl is brought over right next to me. Our leashes are unfastened, we are told to hold hands. When I look over at her, I can see the same glazed look in her eyes that I saw in mine. I realize they are probably doing the same thing to her as they are to me. I reach out my hand and our hot hands hold each other tightly. This helps me feel not quite as lonely and out of control having her with me. I notice the other two women are gone. Good. She wasn't very pleasant at all. I hear a soothing voice over a speaker system.

"It's so nice to have you all join us tonight for this very special auction. Aren't our two newest guests lovely?"

I feel the other girl squeeze my hand. I look over at her, can't believe that it's really a guy. She is so sexy. I give her a little smile and she smiles back as we try and make the best of the situation.

"First, in pink is Angel. Doesn't she look like an Angel?" and we hear clapping and cheers from the crowd. "And then there is Steffi, our sweet little girl in white." Again there is applause. Both of these young ladies were found on the internet so please don't give up on all the fakes in there since these two prove there are gems out there too waiting to be discovered. Angel, please step forward."

I hate letting go of her but do and watch as she steps forward a couple steps.

"Angel met a man online who realized that Angel needed his help. Angel has known she is a faggot for a long time and had those occasional opportunities but her man realized she could be much more than just the fag boy who kneels in men's cum while she sucks a stranger's cock through a hole. The man found a boy who needed to find his way and look at him now. Angel's life as a man is over. She will be trained and eventually sold. Angel is now owned by this club and her training starts tonight. She will be trained to be a whore for those men who want special girls like her. Angel, open your gown and let them see you."

I watch as she opens her gown. I can see tears running down her cheeks. Is this something she wants or has she been pushed to this time and place? Oh god, what do they have planned for me. I see Angel turn and walk slowly back, the tears are flowing. I can't help noticing her little cock. It has a little pink bow tied to it. I take her hand and squeeze trying to help her handle it.

"Now Steffi, please step forward."

I feel her squeeze my hand before letting it go. I step forward, so scared but still flying high on the ecstasy. I see them all looking at me.

"Steffi here was found by one of our favorite members, I wish I knew how he found all these pretty boys. Steffi was having trouble admitting that he is a faggot but admitted to his helper that all he thought about was cock. By the time Steffi finally met her helper, it was well established that Steffi was a submissive little sissy but didn't want anyone to know. Steffi's helper knew what she needs and look at her now all dressed in white. I know you all know what that means. That's right, she is a virgin but her helper is putting that up for her lucky buyer. Steffi, open up your gown and let the people see you."

I open my gown and let them see me. It's extra humiliating because my little cock is hard, standing straight out. It feels more embarrassed that I'm hard in this situation not realizing it's the Viagra. I hear a few laughs and many comments till I'm finally allowed to go back with Angel.

"What's an auction without a little competition?" As he says this a curtain goes back and a round bed slides onto the stage. It looks to be covered in a shiny white satin covering. "Our pretty young ladies are going to spend some time enjoying each other company. When we feel the time is right, they will be stopped and you may decide which of the young ladies is the sexiest. The sexiest girl will be auctioned off for a night of your choosing. The other young lady will spend the rest of this weekend with the person who buys her."

I look at Angel and we both realize what's going to happen. We are going to be lovers. The thought of it is so exciting but having them all watch us is going to be so strange. I wonder if she is thinking as I am about how much better it would be if people think you are the sexiest. I look at her and she is looking at me. We move closer and we hold hands with each other and we both lean in and kiss. Her lips are so soft. I can taste her lipstick. See the room go dark except for a soft light enveloping both of us.

Further and further down the path.

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