tagMatureDr May Reid's Reunion Dinner

Dr May Reid's Reunion Dinner


Paul was driving home on a Sunday afternoon. He had just finished his Sunday shift at the car hire firm that he worked weekends. He hadn't finished as he was on call until eight on Monday morning. He had been Duty Manager with the firm since he left school six years ago. It suited him as it gave him an income while he was a University. He had graduated with a Law Degree, and in June of this year, he would have a Doctorate Degree in Law. With his Duty Management job plus his commission, he was earning over forty-five thousand pounds per year. He was a wealthy student.

He lived with his widowed mother who was a Dentist. She had her own practice. Paul and Sue, his mother, both had perfect teeth. Sue insisted that he came once a month for oral hygiene and a checkup. He had never had one filling in his life. Paul had worked hard at University. He didn't socialise at all. Sue had been concerned about him as Paul only occasionally went out socially. His weekend job was the main reason for this as he worked every weekend.

The thing that Sue didn't know was from his first term at University he had been having an affair with Gail, one of his lecturers. She was married, with two grown-up children. She was fifty-nine, her husband was six years older than her and had retired last month. He was watching her closely, but it was impossible for her to get out to play. He would drive her to and collect her from the University. They still saw each other at University, but the affair had now ended. She had taught him so much on how to give a woman pleasure. Paul was very fortunate; he was tall, intelligent and good-looking, he also had a massive cock.

He arrived at their apartment and saw May Reid's car there. May and Sue had been neighbours and gone to school together. They had gone to University together but May had studied Medicine and Sue had studied Dentistry. There was still a strong friendship between them. May was a widow too. He husband had died two weeks after Paul's father. She had a daughter Kay who had a Law degree and was in the second year of her MBA at Harvard University.

Paul had had the hots for May and Kay for years. He had wanted to ask Kay out on a date, but the opportunity had never arisen. Every day he expected to hear that she was going to marry an American that she had met at Harvard. They both had voluptuous bodies. He had once seen May sunbathing naked on her balcony. He still carried that mental picture of her in his head to this day. Before Gail, he often masturbated thinking about her and her curvy body.

May and Sue were sitting in the lounge having a glass of wine. Sue asked, "Darling, what are you doing on Wednesday the twenty-first of May? That's six weeks on Wednesday."

He replied, "Nothing. "

Sue asked, "May's class at University are having a twenty-five-year-old Anniversary Reunion Dinner Dance. May would love to attend this event. It could be boring for you but would you partner May to this event?"

He smiled then said, "I would never be bored when I am with May. I would love to be her partner, but I would like her to know that I don't like to dance every dance."

They both laughed then May put her glass on the coffee table then came over and hugged him. She kissed him on both cheeks. He felt the weight of her enormous breasts on his chest. He also felt her pussy pressing against his leg with a firm circular motion. His cock got hard when she did this. She kept the movement going for thirty seconds. May knew now that she had made him hard.

He said, "I promise to dance every slow dance with you."

She laughed then winked at him and said, "I will hold you to that. I think that we will have a lot of fun. I am looking forward to this event. I believe that there will be only sixty people there which is amazing as the lecture halls held one hundred and fifty students."

Paul asked, "What time will it finish? I won't drink so that I can drive. I have University the next morning."

May replied, "That's good of you. I believe it finishes at one on Thursday morning. The Dinner is at seven-thirty. The speeches start at nine. The band will play for three hours between ten and one. It would be too much for you to drop me off then drive the twenty-five minutes home. You can stay with me and walk the three minutes to University on Thursday morning. "

Sue said, "May, that's a good idea. Paul can wear the White Tuxedo that I bought him for his graduation dinner last year. He looks so distinguished in it. I am so happy that Paul is doing this for you May. He doesn't socialise enough. Paul has got to get out more. In August, he will be working in a Law firm somewhere. Darling, have you made any applications?"

He replied, "Mummy, in June I will have a First Class Honours Doctorate, myself and one other guy are the only two people from our year to have this. There's not a law firm in the country that wouldn't have has. Please don't worry as I still have my car hire job at the weekend."

They all laughed. May was going to stay for supper. Paul had some work to do so he went to the room he used as a study. Forty-five minutes later Sue came to him and asked, "Darling, May shouldn't be driving as she has had too much wine. She is a little tipsy. After supper could you drive her home? I know that's a fifty-minute drive for you. May has suggested that you can stay the night with her and tomorrow after University you can pick her up and bring her here to collect her car. Is that okay with you?"

He replied, "No problem, May has done so much for me. Are you okay being here on your own?"

Sue replied, "Yes darling, I will be fine. I will have an early night as I have a heavy day tomorrow."

He answered, "We will have a takeaway tomorrow evening. Having a hard day and coming home to cook is too much for you. I have a craving for an Indian."

She squeezed his hand and said, "We will do that. We will order from the Sikh restaurant; their food is excellent. Supper will be ready in fifteen minutes."

After supper Sue packed Paul a small overnight bag. Then she walked them to the car. May was okay, but it was safer if she didn't drive. Sue then kissed Paul and May on the cheek, and they left. When they had turned the corner from Sue's apartment May said, "I'm so happy that you will be my partner for the reunion, we can have so much fun, if you want."

She then kissed her fore, and middle fingers then caressed his lips with the two fingers. She slid her middle finger into his mouth which he licked and then suckered. She said, "I was so happy that we had a positive response when we hugged, I look forward to kissing and touching we you get me home."

He smiled then put her hand on his thigh, squeezing it slowly and sensually, she said, "I must be honest with you. I have been attracted to you for a long time. We must be discreet. Sue is my best friend. If we have some fun between ourselves, then I don't have a problem. We are both adults and have needs and desires. Hopefully after tonight, if you have any sexual needs, then I can offer you relief. On the other hand when I have any needs, then I will contact you for relief. How do you feel about that?"

He thought of the mental image of her naked on her balcony and said, "I wouldn't hurt Sue for all the money in the world. She has done so much for me. We must be discreet. If you promise me that you will never tell Sue, then I have no problem with it."

She squeezed his flaccid cock then said, "I promise you that I never will tell Sue about what we do. That's a private matter between ourselves. I need and want you for sex. I am fond of you. All I can give you is sex with discretion. Our secret is safe with me."

She then unzipped his trousers and brought his flaccid cock and balls out; she said, "For fuck's sake, what is this beauty like when it's hard?"

She then went down on him. Her tongue and fingers were everywhere. She skillfully used her tongue to arouse him. They arrived at her apartment, and he was rock hard. She could also take his full length in her mouth. They arrived at her apartment; he put his hard cock back in his trousers. The got into her apartment, and he left his overnight bag in the bedroom he usually slept in. He took his toiletries bag and left it in the bathroom. Sue had left a heart-shaped piece of chocolate in a red covering in his bag. He went into the kitchen where May was pouring herself a glass of wine. She offered him one; he said, "Darling, I am still working, I can be called out at any time until eight tomorrow morning."

She kissed him passionately then said that she would like to freshen up for him and went for a shower. He sent Sue a message to say that they had arrived safely and May had a shower. He also thanked her for the chocolate. Three minutes later she replied, "Darling, thanks for the message. I am in bed now. I have been thinking; I know that May is very fond of you. I saw the way that she was pushing her hips against you when she was hugging you. I have no problem with that. May is a great friend of mine. She has needs and requirements like everyone else. You are a handsome young man. I have no idea if you have any interest in an older woman."

"What I am trying to say to you is if you end up in bed with May then I am comfortable with that. If you have no interest in her, then please let her down gently. If you want a sexual adventure with her, then make sure she understands that's all that it will be. Three years ago I met a guy online. We wrote and chatted. We then met for a coffee. He was still wearing his wedding ring. He could only meet me in the morning or afternoon. Never in the evening or at the weekends. I was so depressed; I had spent three months dreaming about a man that would hold and cuddle me. He only wanted a quick fuck when it suited him."

"I came offline then and would never go back online. Please don't hurt May. I am comfortable if you want sex with her but make sure she understands that is what you can only offer her. One day you will meet a girl that you want to have children and spend the rest of your life with. May can give you a lot of sexual knowledge and experience. Darling, I know that you will do the right thing, I don't want May hurt. I love you, Mummy."

He replied, "Mummy, thanks for your good advice. In the car coming here, we discussed the situation. I told her that I would do nothing to hurt you and her. We will use each other for sex and friendship. We have both agreed to be discreet, which I think is the best way forward. We tongue kissed when we arrived here. I enjoyed that. To be honest with you I enjoy being with big breasted mature women, though I don't have a lot of experience. I am happy that you have written to me. If you think about it, you and May are the most important women in my life; I love you too."

May came into the lounge; she was wearing a bathrobe. He decided not to tell her what Sue and he had been writing about. They had agreed the conditions in the car, and Sue main concern was that she didn't want May hurt. He stood up and took May in his arms. She undid the belt of her bathrobe, then let it slide off her shoulders. She had a fantastic body. Her vulva was smooth and swollen with a perfect slit. He stripped naked in seconds; his cock was still hard. It had got harder when he had seen her beautiful naked body. He thought that he must take control now. He hadn't initially with Gail; the sex had got much better when he was in control.

He laid her on the carpet, in a position that they could sixty-nine, they then went down on each other. He spread her cunt lips open, and out popped a big hooded clitoris, it was like a little cock. He started to suck it as he slid two fingers inside her wet cunt. She moaned with pleasure then spread her legs open wide. She was skillfully sucking his cock, her tongue teasing his bulbous tip. Fifteen minutes later he was fisting her cunt as he sucked her clitoris. She loved it. She was gripping his fist with her strong cunt muscles. She was so wet her cunt was squelching. He thought I must own her tonight.

He then used her cunt juice as lube. He started with one finger then two, now he had three fingers inside her ass. She was now pushing her butt against his three fingers. He then made her bend over an armchair; she used the arms to balance herself. He then centred his bulbous tip in the centre of her ass hole. With a gentle thrust, he slid inside her ass doggy style. It felt so good and tight. He was also teasing her hard clitoris with his index and middle fingers. He knew that she would orgasm soon as the tip of his cock was intensively stimulating her G-spot. He was riding her hard and deep, seven minutes later she had a massive orgasm. She shook with it, but he kept pounding her ass. He said, "You will have another stronger orgasm in the next few minutes. Do you like how your toy-boy is ass fucking you?"

May replied, "Darling, I fucking love it. That was the strongest orgasm that I have had ever had in my life. You're the second man to ever ass fuck me, and that was at University. I have no problem that you're my toy-boy. My God, you know how to fuck, I thought that I would have to teach you."

She had a stronger orgasm five minutes later. She shook with this one. She screamed, "I fucking love it. Do my cunt now. Go hard and deep."

He pulled out then went into her pussy doggy style. Once again he teased her clitoris with his two fingers. She came several times, but he kept pounding her. Forty minutes later the both climaxed within seconds of each other. He pulled out and turned her around. The kissed gently but with feeling. She said, "That was the best fuck of my life. This will be our secret. We must be so careful as Sue is a brilliant woman. I am so glad that you feel for me. We will have a lot of fun. Should we book a room in the Hotel where the Reunion Dinner will be?"

He replied, "No, in six weeks you will be so noisy when I fuck you. We must be discreet. May, I could fall in love with you, and you may fall in love with me but remember that our time together, we are only using each other for good varied sex."

The went to bed, and May was asleep five minutes later. Paul lay awake thinking about what had happened. He was glad that he had slept with May. She was an excellent ride. He would do her again in the morning. She was better than Gail and Gail was excellent. He had never imagined in his wildest dreams of having sex with May. He could now have whenever he wanted her. He was also happy that he had been honest with Sue. Sue had done so much for him, and so had May. He fell asleep a contented man.

He woke the next morning at six, May was awake and sucking his cock. She was good. He slid two fingers inside her wet cunt. He left them there and lay there enjoying her giving him a blow job. Ten minutes her cunt was very wet, and his cock was rock hard. He then realised that when May sucked his cock, it made her pussy wet. She then lay down, and he went inside her in the missionary position. She had her legs spread, and her ankles were around his neck. For the next fifty minutes, he pounded her. She was gripping at the base and tip of each thrust.

They both climaxed within seconds of each other. May pulled him close and kissed him with a lot of feeling. She said, Darling, that was terrific, I love it when you go deep. I was thinking of Wednesday afternoon. I know that your last lecture finishes at twelve. Is it possible that you could be here just after twelve? I am meeting Sue at three, and we will go shopping. That would give us over two hours together."

He replied, "That's not a problem, I will be here then. If anything turns up, then I will message you."

May smiled then left the bedroom. She returned two minutes later with a small packet in her hands. She said, "Darling, at eleven-thirty take one-half of one of these tablets. By doing this then I will have your cock hard for two hours, we can do so much in two hours."

They kissed, and he put the packet of twenty-eight into his toiletries bag. They then showered. May cooked an excellent full breakfast. He filled the dishwasher, and he walked to his first lecture at nine. It was a relaxed morning as it was all revisionary work. At twelve-fifteen he had a message from Sue, it read, "Darling, the first implant is done, and it went better than I could have hoped for. The second is this afternoon, and this is tricky as it's for a woman in her mid-seventies. I will be home around six. I could order a Thali for us from the Sikh restaurant and pick it up on the way home. What do you think? I'm looking forward to a nice glass of wine tonight. I bet you are too as you have had nothing since Thursday. Love, Mum."

He replied, "Great idea, do it, I will be home around five-thirty. I will be a couple of glasses in front of you. Love Paul."

They had a great meal and a stress-free evening. Sue didn't ask about May, and he didn't mention her at all. He was happy about this. Wednesday was wonderful. He took his pill and arrived at May's just after twelve. She opened the door wearing only a bathrobe. He left just after two-thirty, he had given her multiple orgasms in both holes. She had licked and sucked his cock clean afterwards. They showered together. When he left his cock was still hard.

On Wednesday evening Sue told him that May had bought a beautiful gown for the Reunion Dinner, it had cost her over four hundred pounds. She had also spent fortunes on lingerie. Sue said, "I'm so happy that you are taking May to this Reunion, it means so much to her. The gown is stunning and shows up her massive breasts perfectly. A lot of men will be looking at her on the night."


I would love suggestions on how to bring this story forward. I welcome any suggestions.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous08/27/18

I found this hard to read both on a flowing and making sense level and a textual level. Some suggestions from a fellow writer and avid reader.
***people don't normally refer to their parent by their namesmore...

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by oldwayne08/18/18

Good tale!

I don't see too much need for improvement. I gave it Five Stars!

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by nthusiastic08/17/18

2 Points

It sounded really odd when they were talking in the car and he said, "I wouldn't hurt Sue for all the money in the world. She's done so much for me, etc." This certainly didn't seem like a young manmore...

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by Anonymous08/09/18

future fun

I would love to see the story evolve into a threesome with Paul, May and Sue. Further along possibly a foursome with Kay

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by Anonymous08/09/18

Awesome story

Love the path this is taking. I hope he eventually gets to fuck Sue as well. Please continue.

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