tagErotic HorrorDownfall of Heroines Ch. 02

Downfall of Heroines Ch. 02


Bright morning sun filled Vivian's modest home as Shereena awakened, her eyes fluttering for a moment before opening. Sitting up, she looked around, her confusion obvious by the look on her lovely face. She was in Vivian's home, the woman's deathly décor making her feel uneasy, though somehow drawn to it. Memories of her liaison with Vivian and the undead creature from last night were still in her mind, though they almost seemed like a vivid dream. Gasping at the memory, Shereena looked down to gaze upon her body. She was laying in Vivian's bed, her body now clean, a pleasant aroma revealing she had been bathed recently. What had been done to her last night was foul and horrific, yet the pleasure she had felt had remained fresh in her mind. A yearned for it already filled her. Despite the fact that she had engaged in sexual acts with a rotting undead creature, the memories of it lingered and tempted her.

Minutes later Shereena exited from the bedroom, her lovely body dressed in a black gown trimmed with gold that Vivian had left out for her. It was unlike anything she would normally wear. It hugged her womanly curves tightly, almost suggestively and the neckline plunged deeply, baring her delicious cleavage while the short skirt revealed a good portion of her thighs.

The house was quiet for a moment, then a door opened and Vivian entered, coming in from out back. Her gown had been replaced by a pair of tight fitting black pants, boots, and a loose fitting blouse. A travelling cloak completed her attire.

"Good morning Shereena." Vivian said with a knowing smile. "I hope you slept well."

Vivian approached Shereena, smiling as she looked into the younger woman's eyes. She wrapped her arms around Shereena and pulled her close, sighing as she felt Shereena push up against her. Leaning in, she kissed Shereena softly. Vivian moaned as her lips touched Shereena's. She felt Shereena tense up against her, enjoying the fact Shereena still took some time to warm up to her new experiences. After a few moments Shereena relaxed and returned Vivian's sensual kiss as she began to find herself enjoying the woman's sexual attention.

"Hmm, lovely." Vivian said with a sly smile as she broke the kiss and moved her hands to playfully squeeze Shereena's plump rear. "I hope you enjoyed last night. I know I sure did."

"Yes." Shereena finally replied, recalling the sensations she felt as the undead cock moved inside her, pleasurable despite how disgusting he may have been.

"Good." Vivian said with a wide grin. "How would you like to join me in the capital? The master of my order lives there, and trust me, he will ensure we enjoy ourselves."

"I..I don't know." Shereena replied, obviously hesitant. "While it was...nice, I shouldn't have done what I did last night."

Vivian pouted. "Are you sure? You will be missing out on a lot."

Vivian slid a hand from Shereena's neck down to her bare cleavage, sensually caressing the woman's soft flesh.

"Can you honestly say you wouldn't enjoy having my lips on your breasts again, or perhaps feeling a warm, squirming seed fill your body once more? I would love to have you there?" Vivian said warmly, seducing the young Shereena once more.

Shereena's soft eyes closed and her lips parted to moan while Vivian teased her and reminded her of the sensual pleasures she felt. As she recalled the carnal pleasures from last night it became harder and harder to say now....

Soon enough Vivian found herself on the road with Shereena accompanying her, both women atop large black steeds. The road to the capital was well travelled and the two women looked a bit out of place perched atop the massive steeds. They received several looks from travelers they crossed, but their travel was uninterrupted and soon enough they arrived at a small village that had grown around a roadside inn and tavern by the name of Night Cloak.

Vivian smirked at the unusual name. No doubt the owner had some run in with something unsettling in his past. Not that the name would prevent travelers from resting here, they had little choice unless they wanted to sleep under the stars.

Vivian handed Shereena a pouch of coins.

"Why don't you go on in and rent a room for us." She said to the submissive Shereena. "I will take care of stabling our mounts. Then after some dinner, we can look forward to enjoying each other's company."

She winked at Shereena before slipping off her horse. Shereena sat there for a moment, wide eyed, but eventually finding comfort in the idea of having Vivian's warm body up against hers.

"OK." Shereena replied a bit nervously, still a bit shy and new to all this, where Vivian was much more comfortable with herself.

Shereena entered the tavern. The place was quite large, a sprawling complex containing stables, a large common room, two wings of rooms for rent and a private area as well. Since dusk had begun to fall, the tavern was rather full. The aroma of dinner filled the air, the pleasant scent pleasing Shereena. The place was made of dark wood, giving it a regal, yet sinister feel. Banners hung on the walls, displaying the coats of arms of local lords and barons. A large fireplace roared in the far corner, the warmth relaxing after spending the last hour or so in the cooling night air. The barkeep with a tall, gangly man who looked rather sickly, though he was dressed well and his hair well groomed.

"Greetings fair lady." He said with a friendly grin, Shereena finding herself instantly relaxed by his demeanor, and almost drawn to him.

"I noticed you and your dark haired companion approaching down the road. Rest assured we have plenty of rooms available for the night." He said, moving around from behind the bar. "Please, take a seat by the fire, and I will make sure everything is taken care of for you both. Two ales coming right up!"

"Thank you." Shereena said with a friendly smile. "I will see you at our table shortly."

As Shereena sat down, she noticed the front door open and Vivian slip into the tavern. She too bantered with the barkeep for several minutes, who walked with Vivian to the table.

"Ladies, here are your drinks." He said, setting a large brass tankard down in front of each of them. "If I may, I would recommend the Northern Lobster. We received then fresh just yesterday from a merchant who has travelled down from the coast."

He turned to Shereena then smiled and winked at her. Shereena gasped, her body straightening up in her seat as she did so. The young priestess smiled warmly back at him, obviously smitten. Vivian tensed her brow as she noticed this reaction. This was unlike Shereena. Despite her newfound desires for undead, Shereena should still behave normally for the most part. Something was up.

"Hmm, that does sound delicious." Vivian said suggestively as the barkeep turned to her after receiving confirmation from Shereena.

The barkeep remained friendly and cheerful, oblivious to Vivian's ruse and soon enough left the women to head back to the kitchen. Vivian was not happy about someone trying to steal her new prize, the headstrong woman was determined to find out more.

"So Shereena, what do you think of the Night Cloak?" Vivian asked, trying to gauge the woman's state of mind.

"Oh, I love it." Shereena replied, her voice cheerful and full of energy, more outgoing than normal. "And the barkeep, oh my, he is so dreamy."

"Like him do you?" Vivian replied with a feigned smile.

Something had already began to worm its way into Shereena's innocent mind, twisting her thoughts. Vivian had no fear of whatever was going on here, she held the power of death at her fingertips after all.

"Tell you what." Vivian said with a smile as she slowly stood up. "I will head to our room and get everything ready. In the meantime, why don't you enjoy your time with the barkeep."

"Really?" Shereena replied, a bit of surprise obvious in her voice.

At first Shereena felt a bit uncomfortable with the idea, being set up with a stranger. Though her fears melted away when she spotted him smiling in her direction from across the room. Meanwhile, Vivian slipped out of sight, confident that she would have a better grasp on the goings on here before Shereena found herself alone with the barkeep.

The inn seemed rather quiet once she left the common room. It was still early enough that most were still enjoying dinner, drinks, or the bard's music. Once she was confident she was out of earshot, the death priestess began to cast a spell, bringing forth the dark magic of her dead god. Her eyes filled with black smoke and her body trembled. A moment later, she snapped back into reality with a gasp. After regaining her composure she smirked, her magic divination revealing a source of dark energy within the building...from a room at the far rear of the building...and most likely from the barkeep himself. None of this surprised Vivian, but she did need to find out just what he was up to.

The barkeep was rather careless. The halls were quiet, Vivian was all alone and could easily take whatever time she needed to search his quarters. Whatever he had was unguarded, not even a simple locked door to protect it. He probably came across a magical relic and had idea the power he stumbled across. After she recovered it she could show him how it truly worked.

Vivian gripped the doorknob and turned, opening the door to the barkeep's chambers. The room looked like that of a simple barkeep. Modest furniture filled the room, he even tried to dress it up with simple décor such as rugs and banners. However, the only dim light from the room came from a few candles on the fireplace mantle. Between them rest several animal bones...and a fist size gem that spewed forth a sickening red glow.

Vivian smiled...for a moment. Even someone as simple as a barkeep would not be so stupid as to leave this out to be discovered so easily.

"Looks like you figured things out a bit too late to save you my dear." Spoke a deep, commanding voice from the darkness.

Vivian turned sharply and glared sternly into the darkness. After a moment her eyes adjusted and she could make out a vile figure hiding in the shadows. The demon was human sized, perhaps a bit larger. Its thick, muscular body was covered in fine scales, a shiny black in color that grew into a deep red at their tips. The creature's feet were thick cloven hooves, a dull black in color that matched the thick, curling horns that grew from its forehead. Its face was vaguely humanlike, though his features were deep and overly defined. Wicked, pointed black teeth filled his mouth as he leered at her with blank, blackened eyes.

"Shereena belongs to the death god." Vivian said, sneering at the creature. "I will not let you take her."

"Sure you will. You will allow us to have you as well." The creature said, obviously quite sure of events to follow. "Shereena's mind was innocent and weak, to influence her took no effort. But you...the Hellstone tempted you, and you followed that temptation. And now...I am going to enjoy you Vivian."

Vivian squealed as the creature leaped forward. His powerful hands gripped her upper arms and thrust her back causing Vivian to gasp sharply as she was slammed up against the wall. The demon leered at her, watching as Vivian gasped sharply as she was pinned to the wall.

'What, no desire to fight Vivian." Gloated the demon.

The thing lowered its head, allowing his slimy tongue to slither lewdly from his mouth. The demon growled casually as his snakelike tongue slithered across Vivian's slim neck. He felt the woman tremble beneath him and listened to Vivian's whimpering as he tasted her flesh, his tongue leaving a thick layer of warm ooze upon her.

"You don't want Shereena to have all the fun do you?" The demon growled as his tongue continued to roam across her neck. "And believe me, she is going to enjoy herself tonight."

"You bastard." Vivian replied as she stood before the demon, allowing the vile thing to taste her flawless skin.

"I see you finally realize that you and Shereena belong to us now." The creature spoke, lifting his face from her neck and staring into her eyes. "Don't worry my dear. You will be begging for more soon enough."

The demon pulled Vivian from the wall and rudely shoved her back, tossing her thin body on the bed where she bounced several times before settling down on her back. The demon licked its lips as he stared down at Vivian. He was going to take his time and enjoy her tonight.

The creature kneeled on the bed, positioning himself between Vivian's lengthy thighs. He growled casually as his hands began to roam along her legs, caressing her and feeling her tremble in response to his touch.

"Can't resist it can you?" The creature gloated.

"No...I can't" Vivian finally responded, her voice soft, most of the fight taken out of her.

"Of course not dear." The creature said mockingly.

His sharp talons dug in, gripping the fabric of her tight pants. With a quick tug, her pants ripped while Vivian squealed. The creature chuckled, he was going to enjoy making Vivian enjoy him. One at a time he lifted her legs and slowly peeled the tattered pants from her body, leaving her boots on however.

"Lovely, I must say I am glad you decided to join me Vivian." The creature said as it drooled, staring down at her as she lay there, naked from the waist down.

Vivian whimpered as she felt the warm, scaly hand of the creature glide along her lower belly. The demon hissed pleasurably as he caressed the ensorcelled woman's soft flesh. He watched Vivian squirm lewdly beneath his vile touch and continued to roam, slipping to her inner thighs and forcing her to squeal as he ran his fingers across her moistening cunt.

"Vivian..." The creature said, moving forward and leaning over her. "I am going to fill you with my cock now. You would like that wouldn't you?"

Vivian looked up as the creature leered down at her, knowing her mind had been broken by the magic from the stone that now filled the room with its vile crimson glow. The creature's scaled cock visibly throbbed, the bulbous head pulsated, the organ eager to penetrate Vivian and enjoy her.

Vivian whimpered and rolled her eyes back as she felt the warm, scaled head of the demon's cock against her. The demon chuckled cruelly while pushing into her, feeling her stretch invitingly around the throbbing phallic head of his member. Growls filled Vivian's ears as she felt the thick, demonic cock slowly move inside her, the demon toying with her before finally casually sliding deep into her perfect body.

Both Vivian and the demon groaned in delight as the creature's cock disappeared into her, his immense size bulging her flat tummy. The creature placed his large hands on either side of Vivian's head and propped himself up, the only place his body touched hers was between her lovely thighs. His growls filled the room as he slowly began to pump himself into Vivian, feeling her body wrap tightly around his unholy cock.

"How do you think Shereena is faring Vivian?" The creature gloated.

Across the tavern, Shereena found herself escorted into a back room by the barkeep. The time she spent with him in the common room felt off, almost surreal, but all it took was a look into his eyes and a soothing relaxation washed over her. As they left the noise of the common room Shereena found herself growing eager to have this man inside her. She smiled warmly as they slipped into the small bedroom. Black candles rested in braziers in the corners of the room. The only piece of furniture was a large bed adorned with a black silk sheet embossed with a pentagram.

Shereena brought a hand to her lips and gasped softly at the bizarre sight.

"I am glad to finally have you to myself Shereena." The barkeep said as he moved behind her and slipped his hands around her slim waist. "I thought I lost you when Vivian got her hands on you."

"What do you mean?" Shereena replied, her voice already soft and relaxed, all it took was a gentle caress across her belly to calm her mind and allow the Hellstone into her thoughts.

"For weeks I have been keeping an eye on you." The barkeep replied. "A lovely flower such as you would be perfect to breed my kind. I feared my plans were lost once Vivian fed you to her undead lover. Lucky for me they wished to send you to the capital for impregnation. Though I had wished to enjoy deflowering you, I can still put a baby in your belly...tonight. The experience will be quite pleasurable, I assure you Shereena."

His hands began to sensually roam her body, one slithering up between her breasts, caressing the exposed flesh of the revealing gown Vivian had given her while is other hand found one of her thighs, squeezing firmly and enjoying her shapely leg. Shereena's lips opened and she moaned softly while her body relaxed.

"So easy to corrupt, I love that about you Shereena." The barkeep gloated as Shereena panted breathlessly while feeling his hands upon her. "I have another surprise for you, look in the mirror."

Shereena focused for a moment and finally managed to shift her gaze to the old bronze mirror above the head of the bed. She was there as she would expect, but embracing her was a vile demonic figure! The barkeep was now much taller, his skin was a putrid green in color and coated with a thick armor of jagged scales. His face was elongated and goat like, though very cruel in nature. A myriad of jet black horns rose from his head, giving him an impressive or regal appearance.

"Shereena, what lessons did the temple teach you about demons?" The creature asked as he slipped a hand beneath her gown and gently caressed one of her full breasts.

"Oh.....they can create pleasures unmatched." Shereena groaned as she felt the creature's hands upon her supple flesh.

"I see they taught you well." The demon chuckled. "Let's enjoy that pleasure for a bit before making a mother of you."

The creature moved its hands to her shoulders, gently massaging Shereena and enjoying her soft moans of pleasure. He slowly peeled the fabric from her shoulders. He brushed her hair to the side and allowed his tongue to find her neck while he tugged at her gown, dropping it to the floor, Shereena watching the demon undress her in the mirror.

Shereena felt a dizziness wash over her as the creature took her by the hips and sat her on the edge of the bed. While her head spun, the thing stepped to her, standing tall before her. She smiled softly and lifted her hands, gently running them along his muscled torso, feeling the rough scales glide over her palms. She sheepishly looked up at him, smiling upon seeing the creature grinning lewdly down upon her.

"Like what you see Shereena?" The demon said with a chuckle. "Such a good girl."

The creature took one of her small hands within his. Smiling down at her he moved Shereena's hand to his erect cock and wrapped her delicate fingers around the organ. It throbbed within her grasp, the organ covered in the same stimulating scales as the rest of his body.

"Oh my." Shereena gasped.

Upon getting a nod of approval from the creature she lowered her gaze and stared at the demon's massive organ. He lovingly ran a hand through her hair while Shereena hesitantly stroked the creature's cock.

"Tempting isn't it?" The demon gloated, moving his hands to Shereena's hips, gently rubbing her womanly curves.

Shereena looked back up at him. "Would you make love to me?"

The demon grinned widely, enjoying her still innocent spirit.

"I am going to enjoy you for hours Shereena." The demon said as he used his grip on her hips to guide her onto her back.

She lay there, breathing deeply while staring up at him. The demon slipped his hands to Shereena's plump rear and gave her a playful squeeze, and watched as the naïve priestess gasped pleasurably in response. Growling softly, the demon began to grind the shaft of his thick cock against Shereena's sensitive womanhood, feeling her tremble as he thrust back and forth. He watched as Shereena squirmed in response to the lewd stimulation, her soft gasps giving way to long moans.

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