tagGroup SexDr. Ruark's Problem Ch. 02

Dr. Ruark's Problem Ch. 02

byParis Waterman©

A Most Memorable Wedding Night

For the rest of the week, Robert kept Alice in suspense, telling her only that she would have the most memorable wedding night ever.

"You've found someone, haven't you?

Choosing to remain mute on the subject and let her curiosity soar he only smiled at her.

She returned the smile. "Okay, I'm willing to play that game. No! No I'm not! Come on; tell me who you've got for me."

He threw back his head and laughed while she giggled.

"Robert . . . come on now."

"Be patient darling, please."

"But I want to know! I mean, it isn't fair . . . I can't have your sweet, sweet cock, so at least tell me so I can . . . dream a little.

"Come on, you horny bitch," he whispered, leaning forward and touching her fingers with his. "You know I can't, if I do, you'll blab it the bridesmaids just to make them drool with envy," part of this he felt was true, part of it was to heighten Alice's desire for the moment they entered the wedding suite and began to undress.

This bantering continued for the rest of the week. Finally the wedding took place, and as the large reception began to wane, Robert leaned over to his new wife and said, "Let's go back to our suite. I'm feeling randy. I want to see you get fucked."

Alice who had been thinking about having two, no make that three cocks at her disposal, was Tempted to tell her closest friends what was waiting for her. Still she had to fight off exposing her wet pussy to everyone so heightened was she with sexual tension. Calling on all of her will power she stood and eyes shining with anticipated desire, she bid everyone adieu.

The room burst into applause as the newlyweds left the reception. Robert even thought he felt a twinge of desire run down his spine and hoped fervently this tactic worked.


Back in their suite, Alice removed her wedding dress and changed into white gauzy, see-through negligee and six-inch spiked white heels. She wore nothing beneath the negligee. Robert thought she was simply the most beautiful woman he'd ever laid eyes on. For her part, Alice was satisfied, thinking she had a beguiling look that her guests would find very enticing. She pirouetted for him, smiling. "Like it?"

"It's . . . terrific."

"Just . . . terrific?"

"Look, Alice darling, you don't have to go through with this . . ."

"You think they'll find it sexy?" She asked ignoring his comment.

"They'd be crazy not to." He realized they were committed and resigned himself to what was to come.

"You mean it?"

"Absolutely," he said picking up his tone.

She swayed up to him and put her arms around his neck. He did not attempt to push her away and she quickened with hope. "And you, Robert? Don't you find me sexy?"

"Yes," he mumbled, "God, yes, I find you irresistible."

"Then fuck me, Robert. Please. I want your cock."

Time stood still. He drowned in her eyes. Her breath was warm and sweet on his face. Her lips fluttered open and gently met his. Robert's heart pounded. His pulse raced. Of their own accord, his lips parted. Alice exulted and quickly slid her tongue into his mouth and, sliding her hand to his crotch, squeezed him through his trousers. He was limp.

Alice stepped back. He was sweating nervously, his eyes wild with a fear she could not understand. He moaned and buried his face in his hands. Alice cupped his face gently and kissed his forehead.

"All right, Robert. Leave it for now. Soon we'll be fine."

There was a sharp rap on the door. For a second, Alice and Robert looked at each other. The knock and call were repeated. Alice took a deep breath and stepped back.

"Will you answer it, please?" she murmured. "I want to meet them inside."

She stepped past him and went into the bedroom. Robert watched her willowy form saunter away then answered the door. A few minutes later, he entered the bedroom with two men behind him. Solemnly he performed the introductions. "Dutch, Marty, my wife, Alice."

"Dutch, of course, we've met before. How are you?" Dutch noticed she towered over both he and Marty by several inches before realizing it was her heels.

"I'm fine and I hope to be even better as the evening wears on."

Alice laughed at this, and said, "I hope we're all feeling good and the sooner the better." Then she cast a quick look at Robert who stood just inside the room fully dressed.

Alice looked at the two men and felt a quick rush of pleasure. Robert had done his homework; they were handsome and exciting, rugged with good, hard bodies. Marty had a nicely trimmed beard, Dutch was clean shaven. She smiled warmly at them. "Marty," she stepped forward and shook his hand They both grinned nervously at her, their hunger evident in their eyes roving over her body.

Flicking a glance to Robert, she nodded imperceptibly in approval. He stifled a grin.

"Okay guys, are you all set?" Robert asked, lightly clapping his hands.

"Sure." Dutch smiled broadly and Marty chuckled. They moved up to her by the bed. Alice stood between the two, Dutch in front and Marty behind her. The bodies closed together. Robert flicked a glance at them and witnessed Dutch slide his hands down her face and neck, stopping to open the neck of her negligee, freeing her breasts. She murmured in pleasure as he cupped her breasts and fondled them gently. Her nipples were swelled, seeming to be almost small breasts on top of her breasts.

"You've got great tits baby," he growled in her ear. Then he kissed her. It was her tongue that first moved, gently passing his lips to seek the tip of his tongue.

She began to unbutton his shirt. Behind her, Marty slid his hands under her negligee, drawing it up around her waist, then Marty's fingers traced a light pathway over the cleft in each ass-cheek, moving from the lowest curve up to her back. He did press just lightly moved his fingers up until he could feel no more indentation beneath his fingers.

Alice shivered with excitement and realized it would not be the last time that night she would do so.

Marty moved his fingers back down. Alice responded by rising up on her toes, and this time Marty's fingers pressed between the cheeks of her ass. She shivered again and felt the early signs of orgasm pending. 'What is this?' She wondered, 'no one's ever paid so much attention to my ass before?' Then it hit her. Actually she'd known all along, but now it became clear to Alice, 'both of them would use her ass that night. Perhaps even Robert might . . .' And with that thought Alice had a mini-orgasm and her knees buckled.

Dutch supported her even as he teased her elongated nipples to further length. Marty dropped his trousers and Alice watched his cock flounce out and smack solidly against his washboard stomach. Her pupils widened as she noted he was already hard, thick and long. Marty saw her staring at it and taking it in his hand, rubbed it against her soft, rounded hip, while Dutch squeezed her breasts and kissed the nape of her neck.

Alice responded by reaching for both their cocks. She reached Marty's first. Dutch gave her some minor difficulty, but she found him behind her and gave him a squeeze equal to the one he had just given her left breast. A brief moment later, she was fondling their cocks lovingly.

"Mmmm, you've got a nice juicy ass," Marty chuckled softly. "I'm gonna get me some of it soon. I like rear ending, do you baby?'

She turned her face to Marty and he kissed her over her shoulder, his hands on her breasts, while Dutch unbuckled his trousers and dropped them.

"Yes," she murmured to Marty. "I like it in the ass."

"Actually, she just likes fucking, period," Robert chuckled nervously from across the room.

Dutch turned to Marty and laughed. "And this is their fucking honeymoon?" Marty chucked as he slid the straps of the negligee from her shoulders and let it rustle around her feet. Now she stood naked between the two men, her body writhing between theirs. Dutch removed his shoes and socks.

Marty's fingers moved across her asshole, Alice almost did a dip trying to press her legs together to heighten the erotic tension between her legs. She shuddered and had another mini-orgasm on feeling two of his fingers spread her ass and a third rub with more and more pressure against her ass. A pleasurable whimper escaped her lips.

She glanced at Dutch. He was throwing his shirt to the floor, but caught her looking. He posed for her benefit, legs apart, his fat prick of about eight inches bobbed up and down in anticipation as he moved to the bed and flopped backward onto it, drawing one knee back and then cupped his testicles briefly before lowering his knee and spreading his thighs apart.

Alice watched, her tongue flickered out and licked her lip. She was entranced.

Dutch wriggled forward until his hips reached the edge and allowed his legs to hang over the side of the bed and began to slowly masturbate, his head raised up, watching her.

Standing before him, Alice spread her legs and bent steeply forward from the waist. Her breasts swung pendulously. From Marty's perspective behind her, the crease between Alice's buttocks widened, exposing the puckered brown eye of her anus. Her fingers moved downward and parted her cunt-lips, revealing the moist pink flesh within. Lifting her eyes to Dutch's face, she reached forward and grasped his fat prick in her left hand, opened her mouth and dragged her tongue lasciviously up his shaft and ended the lick by swirling her tongue over his helmet shaped cock-head. Dutch gasped and began to buck his hips at her face. She whimpered and slowly slipped her lips around his cock-head. He groaned and his head flopped back. She took the rest of his knob and part of his shaft in her mouth.

"Oh fuck YES!" He shouted, hands flying to her head, his hips bucking under her face. "Oh yeah, suck it, baby! Suck my prick!"

Behind her, Marty grinned enjoying her expertise as she applied her mouth to Dutch, and thought he would relish her mouth on him a little latter. Then he remembered he had a job to do as well and sinking to his knees, he buried his face into her ass.

Alice gasped at this, her head rising and momentarily dislodging Dutch's cock, which promptly smacked her in the nose. The surprise over, Alice recaptured his cock and as much to show her appreciation as anything else, wriggled her buttocks as Marty swept his tongue over her puckered ass hole.

'A rim job first off,' Alice thought, 'wonderful, I hope this does the job for Robert, and if it doesn't he's still the most thoughtful, wonderful husband a girl could have for providing me with so much pleasure on our wedding night.'

The musky odor of her asshole filled Marty's nostrils and aroused him even more. He playfully dragged his pliant tongue to her cunt, distending her labia, and lapped at her juices, which were flowing freely by this time.

Alice moaned deep in her cock-filled throat and began to suck the Dutch's cock at a slower pace, all the while plying his bulging tip with her tongue.

Robert watched, tormented by the fact his cock was not responding as his sepia toned wife bent her head to engulf his friends prick and saw her face distended by the force of Dutch's cock filling her mouth as her head bobbed up and down.

Meanwhile, Marty's tongue forged through Alice's unfurled labia, probing, probing, probing.

Alice, her eyes glassy and bright with lust, her nostrils flared, hurriedly reached behind her and spread her ass cheeks apart for Marty's invasive, darting tongue. Dutch was provided with a spectacular view of her tits, jiggling and swaying just below his rampant cock. Alice moaned in perverse delight as his tongue entered her ass and two fingers explored her gushy cunt.

Then through a foggy-lust-laden brain, Alice heard someone – it was Marty telling her to get on the thick rug. She followed his instructions and soon found Dutch's face between her legs, eagerly sucking and tonguing away at her snatch. Marty knelt over her face and pushed his cock into her mouth. Alice groaned and sucked his cock with renewed enthusiasm, rocking her head up and down under him even as her hips bucked and writhed under Dutch's face.

Suck my prick, slut!" Marty gasped, dropping to all fours, pumping his hips furiously into her oval shaped mouth. 'This one is longer,' Alice thought. 'The other one is thicker though, but both are special and I love sucking each of them.'

"Ohhh!" Alice moaned thickly as Dutch flittered around her stiffened clit. He had two fingers from his right hand inside her stirring her juices while teasing her clit with his serpentine tongue. Her hips jerked upward from the intense pleasure and Alice knew a great climax was coming on her.

"Let's switch," Dutch said, apparently sensing how excited she was and Marty nodded his acknowledgement.

Seconds later, Alice felt Marty rubbing his cock against her and spread her thighs apart to ease his entry. Dutch gripped her face in both hands and directed her lips to his quivering prick. Alice joyfully plunged down on his shaft, sputtering a little because she took too much too soon. Marty's long cock wormed its way into her and she realized she was fucking two men at the same time, a virtual fantasy come through.

Alice pushed back at Marty, who merely grunted and hammered more of his prodigious meat into her. Alice, loving it, wanted more. Marty contentedly rocked back and forth, grinding away at her sodden cunt.

Dutch, now on his knees, was pumping further into her throat and had reached back and begun fondling her breasts.

Robert thought he felt a slight twinge in his cock and began to think this might just work after all.

"Robert," Marty gasped as he continued his steady fucking, "this lady is one sweet fuck!"

Dutch decided to add a comment of his own. "Yeah, man, a real hot piece of ass that loves sucking dick!"

Alice heard them and amplified her comment to all three men by making loud slurping sounds as she sucked away.

"Dutch!" Marty grunted, "wanna switch?"

Dutch merely nodded and the two exchanged positions. Alice whimpered at the momentary loss of her two cocks. But soon enough was enjoying the taste of her own cunt juice as Marty's prick burrowed into her throat.

Dutch was impressed with her wantonness and willingness to take them both on. He had never fucked a woman with another guy before. He had on several occasions fucked two women and found it exhilarating, especially when they were awed at his ability to continue fucking for hours.

Alice had now abandoned herself to the two lovers, almost forgetting Robert who was watching from the other side of the room.

Dutch was increasing his tempo, slamming his cock powerfully in and out of her cunt. His thighs made a sucking sound as they pressed and released against her buttocks.

Robert observed how his wife's breasts jiggled and wobbled as she lurched under Dutch's powerful thrusts. Alice realized Marty was close to ejaculating and to stall him from coming she spit him from her mouth and gasped out, "Hey! Let's change partners again."

She rolled over onto her back and pulled her legs up toward her shoulders. The sweat dripped off Marty's face and chest onto her face and breasts as he centered his prick on her cunt. Dutch decided not to join in for the moment. Marty clasped her buttocks with both hands and pulled her to him. His prick sinking deeply into her on the first full thrust.


Marty flexed his buttocks and drove into her again, this time he touched what must have been her cervix. She groaned, then whimpered, all the while squirming her lithe ass upward to meet each of his thrusts. She felt it coming on her, a massive climax, and his fat cock felt sensational in her tight clutching tunnel. Alice hissed at him.

"Coming . . . please . . . come with me?" She pleaded.

He groaned into her face, even more droplets of sweat rained down on her, "I'll try for it baby, I'll try."

And he began to jackhammer his thick rod into her. Alice was jarred at each thrust.

"That's it!"

He pummeled her.

"Ohhh fuck yeah!" She groaned as her climax roared through her system.


Marty was gasping and groaning, pillaging her cunt. Alice continued jerking and lurching under him, her breasts swinging from side-to-side as her orgasm vented itself.

He reached the point of no return and rocketed his sperm into her cavernous cunt, coating her walls with his seed. Her cunt convulsed on his prick and he gasped and ground his prick back into her. Marty finished coming and signaled Dutch to take his place. Immediately, Dutch was there, bending over her and running his cock into her cunt in one smooth, long, rushing thrust. Alice gasped in surprise, but swiftly recovered and arched her back under him, spreading her legs wide apart as he filled her. She could hear the squishing noise his cock made as it moved in and out of her covered with Marty's load and her juices.

"Squeeze those tits of yours," Dutch said at her side, and she did, marveling at the wondrous sensation resulting from doing so. She had never gotten this type feeling before from playing with her breasts and she found it very curious and decided to explore it later.

Dutch grunted and tossed his head back, and buried his cock in her slit.


"I'LL' TAKE ALL YOU CAN GIVE ME AND MORE MOTHER FUCKER!" She grunted in response, totally entangled in her own emotions. Alice humped right back at him and Dutch laughed, pleased with her performance. 'This wasn't just a quick fuck,' he realized, 'he was in for a marathon session.' The fact that he hadn't been laid for two weeks ensured him that his performance would be first rate. Marty knelt beside Alice and gave her a hickey on the neck.

Dutch called upon his extensive experience and began fucking her fast and hard, rocking his hips swiftly up and down with a wicked snapping roll that sent his cock plunging into her cunt from all angles. Alice cried out sharply, writhing and tossing under him, her chest heaving, her breasts bouncing and jiggling. Faster and faster he went, his hips rocking up and down, his ass cheeks flouncing and bouncing furiously over her thighs. She cried out, her hips bucking and heaving under his and hit another orgasm. He gasped as her cunt spasmed frenetically on his rock hard cock and responded by ramming his shaft into her repeatedly right through her orgasm. Then he pulled his prick from her sodden cunt and held it to her lips.

"FINISH ME OFF!" Dazed, Alice took him in one hand and in her eagerness to suck him, missed her mouth the first time. Then she had it, alive and throbbing, loving the silken feel of him on her tongue. She was enthralled as Dutch's huge cock jerked against the back of her throat and let out a muffled groan of exquisite pleasure at the sensation it caused. Then as Marty placed his throbbing prick against her cheek, she began to suck wildly, reaching frantically for her left breast, finding it and encircling it with one hand.

Marty knelt on the floor next to them lightly stroking his newly risen hardon. Dutch felt her playing with his testicles, gently squeezing them and circling his prick with the fingers of one hand, although she couldn't fully surround it because of its thickness.

Alice began her deep throating then, and he couldn't hold off and exploded. She stayed with him all the way swallowing every cell in every ounce of sperm released by his load. He kissed her gently afterward and Alice took a moment to steal a glance at her husband. He was not disrobing, nor did he exhibit a bulge where he normally would have.

Alice, full of sorrow, ended the kiss and was startled to find Marty patiently masturbating, while she caught her breath.

"Best blowjob I ever had," Dutch said complementing her. She didn't hear him, for she was worried that Robert might not respond at all. Turning her attention to Marty, she found him lathering his fat cock with a lubricant and realized her ass was next on the agenda.

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