tagSci-Fi & FantasyDr. Jesse Lim

Dr. Jesse Lim


Leslie and Tharus arrived at the village of Sol in the early afternoon.

It was sticky and humid as they stopped and asked an old woman where Dr. Lim's house was. The woman pointed to a medium-sized adobe house down the main dirt road.

They thanked her and moved on, with him leaning against her for support. She had one arm around him and was practically carrying him along. Both were naked. Leslie was a tall Asian woman with a thick, muscular build and had a light brown complexion and black shoulder length hair. He was black, a little shorter than her, and had white, angel-like wings protruding from his back.

When they entered the house the doctor was busy attending to another patient. When she was done, she helped Tharus onto a bed in her office. His face and neck were sweaty, and his eyes were closed as he kept mumbling gibberish. She put her hand to his forehead. It was warm.

Jesse Lim was also Asian, and was as tall as Leslie's 5'10" frame. Her physique was curvy and muscular as well, her black hair short, and her skin complexion a darker brown. She, like the other inhabitants of the village, was nude, too.

After putting a thermometer into his mouth, she wiped the sweat off his face with a towel.

"How long has he been like this?" Lim asked.

"About two days. Looks like it's the flu."

Lim nodded. "There's been an epidemic lately. I've seen many patients with the same symptoms. And it's not just affecting humans, but other species as well." She took the thermometer out and read it carefully. "Wow, one hundred ten. Has he been vomiting?"

"A little. He's also had headaches, muscle aches, and lack of appetite."

Lim nodded again, hooking him up to an IV machine, and covering his body with a thin blanket. "Let him rest for now. He's badly dehydrated."

They stepped into another room where Lim sat behind a wooden desk. "Luckily, I haven't come down with it, otherwise this village would be in trouble. I'm the only doctor in these parts for miles."

"I'm so glad we found you. You were highly recommended. Yet, I'm puzzled. Your knowledge of medicine seems way advanced compared to others that we've met. Where did you get the medical equipment?"

Lim suppressed a smile. "I'm originally from New Oakland, and was a physician there a long time ago. Yes, I know the society we're living in now is primitive, but we have to cope with it the best we can."

Leslie's eyes widened. "You're from there? So am I. I was a cop there. Seems like another life now. How did you wind up here?"

"I was doing research for my hospital outside the city's shield, got trapped and couldn't return. The Neanderthal took me and my team as prisoners. . .unfortunately, they didn't survive and I managed to escape with my boyfriend, running as far away from them as I could. We wound up here a couple of years ago and have been practicing ever since. The equipment that you saw I had with me during my expedition. Occasionally, I'll run into other items from the city. People are always trying to sell me something or barter."

Hope lit up Leslie's eyes. "Do you know the way back to New Oakland?" she asked optimistically.

She shook her head. "We tried many times to find it. This land is like a maze, with the jungles and forests. We found ourselves going in circles. It can be terribly disorienting."

Suddenly, the door to her office opened and a naked, stocky Asian man stepped in.

"Honey, I want you to meet someone else from New Oakland," Lim said to the man. "This is Leslie Chang. Leslie, this is my companion and partner in the business, Gerald."

The two shook hands. "Nice meeting you," he said.


Lim filled him in on Tharus's condition, and he nodded. "It's good you were able to make it here," he said. "Many with this strain of flu don't live too long. Hopefully we can help. . .but I have some bad news. The vaccine we've been using to immunize people against this illness is getting low. We have to go back to the forest and obtain materials to produce more of it."

"We have to be especially careful when we go there. The Yalens guard it like hawks."

"Yalens?" Leslie asked.

"They're one of the species that is immune against this sickness," Lim said. "The ingredient needed to make the vaccine is found in trees in their part of the forest. Yet they've been so selfish as to not want to share it with those who desperately require it. Selfish and cruel to the point of killing those who try to take it."

"I'd like to help."

The next morning, Leslie and Lim hiked barefoot into the dense forest beyond Sol. Gerald stayed behind to take care of Tharus and other patients suffering from the plague. The two women carried backpacks. After threading their way through an area with green, leafy foliage, they crossed a calm, peaceful creek to the continuing wilderness on the other side.

Leslie wiped sweat from her forehead with the back of her hand. "Do you miss the city?"

"Definitely," Lim replied, drinking water from a bottle. "I still have dreams of finding it one day. When that is I don't know, but I'm going to try again. I want to see my parents and friends. . .my colleagues at the hospital. I know they sent search parties to find us, but God knows how far they got. This land outside the city's shield is vast."

Leslie nodded. "Sometimes I feel like I have to accept this as my fate, my future."

The doctor looked at her. "Never give up hope."

Two hours later they reached a flat marshland that stretched for miles. Tall eucalyptus trees sprouted up from the ground here and there. Even though the skies were dark and cloudy, the warmth and humidity hadn't gone away. The two naked women were drenched in sweat.

"Looks like there might be a tropical storm on the way," Lim said, looking at the heavens. She slapped a giant mosquito off her bare thigh, smearing blood everywhere. She nodded at the trees and said, "The ingredient we need to make the vaccine is contained in the bark of those."

"How much do we get?"

"Several batches I'd say."

Leslie looked around cautiously. "Where are the Yalens?"

"They'll come soon enough once they see us stripping their trees. But I've got a plan." Lim took out a handgun from her backpack and gave it to her. "Keep them busy as I'm working on the bark, okay?"


"C'mon, hurry." The doctor led her down a muddy path that was wet and warm. The strong smell of salt and sulphur was in the air. When she reached the first tree, she began tearing pieces of bark off of it. Abruptly, they heard a high pitched battle cry emanating from the skies, sounding partly human, partly alien. It grew more savage and bloodthirsty, and soon they saw winged creatures dotting the heavens, descending upon them.

When the first few landed on the ground near them, Leslie noticed they looked like gargoyles, with two horns sticking up from their heads. Their skin was scaly and reptilian, each having a large snout full of sharp teeth. Equally sharp were the claws they possessed on their hands and feet.

One big one approached them, his long, humungous dick swaying between his legs like a pendulum. He growled angrily at Leslie, staring at her large, swinging breasts with their enormous, dark nipples. Then his beady eyes moved down to her huge, shaved vagina.

As he took another step forward, she fired the gun, and a laser bolt struck him squarely in the face. He collapsed with a thud. Shortly, his brothers and sisters closed in on them menacingly, and she kept squeezing the trigger.

"Hurry up, Doc! They're dying but being replaced by an endless army."

"Almost there," Lim replied, ripping bark off another tree.

One Yalen fluttered its wings and flew straight at Leslie. She shot it down in time, sending it crashing into the swamp. More of them kept flying at her, and one finally snatched the pistol out of her hand. Another one, a male as well, grabbed her arm and tried to fly away with her, but not before it was hit by two laser bolts in the chest. The creature released its grip on her, and fell dead.

Leslie saw Lim standing nearby with another gun in her hand. "Thanks, Doc."

"C'mon, let's go!" she said, shooting down several more Yalens before they were able to run safely away from the marsh.

* * *

On the journey back to Sol, they stopped at a tropical lagoon to rest. A brief, gentle rain fell from the sky as they threw their backpacks on the white sand and bathed in the clear, warm waters. So clear they could see all the way to the bottom. Tiny fish swam around their legs.

Leslie watched as Lim stood under a small waterfall and washed her short black hair, rinsing the sweat from it by running her fingers through several times. Occasionally, she'd point her head up and let the rushing water splash all over her face. She noticed her brown breasts were little, her vagina large and covered by a bushy mass of dark hair, and her thighs huge and brawny. The good doctor's a beautiful woman, she thought with a suppressed smile.

Moments later, they were joined by a small band of nude men, some wearing Viking-style helmets. They dismounted their horses and got into the water, washing their bodies. The group looked at them every now and then. One of the guys, a short, bearded man with pale, gaunt features waded through the water to where they were at.

His smile was friendly. "Well, what do you know, it's Dr. Lim," he said. "What brings you out to these parts?"

"Oh, just doing some hiking," she lied, returning a plastic grin. "Are you all healthy from the sickness?"

"Huh?" he asked curiously, then nodded. "Oh, yes. We're very lucky. Hell of a problem, ain't it?"

"Indeed. We're working on it, though. Where are you from?"

"Krithe. We're heading towards your village, actually. My friend's sister just had a baby."

"What's her name?"

"Pulan Kreik."

Lim nodded, smiling proudly. "I helped deliver her child."

"Wonderful." The man looked at Leslie. "What's your name?"

Leslie told him. "And yours?"

"I'm Udar. These are my friends," he said, gesturing to the other men. They nodded at the women.

"Nice meeting you all," Lim said. "Well, we'd better be going."

As they started walking towards the shore, Udar said, "Wait, Doctor."

They stopped.

"Say, would you like to have some fun before you left?" he asked, smiling mischievously. He was missing several front teeth.

"No thanks."

They arrived back in Sol in the evening.

Upon returning to her office, they discovered Tharus sitting up in bed, drinking some tea. He looked at them with sleepy eyes.

"Feeling better?" Leslie said.

"Yes, thank you. Gerald was very helpful."

"Good to hear he's making himself useful," Lim replied sarcastically. She and Leslie donned protective masks and gloves. Lim took the bark to a back room and she and Gerald began preparing the process of making the vaccine.

Leslie helped their patients onto beds, pouring cups of water for those that were thirsty. An elderly woman tried to get up but she got there just in time before she almost fell. A young man had the shakes and was sweating profusely, mumbling to himself. Lim instructed her to put a sterilized thermometer in his mouth and she obeyed. After taking it out moments later, she read it aloud to Lim.

"Typical," Lim answered, unsurprised. She checked his blood pressure, then hooked him up to an IV machine. Leslie dried his sweaty face with a towel.

"When will the vaccine be ready?"

"In several hours," Lim replied. "Thanks for all your help. We're short staffed as it is, and really appreciate it."

"You're welcome. It's the least I could do for a pair of fellow New Oakland residents," she said, smiling.

In the dead of night, Leslie was awakened by the sound of intense lovemaking. It was coming from upstairs. She propped herself up on one elbow and listened, feeling a little guilty eavesdropping.

Suddenly, Lim's moans grew louder and deeper. This piqued Leslie's curiosity even more, so she tip-toed her way up the stairs to the master bedroom. Peeking through the door that was ajar, she saw Gerald giving it to Lim doggie-style on a large bed. Their backs were turned to her. He fondled her small breasts from behind as he thrust faster and harder, causing her moans to shoot up another few octaves.

Leslie watched like a kid in a candy store, feeling extremely horny herself. Her big nipples had puckered out, stiff and erect, and her pussy was moist and ready. She watched eagerly, and within seconds, Gerald came inside Lim.

"Oh, God, Oh, God," he kept saying. After he pulled his cock out, he slapped her big, curvy ass a few times, then played with it. She sat in his lap and they French kissed passionately. Leslie started fingering her pussy as she looked on. She stepped backwards a bit, causing a floorboard to creak.

The two doctors stopped kissing immediately. "Who's there?" Gerald demanded.

When Leslie didn't answer, he got off the bed and came to the partly open door, discovering her. Leslie felt like a guilty child, looking at them apologetically. "I'm sorry," she said.

"It's okay," Gerald said softly, taking her hand gently and leading her into the room. "It's all right, Leslie."

Lim was kneeling on the bed, shooting her a naughty grin. "Yes, sweetie, everything's fine. Now it's your turn and I get to watch."

After they showered and waited for his erection to come back, he sat in a chair while Leslie knelt before him and sucked his massive cock. He closed his eyes in pleasure, caressing her head tenderly. Lim sat Indian style on the bed and watched but soon got bored and joined in on the fun. When Leslie was done, she gave her boyfriend a blowjob.

"Two Asian hotties for the price of one," Gerald said, chuckling. "I'm in heaven."

"And one fine Asian hunk," Lim said, fondling his balls. She licked them slowly.

Next, he and Leslie stood up and he wrapped his arms around her thick, muscular body that smelled of peppermint lotion. Her big, sweaty breasts rubbed all over his chest, causing him to groan in ecstasy. He stooped down a little and sucked her tits and nipples. Then he painted her thighs with his tongue before probing her clitoris with it. That was when the loud, deep moaning started again.

"Eat my big pussy, Gerald. Eat my big pussy," she kept saying over and over again.

Lim stood behind her and nibbled her ears sensually, her arms around Leslie. Her hands played with her breasts. Moments later, the threesome got onto the big bed. He rolled down a condom and rubbed his monstrous penis against Leslie's curvy butt cheeks before finally inserting it into her anus. Lim knelt in front of her and began fingering Leslie's large vagina quickly. As Gerald pumped her faster and harder from behind Leslie's passionate moans became deafening.

Soon, she experienced the most wonderful orgasm which was followed by him ejaculating inside of her.

Days later, the doctors finished administering the rest of the vaccine to the inhabitants of Sol. The ones that were sick felt considerably better, including Tharus. He and Leslie had lunch with the physicians at their home.

"You don't have to leave," Lim told them. "You're welcome to live here if you wish. We've got plenty of rooms."

"And you can assist us in our practice," Gerald added with a friendly smile. He served everyone a leafy, green salad and a sandwich.

"Plus, you'd learn so much about medicine!" Lim said enthusiastically.

Leslie and Tharus looked at one another, thinking a moment. He fluttered his white, angel-like wings slowly in contemplation. She pursed her lips.

"Could be nice, Les," he said. "We could settle down, enjoy life, and not have to wander around like vagrants anymore. Wondering when we'll be killed by some predatory creature or gang."

She nodded. "I agree. . .okay, why don't we stay on for a little while longer and see how it goes? If it doesn't work out, you can kick us out!"

Everyone started laughing.


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