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Dr. Mastermind


Dr. Carter's invention turned the breast enhancement world on its ear as it allowed the patient to determine her breast size any way she desired. After receiving her implant she could hypothetically go to church as an A cup, then to work as a B cup and then out to the dance club as a D or even a double D if she so desired. All of this was done with a hand held remote control that gave her the freedom to choose any look a woman could desire with ease. It was installed with a small incision and could be done in Dr. Carter's office in less than an hour. It is easy to see why this became a very desirable surgery with the only snag being the waiting list to have it performed.

Unknown to the world was the fact that the implant had a duality and the second aspect had a sinister effect on its receivers. Rather than a doctor helping women with their personal image, Dr. Carter was a misogynist whose only goal was to enslave women. The remote given the patient allowed them to change their breast size but the universal remote that only the doctor carried altered their minds into doing whatever the doctor commanded them.

With a few buttons he could turn a housewife into a streetwalker, a businesswoman into a porn star and he did these very things and more, quite often. His prurient interests became increasingly sadistic as he degraded and humiliated his patients at will. He device had famous and beautiful women begging him to allow them to give him oral pleasures. They would plead for his ejaculate to be sprayed on their face while being taped and would even turn to the camera and smile as they let his slime drip down their cheeks. The evil device made them never question why they would do should deviant acts and although embarrassed and humiliated by said acts, they would leave his office with gratitude in their hearts. The tapes, he sold on the internet with the faces altered, were an added source of income but in reality, it was just to cause further embarrassment to the women.

He often attended parties held by his patients and then sometime in the evening would arrange girl on girl orgies with his handheld. He enjoyed seeing the husbands being shocked by their wives actions. Of course, more often than not they seemed to enjoy the show. He also enjoyed inducing the most attractive married patient of his into making a pass at the least attractive male. He always made sure to do this in front of the husband to embarrass even further the woman. To the sick twisted psyche of the doctor, this brought a sexual satisfaction much greater than intercourse. He often wished he could hear the conversations held in the car on the couples' way home. In his imagination he could hear the wife telling her husband she didn't care what he thought she had to have, whatever his name happened to be.

Dr. Carter was using his device for his own pleasure so much he could no longer become aroused by normal sexual relations. At first, he told himself he didn't care but then he finally realized he was now achieving orgasm only by masturbating as he put his patients through sadistic situations while he watched. Although he could see he was traveling down a slippery slope, he kept telling himself that he could stop anytime he desired. He just was enjoying his sick twisted games too much to stop at this time. One would think that a doctor of all people would be able to see the fallacy of such logic but apparently, he could not.

As a fringe benefit he performed the surgery on his all female staff, of course, he didn't mention the benefit was for his enjoyment not his staff's. Soon he found he was putting on so many 'Puppet Shows' as he called them that he had to begin turning away new surgeries for lack of time. Even worse to his practice was his waning desire to perform good surgeries. He found he no longer cared if he did a procedure correctly or not. After a couple of horrific mal-practice suits he lost not only his insurance but also his license to practice medicine.

Still this lost soul could not see how precariously close he was to the edge. As his whole life began to crumble around him, he only cared about his puppets and whatever machinations he could come up with to put them through while he observed. For a few weeks, he began a daily routine of first driving to Beverly Hills to pick up one of his patients unannounced. He then would drive to skid row for the pleasure of observing his puppet giving oral pleasures to bums on bus benches and liquor store parking lots.

The doctor's bad karma was repaid really quite simply as one day he woke up to find he had lost his universal remote. After searching franticly for the device all the while cursing himself for never making a backup he gave up and went to build a replacement. He then found his mind, far too addled from all of the sick twisted things he had done, to remember how to build a new one. One aspect of his device he didn't even know of was that if not used the secondary function went permanently dormant after a short time.

No longer able to practice medicine, no longer able to put on his puppet shows and with a mind filled with rage he quickly spiraled down the social ladder until he hit bottom. Without any notice of the irony of it all, one day he sat at a bus bench in skid row when another person down on his luck plopped down next to him.

"Hey I know you; you're the guy who brought me that gorgeous blond to suck me off. Ya think you can set me up again?"

All the doctor could say was, "Not if my life depended on it."

That was the last anyone saw or heard of Dr. Carter.

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