tagInterracial LoveDr. Cheng - Sex Addiction Therapist

Dr. Cheng - Sex Addiction Therapist


Doctor Winnie Cheng sat across from her patient, Laura Tang. She was a nice, sweet young woman who came to see her a few weeks ago. She was referred like most of her clients, through another patient of hers. Winnie wasn't your typical phone book therapist. She was strictly out of network, referral only, as an expert on sex addiction. But Laura's case was her real specialty. You see, her patient was not a sex addict, but merely addicted to sex with a black man. Like in adult movies (and works of erotic fiction) she was a black cock addict and she came to the place where so many lost souls have gone before her. Winnie as always was confident she would "cure" Laura like she did all the rest. Heck, that's why she charged a fortune per hour.

"Doctor, I don't know what to do. Nothing is working. I can't stop myself and it's ruining my life." Laura cried.

"I think we both know what you need to do." Winnie replied.

"i don't think I'm strong enough to do." Laura shook her head.

"Yes you can. You have to confront him. Tell him you don't want to see him anymore. Show him...and prove to yourself...that you are strong enough. That you are in control."

Silence lingered as the buzzer ringed. The doctors next patient was here and Laura's time was up.

"So same time tomorrow?"

Laura nodded still unsure of what to do.

As Doctor Cheng penciled her into her appointment book, she left her with one last reassuring thought, "Remember you are in control."

That night, Laura waited anxiously on her couch. Her stocking covered leg shook nervously...her high heels twitching...as she awaited the knock.

When it came, she almost wished it hadn't. Even though she was the one requesting this visit.

As Laura opened the door, there stood Marcus in all his intimidating glory. His hulking frame overshadowed her petite body. His dark skin contrasted her pale angelic skin.

"Hey Baby, I'm glad you called. I've been itching for that sweet Asian pussy." He leaned in to give her a hug and a kiss, but Laura rebuffed his advances.

"Actually, that's what I wanted to talk to you about." She invited him in and lead him to the couch. "Please sit."

Marcus was caught off guard, usually they were making out hot and heavy as soon as he walked in the door. But he sat down as requested. Laura sat down next to him, but not too close. She left enough space between them and he could tell something was amiss.

Laura was dressed in a tight cream colored long sleeve sweater dress that clung to her thin frame. Her small tits and ass curved nicely through the form fitting dress. Marcus was pondering whether he would tear the dress off her or just lift up the dress when he fucked her later.

"I can't see you anymore." Laura blurted out. Her words came out with no warning...no easing into it. Just straight to the point.

Marcus was caught off guard, "What do you mean?"

"I.." Laura paused, "...I have to stop this. This will be the last time we see each other."

"Wow...this is really coming out of nowhere. Did I do something wrong? I mean, I thought we had a good thing going."

"No, it's just that I can't live with the guilt. I don't want to lie to my fiancé anymore. I made a mistake and want to stop this before it goes any further."

"OK. Well I see you've made up your mind. I don't want you to do anything that hurts you." Marcus said as he stood up to leave.

Laura was relieved, this was going much easier than she expected.

Marcus asked for a goodbye hug. It seemed harmless enough. But when Laura leaned in close to embrace Marcus, she immediately regretted it. His musky scent made her think of his sweaty body on top of her pounding away at her pussy. His muscular frame made her think of all the time she rode his cock while holding onto his thick chest and biceps. And lastly, she felt the bulge in his pants. He was already at full attention and she could feel the nine inches yearned to break free from it's clothed prison. She knew she should break free while she still could, but she kept saying one second more...one second more.

Marcus whispered into her ear, "You smell so good. And that dress is killing me. I just want to rip it off of you...damn girl, you're really making this hard on me. Really hard." He started slowly rubbing his cock against her. "Oh baby, couldn't you do this over the phone or text. Fuck...and you're wearing those sexy Louboutins that you know makes me want to cum...and just tell me you aren't wearing stockings. Lie to me and tell me those are leggings...just lie to me."

Laura said nothing.

"Fuck" Marcus bellowed out. "I kept him locked up for days so he'd be extra ready for you. You know how much I love that sweet Asian pussy...it was born just for my dick. It fit like a glove...she was my glass slipper."

While they continued to embrace, he kept rubbing his cock against her as his hands caressed her ass. "Can I have one last picture? You look so amazing right now, I just want something to jerk off to later."

Laura slapped his arm as they both laughed.

Marcus tried his luck, "Since this is the last time we'll see each other...any chance we can make this the last time...just one more time?" He kissed her neck, his breather hot and heavy against hers, making her horny and wet.

Laura knew she should say no, but her body was screaming "What's the harm in one last time?"

Then she remembered Dr. Cheng's words, "You are in control." And she bravely said "NO"

But Marcus wouldn't quit, "How about just one last taste of those sweet juices? Please, give me that and I'll be on my way."

Laura fought even harder to say yes. She wanted to do more than just let him lick her pussy, so how could she say no to 'just' that?"

As Laura failed to respond quickly, Marcus seized the opportunity and reached down and lifted up her dress and roamed his fingers around her ass and thighs, "You aren't wearing any panties..."

Laura purred, "Force of habit, I know how much you hate them."

They both cooed and moaned as Laura unzipped his pants and let his cock breathe. She slowly jerked his massive cock as pre-cum oozed out the tip while his fingers ran circles around her clit and her increasingly wet pussy lips.

Laura moaned in his ear, "Just so we end on good terms, how about I suck him off for old times sake." She was about to kneel down and work her magic with her mouth, when Marcus stopped her, "Nuh uh...if this is the last time, then I want to taste that sweet pussy one more time." He spun her around and bent her over the sofa as she willingly spread her legs open revealing her perfectly shaven pussy. Marcus maneuvered behind her and lifted up the dress to her stomach, so she was easy access. He kissed up her stocking covered legs until his tongue found its way in between her legs. He took one slow lap up and down her pussy before burying his face deep in between her thighs. He licked and sucked on her pussy hard...making sure to savor the last time. She was already wet, but he wanted to make sure she was soaking wet.

Laura moaned loudly as she thought of how perfectly the night was going. She was going to be able to end things and get one last good pussy licking.

Meanwhile, Marcus had other ideas. His tongue was still working wonders on her pussy lips as he used his free hand to unbuckle his belt and snake out of his pants.

"Oh she's so wet. Can I just feel her wetness against my cock one last time? I just want to rub him against her?"

Laura's mind told her this was a bad idea, but before she could say no, Marcus was rubbing his cockhead up and down her pussy without entering her. A slick coating of pussy juice and saliva transferred onto his cock head. Laura purred and groaned as his thick cock massaged her pussy lips. Then in one swift thrust, Marcus entered inside her. He was about half way in with little resistance as Laura's body lurched forward from the sudden impact.

"Oh, you sneaky...I didn't say he could go inside."

"I'm sorry, he just slipped inside."

"Are you really trying to tell me that your cock accidentally fell into my pussy?"

"Oh fuck, that feels so good. Just give me one more second to capture the feeling in my memory."

"One. Now take him out."

"OK. He slowly glided his cock out until just the cockhead was inside her and then instead of popping his cock out, he pushed forward and let his cock slide all the way in, this time almost balls deep."

Laura let out a scream, "Oh my goodness, what the fuck."

"Sorry, I slipped again." He smiled. "OK, this time for real." He slowly backed away, but this time he thrust back and forth three times as his cock went in and out of her pussy rapid fire.

Laura jerked forward and had to cover her mouth from screaming again, "Oh my goodness, what the fuck. What the fuck."

"I'm sorry. He has a mind of his own. I'm trying to, but his natural reaction is to go back inside. That pussy is so good, can you blame him?"

"I said no more. Stop it."

"I'm not doing anything. I'm just standing here."

Laura looked back over her shoulder, "Then what do you call that?"

Marcus pointed down to her ass and suddenly Laura realized that she was now fucking him back. She was backing her ass up against his cock. Back and forth. Back and forth...she was fucking his cock."

Laura screamed, "Fuck...see what you do to me? You make me lose my mind, I don't even know what I'm doing."

Finally, Laura was able to push far enough forward and Marcus' cock popped out of her. "That's enough. We had plenty of last time's. You should go."

"You're right. Although it's pretty messed up to just leave me hanging like that. You could at least clean me off."

Laura looked down at his cock and it was covered in white goo.

"Oh my god, is that from me? I can't believe how wet she is." She thought for a second. "Well I did promise you one last blow job, so the least I can do..." as she leaned down and scooped up her pussy cream that was building up around the base of his cock. She jerked him off before she opened wide and engulfed his cock with her mouth. She sucked and slobbered on it like a greedy little slut. Marcus took a seat and got comfortable while letting Laura suck him off. Laura was feverishly jerking and sucking, trying to get him to cum. But she knew he only came while pounding her pussy. So despite all her best efforts, she couldn't stop herself. Her pussy was aching. Her juices were sliding down her legs. And she wanted to cum...and to taste his cum. So she stood up and climbed on top of Marcus. "One last time wouldn't be right without us both cumming..." as she guided his cock into her pussy and began riding him. Up and down...up and down. Her pussy tightly jerked his cock. The feeling was so intense, she couldn't help herself from resting on his strong body and letting Marcus take over. Soon they were swapping spit as intensely as they were fucking and Laura knew it would only be the last time if Marcus said so.

As Marcus continued to thrust rapidly up into her pussy with such extreme force that his balls slapped against her ass each time, he whispered into her ear, "Tell me, who told you to stop seeing me?"

After Laura's body erupted in orgasmic heaven, Marcus finally stopped to give her pussy a rest. All Laura could muster out, "Dr. Cheng

The next day, Dr. Cheng was running late to her office. It was a warm spring day, so she was dressed in a cute summery patterned wrap dress. As if anybody had to wonder how much her out of network services costs, all they had to do was look at the luxury German vehicle she drove, the luxury brand name bag from Paris slung over her shoulder, and the expensive high heels with the red soles on the bottom. Her outfit was complemented with a pair of sheer black thigh high stockings and a brand name scarf from the same Paris company her bag was made of. Even the bra and panty set she wore underneath was from a luxury Paris company you couldn't spell.

She rushed into her office about to apologize to her first appointment of the day when she was shocked to find Laura was not there. Winnie watched the clock and check her phone, but no Laura. Suddenly, her phone buzzed. However, it wasn't Laura. But rather Winnie's next appointment. Winnie figured Laura just forgot. She's still have to charge her for the missed appointment.

Winnie wrapped her day of appointments and left while the sun was still out. As she walked to her car, she paid no mind to the man sitting in a car parked next to hers. Not until he rolled down his window as she reached her driver side door. She instinctively reached for her can of mace in her purse as the man shouted through the open car window, "Are you Dr. Cheng?"

Winnie said nothing.

"Dr. Winnie Cheng?"

Winnie brushed him off. "I'm sorry, you must be mistaken."

"I have a message from Laura."

This caught Winnie's attention and she turned around slowly.

Marcus smiled, "Laura's fine. She won't be needing your services anymore. I played doctor and I took care of her last night."

"Where is she?" Winnie replied.

"She's good. She did have one message she wanted me to deliver to you." He paused for effect. "She's not in control."

And then Marcus drove off as Winnie stood there in shocked silence.

That night Winnie tried calling Laura several times, but there was no response and no call back. Winnie slept very uncomfortably that night.

The next day, Winnie wrapped up another full day of appointments and nervously walked out the front door of her office building. She was expecting to find another unwelcome surprise. But her car was the only one in the parking lot. As she got into her car, she paused to look around, half expecting to see Marcus again. She jumped when her phone rang. She looked at the caller ID and was relieved to see it was Laura finally calling her back.

"Laura" Winnie shouted in relief "Thank god, I was worried about you."

But it wasn't Laura's voice on the other end.

"I told you doc. Laura's fine. No need to call."

Winnie took the phone off from her ear and stared at it in horror. Then it got worse.

Marcus had switched the call to FaceTime and Winnie was greeted by the sight on Marcus' huge black cock. It was clearly from Marcus' point of view. Then a head bobbed up and down and came into focus...it was Laura. She was greedily sucking his cock.

Marcus spoke, "Laura do you have something you want to tell Doctor Cheng."

Laura nodded with her mouth full of cock. She muffled out words that were still clear enough to hear. "I'm cured Doctor." She went back to sucking his cock. Then the call ended.

Winnie panicked. She quickly called 911. "Hi, my friend is in danger." She gave the police all the information she had on Laura and hoped law enforcement would put an end to this assault.

Hours passed. She continuously called the police to find out what precinct dispatched her call. Which officer went to check out her complaint. What did they do?

But she didn't get very far. Finally late in the evening, she received a call from her doorman. The police are here and they wanted to speak with her about a complaint she made. She told the doorman to let them up to her apartment as she wrapped herself in a robe and went to open the door.

An African American officer greeted her and identified himself as Officer Strong. He said he checked out her complaint and was annoyed to find a happy couple having dinner together. He sounded upset that Winnie would make such a false accusation and waste his time. All Winnie could say was that she can't break doctor / patient confidentiality, but she had reason to believe Laura was in danger. The officer accused Winnie of being upset that her friend was dating a black man and strongly advised her not to involve law enforcement again with her disapproval of her friends or her patients dating habits. Winnie wanted to protest that accusation, but knew she'd get nowhere with the officer. So she simply apologized and closed the door.

It was another uncomfortable night of sleep for Winnie who cancelled all her appointments for the following day.

A couple of days passed and Winnie kept telling herself that she had to let it go. Laura was a grown woman and free to make her own choices and mistakes. Winnie was set to move on when she received an alarming email from Laura. The subject line simply said "Help" and the message was only a hyperlink. Winnie pondered for a moment what to do before she slowly clicked on the button. She gasped when a new webpage opened up with a live video feed. Winnie covered her mouth in horror as she watched Laura being gangbanged by at least five black men. There were cocks in all her open holes. She was taking two or three cocks at a time and jerking off two more with her hands. A familiar voice rang out as Marcus stepped into view. He smiled at the camera...practically smiling at Winnie directly. He then told Laura to thank Doctor Cheng. Laura moaned out over and over, "Thank you Dr. Cheng." as she continued to get pounded from behind. When Marcus stood over her and jerked a load of cum onto her face, Winnie shut off her phone and rushed out the door.

She ran to the police station and demanded to see Officer Strong. When he emerged from his desk, he was not happy to see Winnie. "I told you already. This is not a police matter."

Winnie cried out, "It is. My patient is being sexually assaulted by this man and his friends. They sent me a video of it."

She opened up her phone and combed for the email from Laura. She clicked on the link as soon as she found it and turned the phone around for Officer Strong to see."

Officer Strong focused his eyes on the small screen. He was studying the contents of what he was looking at, He barked out, "Are you fucking kidding me?"

Winnie exhaled. "I know. I told you. The man is a monster. You have to help Laura."

Officer Strong cut her off, "Get the fuck out of here now." And he walked away.

Winnie was dumbfounded. She turned her phone around and was about to curse out at the officer when she did a double take. The link no longer opened up a video feed. But rather a normal looking website. She glanced over the contents just as the officer did a minute ago. She gasped when she digested the webpage in front of her. It was a GoFund Me page asking for contributions from friends and family for the upcoming wedding of Marcus Black and Laura Tang.

Finally, the officer stopped and turned back around. "If you don't like it, don't go to the wedding. But if I see you again, I'm arresting you for harassing that nice couple there."

Winnie was stuck between a rock and a hard place. She just couldn't let it go. She gulped. Took a deep breathe and then did was her gut told her not to do. She called Laura again. No response as expected, but when she was told to leave a message after the beep she mumbled out six words and hung up the phone.

"I want to speak with Marcus."

The next day she went to her office for the first time in days. Laura and Marcus were consuming her every waking moments and she couldn't focus on work. She cancelled all her appointments for another day and waited for the one person who wasn't going to have an appointment. She didn't have to wait long.

Marcus was already in the waiting room. Winnie noted his imposing and intimidating presence. He was exactly as Laura had described.

Marcus was doing the same as he eyed Winnie up an down from her stylish shoulder length black hair all the way down to her expensive high heel shoes. He mentally combed through the stats.

Asian - check.

Hypnotic eyes - check

A face you want to cum all over - check

Porcelain skin - check

The perfect type of body, not too meaty, not too skinny - check

Toned and curvy physique - check

Nice set of B cups - check

Hips and ass that were uncommon according to the Asian stereotype - check

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