tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDownloading a New You

Downloading a New You



Looking over the town from Watch Hill was one of the things that gave Sherriff Dale the most satisfaction. With his wife and daughters at the spa for two weeks, he was free to run his own life. Knowing it was his town, his people, always gave him a rush. He chuckled at the thought of the times it had almost slipped away, but in the end, he got it the way he liked it.

Like six months ago when the new deputy was installed. He didn't want a deputy. But when they appointed a woman, he was even more annoyed. But the bitch was hot. Brown hair, nice firm tits and lips that just begged to have a cock between them. He knew from the start that she was going to be his new girl. He had a nice mistress downtown, but there is always room for another. Sue was a great fuck, but a bit simple minded. Amanda was the perfect woman. So the new deputy could stay, as long as she knew her place. And her place required kneepads.

Problem was, she didn't. She thought that she was their equal! As if a bitch could equal a real man in this job. And she showed no interest in playing along, even threatening to tell her hotshot brother if we got out of line. So we decided to help her understand her position in life.

Luring her to the warehouse had been easy, and with the help of a little chloroform, she was soon decked out for fun. Handcuffs to the bed frame, the ball gag firmly in place, a pair of scissors, and she was open for business. He smiled when he thought of her eyes when she woke up with no control, she was just laid out like the fuck toy she was, wild-eyed and writhing.

We didn't waste any time, he thought. The two of us started with her pussy and did it up. At some level she knew it was me, but the shock of seeing my teenage son Jeff drop his pants, lube her ass and fuck her without any expression took the life out of her. She stopped fighting and just lay there. When Sue joined us, Amanda was already unfocused. Of course, that's what we wanted, so we took the gag out and started her lips up.

Damn that was hot. She knew how to suck cock alright. Down deep, nice suction as she came up, lips sealed over the head, and the tongue lapping at the base. Each of us came into that soft, warm mouth. Not in the throat. No, we wanted her to taste each of us before her belly was filled with cum. So we came in her mouth and then forcing her to swallow.

When we left her four hours later, she was barely conscious. She was on her back with cum leaking from every hole, mixed with drool as her eyes tried to focus. And of course I explained that this would be happening a lot. She was never to refuse sex to any of us. That included Sue. And if she did, we would restart our little training sessions. We unlocked the cuffs and left her there.

She quit two days later without a word. She left a note on my desk resigning. Rumor had it she had told Judge Swan about it, but of course Swan knew better than to fuck with me. So she left, without another whisper.

But it had been a great fuck and all of us enjoyed ourselves. Well, Amanda didn't look happy but even Sue enjoyed playing with those tits and pussy. Ahh, the good old days.

A stretch limo came around the side of Whittner Hill. Well finally, my wife Jill, my daughters Jillian and Beth had arrived back from the Spa. Winning that trip was the highlight of my wife's year. And transportation in that limo as well. An all expenses paid trip to a diet and health clinic. Jill was ok. She was a few pounds over and certainly not as busty as Sue, but a decent enough wife. She was undemanding and grateful.But, it was time to get home and see what they had done.

Sheriff Dale drove down to his house. He pulled up and got out. The limo was still parked in front, the driver no doubt helping Jill with her bags. He opened the door and went into the house. The first thing he saw was his wife, but not the wife he knew. She was in clothes that could only be described as slut-ware and her makeup was out and out nasty. And her lips! Big and full and upturned in the middle. But then a pinprick in his neck and the last thing he saw that day was a smiling man, with a dart gun as it went dark.

"I see you are awake, finally." The voice was deep and soothing but snapped Dale awake like a shot.

"Who are you?" he snapped with the full authority of the sheriff. "Why am I tied up?" "What do you want?"

He glared across the room at the man sitting in his chair and the blond woman next to him. Glancing around, he could see he was tied to a chair, but a strange chair. And naked, not a stitch on him. But that didn't make him any less bold. "I am going to beat the shit out of you when I get loose".

The man smiled again. So did the woman. For the first time, a flicker of recognition started.


She grinned widely. "I changed my hair, Sherriff. Don't blonds have more fun?" she giggled. "I certainly had a lot of fun the last time we were together." Dale could see her expression harden when she continued "And I've had six months of therapy and I still can't touch a man without revulsion. You sonofabitch, you destroyed my life!" Her voice was now almost a shriek. "You, your fucking son Jeff and that stupid cunt Sue all had your fun. And your damn town judge protected you. Well not now, asshole, its payback time!"

"Calm yourself, Amanda." The sitting man put his hand gently on Amanda's. Again his voice soothed.

"Soon you will have what you want and Sherriff Dale will have.... Well let's just say a new 'lifestyle'." Amanda relaxed a bit, finally smiling.

"You are right, Scott. We almost have what we want." With that she turned and started to leave. At the door she paused, turned and looked at Scott. "I am so lucky to have a brother like you." she said, and went out into the living room.

"Brother?" Sherriff Dale thought. Oh crap, the bitch got her big shot brother. What did he do? How did he get in?

"You are probably wondering what is going to happen now, Sherriff Dale." he started. "Amanda and I have planned this out for 2 months and I'm afraid that at this point, there is not much you can do. But before we start your 'training', I need to explain who I am and what I do." "But first, a little demo would be in order. Jill would you come in and join us?" He was practically purring at the end.

My wife walked in topless and without a pause, glanced at me and sat down right next to Scott. Now that she was sitting, I got my first good look.

The changes were huge. Her lips had been plumped out so that the bright red lipstick made them stand out. And the facelift had taken 10 years off her face. She had dropped that extra 20 lbs, and had a nice pronounced ass. But the most amazing sight was her D-Cup tits. They had no sag! They just stuck straight out with her obvious nipples at the end. And those nipples were standing straight out in a point. Looking closely, I could the tattoo marks where they had been enlarged. Her cigarette was in her hand and she put it between those lips and took a deep drag, letting it out in a slow, sexy stream. Jill was obviously unconcerned with my gaze.

"Do you like what I've done with your wife? " he smiled as he continued. "She has been a very naughty girl lately, and you are about to see how naughty." He looked at Jill. "Suck and Share, bitch." he commanded and without pause, Jill stubbed her cigarette and reached for his zipper. She unzipped his pants and took his cock out. Making an "o" with her lips, she plunged down on his cock. I could see steaks of lipstick on his shaft, as my wife bobbed up and down, looking into his eyes the whole time. One hand wrapped around his cock, the other, playing with her own tit. She hummed as she stuck it deeper and deeper, fondling his balls while she slurped.

He looked at me and then back at Jill. "Your husband isn't enjoying this, babe. Why don't you turn sideways a bit so he can see the whole thing." And without stopping, Jill turned her head so I could see the whole thing. Now her eyes were on me as she sucked. She took a quick break to tongue his balls and head, then dropped back on.

He was grunting now, each stroke clearly working. He looked down. "I'm ready bitch, get ready, set cummmmmmm!". My wife stopped her bobbing and pulled back until just the head was in her lips. I could see the pulsing of his cock as his cum filled her mouth. He held her there for a few seconds, then relaxed as she gently pumped the last with her hands.

"Now share with your husband." She turned to me and with a little smile on her face, leaned down and pressed her lips to mine. I could see cum leaking from the corners of her mouth. I tried to keep my lips together, but my jaw dropped in surprise, and she took that instant to spit, shoving his salty cum into my mouth!

"Agggghhhhhh!" I screamed as it flooded me. "what the fuck are you doing?"

She pulled back as my head jerked, but her hands held my chin. Then she down looked at me and smiled. Standing up, she walked back to her chair and took out a cigarette. Lighting it, she took a deep drag. Her eyes half closed in obvious pleasure. When she opened them, she smiled at me again.

"Soon, you will think that is the best taste in the world honey."

Scott stood up and took her elbow. He guided her back to the kitchen.

"I need a moment with your husband. Or at least your former husband."

"Did you ever wonder where the US gets it's most aggressive soldiers and spies? Let's face it; the average man is just not that brave or crazy. So a few years ago, I worked with a classified project that allowed us to download one mans personality into another. This made it possible for us to find one superbly trained and conditioned soldier, and if you will, 'graft' his personality onto someone else. Now we had two super soldiers. And the 'host' was aware of the graft, just powerless to do anything about it. They said it felt like a prison inside their head. They had no control over their body, but they could see and hear and feel everything. "

"But it was only temporary. Or so we thought. In three weeks, the personality of the original man leaked through. Over time, the host got control. But odd aspects of the grafted personally stayed. So where the original personality might have been a bit lazy, the new one might be more into fitness. So some parts of the graft became permanent parts of the host."

"So we tried the obvious. We downloaded multiple times. And each time, less and less of the host's original personality was regained. At one point, we downloaded someone 4 times and their original personality never did re-emerge. The army, as you can imagine, was thrilled. Now we could produce super soldiers on demand."

"As part of the test, we downloaded a blank into a man. To our surprise, his original personality was wiped. It never came back. Apparently as long as there was something to hold on to, the original could maintain 'self'. But without that anchor, the original just drifted off. Sad, but not without its uses. We had to download a whole new personality to keep that body alive."

"So what does this mean to you? He leaned back and chuckled. "When Amanda asked for my help, she wanted revenge. And frankly, I had decided to retire from research myself. So over a couple of shots, we came up with a plan. You are a big part of that. So to begin, I need you to fuck someone. Jillian, can you come in?"

Dale's daughter strode into the room. But not the sweet 22 year old that left for the spa. This was a swanky slut. Cigarette in her lips, tits sticking out under a cut off t-shirt, she walked with hips swaying and a nasty grin.

"Is he ready for me?" she laughed, and popped her t-shirt off, exposing her tits. Each tit now sported a nipple ring and as she stripped off her panties, pierced clit as well. She dropped to her knees in front of Dale and looked up.

Shock rolled through Dale. "Jillian, what are you doing? What the fuck are you doing?" he screamed.

Jillian laughed "Why fluffing you before your big fuck daddy. You know you always wanted to screw me and now, I'm ready to be screwed". She took a deep drag, crushed the cigarette and took his cock in her hands. She pumped it gently, and then slid it deep into her mouth. Dale tried to arch away, but the chair held and his daughter worked her magic, and his throbbing cock came to life.

"Wondering what happened to your little girl? " Scott began, "We downloaded a local hooker into her a couple of times. Not enough to wipe her. Don't worry; she still knows she is your daughter. She just has to suck and fuck. The piercings were a happy surprise gift from her host, but like the cigarettes, part of the new her. She is mostly lesbian but she has agreed to fuck you, for reasons that will become clear later."

At this point, Dale began to cry. His beautiful daughter was sucking his cock, and as he neared orgasm, he felt helpless. Her head bobbing up, the deep throating sounds, the slop of her lips, she had energy and was taking him to it.

Dale's wife Jill walked back in just as Jillian looked up. Dressed like Jillian, Dale realized with a shock that she was perfectly comfortable seeing his daughter fuck. She smiled at Dale and without any modesty, sat down on Scotts lap.

"I brushed my teeth honey." She giggled. They kissed deeply, tongues buried. He fondled her tits and she played with his cock through his pants.

"Not now Jill. We have your husband to work on." Jill threw her head back and laughed.

"But Jillian is sucking the bastard dry. Can't I get some more juice?"

"You will Jill, but right now, we just need your husband to unload a lot of nice cum in your daughter's pussy. Can you go over and give them a hand?"

Jill walked over to dale and Jillian. She leaned down and with one hand, went under the seat. Dale realized with a start that the chair had no bottom and that his ass was hanging out. Jill started to play with Dale's asshole. She brought her lips to his ears at the same time she slid a finger into his ass.

"You going to give your daughter a big load? " She whispered. "I want to see how much cum you can pump into a slut. Just like you have been pumping into Sue for the last three years."

Dale groaned. Sue, she knew about Sue? Oh crap, what had he done?

"Sue told me all about your relationship yesterday, what you like, how you like it. And we are going to take you to new heights, honey. And some new depths." she whispered. Her finger found his prostrate and she looked at Jillian. "You ready to sit, baby?" she asked.

"Yes mom, fucking ready." Jillian stopped sucking and quickly mounted her dads throbbing cock. Her pussy was dry and his cock had to force it's way in. Dale screamed as his daughters pussy tightened on his cock. With his wife working his prostate, and his daughter fucking like an animal, he came almost immediately. He came so hard he practically ripped his daughter in half driving up, while his wife milked his cock for cum.

"Come on, honey. Fill your bitch daughter with juice, keep pumping, keep pumping." His wife kept whispering.

Helpless, Dale filled her with cream. Tears were forming on his cheeks as his daughter lowered herself on to his cock. She relaxed and smiled into his face.

"I've fantasized about that for a long time daddy. Thank you". With that, Jillian popped off his cock, dribbling cum down her leg.

Quickly, she threw on her pants and a full shirt. Amanda came back into the room and without any hesitation, kissed Jillian deeply. Jillian didn't fight. In fact, she relaxed into softness, while Amanda nibbled Jillian's lips.

Dale's exhaustion blunted his shock. Then he realized that Amanda and Jillian were lovers. Amanda leaned down to whisper.

"Thank you for your hot little daughter. I will take good care of her. We are going down to the police station to report a rape and of course, you will eventually be charged. While that is going on, your daughter and I will become very close. Soon, she will move in with me full time and become my 'wife', while I take your job as sherriff."

"But prison will be fun for you. You will really enjoy it." She said giggling.

Prison, oh shit, prison! They can't send me to prison, Judge Swan won't let them. He won't let me down.

"So" the sitting man said, "Want to hear how this will all play out?"

"First, It's obvious what the plans are for Jillian, but your wife and daughter Beth are now mine. If I haven't made your wife pregnant by now, I will soon. She just can't stop herself. And Beth is amazing. She is so into sex. Anal, oral, bi, whatever. I will marry her, and fuck both of them. Being 19 gives Beth a lot of energy and she will need it. She plans to start a modest call girl operation. I now own Pony's strip club and she will be managing that for me. When I am ready, I will breed her couple of times. "

"Your son is in the super soldier program. He is being conditioned and trained. In a month or so, he will be in peak physical condition. Just in time for his next phase."

"Oh Judge Swan? You know his wife just died this morning. I had an interesting proposition for him. He took it. I downloaded his wife into a 'blank' before her death. Amanda had a great suggestion and a few days go, Sue became a blank. We hooked her up and just wiped her. Now she has Judge Swans wife in that body. So now Judy Swan has a new, 24 year old body, in great shape, with the right openings stretched. Judge Swan is really looking forward to that. So don't expect mercy ."

"Of course we can't have a 75 year old Judge fucking a 24 year old 'Sue', so we needed to have a place for Judge Swan. After his sentencing, Swan will 'die' and get loaded into a blank. Yep, your eyes gave it away. Your son, in peak health will be given a wipe and a new personality. Sue and Jeff will get married again, and probably fuck each other senseless. I get about a quarter of their estate, with the other half to a newly married Jeff and Sue. After all, their dad will be in prison. So sad."

Scott leaned back. "Of course, we do have one more bit of training for you. You are going to meet Aailaya. Her birth name was Allan, but she decided to change her life when she was 17. She has been on hormones ever since. Of course, she also has a bad crack habit that her boyfriend gave her. Just before her overdose, we got a download. She will be perfect for you. In the next 3 weeks, she will teach you how to do your makeup, take your medications and even proper blowjob techniques. We will do this 3 times. This will leave you conscious, but unable to do anything about your situation. Just like you left my sister. And of course, the prison will help you get used to cocks. "

He started attaching leads to Dales head. Each one sticking on, increasing Dale's desperation. The wires led to a small machine in the corner. With a smile, Scott flipped the switch. Immediately Dale relaxed. His mind getting fuzzy. Images of cocks started to flow across his mind. He felt an irrational desire for a cigarette.

"Well, I need to get upstairs. Beth has your wife ready. I need to fuck her in the face, while Beth laps her pussy. After the download, I'll be back where you will give me your first blowjob and I will give you your first assfuck. " Scott reached out and took Dales chin in his hand and tipped his face up, without hesitation, he kissed Dale passionately. Dale tried to scream but found himself opening up and letting Scotts tongue into his mouth, feeling his anger melt away into a feeling of euphoria. Tears streaming down his face, Dale felt his decent begin forever.


Expertly, Dale applied a fresh coat of lipstick to her full lips. This guy wasn't as rough as the others and she was glad that he took his time. So many of her master's friends were just cum and go. She pulled her top down and admired her tits. The hormones that were helping her develop were doing their job. The prison officials had tried to stop her, but Judge Swan had ruled that she was entitled to her change of sex. She could not finish the job, but she was free to act, dress and fuck like a woman. Now the guards were into it. She had a steady stream of makeup and supplies to keep her pretty.

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