tagIncest/TabooDr. Mabuse SOI: Massage Parlor Mom

Dr. Mabuse SOI: Massage Parlor Mom

bydr mabuse SOI©

My name is Gil and during the mid nineteen seventies, I went to college in a large Midwestern city. In that era, massage parlors flourished in that city and I was a frequent visitor. Between taking many classes and holding a part time job, I didn't have the time to have date as often as I would have liked. The parlors were a place that you could find companionship for an hour or so and get a nice massage from a nude girl. The parlors were closely watched by the authorities and there was very little sex that went on however each massaged included a masturbation finish. At the time, there was no local ordinance that prohibited being jacked off. I had visited many of them, sampling the variety of masseuses who came in all shapes and ages. After awhile I began to visit one parlor on a fairly regular basis. It was within a few miles of where I was living, very clean, nicely decorated, and very private as it was in an old mansion off a secluded part of the old highway.

This parlor had one masseuse that I would visit regularly but I would try out a new masseuse especially if she caught my eye. One night there was a new masseuse named Linda working when I came in. She was in her mid thirties, very pretty, dark hair, slim, with olive complexion skin. I immediately decided to get a massage from her as I was always a sucker for attractive older women. I followed her to her massage room where we sat and discussed what massages she offered and what I would like. I opted for the half & half massage which was for 90 minutes.

After giving Linda some money, she told me to disrobe and lay on the floor mattress then she left the room. I stripped and started to smoke a cigarette as I lay face down on the mattress. About ten minutes later, Linda came in with a bucket of hot water which contained a bottle of massage oil. She placed the bucket next to the mattress and I extinguished my cigarette.

"How are you doing tonight?" asked Linda

"I'm doing better now that you are here." I flirted and turned my head to watch her slip off her baby doll pajamas. Removing two pieces, Linda was completely nude. She had a very attractive body with firm breasts and dark brown nipples.

"I hope you like my massage." She said as she straddled over my back. "The other girls said you are a regular here and are very nice."

"Well, I try to be" I said, "I enjoy coming here and like the girls who work here."

"I'm glad" said Linda, "I'm new to doing this and have had some real losers over the last few days." Linda poured the hot oil on her hands and began to caress my back.

"I bet you have" I said sympathetically as I felt my muscles relax under her hands. We made some more small talk as she continued massaging my back and occasionally I would feel her nipples touch my nude back.

After about 20 minutes, Linda said, "It's your turn." Linda lay on her stomach next to me as I sat up next to her. I poured the oil on my hands and spent the next 20 minutes massaging Linda's back and legs. She enjoyed the massage I was giving as I had become quite good at it and enjoyed exploring every inch of Linda's firm body. We talked about what I did for a living, where I was from, and what I liked to do. I asked Linda the same questions to her. She liked in a nearby town, had one son, was married with an understanding husband, and they needed the extra money at the time.

"It's your turn to roll over" I said as Linda rolled on her back. I dripped more oil on her chest and began to massage her. My hands started on her shoulders then slowly moved to caress her breasts. They were very firm and her nipples harden as my hands worked across them. My hands continued to work down her body towards her feet. "Do you like giving massages?" I asked.

"It was a little weird the first time I gave one and I was really nervous too." sighed Linda, "Honestly, I hadn't been naked around too many people other than my husband and I was really nervous when I had to do my first jack off on a customer."

"And now?" I asked as I massaged her feet and began to work back up her legs.

"I really enjoy it" she smiled, "Outside of the few jerks that come in, I enjoy being with the customers who are nice and really interesting to talk to. The money is good and I like pleasing my customers. It's kind of like having sexy fun but not being a whore or cheating, stuff like that."

I was running my hands along Linda's thighs when I asked, "Would you like a tongue massage?" That meant would she like me to lick her pussy. I loved to eat pussy and normally the masseuses would let me do that for a small tip. The girls always liked having that done to them and sometimes if they were in the right mood, I would get more than a jack off finish.

Linda smiled and said, "Gil, that sounds nice but that it a bit farther than I wish to go. I hope you understand. I know that a lot of the girls let the customers do that but....I guess I'm not ready."

I nodded my head and said, "I understand. I really enjoy that with some of the girls here and you looked very tasty."

Linda laughed and said, "Maybe some other time. I think its time to finish your massage."

I lay on my back with my hard cock sticking up as Linda poured oil over my body. She massaged over my body from head to foot and as she moved back up my body, she wrapped her hands around my cock.

Linda smiled and looked into my eyes, "I hope you will like this"

Linda's hands slowly started to pump my cock as I said, "I'm sure I will. It feels very good."

Linda moved and lay on her side facing me as her hands rubbed their magic on my cock. I continued to feel her body as she jacked me off. I had one hand feeling her breasts while my other hand played with her butt. She offered no objection and my hand moved from her butt to her pussy. In fact she spread her legs open some and let me finger her. Her hands moved faster on my cock. I could see that she was enjoying this as much as I was.

Linda felt my cock thicken and said, "Honey, I think you are about ready to cum." With that, my hips lunged forward as streams of white cum shot into the air. It was quiet for a minute then she said, "That looked nice. I bet it felt good. Do you enjoy what I did?"

I nodded yes as Linda dipped a towel into the warm bucket of water and began to clean any cum that landed on me or her. Linda gave me a small kiss and helped me sit up on a chair. I watched as Linda dressed into her baby dolls again and pulled the sheet from the mattress. She said she would be back in a minute and she left the room with the sheet, towels, bucket, and oil.

I got dressed. I was very relaxed from the massage as well as having a nice cum with an attractive woman. I was finishing combing my hair when Linda came back in. She gave me another small kiss and told me that she enjoyed giving me a massage and hoped that I would call on her again. I said that I did enjoy everything and would see her again. Linda then escorted me to the exit of the parlor.

I went back several times later but Linda was with another customer or was on a different work schedule. I was delighted to be with my regular masseuse but wanted to have another session with Linda. I did finally have another one with her on a snowy evening when there were few customers and few masseuses working that evening. It was another great massage as we got to talk more and get to know more each other. I started coming in on Wednesdays as she was working and the parlor was not busy. I had become one of Linda's regular customers.

One evening, Linda was caressing warm oil across my back and chatting. We had a few sessions already and sometimes our conversations would get more personal than usual. Linda was in a very good mood and I suspected that she may have smoked some pot that day. She was very chatty and had a slight smell of pot in her hair.

I asked, "Does your husband mind you working here? Does he really know what a masseuse does?

Linda smiled and lightly laughed, "My husband is fine with me working here. If he wasn't, I wouldn't be here.

"Does he know you do massages in the nude?" I asked

"Oh yes" Linda smiled, "He is fairly open minded about stuff. He trusts me and knows that I'm not fucking anyone except him."

"I see. Some of the girls here tell their husbands or boyfriends a different story." I smiled, "They may have jealous boyfriends or husbands that are conservative about stuff."

"I know" said Linda, "and I feel sorry for them. It is very hard to have a relationship with someone when you are hiding something. I have given my husband a massage just like the ones I do here. He really likes them to and doesn't see anything wrong in what I do. He teases me about coming in and getting a massage with one of the other girls."

"Would that make you mad" I asked

"No" she sighed, "I would hope that he enjoyed the massage but I would love to watch if he ever did come in."

"Ever give anyone else a massage outside of the parlor and your husband?" I smiled.

"Yes" Linda smiled back wickedly.

"Who?", I asked being very curious.

"None of your business" she teased back.

"I see. Does anybody in your family know you work here?" I asked.

"Yes" said Linda, "A few do and they don't have a problem with it."

"That's cool" I said, "If any of them came in, you would give them a massage?"

"Ummm" thought Linda, "Not all of them, some." She smiled, "What makes you think that I haven't done that already?"

"Well, like who?" I asked.

"My son" she said nonchalantly, "I mean not here but at home at one time or another."

"Wow" I said, "That is so cool. Does he get the full treatment? Does your hubby know and approve?"

Linda smiled again as her hands smoothed around my cock, "Does that turn you on?"

"Yes" was all I could say.

"I do give him the full massage just like the ones I give you." she smiled wickedly again, "and this is one thing that my hubby doesn't know about. I don't think he would understand but it is not cheating."

"I see" as I smiled back, "Do you enjoy massaging him?"

Linda began to apply oil over my cock and started to stroke me. While her hand pumped my cock, she whispered how she liked to touch her son, how she liked to jack him off, and how he would massage her nude body. After a few minutes of this, I shot my cum very hard. I had always had a certain fascination with incest but never met anyone who did it much less talked so erotically about it.

Linda spoke as she wiped me with a towel, "Sounds like family love really turns you on. I don't think that you ever came this quickly during one of my sessions."

"I loved it" I said, "What I wouldn't do to watch you massage your son. That would be so hot."

Linda laughed and I laughed with her. Then she thought for a few seconds and said, "What is it worth to you?"

Linda and I discussed if she was serious or joking, then actually settled on a price. She told me to be at the parlor next Sunday at 3:00 in the afternoon. The place is normally closed on Sunday but it would be especially open just for us. I left and counted the remaining days and hours until that Sunday afternoon. I didn't know how this was going to work out but Linda said she would take care of everything.

I drove into the empty parking lot and walked into the parlor like any other day. Linda was waiting for me in her baby dolls and locked the door behind me. She asked, "Do you have the money?" I nodded and handed her a roll of bills from my pocket. She quickly fingered through the roll and stuffed it into her purse.

"OK" she smiled, "John is already upstairs in my usual room. He thinks that you are a new hire here. He thinks that this place has hired you as a masseur and that you are in training. I have asked him to help me train you by watching me give him a massage. He thinks that I told you that he is a trusted friend. He does not know that you know he is my son. So play along and enjoy the fun!"

I nodded and was going to follow Linda's lead in all this. She led me into another room and we stripped our clothing, and then donned short Japanese style robes. I followed her to her room and halted as she knocked on the door. We heard a faint "come in" and we entered the room.

Linda looked at me and said, "This is my friend, John, who will be getting a massage." Then she looked at John and said, "This is Gil who is new here and he will be watching the massage as part of his training."

Her son John was lying on his stomach. He waved on hand and said "Hello" as I sat cross legged next to the mattress. Linda's son had a very lean athletic body. I think that Linda had told me in a previous session during some idle chat that her son was on the swim team throughout high school and was going to be on the college team. Linda put on some euro-tech music and brought the hot oil to the mattress. Linda removed her robe and motioned for me to do the same. She straddled her son and began to work the hot oil into his back. I was intrigued as I sat in the nude watching Linda give her nude son a massage. I could see that see enjoyed feeling her son's hard muscular body. Just as if she was with a regular customer, she chatted with him and asked him small talk questions. You would have thought he was a student like me getting a massage, not her son.

When she was finished with the backside of his body, she said, "Time to roll over." John rolled on his back as I watched as his cock spring to life. I could see Linda smiling at me as I admired her son's cock. He was big and I guessed him to be about 10 inches.

"Seems someone likes my work" Linda smiled and winked at me.

Her son grinned as his nude mother straddled his stomach pouring hot oil on his chest. She worked her massage technique as usual, working head to foot and back. Working back up his legs, she added oil around his cock and balls. Linda began to stroke her son's cock more sensuously and slowly than I had experienced. I was sitting with a raging hard on and could not touch myself as I watching Linda jack off her son. I was in ecstasy and agony at the same time as I watched. Linda looked over at me with a big grin and knew that I was in heaven watching this. Then she kneeled close to her son and put his cock between her breasts. She squeezed her breasts together with her hands and rubbed his cock up and down. John had his eyes closed but had a big smile on his face as his mother stroked his cock with her breasts.

Linda sensed that her son was ready to cum and returned to stroking him with her hand. She began to stroke him very fast then streams of white cum shot in the air from his cock. I heard John mutter under his breath, "Mom that felt so good." Then I felt like I had to cum too and could no longer hold back. I had never done that before where I was shooting cum on the floor and had not touched myself at all. After I enjoyed my orgasm, I grabbed a towel to wipe the cum from where I was sitting. John had not noticed but his mother was all smiles. She picked up some towels and began to wipe off her son.

"I see that you enjoyed that" smiled Linda.

"It was great mo......... ah Linda," stumbled John.

I took two of Linda's cigarettes and lit one for her. I handed it to her and as she took a large draw from it, I lit one for me. We smoked and exchanged smiles as her son relaxed on the mattress.

Linda spoke up and said, "Well Gil, I hope that helps with part of your training, now it is time for some OJT."

"OJT?" I asked.

"On the Job Training." She grinned mischievously, "It is your turn to massage John while I supervise."

I was taken back as this was not what I expected. She told John to use the bathroom while we changed the sheets. He left out of the room and while Linda started to pull off the used sheets, she said, "It's part of the training story. You are supposed to me a masseur you know."

"I have never really touched a guy and I didn't expect this." I whispered.

"Do this and I will make it up to you next time you get a massage" she smiled and winked, "I have always wanted to see two guys touch each other and it will really turn me on."

We stopped our whispering as John came back in the room. Linda finished changing the sheets and sat close next to the mattress. Her son laid on his stomach again while I rubbed the warm oil between my hands. I had never done this before and figured I would do whatever any of the masseuses had done to me as I poured the oil on her son. I could see that Linda was intently watching and enjoying herself as I began to massage her son. I began to chat with John and found him to be a pretty nice guy. He seemed to be very comfortable being massaged by a guy. I had asked him if he had been massaged by a man before and he told me that the swim coach would give rub downs before and after swim meets. To my surprise, I was beginning to enjoy it as well but not as much as if I was massaging his mother.

Soon it was the moment of truth for me as I asked her son to roll over. John rolled on to his back and I began to massage his chest and arms. He was not turned on as when his mother was massaging him as his cock was limp. I worked down his legs to his feet.

As I started to work back up his legs, Linda asked her son in a soft sensual voice, "John, as part of Gil's training, he is supposes to finish the massage like I do. As a masseur, he does everything that a masseuse does with a male customer. If you are uncomfortable with that, we understand and can stop the massage."

John looked at me and then at his mother and said, "It's OK. I'm fine with Gil giving me a complete massage."

Linda smiled and watched as I massaged her son's thighs. I had never touched another guy before but I was going to go for it. Whatever Linda was going to do special on the next massage, it had better be good. I poured oil over John's cock and it began to spring to life. I decided to jack him like I would jack off myself. It was different having his cock in my hand but I enjoyed the feel of his size. As I was stroking John with my own technique, I watched his mother smile as she began to touch herself. John had his eyes close but had a pleasant look on his face. After about ten minutes of stroking him, Linda had one finger deep in her pussy and another rubbing her clit. I could see that she was having an orgasm but was keeping uncomfortably silent. I could feel John cock swell around his head and I began to rub faster. Soon, his hips lurched upward and streams of cum shot into the air. I let John relax as I lit another cigarette and smiled back at Linda.

After my cigarette, I wiped off her son with fresh towels. Then Linda took my hand and walked me out of the room. She said that she would take care of John from there. She had to lock up and they would be going home. As I dressed, Linda told me that she had always wanted to see two guys do something. Both of us had some fantasies realized that day. She told me to come to the parlor next Wednesday and she would have a "special" massage for me. I went home thinking about that afternoon. I was turned on by Linda doing her son and surprised myself as I enjoyed massaging him too.

I went in the following Wednesday and Linda was waiting for me to show up for my appointment. The massage started as it always had and we discussed how exciting that Sunday session had been for both of us. I was massaging Linda's back when she rolled over and said, "Would you like to taste mommy's pussy?"

I couldn't believe she had said that after being rejected so many times. In a flash, my head was buried between Linda's spread legs. She was indeed very tasty as I had imagined. After a half hour of my best tongue lashing, Linda moaned out in orgasm as her wobbly legs closed against my cheeks. I began to kiss up her stomach when Linda looked down at me and said, "Stick your cock in mommy's pussy."

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