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Dr. Reid's New Research


A/N: I do not own the character of Dr. Spencer Reid, I'm just borrowing him for a bit... Also, this is an "AU" story... Alternate Universe... What would Dr. Reid do after he got tired of the BAU? He'd get another doctorate, that's what!

* * * * * * * *

Melina was enjoying her short vacation. She'd checked into this resort that had hot pools and a spa and had already spent a few hours in the hot pool after checking in the night before and had just now finished a very relaxing massage.


Melina turned around to face a tall slim man who looked like a geeky student.

"Hello, I am Dr. Spencer Reid. I was wondering if I could talk to you for a moment."

Seeing no harm in this, Melina nodded. She then followed him to a quieter area of the lobby.

"Dr. Reid, is it?"


"What kind of doctor are you?"

"Well, I hold doctorates in Mathematics, Chemistry and Engineering as well as Bachelors degrees in Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy."


"The reason I'm here is that I'm working on another doctorate."

"Really? In what this time?"



"Yes. And as part of my research, well actually, it's a group research, there's 6 of us working on this research, we're updating the data acquired by researchers like Masters and Johnson and Hite. Would you mind participating in a survey?"

"How long will this take?"

"Well, that depends on you to a certain extent. See, there are four parts to this survey. If you agree to answer the verbal questions, it would take a little over an hour and then you'd get free lunch. If you agreed to the other three parts, it would take longer but the rewards also get bigger."

"What kind of rewards?"

"For participating in parts two and three, you'd get a night's stay free and if you agree to part four, you get two free nights as well as some gifts."

"Okay, I'm intrigued. If part one is a questionnaire, what are parts two, three and four?"

"Well, why don't we start with part one and then I'll tell you more. Would you follow me?"

Dr. Reid led Melina to a room where a computer was set up. He sat at the computer and motioned for her to sit in the recliner next to the computer table.

"Make yourself comfortable."

"But not to the point of falling asleep though, right?"

"That wouldn't be helping me fill out the questionnaire, indeed."

Melina sat and partially reclined. Dr. Reid moved the mouse and got his program started.

"Just to reassure you, this is not being recorded in any manner and all your answers will be kept confidential. If you noticed, I didn't even ask you your name and that is to keep this study as anonymous and confidential as possible. So you can feel free to answer truthfully and honestly. Shall we start?


Over the next hour, Melina got to answer questions about her discovery of sex as a child, about her first kiss, her first sexual encounter, etc. She also answered questions about her current sexual habits. The questionnaire took a little more than an hour. Throughout the questionnaire, as Melina answered, Dr. Reid would tell her the percentage of women who'd answered the same as her in past studies and in the current study. Dr. Reid had a way about him that put Melina at ease and she ended up enjoying the morning.

Then, Dr. Reid took Melina to lunch in the restaurant at the spa. There, once they had picked their food, Dr. Reid proceeded to tell Melina about the other phases.

"Phase two involves a study of physiological responses to various visual stimuli. We would have you laying down on a bed in our lab and put some sensors on you. Then, with an overhead camera, we'd show you various images and record your responses. This is a lot like Masters and Johnson did back in the 60s only we've updated some of the images. Think you can handle that?"

"I think so."

"Phase three is a continuation of phase two but instead of visual stimuli, it's physical."

"What do you mean by physical?"

"Touch mostly. But that's what would get you the one night free accommodation."

"And phase four?"

"We'd discuss that only after phase three."

Seeing her disappointed look, Dr. Reid leaned in and said

"I'll let you in on it if you promise not to tell anyone I didn't follow all the rules..."

Melina leaned in and said "I promise"

"Phase four is where we get to test some products for various manufacturers."


"I've already told you more than I should."

Just then, their food came and Dr. Reid reverted to talk about the area and the spa. Melina smiled as Dr. Reid frequently quoted statistics about various things. It seemed to her that there was no subject that Dr. Reid didn't know about. He was amazing. Melina found herself quite taken by the doctor and enjoyed the meal a lot. They finished their meals and as promised, he took out his card to pay and then asked Melina if she was ready to continue.

Being a curious person, Melina accepted. After all, participating in a little research and getting a free night's stay out of it was worth it.

They made their way to the lab, a room without any windows. There was a bed, like a hospital bed as well as a series of instruments linked to a computer. There was also a corner with a privacy curtain and a robe.

"If you could go undress and put on the robe."

Melina did as she was told as Dr. Reid left the room for a few minutes. She heard him come back in and he spoke.

"We seem to have lost our research assistants for the afternoon. We had a nurse and an assistant set to work with us but they both left. I am fully capable of doing this without their help, I'm just wondering if you feel comfortable doing this without the presence of a female nurse."

Melina, feeling totally comfortable with Dr. Reid, specially after their meal together, told him it was fine. When she came out, Dr Reid said that he first had to take some measurements. He measured almost every part of her body, including her feet and hands and, of course, her chest, waist and hips but also her breasts. He then said that a few more measurements would be taken later. Melina wondered what more could be measured but kept that question to herself.

Then, Dr. Reid pointed to the bed and said "Please lie down and loosen up the robe so I can attach the sensors."

Dr. Reid very professionally attached sensors to her chest and hands and then, blushing furiously, said "there is one more sensor and we have to put it in ourselves but it won't hurt at all, it's rather small, see? Like a pencil."

Melina looked at it and realized where that last sensor would go.

"I'll be as gentle as possible. This one keeps track of temperature and moisture in your vagina. It's actually very sensitive to changes so it records minute differences in response."

As he spoke, Dr. Reid carefully parted Melina's vaginal lips and gently inserted the pencil-like device. After all the sex talk of the morning, Melina couldn't help but react a bit to the touch of a man's hand on her genitals but managed to remain calm.

Then, he positioned a screen over her head and explained:

"First, we'll show you some very neutral pictures to establish a baseline and then we'll move on to progressively more sexual pictures. Feel free to react, don't hold back. The only thing we ask you not to do is move your hands or body, okay?"


The first pictures were of mountains, lakes, trees, and other scenery. Then, came pictures of people. The pictures stayed on the screen for about ten seconds each, time enough to take in the whole image. As the images got bolder, they stayed on slightly longer and altered with the neutral pictures. Then, the people in the images were naked. Then, the images focused on specific body parts. Soon, the body parts shown were more sexual: breasts, vulvas, penises.

Then, the pictures showed two people together, kissing, or caressing, the caressing and touching getting bolder. Melina had started reacting a while ago and was now quite turned on. When the pictures started showing sexual acts, Melina really had to resist touching herself.

When Dr. Reid stopped the test, Melina was almost sad that it was over. Dr. Reid wasted no time and proceeded to the next phase.

"This phase involves touch, yours and mine. Being careful not to disturb the sensors, please go ahead and touch your breasts and only your breasts."

Melina caressed her breasts slowly and then teased her nipples for a while.

"That's good, now proceed to caressing yourself on the vulva. Just be careful not to displace the sensor in your vagina."

Melina reached down with one hand and caressed herself. Dr. Reid gave her plenty of time to play with herself. Soon, Melina was getting close to orgasm and that's when he chose to stop her.

"Okay, we'll stop here."

"What? You've got to be kidding!"

"Sorry, that's what the study requests that we do. I'm going to show you the same neutral pictures as before to get you back close to your baseline. This is important to distinguish the results of the two types of touch. So please, try to relax and get back to neutral."

Dr. Reid gave Melina some water and allowed her to go use the washroom. He got her talking about the weather and about the pictures and soon, Melina's body was back to what the doctor referred to as neutral.

"Okay, now we're ready for the next step. I'd like to put this blindfold on you so you can't see where I'm going to touch you or see the screen that tells me what to do and for how long."

Melina was a bit tense at first. Soon, she felt the hands of Dr. Reid on her head. He caressed her face, her hair and touched her gently, soothingly. Melina felt herself relax. His touch was light yet enticing and Melina felt herself wanting more of his touch.

When he leaned in and kissed her softly on the forehead, Melina was surprise and then found herself looking forward to feeling his lips on hers. Sure enough, he made his way to her lips and kissed her. When he parted her lips with his tongue, she eagerly responded. Instinctively, her hand went to his arm and he stopped the kissing.

"Please try not to move."

Melina put her hand back down and felt him resume his kissing. He kissed her deeply and thoroughly, leaving her almost breathless when he proceeded to kiss her neck. He then stopped and caressed her shoulders, her arms and her stomach and then, her breasts. Melina couldn't help but arch her back slightly at the touch. Soon, under his expert touch, her nipples were standing straight up. He paused for a moment and then said

"I hope you don't mind but one of the things I have to measure is the diameter and height of your nipples when fully erect."

Melina felt something touching her nipple and found that it was rather cool, making her nipple even harder. As soon as he was done noting the measurements he'd taken, Dr. Reid resumed caressing her breasts, and teasing her nipples. Then, Melina felt hot lips on her breasts and nipples and moaned. She could feel his lips arch into a smile as he continued to kiss and lick and suck on her nipples. Melina almost cried when he stopped paying attention to her breasts.

Then, she realized better touches were soon to come as she felt his hands on her legs, moving upwards. When he reached her vulva, his touch was light and teasing. Then, he pressed down on her with a flat hand, creating a deliciously wicked pressure on her lips as well as her clitoris. Melina then felt him gently part her pussy lips and press one finger down in the valley. The pressure was sweet torture.

The touching got bolder, more insistent, teasing her clit and the inner lips around her vagina. Then, sweet joy, Melina felt his lips on her thigh. His lips made their way to the center and together with his long fingers, parted her lips. The feeling of his tongue on her nub made her push off the bed, seeking more.

"Please don't stop. Please tell me you won't stop like earlier."

Melina was so turned on, she was only moments away from what could be a mind-blowing orgasm. The doctor's tongue was teasing her nub, pushing her relentlessly towards that wonderful abyss.

"Don't stop, please don't stop!"

Melinda pleaded.

However, the doctor disappointed her once again and stopped.

"Sorry, the protocol says we can't let you attain orgasm."

"But Masters and Johnson studied orgasm!"

"Like I said earlier, we're updating parts of theirs and others' studies, not all of them. Sorry. Please try to relax again."

When she had relaxedsome, Dr. Reid took the blindfold off of her and proceeded to take the sensors off as gently as he could. He also withdrew the pencil-like sensor from her vagina and set it aside.

"We're done with phase three."

Melina saw the sheepish smile on his face and smiled herself.

"So tell me what is phase four?"

"Well, this adult toy manufacturer is sponsoring the study as long as we test the market for some of their older and then new toys. From our earlier discussion, I know that you've used a dildo but not a vibrator so this will be your opportunity to experience a few models. And you get to keep a few of the toys."

"Sounds interesting."

"You ready to start testing?"

Melina noted the enthusiasm in the doctor and smiled. She discreetly noted the bulge in his pants and wondered if she'd get to try out that toy too. Lord knows she wanted to after being so close and then denied. Dr. Reid pulled a bag from the corner of the room and pulled out several packages. He handed a few to Melina and she laughed at some of the descriptions.

"Let's start with the one you're holding. Huh, what's funny?"

"Nipple luscious vibe suction grrl? Is this for real?"

"Yeah, it is."

The doctor positioned the two mini pumps onto her nipples and turned them on. Melina felt a small squeezing motion and some tickling more than anything else.

"I don't think this is too effective."


"So I take it this is not stimulating a sexual response?"

"Not really. Do we have to pursue this any further?"

"No. We'll take a look at something else."

He grabbed another package and showed it to Melina.

"Don wands glass pleasure wand blue nubby? What's so special about this? Looks like a glass dildo."

"It's classified as an eco toy."

"Eco toy?"

"All plastics are derivatives of petroleum so this one being made of glass makes it more Eco-friendly."

"But wouldn't it be kind of cold and unyielding?"

"Well, let's try it and then we can note your reactions. Would you like to do the honours or would you like me to?"

"I'll let you. More fun that way."

The doctor gently pressed the glass wand against her pussy lips and heard a sharp intake of breath from Melina.

"That is kind of cold indeed."

He continued to press in and then gently pulled out and pushed back in, simulating the copulation mechanism. The ribbing of the wand felt nice and Melina told him so. He then withdrew the toy and said

"Let's try another. This is the "Don Wand Pink Deluxe Swirl Real Tip."

Without hesitation, he pushed the tip of this new one into her wet pussy. He moved it back and forth and around some, making her moan and squirm on the bed.

"So how is this one?"


"Nicer than the previous one?"


He then pulled it out and Melina moaned her discontent.

"We are now going to try the Body Heat Self Warming Vibe. It's supposed to warm up and feel like the real thing."

Joining action to words, he pushed the vibrator into her pussy and changed some of the settings. He then moved the vibrator in the same way he'd moved the previous one, making Melina moan loudly. As he was trying the various settings, Melina was getting more and more turned on, frequently lifting her hips off the bed to meet the doctor's thrusts. As she was nearing release, once again, he withdrew the toy.

"You are one big tease, Dr. Reid."

"Here is another one that doubly stimulates a woman. It has a dildo part and a clitoral vibrator too."

Again, he slipped it into her with ease. Soon, he had her writhing and moaning and nearing orgasm again.

"Don't stop, please."

Despite her pleading, the doctor once again stopped short just before Melina could come."

"This is getting frustrating you know!"

"I know. Just one more. This one actually requires you to get off the bed. It's called the Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Hot Seat."

Melina got off the bed and saw this tire-looking device on the floor with a big vibrator in the middle of it. As she lowered herself on it, the doctor took the remote control and turned on the vibrator. Melina was enjoying the toy and once again, was getting close to a big orgasm when the doctor stopped the stimulation.

"Darn! Doc, I need to come."

"Give me just a minute to take notes here. Let's put the device back in the corner here."

As the doctor was putting down his clipboard, Melina, now sitting on the floor, asked "Are we done with the study itself?"

"Yes we are. I'm terribly sorry that I had to cut you short. That is what the study calls for."

"But we're done?"

Seeing him nod, Melina then said "Come here."

Without thinking, he got close to her and, thinking she'd require help to get up, held out his hand. Melina got up on her knees and grabbed his belt.

"What are you doing?"

Melina pulled his belt apart quickly and before he had time to react, had his pants down and her hand around his thick erection.

"You've been walking around here with this big lump in your pants, denying me a release and denying yourself. I'm taking charge doc, I want this cock."

Then, without further ado, Melina took his cock into her mouth, licking and sucking. At first, the doctor tried to push her away but she held onto him and would not let go. Soon, he had his hands in her hair, pulling her towards him and then pulling her away, essentially fucking her face but gently.

Sensing that he was close, Melina abruptly stopped, causing him to moan his displeasure.

"How's that feel, doc?"

Without waiting for the reply from the speechless doctor, Melina pushed him towards the bed and then onto it. He quickly pulled himself up to lie on the bed while Melina climbed on top of him. Having grabbed a condom from the bag, Melina unrolled it onto his thick cock and then lowered herself onto it, moaning as she did so.

He quickly made good use of his hands, caressing, and teasing her breasts and nipples. Melina was riding his cock up and down, lost in the pleasure of his hard manhood inside her. She bent forward and allowed him to suck on her nipples. Then, stilling, she allowed him to move his hips at his pace. He grabbed her hip with one hand and moved under her. He let go of her nipple and threw his head back on the bed, closing his eyes in ecstasy. With both his hands on her hips, he pushed her up and down and she used her legs to also help the movement they both wanted.

Soon, Melina's pussy muscles contracted around his cock and she screamed her release. The doctor allowed her to slow down on his cock and stop. Then, he pushed her off and said "switch".

Melina laid down on the bed. As soon as she was on her back, he positioned himself between her legs and pushed into her. Melina wrapped her legs around his slim waist and pulled him deep inside her.

"Fuck me, Dr. Reid, fuck me hard. You deserve the release too."

Dr. Reid did as he was told and pounded her pussy with his thick hard cock. Within moments, he groaned his release against her.

When they were done and cleaned up, Melina left the lab with a voucher for two nights free as well as a bag full of toys for her to play with at home. She also let with a big smile on her face.

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