Dr. Abrevia Ch. 01


"Your stump is magnificent, Sarah," Amy whispered.

"I think so. I'm glad you like it. Did Owen do your amputations?" Sarah replied.

"Yes, thanks to you. You were the first, you know." Amy cupped Sarah's stump in her hands and brought her lips to the end, caressing it gently. "I'm just sorry you had to go through the pain of the shotgun." As she spoke, Amy continued to knead Sarah's stump while Sarah expressed her appreciation with groans of pleasure.

"The pain was totally worth it, though, Amy. I don't know about your circumstances, girl, but I was near suicide when I finally decided to shoot myself up at the lake."

"You must not have had much confidence in Owen's skills then, because you know he'd never let you die," Amy said.

"At that point I hadn't met him, Amy."

Amy's face blanched. "You mean he wasn't there when you did it? The shotgun, I mean."

"No, Amy. I shot myself with the awareness that I might not survive. My choices were to live with one leg, or die trying to become an amputee. I didn't think there was any other way for me. I still don't."

Amy's hands were over her mouth, and tears were sliding down her dark face when she looked up. "Oh, God, Sarah, I am so, so sorry that you had to go through all of that. It makes my story seem so, well, trivial." Amy stumped toward Sarah and wrapped her arms around her new friend. They hugged for a few moments, until Sarah leaned back in her seat.

"Enough of the pity party, ok, Amy? Let me get down on the floor with you and I'll show you mine as you show me yours."

Sarah stripped out of her camisole and slid off onto the floor. She sat with her leg folded under her, and used her hand to place her stump on top of her left ankle. She unbuttoned Amy's white shirt and pulled it off.

"Whoa! Nice piercings! Are your nipples always that hard?" Sarah asked while pulling gently on both of Amy's rings.

"Yeah; that's why I had Owen pierce them next to my boobs. It keeps 'em out there where I can feel 'em. Whoops!" she said as she tipped forward into Sarah's arms. "Sorry about that. I'm pretty good to the rear, but I'm helpless falling to the front. No feetsies, see?" She sat on Sarah's knee and held her stumps up, kicking, to be examined.

"May I?" Sarah asked.

"I'd be really disappointed if you didn't." Amy pulled her pants off over her little stumps, and then her delicate mint green thong. She reclined onto Sarah's leg and stroked Sarah's pussy delicately as she held her abbreviated limbs up for inspection.

Sarah took the nearest stump into her hands and studied it. The skin was very soft, and except for the thin pink scar at the back of the stump, it was the same satiny brown color as the rest of Amy's thin legs. She bent the knee and was surprised to see that the stump folded flat against the back of Amy's thigh.

"No calf muscles left in there, also no fibula. That's the little bone on the side. It's just the way I wanted, and the other side is an exact match."

"They're so small," Sarah said.

"Just a little bigger than your average cock." Amy said, with an exaggerated wink.

"Oh! You're SO nasty!" Sarah said, blushing.

"You have no idea, girlfriend." Amy swiveled around and wrapped her legs around Sarah's waist. A quick pull with her stumps, and they were belly-to-belly. She tilted her face up and pulled Sarah into a languid kiss.

Sarah opened her eyes to see Amy staring at her. "I've never kissed a woman before, Amy."

"Oh...well, how's that going so far?" Amy asked.

"Shut up and kiss me."

The kiss began slowly, both women willing to gently explore the sensation. Sarah didn't know that Amy was strictly a girl's girl, but she didn't really care. Occasionally their nipples would snag on each other and release, and the resulting buzz of pleasure was intoxicating. The scent of their passion began to drift up between the two women, and both dropped a hand to the other's pussy at nearly the same time.

Sarah's labia were swollen and puffy, closed together tightly, while Amy's dark purple inner labia had unfolded like an erotic flower. Sarah found them and drew them upward between her fingers, pulling the cool flesh outward. The pebbly skin seemed to stretch forever, and then her fingers started over the end of them. Just before they escaped from her grasp, Sarah felt a spongy cylinder hidden within the folds. She looked down at her hand, seeing for the first time the bright pink head of Amy's clit. It was the size of her little finger!

Acting on an unspoken thought, the women separated into a 69, with Amy on top. Sarah used her hands to split Amy's pussy open, holding a tender dark lip in each hand and marveling at the pulsing tunnel within and the huge clit projecting out and up from the lowest point of her newfound treasure. She licked and sucked in a fashion that she would have found pleasant, and was rewarded with squeals of pleasure from Amy.

Amy was having just as much fun on the other end of the equation. Sarah's pussy was so tiny that Amy's tongue barely fit inside. She finally found a tiny bump at the apex of the two puffy lips, and as she worked on it, Sarah's hips began to pound gently at her shoulders. Amy wrapped her arm around Sarah's stump and lifted it up beside her face so she could treat it to a little TLC as well. She held it to her face, using her cheek to nuzzle the bone inside up and down. It felt like a breast, soft and cool against her face. She traced the scar with her tongue, pressing hard and nibbling occasionally. The moaning near her crotch acknowledged her action, as did the squishing noises from Sarah's cunt.

Amy started to work on Sarah's g-spot at the same time that Sarah took a sleek leg stump into her mouth and began to suck on it, and within seconds, both women crashed through near-simultaneous orgasms.

Sarah was the first to break the euphoria. She started to shake and then burst into laughter. "Holy shit, Amy! What the hell was that all about? Wow!"

"I'm glad that this carpet is tough, because we're making a drippy mess on it. I've never seen anybody so wet before!" She reached over and patted Sarah's ass, then began to fondle it. "Not a lot of muscle tone in this cheek, huh? It's really soft, kind of like a booby. I like it."

"I try my best to never use the muscles to control my stump. I guess its all part of the fantasy for me. The complete package has always been a stump that I can't control. I get dizzy sometimes, watching it sway as I walk."

"Get up on your hands and knee, Sarah. I want to try something," Amy said.

"Ok. I can feel the pussy juice running down my thigh," Sarah said as she moved into position, her stump flopping gently. Amy stayed on her back and slid under Sarah in a long 69. She placed her bent leg under Sarah's hip, where her stump functioned perfectly as a living prop. The other stump nuzzled at Sarah's pussy. As she flexed her knee, the thin tip slid up and down Sarah's slit.

"Oh my fucking God, Amy. Are you going to do what I think you're...I don't think it's gonna...OHH FUCK!" Sarah exclaimed, as Amy's stump slid into her cunt, driven by Amy's powerful leg muscles.

Amy curled up and grabbed Sarah's hips, then began to thrust her stump in and out in earnest. Her breasts rolled as her pectoral muscles tensed, and the rings in her nipples flipped up and down with the motion. Sarah's stump flapped against Amy's thigh in time to the rhythm of the thrusting.

Sarah looked over her shoulder at Amy. Amy's eyes were focused with laser-like intensity on Sarah's ass, and her pretty face was twisted with lust. Sarah leaned back into her fucking, and Amy let go of her hold and began to finger-fuck herself, thumb drumming on her clit.

The feelings in her pussy began to overwhelm Sarah, and then Amy stopped thrusting and began to flex her stump. The tip began to brush past Sarah's cervix rapidly, and she thought she would pass out from the intensity of the feelings rushing though her body.

"Amy!...Oh, my...shit...oh...oh...oh...umm!


Gonnacum...Gonnacum...Gonnacum....gonnacumgonnacum! AHHH!" Sarah wailed and fell to her side, her lungs heaving. Amy grunted and came as well, her stumps pointed rigidly to the sky.

"Captain to naked co-pilot...over," the intercom spoke.

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