Downsizing Ch. 08


While Dani and Stacy had been getting ready they talked about Stacy's parents, and Keith, and how to fill them all in on the changes that were soon going to happen. Stacy called her parents to make sure of their schedules, and then she called the airline and booked two first class seats to New York City later that day. She called her parents back and gave them the departure time, and told them to hurry and pack for a couple days in The Big Apple. The flight to New York would land with just enough time for Ted to pick them up and bring them to the Hotel for dinner with Dani's parents. Dani had tried to get ahold of Keith, but he kept getting a messaging service rather than his brother. Resolved to just leave a message, Dani and Stacy concluded their phone calls then paged Ted.

Ted had the limo waiting at the front door when Dani and Stacy emerged from the hotel. Once the couple was inside Ted shut the door and scuttled around to get in; ready for any destination they desired. As he was ready to pull away from the hotel curb, he was certain the first destination would be the Empire State Building, owing to his past experience that the structure was almost always top on the site seeing list. The trip was a treat for Dani and Stacy, so they felt that since Ted was their driver for a month, the first day out should be a treat for him as well. Dani got the ball rolling asking, "Ted, why don't you show us around New York, the way you would if you were giving someone visiting you the proverbial 'Grand Tour."

Ted was so surprised by the comment that he had to make sure he heard correctly. "You know," he said, "I was already getting set to head straight for the Empire State Building, almost certain that it was what you wanted to see first."

"It is a sight we will want to see before we go home," Stacy replied, "but as this is a treat for us to be here, your treat for making sure we get to and from is being our tour guide today. So let's see New York from your eyes, OK?"

"Very well Ms. Pearson, it will be my pleasure," Ted responded, unable to suppress a grin of gratitude.

Ted gave the couple a tour of the city with an explanation of attractions at various locations throughout the city in case they wanted to revisit some of the sights later, to which they may spend some attraction time. He explained this way they could choose what interest them about the attractions, and decide if they had enough time to see everything they wanted during their stay in the city. As he was giving the tour, there were several shops that the Rich and Famous frequented for clothing, electronics, and souvenirs. He dutifully waited outside of some of the very same shops when they got the urge to see if they might find something they liked there.

The couple did make purchases in a few of the shops; they didn't want to stay too long in any of them so that Ted had more time for his tour of the city. When there was just enough time to get them back to the hotel and get to the airport to pick up Stacy's parents, he let the know. Back at the hotel there were a few bellboys looking anxious for something to do, not wanting to seem as if they were just standing around on the clock. Once the bags were out of the limo, they sent Ted onto the airport, and enlisted the help of the most nervous looking bellboy to bring the bags up to the room. At one point with her arm around Dani's waist, she slipped her hand down to the hem of her skirt, and started to lift it a bit until the top of Dani's stockings were showing. Dani had an idea of what was going on, he got confirmation as they heard the bellboy apparently stumbling to find his feet and Stacy trying to stifle a giggle. The bellboy was clearly embarrassed at his clumsiness; Stacy felt guilty, so once they got all the packages into the room she tipped him $200.00 for his troubles.

They had a few minutes to spare, so they put their new purchases away and got ready to meet Edwin and Ila in the lobby. Both felt it was a good idea to go with more of a casual dress rather than something you might see in an office setting. When they got to the lobby and met up with Edwin and Ila, clearly by the appearance of Dani's mother and father it was the right choice.

Stacy let Edwin and Ila know that her parents would be joining them tonight. When they entered the lounge, the hostess inquired to the size of the party, Dani and Stacy both replied six together, but Edwin corrected them, informing the hostess it would be seven or eight depending on if the last remaining guest brought a plus one. Once they ordered drinks Dani and Stacy excused themselves to go to the powder room.

They emerged from the ladies room 10 minutes later giggling like a couple schoolgirls and headed back to their seats. Dani stopped almost immediately once she looked up and saw the handsome blond man standing at the bar waiting for a drink. "That's Keith," she said. "I have an idea, let's go up to him as the bartender hands him his drink, I'll kiss him on the cheek, and each of us grab a hand, he'll be thrown for a loop not knowing it's me." Further giggling ensued as Stacy loved the idea.

As Keith took his glass from the bartender and turned to look for his family, Dani planted a freshly painted kiss on his right cheek. Grabbing his right hand and Stacy his left, he heard "Come with us handsome," from Dani. He neither recognized his brother's appearance or voice.

As they were dragging him to the table where their parents were they heard him say, "Sorry ladies, it can't be my lucky night tonight, because I'm meeting my family, but give me your numbers and tomorrow I'm free."

The three were right behind Edwin and Ila when Dani stopped the show, replying in a mock innocent tone, "Eww yuck Keith, if you got lucky tonight that would be incest." The comment stopped Keith dead in his tracks while Dani, Stacy, Edwin, and Ila got the first good laugh of the night. Their parents saw the evidence of Dani's kiss on her brother, and chided Keith for the first several minutes about trying to get two girls in bed on a night he had a prior family engagement. Keith, however, was still rooted in his spot mouth still hanging open, and yet to reply.

When Edwin invited him to sit down with the rest of them, Keith finally found the power to move his feet and try to remove the astonished look from his handsome face. No sooner had Keith sat down, did Ted spot them with Stacy's parents in tow. He showed them to the table with Dani's family, and informed them he'd be in his room should they need a ride anywhere. Dani informed him in reply that if they went anywhere the remainder of the night, they'd take the limo that Edwin had on standby, so he should enjoy the rest of the evening to himself. Ted nodded and excused himself from the rest of the group.

As Ted left, there was a moment of unnatural, awkward silence until Keith asked what was going on. Wayne and Ellen Pearson had just moments after Keith affirmed that they too would like to know what was happening. The tension was steadily growing until Edwin broke the silence and introduced Keith to Stacy, at which point Stacy introduced her parents to the group, and then introduced Dani to Keith, Wayne and Ellen. Stacy decided to stay on point and recited for her parents and Keith the circumstances that brought them all together in the hotel's lounge. Thirty minutes later there was still an awkward tension lingering over the table that the two families were sharing. Keith, Wayne and Ellen still had questions that they wanted to ask but Dani interrupted them.

"As you can see," Dani started, "there are going to be some big changes in our lives, but the most important is the reason that you are here is an impromptu informal engagement party. Stacy and I are planning on getting married, and before we go through any of the changes in our lives, we wanted everyone to know about the changes."

Wayne was having a lot of trouble taking in the information, and rather than clearing it up, it was causing his temper to reach a boiling point. Ellen had been noticing tell-tell signs of her husband losing his temper, and was whispering in his ear trying to calm him down. Keith was finally catching on and made a comment of "who's going to be the bride?" at which point Wayne finally lost it.

"I'll not pay to have some faggot wearing a dress marry my daughter!" His outburst drew the attention of several of the surrounding tables, but did nothing to relieve the tension at their own table. What his outburst did accomplish was to infuriate not only Dani and Stacy, but Edwin, Ila and Ellen were now as livid as the engaged couple.

Edwin being a man very proud of his two sons, in a hushed angry tone addressed Wayne Pearson. "Mr. Pearson, I am not a man to take things lightly that have life altering scenarios. My son has begun and endeavor that he's given much thought to, and turned his lemons into lemonade ten-fold. If you cannot be happy for the choices and decisions that our children have made, so be it. If my son and your daughter have the relationship that my wife and I have, they will be together until their dying day, and you will have missed out on the most important day of her life. If that is a regret that you can live with I urge you now to leave this table, and I shall make sure the airlines can put you on the first flight out. However, I will not see their day ruined by someone else's shallowness, and will walk Stacy down the aisle myself if she needs someone to do so."

Ellen would be heard too before Wayne could reply. "She's our only daughter, and she has found love and happiness, I will not be leaving this table without making sure that her happiness continues, and if you do stand up, you'll be going home alone, and I come home when I am good and ready. How DARE you make a scene after hearing what these two have gone through to persevere?"

Wayne sat back; several times he attempted to speak, but merely muttered some incoherent sounds. All eyes were on him for what felt like a year to the rest of the table, but it wasn't only Wayne that was trying to speak still looking for words. The surrounding tables had finally gone back to minding their own business when Keith finally got the words out of his mouth that he'd already said once, however an air of exasperation accompanied it this time when he finally blurted, "But who's going to be the bride?"

The tension was finally cut as they all had a laugh, Keith and Wayne only managed a chuckle each, but it was enough. Conversation picked up, they got the questions out that they wanted, and answers for the questions followed. Wayne wasn't convinced that it was the only way to handle the entire situation, but as his wife pointed out once they all got talking, they did trust Stacy's judgment. He also felt that if Dani's family trusted her judgment, then he should find a way to put his doubts aside, and look to the future. It wasn't his ideal resolution, but he'd be damned if he was going to let someone else walk his baby down the aisle.

Edwin was back in the festive spirit he'd been in when the latter three joined the table, and suggested a change in venue to a location that had a dance floor to make the engagement party complete. Drinks were charged to Wayne's card now that he was on board, taking the duty of Father of the Bride seriously at the prodding from Ellen. The group made their way to Edwin's limo, where the driver was given instructions to find a place they could celebrate the engagement party, not sure that they would be able to handle the New York club scene. The driver knew of a place they'd be able to relax while the celebrated, and dropped them at the door. Edwin told him to go get dinner for himself, and return in a few hours.

The driver took his leave as the group headed inside. Once inside, Dani and Stacy took to the floor, to get the "Bride and Groom" dance started, the others had stayed at the table to honor the special dance. Several of the other patrons had noticed the apparent lesbian couple dancing and were watching intently until they retired to the table. Just as Dani sat down Keith held out his hand to Stacy. Edwin followed suit holding his hand out to Ellen, then Wayne not to be out done invited Ila out onto the floor. When the song ended Edwin and Wayne changed partners, and Dani tapped Stacy's shoulder to cut in with Keith. Dani wanted to talk to her brother, and this was a perfect moment.

"So how you doing?" she asked.

"Still a bit shocked that I have a sister actually," was the reply.

"You aren't mad are you?" Dani questioned.

"No, not really, just caught off guard. Some big changes coming your way, and I guess ours too. I really do wish the two of you all the happiness." Keith's words caused tears to well up in Dani's eyes; she stood on her toes to give her brother a hug of gratitude. Her reaction elicited his smartass reply, "You sure you're not the bride?" To which she stepped back and gave him a playful fist to the chest. Keith held out his elbow and escorted her back to the table.

The hours ticked away, and once again they didn't realize how late it was until Ila yawned. The driver had been outside for a couple hours past the "few hours" Edwin had encouraged him to take for himself. The atmosphere was finally very light, and the group was coming together as a whole family rather than two stressed families. Edwin's driver dropped them off at the hotel where they all went their separate ways to their own rooms with the agreement to meet at 4:30PM Sunday in the restaurant. Dani had to report for surgery Monday morning, so they would have to get in an early dinner because Dani couldn't eat for twelve hours prior to surgery.

Dani unlocked the room with her key card and started to go around the room lighting the candles. Stacy's emotional rollercoaster spurred on by her father's outburst at the onset of the night had appeared to have dissolved into nothing, but watching Dani light the candles, and thinking about the nights even inspired her. Making sure Dani was still distracted with the candles; Stacy stripped down to just a pair of stockings, put on her strapon, and lubed it up. Dani had just kicked off her first high heel when Stacy grabbed her roughly and pushed her onto the bed in the doggie style position. Stacy roughly lifted Dani's skirt and pulled down her panties then ran the lubed phallus up and down Dani's crevice.

Dani had been a deer caught in headlights from Stacy's roughness, but once she felt the head slide inside her, everything clicked. She saw the up and down of emotions that played out through the night, understanding completely where Stacy's aggression was coming from, and felt her own building up inside her. Stacy wouldn't be doing all the work on this rough escapade. Dani waited until Stacy had worked the whole thing inside her. When she felt Stacy's pelvis meet her ass, she started putting as much work into driving back to Stacy as Stacy was riding Dani.

Stacy was so worked up that the vibrating egg on the strapon harness had her hitting her first orgasm shortly after Dani started to take an active role. When Stacy's third orgasm hit, Dani had a brief moment of fear that the powerful convulsions might cause some damage, but it was soon replaced by a steady pounding on Dani's prostate. Stacy endured through that orgasm, but the 4th one wiped her out, she wasn't even able to stay on her knees behind Dani. As she sat back on her heels, Dani's unanswered desires propelled her to manipulate Stacy to lean over a stack of pillows, and the two switched positions.

When Dani entered Stacy, she was so wet that Dani went pelvis to pelvis in a single stroke. Stacy's insides were nearly scalding, with involuntary contractions coming from Stacy's walls at frequent intervals. It was all Dani could do to hold out fifteen more minutes in which Stacy was wracked by three more of the most forceful orgasms she had ever endured. Stacy was shaking uncontrollably, causing Dani to completely let go of her orgasm. She felt like she wouldn't be able to stop shooting rope after rope of cum into Stacy.

When Dani pulled out and fell over to lie down on the bed Stacy's body finally started working its way back to a modicum of rest. Stacy rolled over draping her right leg over Dani's legs, her right arm over Dani's stomach, and her head lying on Dani's shoulder, which is how the couple fell asleep.

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