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Dr. Phil is a Buzzkill



This is something new. It's a parody of Dr Phil, a hard, kinky partier that expects others to abide by the rules...unless it involves him fucking them. It contains harsh racial language, but it's not meant to be serious. It's a sex parody, nothing more. It's all in good fun...and sex...Enjoy


Dr Phil was making his rounds as a women's college basketball coach, making sure everything was picked up in the locker room. He saw 18 year old freshman guard Rosario Dawson smoking a blunt, while she was playing with her beautiful, big tits. She also had her tight shorts down and was fingering her neatly trimmed pussy. Dr Phil smirked, knowing he had her and he intended to do something...kinky...with her. Rosario had an attitude problem. She hated authority figures and especially white ones. She only went to this college, because her mom did and she talked her into it.

"HEY!! What the hell are you doing?" Dr Phil yelled out. Rosario was startled and quickly fixed her clothes and tried to get rid of the blunt, but it was too late. She shot back at him quickly.

"None of your motherfucking business, cracker." She looked so fucking hot in her sports bra and short shorts. Those gorgeous full lips of her's were on full display, as well.

Dr Phil grabbed the blunt and smelled it, making sure it was weed. "You better watch that smart mouth of yours, young lady."

"Shittt, what the fuck you gonna do bout it whiteboy?" She smarted off again.

He surprised Rosario by smoking the blunt, puffing and exhaling like a pro. "This is some good shit." He remarked and kept on smoking.

"Ha, what fuck you know bout weed white devil?" Rosario said angrily.

"Well, I know it's illegal to possess it on this campus and you were playing with yourself in public, so that's two violations for you and if my mind serves me correctly, aren't you two violations from being expelled, bitch?" He shot back.

"Hey, you can't report me... I...I can't get expelled, come on man, ok?" She softened her attitude all of a sudden. She looked at him with an innocent smile and those beautiful dark brown eyes, asking for forgiveness.

"Well I'm sure we could work something out." Dr Phil put the blunt out and reached over to grope Rosario's big, natural brown tits. He squeezed them and rubbed her thick nipples, they were hard already.

"Hey, wait a fucking minute. Get your fucking white cracker hands off me bitch!" She slapped his hands away. Dr Phil got his phone and called campus security to report Rosario.

"Wait wait...come on man, you can't report me... I'm sorry I called you bitch and white devil and shit. " Rosario tried to reason with him.

"Show me your fucking tits, NOW BITCH!!" Dr Phil looked at her with a very serious look. Rosario hated him touching her, but she thought she could just flash him and he'd not report her. She reluctantly pulled her sports bra up to show him those beautiful, natural D cups. He immediately squeezed them and shook them hard. She let him grope her, with a disgusted look on her face.

"Why the mean look baby? I know you like it, your fucking nipples are rock hard." He pulled them and shook them hard, twisting them and rubbing them fast with his big thumbs. Rosario bit her lip, trying to hide the pleasure she felt from his groping. She rubbed her legs together and closed her eyes, loving his nipple play, but not daring to let him know. He kept pleasuring her big tits and hard nipples. He pulled them as far as they would go and let them plop back into place. He did that over and over. He slapped her tits harder and harder, squeezing them so hard, her tits turned white. He let them go and slapped her nipples quickly and harshly.

Rosario let out a small moan, accidently, and he smiled. She loved every second of his tit domination of her. She kept rubbing her legs together. Dr Phil saw it and told her, "Baby, there's no need to hide it. Pull your shorts down and let me see you play with that sweet pussy."

" Hey, wait a minute cracker. I let you play with my tits, that's enough." Rosario slapped his hands away again.

"OK see you on the streets bitch. Nice knowing you." He dialed campus security again.

Rosario was so mad, and still turned on. She decided to relent and show him her pussy. "OK, hang up. I'll show you my pussy." He hung up the phone and laughed, smiling big. He had another idea.

"How about we just get right to the point and you wrap those sexy lips around my big cock and suck it?" He said with a big, shit eating grin on his face, as he pulled out his huge cock and began stroking it.

"Wait what? I'm not sucking your white devil cock? I don't care how big and thick it is, mmmmm, I'm not sucking that cracker dick. Put that shit away, cracker." She stared at his huge cock, licking her lips and shook her head. She couldn't stop looking at Dr Phil's cock. It was the biggest one she had ever seen.

Dr Phil picked up his phone again, to dial campus security. Rosario grabbed his arm and said angrily, "OK OK, I'll suck your white devil cock OK?" Dr Phil put his phone down and pushed her to her knees. He smacked his huge cock on her face and rubbed it on her lips. She looked disgusted, but she did what he wanted. She sucked him in reluctantly.

"Yeah bitch, suck your new man's cock, slut. Suck it fucking good!" He said.

"You ain't gonna be my man, cracker, motherfucker, that's for damn sure bitch!" She spit on his huge cock and sucked it. She spit on it again and sucked it again. She repeated it, over and over, looking at him with a "I hate you" look.

Dr Phil grabbed Rosario's thick hair and smacked her face, as he face fucked her harder and harder, slamming his huge white cock all the way down her sucking throat. She was getting turned on by his rough, sexual aggression and she started playing with her very wet pussy. She dug getting smacked while having sex. She was a kinky freak and she was finding out, so was he. Rosario grunted and jumped, as she felt him pissing down her throat. He held her head in place. His cock was so thick there wasn't any room for the piss to leak out around it. She had no choice but to swallow it.

She figured she would at least get off from him making her swallow his piss, so she rubbed her pussy rapidly. Her hand a blur rubbing so fast on her pussy. She squirted all over her hand and the floor. He smiled as he kept pissing down her fast swallowing throat. She was so turned on having to do something so taboo, she fucking loved every second of it. She moaned so loud and strong, as she gave herself to the white devil, who took her blunt and who almost had her expelled.

Dr Phil finally stopped pissing down her throat and pulled out. "Thank me for the drink whore." Rosario looked at him disgusted, but also turned on. "I FUCKING SAID, THANK ME FOR THE FUCKING DRINK WHORE!!"

"Thank you for pissing down my throat white devil." Dr Phil smiled and picked her up, yanking off her tight shorts and thong. He bent her over the bench and slammed his huge white devil cock all the fucking way up her gorgeous brown ass. She yelled in delight. She fucking loved rough sex and rough anal even more. "POUND MI CULO DEMONIO BLANCO!!" Rosario said, in her sexiest voice, to pound her ass white devil. She loved his huge cracker cock all the way in her beautiful ass. He slammed his cock relentlessly all the way up Rosario's ass

She rubbed her throbbing hard clit so fucking fast she couldn't speak. Her ass was on fire in the best possible way. "Si Si Si PAPI!! POUND MI CULO!!" Rosario squirted again all over the floor. Dr Phil started pissing in Rosario ass, while he pounded it like a jackhammer. She yelled and moaned in delight, uncontrollably. He pulled out and turned her around on her knees. She opened her mouth wide and stuck out her long sexy tongue, as Dr Phil blasted his huge wad in her mouth. His thick creamy nut delighting Rosario's taste buds. She moaned and swallowed every drop and sucked him completely dry. She smiled up at him and looked at him with those beautiful eyes. She kept sucking and licking his huge white cock.

"Well babe, I think we are good now, but I think we may need to repeat this daily, for the rest of the year." Dr Phil smiled big at her. Since there was another 6 months left in the school year, Rosario knew they would be having a whole lot of fun.

She smiled big and said, "Si papi. We definitely should." She kissed his cock and they both laughed. Dr Phil for the win.

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by gunhilltrain07/11/18

Dr. Phil has been ripe for a parody

It's not that he is a therapist, it's that he has turned himself into a celebrity while hectoring ("opening a can of whoop-ass") on his various "guests." His segments are not therapy sessions but littlemore...

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