Dr. Chocolate Dick Ch. 04


Her eyes were closed now as she concentrated on getting him off. She felt herself slip a bit more into that grey area between just doing a job to get what she needed, and actually enjoying the job. For her, sex had always been an extremely intimate ideology, something you only do with someone you really care about; something you should really enjoy. That ideology was now coming back to haunt her, as she felt ashamed to realize a wetness leaking from between her legs and trickling down. She had trained herself to believe these things and now that she was in the heat of an intense sexual encounter, her mind was locked in a struggle to process the differences between what was happening here with Johnson, and what should be happening between her and someone she genuinely loved. The build up of emotional stress, work responsibilities, strained relationships with her best friend, and now this new internal conflict caused a small rupture in her ability to discern what was happening to her. A flood of chemical biology splashed over her mind and caused a lapse in reason.

As a result her slurping noises became more audible and nasty. It wasn't until she heard his low groaning and moaning that she realized she could hear her own little high pitched moaning sounds. He was now grinding his hips into her mouth; his eyes always watching as her lips swelled and stretched around his pale pink pole. Those fat black lips working his white cock meat made so much difference to the intensity of the sucking. The fact that she was not able to use her hands meant that she had to rely even more on her lips to do the work of balancing on his cock. She briefly remembered how Tammy had said that he liked to watch. She felt a new shame come over her to realize that the same thing she had tried to warn her friend about was now happening to her. The depth of her shame and the intensity of so much sexual stimulus caused a breaking in her spirit. Something inside of her gave up trying to fight against what was happening and just go with her animal instincts. A few brief tears flowed for a minute before they dried up and a new person took center stage. At first she had been reluctant to use her tongue, trying to touch it to his cock as briefly as she could. Now that she had slipped so far past the limits of decency, she began to use it without shame, never taking it off his cock for a second as she worked it back and forth, just behind her grasping lips. Every contour of his cock was being continuously massaged at some point, either by her lips or her tongue. In the heat of the moment she had finally crossed over from being a reluctant cock sucker, to genuinely enjoying his white cock.

His pace quickened a bit and in response her pace also quickened. A solid 15 minutes of her just working his cock like a pro passed by. She even discovered a sexy little tilt of her head that fit nicely into the up and down rocking motion she was using to slide around on his cock. Moaning from both of them increased in volume as her pace increased. Kiesha worked her mouth hard, sliding along the length of as much of his cock meat as she could. She half opened her eyes to look at what she was doing and could clearly see her black lips stretched out around his white cock and sliding along on a thin layer of spit from her mouth. The image of her proud lips wallowing back and forth on his cock, the shame she felt at getting wet from the cock sucking, the obscene noises filling the room from both his and her mouth, the crushing reality of the whole situation, and the way he kept telling her to suck his white cock like a good little black slut all combined to cause an explosion in Kiesha's cunt. Her eyes suddenly squeezed shut and a loud scream erupted from her throat as she orgasmed.

Of course, this was more than Johnson could have hoped for, and seeing this once cold little bitch screaming in orgasm on his cock pushed him over the edge; it was like Mozart to his ears. He grabbed her head and pushed deep into her mouth, releasing everything he could muster, with long loud gasping noises of his own. The sudden flood of cum rushing into Kiesha's mouth was too much for her to handle. She accidentally swallowed some of it in choking sobs as her throat struggled to release more moans of orgasm, but most of it spilled out of her mouth. As their respective orgasms subsided, Kiesha continued to slowly move hear mouth along the length of his cock, like a girl who had never learned to stop sucking her thumb. His cum was trying to stick to her lips and to his cock at the same time, resulting in long sticky strands of slop between the two as she moved. Most times when a guy creams, the girl thinks the job is over and gets up, but one of his favorite perversions was for a girl to continue sucking his half hard dong after he had just blown a load in her mouth. Kiesha was doing an admiral job of this, apparently without even realizing it. It's like she had gone to planet orgasm and lost her return ticket.

However, after a few more minutes of coming down from her orgasm she suddenly opened her eyes to find Johnson staring at her. She let his cock pop out of her mouth with a few sticky strands of cum slowly stretching out between them and breaking as reality came crashing back down on her. Why he was staring at her so intensely? Then she looked down and realized that, at some time during her cock sucking, she had gotten up off her kneeling position on the floor and into a squatting position on her feet, froggy style, which had allowed more flexible head bobbing access to his cock. Because of this position, where her feet were close together, but her knees spread wide apart, her knee length white work skirt had ridden up her thighs and worked its way around her ass. She further discovered that her right hand had moved between her widely spread legs and down into the front of her little pink bikini panties. Johnson momentarily wondered if he had just found the cure for homosexuality. In fact, he felt a sudden urge to slap any man who didn't get hard at what Kiesha was doing. She had been practically dancing on her hand, dramatically rocking her hips back and forth in time to her loud moaning. It was a nasty display of wanton finger fucking and ass grinding. He had seen many women orgasm while sucking cock (usually from another guy fucking her at the same time) and almost always, the woman will stop the cock sucking for a short time to ride out her orgasm, like she's not really interested in doing both at the same time.. However, Kiesha seemed to be a rare gem, even more so because she wasn't a porn star, or even experienced in sex. It was like she was so hungry for his cock that she didn't want anything to interrupt her, not even the freedom of screaming out her orgasm without something (like his fat white cock) poking at her vocal cords. If it had been on video, he could have sold it for a million dollars.

Kiesha quickly backed away on the floor. She looked up at the clock and saw with shock that she had been sucking his cock for a full half hour. A wave of embarrassment and shame crashed over her as he poked his slowly deflating cock through the handholds of the plastic bag containing the pills and left it to hang there. Reaching out a shaking hand, she quickly pulled it off and ran out the door. He noted with a bemused smile that she had forgotten to wipe the massive globs of cum from her chin and around the sides of her mouth.

The next two days were not very pleasant for Kiesha. She didn't see Johnson again during that time, but her next cock sucking appointment was coming soon. She didn't know what to do. She couldn't believe that she had lost herself so easily. She definitely didn't want another experience like that with him, although she hated herself for enjoying it on a sexual level. In fact, the guilt she felt from having orgasmed was causing a real war within her heart. How could she have been such a slut in front of that dirty old white man? Her mind flashed back to the image of her fat black lips smothering his cock just before it exploded in her mouth. When she had opened her eyes in that moment, it was like she was watching herself work his cock in slow motion. The image was burned into her brain and just remembering it caused a stirring in her pussy. She had never seen a white dick before, and certainly not in such nasty circumstances. What would her friends say if they had seen what she was doing with him that day? She had always been the one to tell them about how important it was not to act like a slut. Was this the same thing poor Tammy was going through? She felt a sudden sense of remorse for not having been more understanding. They were still not talking, but maybe, now that she had a better idea of what kind of person Johnson was, she might be able to reason with her.

A seeping kind of bitterness slowly started to take over Kiesha's mind, when she thought of Johnson. What a bastard! How could he use her like that? It's true that she was wanting something from him; something illegal, but she wanted it for a good reason. This guy was just a dirty old man. The fact that he had caused her to enjoy something so pornographic, and that he knew she enjoyed at least some of it, stabbed through her heart. Through circumstances beyond her control he was forcing her to do something immoral. Images of the dirty twist of satisfaction on his face as she tongued him flashed through her mind, causing her to become increasingly angrier. Even after he ejaculated in her mouth she still kept sucking him off, and even finger fucking her self in front of him. His lecherous smile haunted her thoughts.

She began to think of ways to hurt him. She definitely did not want to stab him with a knife or cut his dick off, although she did consider it. Maybe she could damage his car, or throw a rock through his house window, or maybe she would give in to temptation and just give him what he wanted. She could just fuck him to death, and then he would be sorry. That would be so ironic. Kiesha's religious upbringing suddenly came back to her as she realized the seriousness of where her thoughts were leading and she felt a pinch of guilt for wanting to be so cruel to someone else, just because she had been treated cruelly. It wasn't a very nice thing to do, to play with life and death like that. Despite the horrible experience she had with Dilworth and his congregation she tried not to be bitter towards some of the better things she learned while there. She remembered one particular teaching which had stuck with her over the years; no one is totally evil. It's hard to say that there is no good in anyone, because that conclusion would be a reflection on all of humanity; including her self. Even Dilworth may have some good in him, somewhere. Sudden flashbacks burst into her mind as she struggled to accept the truth in that teaching. How could it really be true considering people like her father, Todd, Johnson, and Tyrone? She had been cruelly hurt by all of these people. However, despite all that had happened to her, Tyrone was the one she found most difficult to forgive and apply this teaching too.

Back in her senior year of high school Tyrone had dated Tammy for a few months. It seemed that he really loved her, and all the evidence suggested that he stayed faithful to her despite having had many, many girlfriends previous to his relationship with her. He was a popular guy, and a bit of a playboy, but somehow Tammy had calmed him down. She didn't even realize she was having that affect on him, and they had what looked like a good relationship going. Eventually Tammy broke up with Todd over rumors that she had slept with him. When Kiesha asked Tammy about it, Tammy denied the rumors and explained that Tyrone had been begging her for some action, but she wouldn't give it to him. She suspected that his friends made fun of him for having slept with so many girls, but not being able to fuck this one, and he made up stories to make himself look good. Kiesha had secretly liked Tyrone and thought she noticed at times a few hints of him returning the feelings, but that he was mostly focused on Tammy.

Tammy didn't seem to be very upset about the break up, but Tyrone was crushed. He spent a lot of time in depression but tried hard not to show it. Over the next few months he and Kiesha spent more and more time talking, as she tried to cheer him up. She even spent some time trying to get Tammy to talk to him again, but Tammy argued that if Kiesha was so concerned about him, then maybe she should be the one dating him. Eventually that is what happened, as Kiesha herself was only slightly less attractive than Tammy. It didn't take too long for Tyrone to get over his hurt feelings, especially when Kiesha showed an interest in him. A few weeks into their dating and Tyrone asked her out to the high school prom. She agreed and during the lead up to prom they had a good time. She even developed real feelings for him, although she didn't know if it was real love.

During prom night they did the usual things. Tyrone was happy that all of his friends respected him once again for dating Kiesha, (the guys at school had a secret nickname for these two girls, always referring to them as the "fuckables") and Kiesha was happy to be dating one of the most popular boys in school. She didn't actually want to have sex with him, although she knew that everyone knows that everyone has sex on prom night. She hoped that it might be different for her, and she believed that Tyrone cared enough about her to respect her feelings on the issue. She even had a little speech planned out in the event that he tried something. She rehearsed it over and over in her mind, so that she wouldn't have to read it from a piece of paper; that would certainly be embarrassing! Her last ditch plan was to offer to suck his dick to satisfy him, and leave it at that.

After prom they headed out to one of the more popular "make out" sights where he tried to get into her panties. When her speech didn't work, and he continued trying to get a hand between her legs, she went to her fall back plan and offered to suck his dick. He gladly accepted and put her to work for a little under an hour, teaching her how to do it properly. She really got into it and he ended up creaming in her mouth, which she was not as upset about as he thought she would be. Kiesha felt satisfied that Tyrone seemed happy and satisfied and they drove off to an after prom party. She drank way too much coke and whiskey and ended up in a room alone with Tyrone.

However, Tyrone had also had a bit too much alcohol. Even though he had earlier promised Kiesha that he was satisfied with the blow job, he wanted to make another try for her cherry. He wasn't a violent drunk, but he was very persistent, and Kiesha was very pliable, even when she wasn't drunk. Tyrone was also being fueled on by pride. His friends made a big deal about how he was the only guy in school who could actually hope to date and fuck BOTH of the fuckables; they all wished they could be him. Well, he certainly was going to fuck both of them. He would show that bitch Tammy that he didn't need her.

Tyrone got Kiesha onto the bed and had her strapless evening gown pulled down over her luscious titties, massaging and sucking passionately on her cute little nipples. She rarely let him have a piece of her tits, as she was so protective of them, so he was enjoying every minute of it. She had her eyes closed and was softly murmuring her speech again. In her condition she probably thought she was on the steps of the white house delivering a powerful message to the nation about morals and values, but in reality, her incoherent mumbling was heard only by the vanity of her own mind. Tyrone released the tit he was sucking on with a small pop and a jiggle, to sit her up straight. He unfastened the clips at her back and pulled the evening gown down off her well proportioned body as she flopped back onto the bed with a little squeal and a giggle. The freshly exposed chocolate flesh of her thighs and hips, crowned in cute little pink strawberry panties, caused him to growl with lust. In his mind her flesh almost seemed to shine, like smooth creamy chocolate flowing down from heaven into the shape of an angel.

He got on his knees on the bed beside her and rubbed her yummy tummy with one hand and the insides of her thighs with the other. Her legs just naturally parted as he pushed a bit. There was an obvious spot of damp on the crotch of her panties and he put a finger to it. An immediate sighing sound slipped from Kiesha as he gently rubbed the opening of her pussy through her pink panties. He pushed her thighs up higher and further apart, so that her pussy lips bulged out through the stretched panties into a little mound that was easier and more erotic to massage. After some time Kiesha was consistently releasing little moans of pleasure. She had her eyes tightly shut and her mouth half open, as her hips slowly started to grind onto his hand. When the wetness had totally soaked through, Tyrone closed her legs together and pulled at the thin sides of her panties, down the hips, up the legs, over the knees and off. (Well, almost off. They actually ended up hanging off of her left ankle). Back up and apart her legs were pushed again; Tyrone couldn't help himself any longer. He positioned his cock at the entrance to her slightly parted pussy lips and pressed in. He had fucked many girls, but in his drunken rush of excitement to fuck a girl like Kiesha, he forgot the cardinal rule: always thoroughly prepare a girl for the fucking. Sure, he had fingered her through her panties a bit, but she hadn't even orgasmed yet. He would usually go through a lot more effort to get a girl hot, especially in a situation where she was likely to object. His alcohol saturated mind and his confidence that Kiesha was in the same way caused him to rush his work.

He squeezed the tip of his cock in and felt a sudden release of pressure as the head slipped past the tight ring of her pussy hole. He continued to push, but failed to notice the subtle shift in Kiesha's moaning. It had changed from "dazed delight" into "penetrating pain". As he pushed further her eyes opened a bit and her moaning became more like a plea for him to stop. When he was all the way in he rested for a moment, relishing the tight squeeze and satisfaction of having accomplished his goal. Kiesha's moaning also rested, but in that time she became more aware that a body was lying on top of her and something was in her pussy. She started to raise herself up. Suddenly, Tyrone became aware that she was snapping out of the daze and he moved quickly to cum before she was all the way out. He pumped in and out of her quickly, no longer caring about how she felt, but only trying to find release. The desperation and urgency of finishing his fuck with her, before she resisted enough that it could be called "rape", pushed him to an orgasm in just a few short strokes. Of course, it also helped that her pussy felt just like a slice of heaven; hot, tight, and in high demand by every other guy she ever met.

When he had finished, he tried to lie down beside her and cuddle, like nothing except pure loving romance had just taken place, but by this time she was crying and struggling to break free of his hold. She finally managed to pull herself away and seemed surprised to find that she was totally nude. She quickly found her dress on the floor and slipped it back on as quickly as she could, while Tyrone was talking about how much he loved her and asking her to come back to bed. She ignored him, picked up her purse from the table and fled from the room. She couldn't find anyone else in the house that she knew, but she did see and hear an awful lot of moaning coming from youngsters like herself fucking inside rooms and even on sofas in the living room. Seeing other girls spread open in various stages of fucking around the living room was like a lightening bolt of reality to her; she had just been there, and it's not where she really wanted to be. She even noticed a few other girls who also looked like they were struggling to get free. One guy had his hand forced down over the mouth of a girl she knew from math class, who had helped her many times with difficult equations, in an obvious rape situation, while he quickly moved in and out of her. Kiesha didn't want to know about all that. She just wanted to get away.

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