tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDownfall Of The Dragons

Downfall Of The Dragons


Christine Hawkins was twenty-two and a student of accounting at the local college in Crompton, Surrey, England. She was popular with the main student body there. She was active in most of the college activities and was a natural leader. She had no boyfriend. She was lesbian. She was proud of that fact and was active in gay rights. This brought her into conflict with the local vicar, Reverend Tom Greenwood, an old- fashioned cleric, who, in Christine's eyes, was anti everything Christine stood for, especially gay and lesbian rights. Yet Christine knew he was not the main power behind the opposition, merely the mouth piece. No, the main opposition came from four self righteous women in their mid forties. They called themselves "The Women's Crusade Against immorality". They became known in town as "The Dragon Ladies"

The first of the four was forty-five year old Janet Early. She was divorced and had a daughter, Annie now almost nineteen.

Paula Johnston was forty-four. She too had a daughter, Elizabeth. She too was almost nineteen. Paula was also divorced. Sarah Harper was forty-six. She too was divorced also had a daughter, Elaine, who was just twenty. Mary Tyson was forty-four. She also was divorced and had a daughter, Faye. She was twenty. Despite their ages, they kept themselves in good shape.

All four daughters were students in the local college. Like their mothers, they were friends and prim and proper ladies. They never associated with Chris or her friends.

Chris's best friend was Jo Drummond. She too was lesbian. She was studying physics at the college. They both belonged to a small group of eight girls that generally hung out together including twenty year old Angela (Ange) Carter and twenty year old Tiffany (Tiff) Peters. They all had one thing in common, they were all gay. They were all well known as a group and were a frequent target of verbal abuse by these women.

Things were to change though. The day came when Chris and the girls were pushed too far. It happened on Monday, during half term. Chris worked in Ted Taylor's Restaurant as a waitress. She and Jo were walking together in the town centre on Chris's day off when they were confronted by Paula Johnston. As well as the usual tirade, Mrs Johnston suddenly yelled at Jo, "You stay way from my daughter. She's not for the likes of you."

Jo tried to remain calm.

"Look, Mrs Johnston, all I do is pass the time of day with Liz. She's in my class. Anyway she's a grown woman, well able to make up her own mind."

This seemed to make Paula Johnston angry because suddenly she struck out and slapped Jo across her face.

"Don't you dare speak to me in that tone," she yelled.

Jo was about to strike back when Chris restrained her friend.

"No Jo, don't." she said.

"Go ahead. I dare you," spat the venomous Mrs. Johnston.

"You better get out of here, Mrs Johnston, before you face charges of assault."

"You haven't heard the end of this, I promise you," yelled Paula Johnston.

"Nor have you Mrs Johnston. Nor have you," replied Christine, in a voice of a person who meant what she said.

"Damn it, Chris. You should have let me hit her."

"That's exactly what she wanted you to do, Jo. Trust me, there's more than one way to skin a cat."

Jo looked at Chris. She had her hand to her chin. This told Jo that Chris was thinking.

"You've got something up you're sleeve. What is it?"

"I want you to contact all the girls, except Margaret. I'll do that. Tell them to be at my flat at seven on Thursday."

"What are you up to?"

"I think Jo, that it is time that the 'Crompton Angels' were brought down to earth. If this works, it'll be the end for them."

"At least give me a hint."

Chris smiled. "Be patient, Jo. All will be revealed."

Chris phoned Margaret Edwards. She was an electronics and computer wizard. Her special expertise would prove invaluable in the forthcoming action.


"So you see why we need that equipment set up, Mags," said Chris as she and Margaret Edwards sat in the pub that same night sipping their drinks.

"My God, Chris. Your plan is so audacious it might just work," replied Margaret, rubbing her hands with glee.

"Of course it will work, provided everyone does their homework. All depends on precision timing. I want you to take charge of the group in the warehouse. Keep an eye on them and remember, nothing must be done to jeopardise our bargaining position. I'm relying on you."

"Rest assured Chris. All will be done according to plan. I promise. I can't wait to see those bitches being brought down."

"Secrecy and surprise are our weapons, Mags. We must keep this to ourselves."

"No problem."

"Good. We'll see you on Thursday then. Will you be able to get that equipment?"

"No worries Chris. I'm sure Professor Grayson will be more than helpful. I should have everything all set by Friday night. I'll text you when it is all set. You know Chris, you should have been in the military."

"Oh please." She responded in mock abhorrence and they both laughed and finished their drinks.

On Thursday, all the girls were gathered at Chris's flat and she ran through her plan.

"So that's the plan. To carry it out we split in two groups. Me Jo, Ange and Tiff , will take on the women in the house. The rest of you will take the girls to the warehouse and set things up. Are there any questions?"


" The women will gather at Mrs Johnston's house on Saturday morning at nine as usual. The girls will be going through the arches at about nine too, so the group must be there no later than eight forty-five. They're all creatures of habit. That will work to our advantage. Mags, have you the equipment?"

"Yes. Professor Grayson was verrry cooperative, "responded Margaret Edwards, in a mocking, seductive tone.

"She still has the hots for you then?"

"Yep," came her reply. They all laughed together.

"Now I don't have to remind you all that timing and surprise are the key here. One other thing. I know how you feel about those girls. You can have fun with them, but stay within the limits I explained. It's very important."

In a mock disappointed tone, Carol Reese spoke. "You mean we can't?" and stopped.

"No. You can't." replied Chris with a smile.

"Ok then, Mags? When you secure the girls text me. When you're all set up in the warehouse text me again. At that signal, me and the girls will move in on the "Angels". If this works, and it will, the fire of the dragon ladies will be quenched forever, I promise. Good luck and see you all on Saturday."

Saturday morning saw Margaret Edwards and her companions waiting just inside the arches. The arches were a viaduct that divided old and new Crompton. The shopping centres were all on the far side and this was where Annie Early and her three companions headed for every Saturday promptly at nine. This day however was to change all their lives forever. Right on cue, all four girls walked together, four abreast, chatting about the usual girl things.

Suddenly, Margaret and her companions leapt from where they were hiding and all four girls suddenly found themselves in darkness as sacks were roughly forced over them. Cord was tied around them and all that could be heard was muffled screams. Despite their struggling all four, helpless girls were bundled into a waiting van Margaret had parked at the edge of the arches.

Margaret drove the van toward the old abandoned warehouse in Copse's Lane. There she and her companions set to work setting things up. Because it was so early in the morning and a holiday weekend there were few people around and no one suspected anything was amiss.

Meanwhile Chris, Jo and the others were waiting in Chris's car for the signals. The first text came from Margaret . "Prisoners secure," it read.

'This is it,' thought Chris. 'No going back now.'

About forty- five minutes later the second signal came. "All set," it read.

"Right let's go, " said Chris as they all got out of the car and headed for the Johnston home. "Make sure you bring the camera and those sticks."

The sticks she referred to were four feet round pieces of wood to be used only to frighten these bitches. Otherwise no excess violence was to be used. They went around the side of the house to the side entrance and as Chris had expected the gate was open as was the back door to the house.

Before they entered Chris spoke. "Now remember no unnecessary violence and don't be surprised at anything I say to them. Just let on it's part of the plan."

The girls entered the house through the unlocked backdoor. They stole through the kitchen and into the hall that led to the living room. They could hear the women chattering and laughing from the distance. The door to the living room was slightly ajar. Christine pushed it open, she and the girls rushed in, sticks in hand. The women were stunned into a temporary silence.

Paula Johnson spoke up in anger. "What do you think you're doing? Get out of my house before I phone the police."

Jo grabbed the woman and pushed her roughly back into her seat.

"Sit down and shut the fuck up, bitch," she yelled.

Paula Johnston was about to speak again when Jo raised her stick as if to strike and she backed down.

Sarah Harper spoke. "What the you want?"

Chris spoke for the first time."Just you're attention for several moments. Now look at this."

She switched on her laptop. A picture of four naked girls, all with their arms suspended from a cross beam and ball gags in their mouths, appeared. The women all jumped in shock. Their daughters were being molested and humiliated by these girls. Muffled screams could be heard as their naked breasts were being licked and sucked by Margaret and the others.

"What the hell are you doing to our daughters?" yelled Mary Tyson.

"Please," begged Janet Early. "My daughter is a virgin. Don't take it from her."

"All our daughters are virgins, please what do you want?" cried Paula.

Christine spoke again.

"Your daughters virginities are safe for the moment. Four men have offered us a large sum to fuck them."

"No. Not our daughters. Please, we'll do anything," they yelled all together.

It registered with Jo what Chris meant about not been surprised at what she said. There were no men. But they didn't know that.

"I'm glad to hear you say that ladies. You better do what you are told or your daughters' precious virginities will disappear."

Chris spoke with a fiery venom, none of the others had heard before. The frightened women huddled and began to sob.

"What do you want?" a subdued and frightened Paula Johnston repeated.

Jo grabbed her by her hair.

"You're not so high and mighty now, are you, bitch?" she yelled and at the same time jabbing her chin with her stick. She then forced her to her knees. Jo opened her own jeans and let them drop.

"Now, lick my pussy and you better be good or you know what will happen to your darling daughter."

"Oh God. Please, no," screamed Paula.

Jo took no notice of her pleas and forced the helpless women's face to her pussy.

"Start licking, you slut," Yelled an angry Jo.

Paula's companions were about to protest when the others swung their sticks and forced them to sit down.

"Mmmmm" was all Paula could mumble as her tongue began tentatively to lick Jo's pussy, eventually developing a steady rhythm as her head was being controlled by Jo.

"Aaaargh," moaned Jo. "You self righteous bitch. You are a wonderful pussy licker." She pushed her away.

"Ok. Enough fun and games. You two," yelled Chris, pointing to Janet Early and Mary Tyson. "Stand up."

They did so, shaking with fear.

"Look at the computer." They did so, observing the humiliation of their daughters with an increasing combination of anger, frustration and fear. Chris dialled her mobile. Janet and Mary could see Margaret answering.

"Hi Mags. How is it going there? "asked Chris.

"All according to plan Chris. Anything wrong at your end?"

"No. Just stand by."

Chris terminated the call.

"That's just to let you know that all I have to do is call and your daughters are there for the taking. Now face each other."

They did as they were told.

"Now, I want you to strip each other naked."

The shocked women turned as if to protest but Chris held up her mobile like a weapon. They reluctantly began the humiliating ritual. Chris turned to Sarah Harper and Paula Johnston.

"Well, what are you waiting for.? Strip each other."

The horrified women realised they had no choice but to obey. They simultaneously unbuttoned each other's blouses and undid their skirts.

"Now kiss each other passionately." yelled Chris.

As they did so, they moaned with some satisfaction. They did not notice that the camera started filming them. All of the women wore full slips and eventually they were down to their plain underwear. They all hesitated.

"Keep going, " yelled Jo, raising her stick as if to strike them.

The whimpering women resumed until they stood naked before their tormentors. They instinctively tried to cover their breasts and pussies.

"Put your hands on your heads," yelled Christine.

They were about to protest when the others once again raised their wooden weapons and the women reluctantly obeyed.

"Pease, haven't you humiliated us enough?" whimpered Sarah Harper.

"You haven't seen anything yet bitch." yelled Jo with increased venom.

"Alright, Mrs Johnston, take Mrs Early upstairs." demanded Chris.

"What do you intend to do to us?" asked Paula, anxiously."

"Just do as you're told, or else," yelled Jo.

As they got to the bottom of the stairs, the naked but beautiful women heard Chris call to Paula, "Hold her hand and smile at each other."

The women were about to protest when Chris took her phone and flipped it open.

"All I have to do is give the word and your daughters' virginities vanish."

They knew they had no choice. Paula led Janet to her bedroom. They both forced smiles at each other.

'Perfect' thought Christine as Jo filmed them discreetly.

"Now ladies. It's time for you to have some fun. Mrs Early, lie on your back."

She did so nervously.

"Now Mrs Johnston, you're going to seduce and make love to your girlfriend here."

Janet jumped from the bed in shock and was about to run until she was grabbed by Angela and pushed back on to the bed.

"No you don't," she said as she raised her stick as if to strike. Chris spoke more firmly and with a note of final warning.

"Now, I won't say this again. Try any thing else and I will call the girls and your daughters' will have the time of their lives."

Paula and Janet knew they were defeated. Janet lay on her back and closed her eyes as Paula descended gently upon her friend. The tingling sensation of their bodies excited them both, but they would never admit it. Paula kissed Janet in a passionate prolonged clinch. Her mouth moved to her neck .

"Aaargh," moaned Janet as her friend gently kissed her. Janet's body automatically responded as her firm ample breasts began to rub her friend's breasts. Both women began to moan. Their pussies too began to grind together. The movement caused not only the heat of their bodies to rise but their passion for one another caused the sexual tension to rise too. They resumed passionately kissing each other.

"Mmmm" was all that could be heard from both of them as they became lost in lesbian lust. Paula began to lick and suck around Janet's nipples.

"Oh my God, Paula, don't stop. Please, don't stop," she begged.

Paula's tongue travelled between her friend's breasts and on to the other. The sensation was too much for Janet as she exclaimed "Yeesss," in deep Sapphic satisfaction. She again sucked and licked with the same expert skill she showed with the other breast. Janet was ecstatic.

For Paula, despite her moral tone, lesbianism was nothing new. In her last two years at college she had had an affair with her roommate, Diana Logan. Her situation with Janet simply reawakened those dormant feelings. They were now physical lovers. Janet turned her lover on to her back as she proceeded to imitate Paula's actions. Licking gently around Paula's nipples and then dragging her tongue around her firm breast flesh caused Paula to moan , "Oh my God, Jan. Keep going, keep going."

In the meantime the movement caused by the lovers' pussies began to force their juices to erupt. They climaxed together and in unison gave loud cries "Aaaaargh," As their love making subsided and they caught their breaths, Paula and Janet again became aware of their unwanted audience. Chris spoke in sarcasm.

"I always knew you two were lovers."

"It's not true," yelled Paula, in anger.

"I suggest you two get cleaned up. Keep an eye on them Ange."

Chris and Jo descended the stairs and entered the living room.

"What have you done to our friends?" yelled Mary Tyson.

"Nothing they didn't want to do," sneered Jo.

"Oh my God" a horrified Sarah Harper exclaimed, comprehending her meaning and putting a hand to her mouth.

"Now Mrs Harper, it's your turn. Take your girlfriend upstairs." ordered Chris.

"No" a defiant Sarah announced.

"Ok, so be it." Chris dialled her phone.

"Mags? Can you hear me?"

"Loud and clear Chris."

"Mrs Harper is having trouble with obedience. You know what to do."

"Ok Chris."

"Look at the screen, Mrs Harper."

Both Sarah and Mary looked at the computer. They could see the girls moving to their shackled and nude daughters with huge dildos.

"Noooo." yelled Mary Tyson.

"Please Sarah. Let's just do as they say, for the sake of our daughters, " begged Mary.

Sarah paused.

"Ok, ok, you win." she screamed.

"Hold it, Mags" Chris responded. The girls stopped.

"Take your girlfriend upstairs, Mrs Harper; smile."

Sarah reluctantly complied. Both women forced a smile as Sarah led Mary by the hand. Chris couldn't help feeling horny as she admired their long slender legs, slim bodies and bouncing breasts. But she reminded herself she was here for something more important. Sarah and Mary could here the sound of a shower running and Angela's voice goading Paula and Janet.

"Oh yeah. That's good ladies. Real good. You make great lovers. You even turn me on."

"In here," as she pushed open the door to another bedroom. At the same time, Jo discreetly filmed their actions.

"Ok Mrs Tyson, lie on your back. Now Mrs Harper, I want you to seduce and make love to your girlfriend."

A shocked but subdued Sarah wanted to protest but once againChris held her phone. Both women submitted.

Sarah descended gently on her naked friend. They kissed passionately and their tongues lapped together.

"Mmmmm" was all they could utter. Sarah was startled when Mary suddenly took command and turned her on her back. She caressed Sarah's neck with her lips and tongue, travelling to her shoulder and on to her breasts. She systematically licked Sarah's right and then her left. All Sarah could do was moan deeply.

"Oh my God, Mary, oh my God. It's wonderful. Please more, more" she shouted with increasing excitement.

Mary smothered her friend/ lover's moans with a kiss and moving slightly offered Sarah her breast. She took it gladly. She sucked and licked it enthusiastically. "Mmmm," came from Sarah and Mary exclaimed "Aaaagh," as her breasts tingled at Sarah 's gentle touch. They resumed their kissing. Each one even more passionate than the previous one. They were now lost in passion and lust. They were no longer aware or cared about their audience. Their breasts clashed, their bodies tingled and their pussies ground. They screamed together as their pussy juices began to flow.

"Oh my God Sarah, I'm cumming."

"Me too."

"Oooh," they moaned together as they orgasmed erupting in a volcanic crescendo, leaving them both breathless and exhausted.

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