tagInterracial LoveDr. Mona Hersi of Somalia

Dr. Mona Hersi of Somalia


"Alright, Doc, here goes nothing, I am butch, and proudly lesbian, and I've got submissive tendencies," said Ramona "Ram" Gutierrez, and the six-foot-tall, short-haired, tattooed and muscular young Colombian-Canadian woman leaned back on the couch, and exhaled sharply. There was a hollow, almost haunted look in her chestnut eyes, and a hush fell over the small, neatly decorated psychiatrist's office...

"Nothing wrong with having submissive desires, even if you're a butch lesbian," Dr. Mona Hersi replied, and the tall, attractive, Hijab-wearing, thirty-something, Somali-Canadian psychiatrist nodded empathically at her patient. For over a month now, she'd been treating Ramona Gutierrez, ever since the butch gal had a nervous breakdown at her job at the trucking company in the Train Yards area of Ottawa, Ontario.

Life hadn't been kind to Ramona Gutierrez this year, not with losing her father Pablo Gutierrez and her former partner Leslie Jacobson leaving her for another woman. With her father gone, Ramona had become a pillar for the Gutierrez family to lean on. Her mother Anna Maria Gutierrez suffered from dementia. Her younger brother Antonio was dating a white chick named Becky whose redneck family did not approve of their relationship. And Antonio turned to his older sister Ramona for help.

Meanwhile, Ramona Gutierrez was hurting, and nobody knew about it because the strong Latina butch hid her feelings. That's the problem with being a strong person whether you're male or female, straight or gay. You are always there to help people and they assume you never need help because you're not big on whining. Such is the case for Ramona Gutierrez, Colombian-born trucker and out and proud butch lesbian. Fortunately, Dr. Hersi was trying her best to help...

"You see, Doc, it's not that simple, in the lesbian community, femmes and butches have well known and established roles, what I'm into, well, it doesn't fly with my fellow butches or the femmes," Ramona mused, and Dr. Hersi looked at her thoughtfully. Truth be told, she'd been surprised by Ramona's admission of her submissive tendencies, and kind of thrilled. Now we're getting somewhere, Dr. Hersi thought. The cracks in Ramona's armor were beginning to show...

"Ramona, you are a person, first and foremost, before the labels of lesbian or butch or Latina or whatever, you are a human being, you must be true to yourself," Dr. Hersi remarked, and Ramona sighed deeply. For a long moment, the attractive, strong-looking butch gal fell silent. Dr. Hersi wondered what was going on behind Ramona's unconventionally attractive face, and figured that the butch gal would tell her soon enough...

"Doc, what I'm into, what I dream about, most of the femmes in the lesbian community can't handle it, I fantasize about getting tied up and spanked, and led around the house naked on a leash, that's too extreme for femmes, they're used to being dominated by butches, not the other way around," Ramona lamented, and she shook her head. I am never going to find a woman who accepts me for me, Ramona thought, anguished at her own dilemma.

"Ramona, my dear, you are strong and beautiful, and honest about your desires instead of hiding them behind the butch façade, heaven knows we need women like you," Dr. Hersi said, and Ramona nodded thoughtfully. That's when a light bulb went on in Ramona's mind, so to speak, and the butch Latina looked at the curvy, Hijab-wearing Somali psychiatrist, and gasped in surprise. Did she hear the good doctor correctly?

"Doc, did I hear you correctly? You said 'we'? I mean, are you gay?" Ramona asked, and a coy smile appeared on Dr. Hersi's lovely face. The beautiful Somali-Canadian psychiatrist nodded, and Ramona stared at her, astonished. In the back of her mind, Ramona knew that lesbians and bisexual women were found in every race, every religion and every nationality. Hell, she'd fooled around with Rasta women from Jamaica, blonde-haired soccer moms from the suburbs, and everything in between. Still, never in her wildest dreams did Ramona ever imagine that she'd ever meet a Hijab-wearing lesbian from Somalia...

"Yes, Ramona, you heard correctly, I am a lesbian, and I've been out of the closet for six months, my parents are learning to deal with it but life is okay," Dr. Mona Hersi said, and Ramona nodded, still processing it all. She was still gawking when Dr. Hersi rose from her desk, and joined her on the couch for some reason. Ramona held her breath as the good doctor sat next to her, and suddenly, Dr. Hersi's beautiful face was dangerously close to hers...

"Welcome to the club," Ramona Gutierrez said timidly, and Dr. Mona Hersi smiled, and then took her face into her hands. As the butch gal's heart went pitter-patter, the Somali psychiatrist drew closer, until their faces were an inch apart. That's when they kissed. Doctor and patient kissed passionately, and it was a long time before they came up for air, so to speak. Ramona smiled shyly at Dr. Mona Hersi, who winked at her without fear or shame. From that moment on, their lives would never be the same...

"You can always be yourself around me," Dr. Mona Hersi said to Ramona Gutierrez, and the tall butch Latin gal nodded sagely. Three days after that unforgettable session, the two of them were hanging around downtown Ottawa, doing a bit of shopping. Hand in hand, Mona and Ramona walked into Pleasures N Treasures on Rideau Street, one of Ottawa's best-known adult video and toy stores.

"This is so hot," Ramona said, and she impulsively kissed Mona, even while the adult video store clerk, a portly white woman, gawked. The clerk probably wasn't used to seeing tall butch Latin women make out with attractive, dark-skinned Somali women wearing the Hijab. Ignoring her, Ramona and Mona took a look at various DVDs and toys, and then settled on a strap-on dildo, a few handcuffs, and some condoms. Mona paid for the items using her Royal Bank of Canada credit card, and then left the store, holding hands with a smiling Ramona. The two women got in Mona's car, and drove to her lovely townhouse in the Ogilvie area of Ottawa.

"Hello gorgeous," Mona Hersi said, as she joined Ramona in the shower. The tall butch gal feasted her eyes on the Somali beauty's enchanting form. Five foot ten inches tall, curvy and sexy, with dark brown skin and long black hair which she almost always hid under her Hijab, Mona Hersi was frigging gorgeous. And Ramona felt self-conscious standing in front of her. Smiling, Mona drew closer to Ramona and embraced her. Ramona kissed Mona, and giggled when the aggressive Somali femme grabbed her ass cheeks and gave them a squeeze.

"You're so bossy, I like it," Ramona whispered, as Mona continued to kiss her. The two of them caressed each other, and just like that, they began making love in the shower. Mona held Ramona against the wall, and sucked on her breasts while fingering her pussy. Ramona gasped as Mona's fingers entered her wet, hairy mound, and she finally let go, and enjoyed what her feisty lover was doing to her.

"Oh babe, you have no idea," Mona said, as she took Ramona by the hand, and led her to the bedroom. stark naked, their curvy bodies wet from the shower, the two women tumbled on the bed. Ramona lay there as Mona spread her thick thighs and ate her pussy. When Mona fingered her cunt and teased her clitoris with her tongue, Ramona squealed in delight, butch lesbian pride be damned. Mona grinned, knowing that she had Ramona where she wanted her...

"Fuck me," Ramona pleaded, and Mona grinned, and donned her favorite toy, a shiny blue strap-on dildo. The two women looked at each other. Gone were the labels of butch lesbian and femme lesbian, Somali woman and Colombian woman. Only two women remained, and they were eager to make love. Ramona spread her thighs invitingly, and a smiling Mona pressed the dildo against her pussy. Bucking her hips while raising Ramona's thick legs in the air, Mona began fucking her sexy butch lover.

"Ask and you shall receive," Mona said, and she leaned into Ramona, who kissed her passionately. Mona thrust the dildo deep into Ramona's cunt, and the sturdy butch woman moaned deeply, loving what her favorite bossy femme was doing to her. The two women took their time as they made love, and found new pathways to pleasure. At some point, Ramona found herself on all fours, as Mona fucked her vigorously, smacking her big ass while slamming the dildo into her. For hours the two of them went at it, until the forces of exhaustion finally claimed them...

"I'm glad I met you," Ramona said, smiling, as she gathered Mona in her arms. Smiling, Mona kissed Ramona tenderly, and pulled the sheets over their sweaty, spent bodies. For the remainder of the evening, they made love, cooked, ate, watched television, and made love some more. To many more days like this one, Mona thought as she fell asleep in Ramona's strong and loving arms.

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