tagSci-Fi & FantasyDr. Snip Ch. 09

Dr. Snip Ch. 09


It appeared as if Gloria was going to stay the night with Steve and Angel. Having two extremely sexy women wanting you; should have been every red-blooded man's dream. However Gloria was the 26th Century's Queen of Sex, and she had almost killed him the last time they had made love. Which had only been a few hours ago, there was no way Steve wanted to be the meat in their sandwich tonight.

The truly scary thing was that Gloria could enflame him at will, using her futuristic potency drugs. However he dreaded to think what long-term damage these drugs would do to his body, and wanted to avoid finding out. He had just finished his rabbit stew; which he had wolfed down to try and satisfy the ravenous hunger caused by the aforementioned drugs.

It was ironic that he had just castrated and crucified a man to save a rabbits life, and was then offered a rabbit stew for his supper. You don't have to be insane to get through life but it doe's help, he thought to himself, as he tried to think of a way out of this situation.

'Alison! I have to go and see Alison' he cried in relief.

'Who the is Alison?' asked Gloria.

'Alison is Steve's 20th Century woman, he is trying to get her pregnant,' explained Angel helpfully.

'Yes Gloria, I have promised to try and get her pregnant and this is the best night to try. I'm sure an expert like yourself knows all about women's cycles etc,' he said more in hope than anticipation.

He was fortunate that Gloria was incapable of interfering in the process of getting a British woman pregnant. It was her main purpose in life, and she would never deny another woman the chance.

'Ok Steve, Angel and I will allow this Alison to join us in bed with you,' she said magnanimously.

'Oh for fucks sake Angel, please explain to your mother the taboos of this century. I'll see you tomorrow'. Discretion being the better part of valour, he jumped out leaving them to sort it out between them.

Steve had left Alison in order to find her missing children. He had discovered that the children were just bait in a trap for him and his QT device. The children had apparently never been in any danger, and had made their way back to the Orphanage safely.

Steve could have jumped back in time to meet Alison mere seconds after he had left her, but he was realising the difference between Linear Time and Biological time. In order to achieve any logical continuity he had to stick to his biological time reference, or he would get himself in a right temporal muddle.

Consequently as it had been almost two days since he had last seen her, he had to make a spatial jump to the Orphanage without any temporal factor. He had left Alison after making love to her in the country, outside the town in which the Orphanage was situated. It was nighttime in Thailand, when he materialised in the Orphanage.

Alison was on duty and patrolling the premises, when she saw him approaching her.

'Hello Stranger,' she said beaming her brilliant smile at her lover. Steve hugged her to him and kissed her lovingly.

'Sorry I had to whiz off darling but it was an emergency,' he said. She took him into the kitchen and made him a cup of tea, while he brought her up to date on Angel and her mother Gloria.

Steve had wrestled with his conscience, concerning whether he should tell Alison about his sexual experiences with Gloria. In the end it was more pragmatism than honesty; that made him tell her everything that had happened without editing out the sexual bits. Steve knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Angel would tell Alison all about him fucking Gloria.

Not in any vindictive or troublemaking way, but simply because to Angel's mind it was of no more importance than telling Alison about the rabbit stew he had eaten for his supper.

'Wow Steve, this takes a bit of absorption. I know you are fucking Angel, which I have no right to complain about as I came along much later. But I really don't know what to think about you fucking Angel's mother. How old is she for fuck's sake?' said Alison

Steve knew he was in Deep Shit here, and decided the only way to show Alison his side of the story, was to introduce her to Gloria. Without further ado, he jumped them both back to his house. As he had only been gone ten minutes, Angel and Gloria were still in the kitchen chatting. Angel showed no surprise, when a frowning Alison appeared out of the air.

Gloria was still getting used to people popping in and out of thin air, and jumped in surprise when they materialised.

'Hello Ali,' said an unperturbed Angel giving her a big hug and a kiss. 'Glad you could join us; I would like to introduce my Mother. Dr. Alison Fairweather, please meet Lady Gloria Black, First Handmaiden to the King.'

Although Angel and Gloria had gone to the future to change their clothes Angel had chosen to wear jeans and tee shirt, and had suggested that Gloria do the same. She explained that it would help them blend in with the 20th Century. Gloria cavilled at this, preferring to wear one of her spray on cat suits.

It was only when Angel pointed out the difficulty of fucking whilst wearing a cat suit compared to a pair of jeans, that Gloria saw reason and capitulated to her daughters suggestion. Consequently Alison first saw Gloria in casual wear, leaning against the cooker eating a slice of toast. She was shorter than Alison, and if truth were said a bit plumper. She had a beautiful face with brilliant green eyes, framed by shoulder length auburn hair.

'Pleased to meet you Alison, I can call you Alison? Angel tells me that you are lovers,' said Gloria ' I can see why my daughter is interested in you, you are a very beautiful woman.' Alison blushed under Gloria's admiring gaze and grabbed hold of Steve's arm for protection. Although if asked she couldn't say what it was that she felt she needed protecting from.

This little woman seemed to radiate Sex in palpable waves; that filled the kitchen and resonated in Alison's groin.

'You are hereby forgiven Steve,' she whispered. ' I don't know what it is about Gloria, but I want to have sex with her and I've only just met her.'

'And that's at a distance,' he replied ' for fucks sake don't let her touch you with her nails or you'll be well and truly fucked. I know, I have the tee shirt.'

'Mother behave yourself in company, Ali is family and I love her. Turn off the sub-harmonics and be good,' scolded Angel smiling at her mother.

'You spoil all my fun Angela, I was only playing' said Gloria pouting prettily. Suddenly it was as if Alison had emerged from a spell, and Gloria became just a very attractive woman, instead of a Sexual siren.

'Please forgive Mother Ali, she is genetically designed for Sex and Procreation, and has the unofficial title of "Queen of Sex" in our time.'

'Thank you daughter, I can speak for myself,' interrupted Gloria.

'I do apologise Alison, I sometimes forget myself when I find myself surrounded by attractive people. As Steve has warned you I am fitted with Injectors under my nails that can dispense sexual enhancers. Also if I hum a certain song, it acts as a sub-harmonic stimulant which basically means that every one within range gets horny.'

'Now we have been properly introduced Alison, is there any chance of Sex please? Angel has explained to me that Steve is wary of Sexual drugs and I'm to stop using them on him. I don't think that's fair at all, how can I possibly compete with you two beautiful young girls without my secret tricks?'

Steve jumped in with the reminder to Alison, that this was only Gloria being 26th Century polite, and Alison could simply decline without causing offence. Alison however was a bit pissed off at Steve over his dalliance with Gloria and thought she would pay him back for that.

'Nonsense Steve, it would be rude of me to refuse such a compliment. I would be only to happy to relax with the girls while you get some well earned rest in the spare bedroom. I assume you can get me back to the Orphanage in your customary ten seconds,' said Alison smiling at a stunned Steve.

Like most drug induced highs Steve's had run it's course and he was now feeling exhausted. He honestly hadn't planned on having sex with Alison tonight, he had hoped for a cuddle and a sleep. This arrangement although surprising in the extreme suited him fine, and with kisses all round he staggered up the stairs to bed.

When Steve was out of earshot, Angel and Gloria sat down with Alison and told her of their plan to reward Steve for saving Gloria's life.

'The silly man thought I would be happy to just cook him a meal,' snorted Gloria. ' We Aristocrats pay our debts fully and with interest, and he is going to be rewarded whether he likes it or not.'

Alison listened with wonder, as the girls spelled out their plan for Steve. As far as she could understand it, he couldn't ask for a better reward than the one planned for him by these two women.

'Was your offer of Sex just a ploy to get him out of the way?' asked Alison slightly disappointedly.

'Good lord No my dear young girl, I would really like to get to know you better,' said Gloria. ' How better to get to know someone than by enjoying each other in bed?'

'Can I just ask if it isn't a taboo subject, how old are you Gloria?' asked Alison curiously. Gloria smiled at the girl's impertinence, and leaning over whispered into Alison's ear.

'Oh you lucky bitch, how the fuck can you look so fucking gorgeous?' exclaimed Alison in shock and envy.

'It's all in the Genes dear girl, all in the Genes,' replied Gloria proudly.

Giggling together they all went upstairs to the main bedroom. Angel knew that despite her words, Alison was still very nervous about making love to women. She also knew what to do about this. While Gloria was unconcernedly undressing by the bed, Angel told Alison to stand still while she undressed her.

Alison was happy to stand there as Angel removed her blouse and skirt, followed by her bra and knickers until she was standing naked in front of Gloria.

'Don't move Ali while I get undressed ordered Angel. She kissed Ali lightly on the mouth, whilst slapping her naked bottom in warning of what she would do if Alison dared to move. Angel was a dominant personality, and knew that Alison needed to be dominated, in order to allow her to really enjoy lesbian sex.

Alison felt safe with Angel; she envied her total confidence in herself and knew that it was based on solid fact. She had learned that Angel possessed frightening weapons built into her. Also she was armoured with an invisible sub-dermal mesh; that could stop a knife or a bullet from piercing her body.

'OH MY GOD Angel! Alison is so hairy, I have never seen so much pubic hair in my life' exclaimed Gloria, in surprise at her first sight of a naked 20th Century woman. Gloria walked over to a blushing Alison, and examined her body closely.

'Don't worry dear I won't hurt you, I'm just fascinated by all this hair.

Look you've even got hair under your arms, and there is a fine covering all over your body. What on earth do you need all this hair for?'

Alison looked to Angel for help.

'She might be a hairy little minx Mother but I can vouch for the fact that she fucks like a rabbit. She has made me beg for mercy before now,' said Angel, putting her naked arms around Alison and cupping her breasts.

'She's also got nice firm tits and a tight little bum as well' continued Angel, nibbling Alison's neck and slipping a possessive hand between her legs to rub her to wetness. Gloria was brushing her fingers lightly over Alison's breasts, to feel the light downy hair that covered her body.

'Please Gloria you're embarrassing me,' pleaded Alison feeling as if she was a hairy gorilla, compared to the smooth porcelain skin of the 26th Century women.

'Shhhh Ali darling, I just want to touch you' whispered Gloria, and holding Alison's head in her hands kissed her deeply on her mouth. With Angel's fingers working inside her labia, and Gloria's tongue working inside her mouth, Alison was brought to a surprised orgasm as she was sandwiched between their naked bodies.

Gloria was unfortunate enough to be within reach of Alison's teeth, and yelled in pain as Alison bit her hard on her neck in passion.

'Ow you little fucker, that hurt,' she complained rubbing her neck.

'Sorry Gloria, when I bite Angel she doesn't complain, do you my sexy Amazon?' she purred. Alison began rubbing her now wet pubes onto Angel's fingers to drive them deeper into her body.

'I should think not, the amount of credit it cost her to have herself armoured' grumbled Gloria, looking around for a mirror to inspect the damage.

'Don't worry mum, its just a love bite, and I assume you have had more than your fair share of those in your life' said Angel. Angel patted Alison on her naked bottom, and told her to go and kneel on the bed.

'As you have hurt Gloria it is only fair that you lick her to orgasm, whilst I play with you,' said Angel to Alison, as Gloria lay on her back on the bed and opened her legs. Alison knelt between Gloria's legs and had a perfect view of a totally hairless vagina.

Alison was happy to lick Gloria, and opening her labia with her fingers proceed to do so with enthusiasm. Gloria was so pleased and relaxed by this; that she unconsciously began to hum her little tune to herself. This was something she always did during sex, and it had become a part of her seduction of a new lover.

The sub-harmonics filled the room, enhancing their already excited sexual organs and bringing them all close to orgasm. Alison stopped licking Gloria long enough to gasp 'what are you doing back there Angel, you're going to make me come again.'

'I'm rubbing my nipples over your bottom, if you must know Miss Nosy. Just concentrate on licking my Mother and allow me to play with your arse,' replied Angel running her nipple between the cheeks of Alison's bottom.

As she had warned Angel, the feeling of nipples brushing against her naked bottom caused Alison to orgasm again, splashing Angel with her juices. Angel smiled her wicked smile, as she allowed Alison's juices to flow into her cupped hand.

Crawling up to Alison's head she grabbed her by her hair, and pulled her mouth away from Gloria's vagina. Alison opened her mouth to ask what was going on, Angel put her hand that was full of Alison's cunt juice over her open mouth, and ordered her to drink it all up and lick her hand clean afterwards.

When she had complied, Alison thought to ask what it was that she had just drunk.

'It was your own cunt juice you oversexed bitch,' replied Angel rubbing the remnant of Alison's juices over her face.

'Oh you dirty Bitch, I'll get you for that don't you fret,' promised Alison as Angel pushed her face back onto Gloria's wet cunt.

'Threaten me will you?' growled Angel now fully aroused, and lowering her head to Alison's bottom, she bit her arse cheek leaving a set of indentations like a brand.

'You're my bitch Ali, and don't you forget it or there will be spankings over my knee' she threatened, fingering Alison's wet cunt again until once more she orgasmed.

As Alison orgasmed for the third time, Gloria chose that moment to have her first one, and holding Alison's head tightly to her groin by her hair came over Alison's face. If Gloria's humming caused such a sexual reaction in those around her, then her howl of orgasmic passion was guaranteed to push those close to orgasm well over the edge. Angel doubled over, as her orgasm smashed into her unexpectedly.

'Oh you fucking cunt Mother,' she gasped as waves of pleasure ran through her body. 'I was trying to hold out a bit longer before I came.'

Gloria just smiled and asked Alison to 69 her. ' I want a good close look at your hairy cunt dear,' she explained as Alison positioned herself as requested.

'No Alison, you have already licked her now its my turn said Angel, repositioning Alison so she was still squatting over Gloria's face, but now had her head between Angels legs.

'Knock yourself out Mother,' said Angel. ' Lick my cunt Bitch,' she ordered Alison.

Whilst Alison was licking Angel, Gloria was running her fingers though Alison's pubic hair. She was enthralled at its thickness, and felt the need to rub her face in it. She breathed in Alison's musky smell, and relished the taste of her juices on her tongue.

Gloria had fucked lots of women in her long life, but this hairy cunt was a first, and she wanted to be able to remember this for a long time. She had honestly forgotten that she was still humming her tune; when Alison coming into her mouth and over her face reminded her of it;

'You sexy fucker' she spluttered, rubbing her eyes where Alison's juices had splashed. Angel had been concentrating on the feel of Alison's tongue on her labia, and was nearing her own orgasm.

She was very pleased that despite having a sub-dermal armoured mesh all over her body, she could still feel something as light and titillating as a woman's tongue on her most private of places. Thinking of Alison licking her pushed her into her second orgasm. This was a gentler one, and she moaned with pleasure as she felt her own love juices flowing out of her vagina and over her lovers face. As all the girls had now orgasmed, some more than once, they snuggled up to each other and went to sleep.

The next morning Steve woke up feeling more like his old self, he staggered towards the shower but was stopped by three naked women.

'Oh no you don't mister,' said Angel, ' Gloria wants us all to share a shower and your primitive plastic box isn't big enough. We are all going to go to my place where we can have a proper shower and breakfast together.'

Angel had already packed his clothes and sword, so the next thing he knew he was being thrown bodily into Angel's pool in her apartment in 26th Century London. With squeals of delight the girls jumped in after him, and the soaping and fun began.

Alison was really enjoying herself; she had already formed a bond with Angel, and looked upon her as a friend and protector. She found herself really attracted to Gloria, so much so that she had to be reassured that there were no sexual tricks involved. Alison had never thought she would ever make love to a woman, but Angel had shown her how liberating it could be.

Alison had to admit that the dangerous aura that surrounded Angel, contributed to her desire for her. She was attracted to Gloria in quite a different way. Gloria was, despite her rampant sexuality, a Mother figure. Now Alison knew her true age she simply couldn't be jealous of her.

Gloria exuded love and comfort, as well as sheer sexuality. Alison could totally relax in her arms, and enjoy the feeling of being loved by a woman. It was Gloria who left the pool first, claiming that she had to cook the breakfast. While she was gone, Alison and Steve played under the artificial waterfall that served as Angels shower. Angel had gone into her bedroom to programme her spray booth, for when she eventually decided to get dressed.

'I love you Dr. Fairweather,' said Steve kissing her lovingly.

'I love you Dr. Snip,' she replied rubbing her naked body against his.

'Oh no Ali, Dr. Snip isn't here, only ordinary old Steven Steele. I'm beginning to think I suffer from a split personality lately,' he confided. 'When I'm with you I am Steve, ex-para, ex-cop all round good guy. However of late when I am on a mission I become Dr. Snip psychopath and murderer. Perhaps its just my mind trying to distance itself from what Snip doe's, but I have noticed it and it seems to work for me.'

'We all have Dark sides Steve, if anyone tried to hurt my children I don't know what I would do. Until I am tested I can't judge you and I won't.'

'Come on kid's stop fucking about and get your breakfast,' yelled Gloria from the kitchen.

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