Down Time


Their pussies humped up against one another as they continued to kiss. Soft moans escaped their lips but that was the only sound they could make as the two girls drove each other to orgasm once again. They were both so focused on making each other come that they almost didn't notice how good it felt to be rubbing each other.

"Mmmm oh Eliza...I'm gonna...I'm gonna come..." Kirsten managed to groan as the sensations proved to be too much for her.

"Wait...wait...wait...I'm not there yet..." Eliza begged. "I want to come with you...I'm almost there...Please wait for me."

"Ok...ok..." Kirsten gasped. "Just please hurry..."

"I'm almost there..." Eliza declared. "Rub me just a little harder and I'll come. Come with me Kirsten!"

Kirsten did rub just a little bit harder and, as promised, Eliza began to come. Her cries echoed throughout the otherwise empty house. Kirsten soon joined her in what almost became a contest to see who could drown the other's orgasm out.

They were free of worries and inhibitions. They were just focused on each other. Eliza and Kirsten rubbed their pussies together as they got wetter and wetter. The sheets were pretty much ruined, but Eliza sure as hell didn't care. They were pressed up against each other so every bit of their bodies were touching...lips, breasts, pussies...everything. Soon their orgasms were exploding like land mines of bliss and their throbs and shudders added pleasure to each other.

When they finally couldn't take any more, they fell back into each other's arms.

"I never thought it could be this good," Kirsten gasped as she struggled to catch her breath. "Mmmmm I think you've gone down and gotten me hooked on pussy now."

"Well just as long as it's my pussy you're hooked on," Eliza replied sexily as she pecked Kirsten's lips.

"Oh believe me I am," Kirsten declared. "I think you're going to turn me into quite the little slut before we get back home."

"Ummmm so does that mean you think you might want to do this again?" Eliza nervously asked. She didn't want this to be some kind of one time thing between her and Kirsten.

"You just try and keep me away from you," Kirsten giggled. "Sweetie, I don't think we're going to be sleeping alone for the rest of this trip. I know you've got a lot to teach me about the fine art of girl on girl."

"You got that right. I can show you a lot of tricks and each one is nastier than the next," Eliza promised with an evil smile as she and Kirsten began to playfully wrestle and roll around the bed.

Kisses and giggles filled the room for the next little while as the two girls played and pressed their naked bodies together as much as possible.

"Speaking of nasty, I think I need to clean up a little," Kirsten stated as she got out of the bed felt her skin all sticky with sweat and girl cum. "I'm kind of in the mood for a long, hot shower. Think you might be interested in joining me?"

"Just give me a second you nympho," Eliza laughed as she watched Kirsten blow her a kiss and shake her sexy ass as she walked toward Eliza's bathroom. Eliza still couldn't believe her fantasy had come true. Kirsten was hers and it looked like this was going to be one hell of a vacation. Maybe there was something to be said for living the West Coast lifestyle after all.

* * * * *

This story is copyright 2001 from Sharkboy Productions. Reposting this story without my permission is not allowed and will result in me taking action against your web site.

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