tagHumor & SatireDr. Ejectall & Ms. Wyde

Dr. Ejectall & Ms. Wyde


(c) GratefulFred

The moment of realization had dawned upon me. I, Dr. Ejectall, looked at the bubbling concoction that I held in my hand and wished to savior this very special moment. Years I had worked, sacrificed, all in the name of male enhancement, and now my time had arrived. I lowered my pants and drank to the future of mankind. "One great inch for mankind" I said to myself as the warm liquid poured down my throat.

Suddenly I felt some discomfort from my stomach and slowly the feeling spread throughout my whole body. My vision became blurry as I tried in vein to hold onto the tape measure to see history in the making. I passed out that moment and lapsed into a deep dream.

How long I dreamt I did not know but the dream itself was as vivid as I ever have had. It was late one evening when I saw myself strolling outside a fine French restaurant when the most enchanting young lady by the front door went over to meet me. It was my fiancée the always-lovely Lady Chasey who greeted me with a sweet tender kiss. We went inside and were escorted to our familiar table. The wine, the food the music the atmosphere took a hold as I found myself lost in her beauty. We held hands across the table as I noticed a small change happening. I couldn't explain it but my lady sensed something was the matter. She suggested that we go outside fro some fresh air. Who was I to disagree with the woman of my dreams? I paid for our bill and offered my apologies for our abrupt departure as we went outside for a stroll on this quiet moonless eve.

While walking hand and hand in the park with my Lady Chasey I felt changes happening to my body and yet refused to give in. We spoke not as I seemed to struggle internally in a battle I saw myself losing. I gave into my desires and threw my lover to the ground. I forced myself down upon her as she had a frightened look upon her face. "Dr. Ejectall?" she said as I put my hand upon her mouth to prevent her from speaking another word. Slowly but surely I lost all ability to control this body feeling as if another presence had taken over. Breast came from my chest and my once rigid penis had disappeared totally as a female vagina took its place. Helpless I lived in this female vessel and felt the need to make my lover devour my hot wet pussy. I held her arms down with my knees as I shoved my pleasure palace deep into her mouth forcing her to lick away. I fondled my breasts and loved the sensation and the intense power of the moment. Lady Chasey had not known another woman's taste but now she was getting it full force. I knew I was hurting her but the feeling excited me even the more. Sadism took over as I pulled out a shaving blade from my pocket. I ordered her to lick my nipples as she finger fucked me. She obeyed and though enjoyment was mine I felt the growing feeling of being unfulfilled overtaking me. I urged her to do me faster, no slower, and faster again as the pursuit of an orgasm seem to be my single calling. It seemed to be of no use as my anger grew. I swung my blade in anger as blood shot from Lady Chasey's throat. Panic overcame me as I looked down at this her dead form and decided to run away.

I awoke from my strange dream back on the floor of my lab. I felt my body to see if it was my own and indeed it was. The dream had seemed so life-like but within minutes I ruled it out as a lesbian fantasy of some twisted sort. I put up some coffee and was having a cup and a morning smoke when I heard a knock at the door. I greeted two policemen with somber looks upon their faces. I offered them seats, as they seem to be speechless. They both refused my invitation politely and one of them began to speak.

"Dr. Ejectall…there was a murder yesterday" spoke one of the policemen.

I looked upon them in shock as my dream seemed to return again and yet I needed to hear more to confirm my suspicion.

"It was Lady Chasey…her throat was slashed. The waiter said he saw you both leaving" the policeman said as his look seemed less somber and more focused.

I felt myself holding back a lie as I put my best innocent face forward. I caught the glimpsed of something on my bathroom floor and knew my guilt was in there.

"We have a witness who saw the events in the dark and said he saw it was a woman who killed Lady Chasey. A big breasted woman apparently" the policeman spoke once again as I saw I was both guilty and innocent at the same time. Nonetheless I could not speak.

"If you do know of some perhaps former lover of yours that could've done this?" asked the other policeman as he nudged the first one.

"And…ah…how is your penis enlargement formula going?" asked the first one as I saw the subject of my fiancé's murder had finished. I placed some advanced orders as I hushed the men out to continue my research.

Though morning was upon me the events that had transpired had lead me to drink. I pulled out a bottle of brandy and defied the burning feeling as I drank and drank again. I waited for the alcohol to work it's magic as I walked to the bathroom. My suspicions were correct as I gazed upon bloody articles of clothing and the weapon I had used. I looked around in suspicion and wondered where the murderer was. I heard her voice right besides me as I looked and saw her in the mirror.

"Who are you by chance?" I asked

"I am Ms. Wyde my dear Dr. Ejectall" she responded.

"And what do you want from me?" I asked again still under the influence of the brandy.

"I want to take over. I am everything you are not. Your time has finished Dr. Ejectall...hahaha" she responded pulling out the bloody shaving blade.

"Never" I screamed as I threw the brandy bottle breaking the mirror. Even so I could hear her sinister laugh resounding.

I cried a cry of one who felt cursed. I longed to set my lab and myself on fire. I had killed the woman I loved and wanted to turn myself in and yet how could I? Was I not innocent? It was that Ms. Wyde that killed her. Not me.

Hours drifted, as I knew I had to do something. Anything. Just so long as I could be out of my apartment. I decided to go to the market.

I met my good friend Jonathan downstairs who offered his condolences. He asked about the funeral arrangements and I seem to be at a loss for words. He told me that he'd take care of it for me as he gave me a friendly hug. I caught his scent and moved to kiss him but held back. A strange split-second look occurred as Jonathan smiled and went about his way. I waited for Jonathan to leave and thought I definitely needed to walk and think.

I bought a few articles of clothing and a couple of items of clothing down at the market and made my way back. Wearily I felt drained and the desire for sleep overcame me and soon I was back dreaming once again. It was Ms. Wyde that was looking at me, cursing me, threatening me and we swung at each other cutting, slicing. I hated her indeed.

I awoke early before sunrise and sleepily followed my coffee ritual when I looked at my clothes. I was wearing ladies underwear and a G strap garter belt. Removing those articles of clothing I looked at the cashmere sweater I had bought and wasn't quite sure if I should throw it away or not. Ms. Wyde was making her presence felt but I was determined not to give up.

I tried to pleasure myself in the shower but saw my usually rock steady penis start shrinking. My mind seemed to be dwelling on shoe shopping for some reason. My cock seemed to be shrinking in size, as my nipples seem to be a bit perky. I rationalized that perhaps more elixir would work. Something was drawing me to that conclusion. Without hesitation I drank. It was too late as I realized that Ms. Wyde had tricked me in my moment of weakness and I was helpless as I watched the amazing transformation happen as my body changed. I was all-woman again inside the body of Ms. Wyde who was dressing herself out for a night on the town. I was only going along for the ride.

She went to a familiar bar as all eyes stared down upon her. She flirted her way passed these vile heathen and sat next to Jonathan my good friend. I saw the larceny in her heart and I begged my good friend to run. I was ignored by Ms. Wide; shoved aside; trapped in this body of my own and yet not like my own. I was an audience of one as I was forced to seeing how Jonathan fell for all the things Ms. Wyde knew about him. They drank together as she went for his cock in a quick passing moment. Jonathan felt no lack of uncertainty from the overtures of Ms. Wyde as the two of them left hand and hand.

I begged to gain control once again as she kissed this smelly guy. I shut myself off from the sexual rapture that followed as she sucked of his cock, drank of his juices and then got on top of him to ride him. I felt so many disgusting sensations as I felt the violation and knew that it was I who was holding Ms. Wyde from achieving orgasm. I felt I had a weapon against her and she cursed me internally. In the midst of passion I heard a scream. I looked upon my friend Jonathan as blood shot against me from a throat gash. Another swing and yet another from that same blade as I was forced to watch my good friend was being decapitated before my very eyes. Ms. Wyde relished in the mutilation. A high-heeled shoe was rammed through an eye socket for extra measure as far away voices could be heard. We sensed a police whistle.

Ms. Wide loved eluding those hapless police as she ran from Alley to Alley. The thrill of the hunt was exhilarating. I felt myself slowly vanishing as her dominancy was becoming extended over me. I wondered at that moment if I will ever return to my formal self.

We returned home and quickly undressed the bloody garments and washed ourselves and got redressed. I saw that as the cops approached I was returning to my Dr. Ejectall self.

The cops told me another murder had happened in the vicinity and wondered if I had heard anything. I felt Ms Wyde inside me telling me to give the cops a story to get rid of them. She read my mind, as I knew that I had to end this monster even if it meant ending myself. The cops looked at me strange as I moved backwards and forwards as the bloody rags fell from the hidden closet. My body was fighting the change as I went from male to female – Dr. Ejectall to Ms. Wyde. They watched in shock as we fought it out and we both hit the window and toppled over to our deaths 3 stories bellow.

"What a pity" spoke one of the policemen.

"Yeah...guess I'm going to have to remain 3 inches forever" said another to which they all agreed in silence as they flicked the light switch and departed the room.

The End

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