tagSci-Fi & FantasyDr. Snip Ch. 10

Dr. Snip Ch. 10


Angel jumped back to Steve's kitchen, whilst he was else-when sorting out Bruce's problems.

She was in a pensive mood for a change, although a genius as were all of the British Aristocracy, she wasn't one for deep self-analysis.

This business of Steve and pregnancy had shaken her badly, and despite her words to Alison she felt a sense of loss that her 26th Century values kept her from consummating their love, as Alison was willing to do.

'Merlin, are you available please?' she asked the empty room.

The mental image of a liquid metal Wizard that was Angel's perception of the World Brain appeared, sitting opposite her across the kitchen table.

'Yes Angel, how can I help?' asked the AI.

'Just out of pure curiosity Merlin, how doe's Steve's genetic makeup rate against the standard British norm?'

'Steve's personal genome is comparable with the common Briton of our Century. However he cannot compete with the centuries of selective breeding and genetic manipulation, that have produced you and the rest of our Aristocracy.'

'So I could theoretically breed with him, and our offspring would be within the normal band of British Genome?' she asked.


'Thank you Merlin,' said Angel politely. 'Is there anything Steve would want you to inform me of?'

Merlin took this as a legitimate question, and knowing of Angel's quest for upgrading herself, took the rare decision to inform her about the Phase shift.

Angel cheered up immediately and asked Merlin to modify her QT to be able to Phase shift as well.

It only took the World Brian a few seconds to comply, and Angel walked over to a mirror and Phase shifted.

She squealed in delight as her body became transparent.

She tried to deploy her Monofilament nails but found that nothing happened.

There was no glow of annihilated molecules coming from her fingertips.

'What the fuck is this shit?' she asked Merlin angrily. 'Where have my weapons gone?'

'Your weapons are now within your Phase field, and so cannot affect this time dimension,' Merlin informed her.

'Fuck it I thought it was too good to be true, still at least I am safe from monofilament blades when phased.'

'You are immune to any type of attack when phased, as you are not technically in this dimension,' clarified Merlin.

'Can I use the QT to jump whilst phased?'

'Yes; another of Steve's original ideas. He really should begin to patent these,' replied Merlin.

Angel felt very proud of her man; even the Great World Brain respected his innovative thinking.

Then she remembered that he wasn't her man really, if he was anybody's man he was Alison's.

Her reverie was interrupted by a dispassionate voice coming from behind her.

'Angela Black, Surrender or Die,' ordered the Storm Trooper as it materialised behind her.

Its masters had ordered it to kill Angela Black without warning.

What they didn't realise was the hardwired programme inside every Storm Trooper, that forbade them to hurt a member of the Aristocracy.

This was a failsafe cleverly installed, to negate any chance of using the British Governments most powerful weapon against itself.

Only the extensive damage it had received, combined with the almost total reprogramming of its damaged brain, enabled this Storm Trooper to attack Angel at all.

Angel was still looking at the mirror, so could see the blank faceplate of the Trooper reflected in it.

She fought down her initial panic and tried to boost.

Nothing happened, the phase field negated all of her offensive capabilities.

She was about to switch off the phase field, when she saw what the Trooper held in its steel hand.

The distinctive glow of annihilated molecules advertised the Monofilament blade that the trooper wielded.

Her next thought was to simply jump out to her ledge, but then the trooper may just wait until Steve jumped back here and might ambush him.

This was one of the very rare times that Angel wished she carried a conventional weapon.

The trooper attacked swinging its deadly blade at her body, in a horizontal stroke that hit just above her hips.

She screamed in instinctive fear, as the unstoppable blade impacted against her side.

Although the kinetic energy knocked her sideways, the blade itself couldn't penetrate her phased body and bounced off.

Angel instinctively rolled with the blow, and using her momentum dived out of the back door into the garden.

The trooper stood confused for a second, as it processed the unbelievable fact that its blade was impotent against its target.

Angel ran as fast as she could into the orchard, she had no plan but was hoping one would occur to her soon.

She was in a quandary, if only the Trooper didn't have that blade she would risk coming out of Phase and fighting him.

The Troopers blade was the key to this; she had to get it off him.

A massive impact to her back threw her forward between two apple trees, and again she rolled to her feet.

The explosive projectile from the trooper's handgun; had shredded the nearby trees but had no effect on her.

Thinking quickly she jumped spatially backwards, and materialised behind the trooper.

Reaching over its shoulder and fighting her fear, she grabbed the burning line of fire that was the Monofilament.

A Monofilament was simply one molecule, stretched to form a cutting edge similar to a wire cheese-cutter.

Although microscopically thin it was unbreakable, and would cut through anything.

It went against all her training and experience to actually touch it, let alone grab it and pull.

The surprised trooper tried to wrench it out of her grip, but she held on tightly.

She was pulling the blade back towards the trooper's facemask.

It realised that if she managed to touch the blade to its body, it would be seriously damaged if not sliced in half.

The red line vanished as the trooper switched off the blade to protect itself, causing the monofilament to retract into the swords handle.

The trooper went into double boost, and spinning around backhanded Angel into a nearby tree with its steel fist.

The tree snapped at the impact, and the top of it leaned down at a drunken angle.

As Angel staggered from the blow, the trooper drew his handgun and fired at her again.

She was thrown back by the blast, and fell over a tree root onto her back.

Her gymnasts enhanced muscles, allowed her to flip herself upright immediately.

She dare not come out of phase whilst she was being shot at.

Even if she boosted, she would still be half as slow as the trooper.

'Merlin help me,' she screamed in frustration.

'You need something sharp that you have on your person,' advised the wizard apparently sitting on a log watching the fight. 'Steve uses Excalibur.'

Something sharp? She thought frantically, what have I got that is sharp?

Angel screamed in frustration, as she realised she had nothing sharp on her person.

She had relied totally on her nails, and didn't even own a small knife.

At last she had an idea that might work, she knew that the Storm Trooper didn't know that she could jump more than one person with her QT. However there was no point her jumping them both to the Jurassic for example, as the trooper would simply jump back here and wait for Steve.

No she had to kill it, so it couldn't report back to its masters concerning the Phase shifting, or the fact that the QT could be used to carry more than one person.

She could only think of one plan that might work, and the mere thought of it scared her shitless.

'I Surrender' she screamed, falling to her knees and putting her hands on her head.

The remnants of the hard-wired programme, allowed the Trooper to accept her surrender.

It enabled it to complete its mission, which satisfied its masters.

Whilst at the same time not killing an Aristocrat, which satisfied its root programme.

With a feeling as close to satisfaction as its damaged brain could feel, it covered her with its handgun and clamped a steel hand onto Angel's shoulder.

I love you Steve, thought Angel, and gathered all her courage together.

Angel grabbed tight hold of the Troopers arm, and jumped them both to her target.

Angel had jumped them both into Hell itself.

The temperature was 10,000deg Farenhnite; nothing made of matter could survive in this incandescent maelstrom.

She had jumped them both into the Photosphere of the Sun.

Angel hated to have to trust Merlin, she just didn't have the faith in the AI that Steve had.

It had taken all her courage to trust in this new gimmick of Merlin's.

A Monofilament blade was one thing, but the thermonuclear source of all life in the world, was in a completely different league.

She watched as the almost invulnerable Storm Trooper, flashed into ash in an instant.

With a sob of relief Angel realised that the Phase shift did indeed make her immune from any danger in this universe.

'Thank you Merlin, old friend' she whispered, and jumped to her apartment to compose herself.

When she materialised in her home, she switched off the phase shifter and sat on her bed.

She was mentally and physically exhausted she barely had enough energy to strip naked, and curling up into the foetal position found herself crying bitterly.

Whether it was from narrowly escaping death, or deciding not to have Steve's baby she couldn't say.

She just lay there alone, and cried herself to sleep.

Alison was reading in her bed when there was a tap on her door.

'It's me Ali, can I come in?' asked a familiar voice.

Alison quickly jumped out of bed, and stripped off her sensible cotton pyjamas.

She threw them into a basket in the corner of the room, and jumped back into bed naked.

'Come in Steve,' she said in her most sultry voice.

A bunch of flowers came in first, followed by Steve's beaming face.

As he offered her the flowers, she sat up in bed allowing the sheet to slip down and reveal her naked breasts.

Taking the flowers, she turned away from him to place them on her bedside cabinet.

This exposed her naked bottom to him, and she jumped in shock as his hand slid up her inner thigh to brush against her pubes.

'Oh Mr. Steele, what is the meaning of this? Are you planning on ravishing a poor maiden in her bed?' she murmured.

'Yes Dr. Fairweather, that's exactly what I have in mind' he answered, stripping off his clothes hurriedly.

'It's about time darling, I was worried in case my pussy would have healed over before I managed to get your cock in it,' she said saucily.

The sight of her naked breasts and bottom had hardened Steve, and without further delay he opened her legs and thrust himself deep inside her.

Alison smiled in relief and pleasure as she felt him enter her, at last they were alone and she could make a start on getting pregnant for him.

'Fuck me Steve,' she demanded, 'fuck your woman hard.'

He needed no encouragement, and they spent the rest of the night making up for lost time.

The next morning Steve lay in Alison's bed relaxing, she was already up and working, and had allowed him the luxury of breakfast in bed brought to him by some of the older children.

By virtue of his implant Steve could converse with the Thai children, and listened with amusement as they chattered on about childish topics.

Eventually they scampered off and left him in peace.

Steve's fertile mind was pondering the ramifications of the phase field. Merlin had told him that it pushed him out of synchronicity with this timeline by a nanosecond.

A Nanosecond was 1/1000,000,000 of a second.

As was his wont Steve couldn't help but wonder what would happen if the time difference were greater than a Nanosecond.

'Merlin old friend are you free?' he asked quietly.

'I'm free,' said the wizard sitting on his bed.

'A question for you old friend, what would happen if you increased the time differential from a Nanosecond to a whole Second when I phase?'

'I don't know Steve and I don't want to find out,' replied the AI firmly.

'What, the World Brain afraid of a theoretical question?' Steve asked cheekily.

The image of the old wizard replied,

'Not the question, the questioner. I know you too well old friend and you both delight and terrify me with your courage of the ignorant. In case you hadn't already guessed phasing is a very partial form of dimensional travel. From my experiments in this field I have become aware that our dimension is only one of many. A type of surface tension bubble surrounds it; I determined by trial and error that the barrier between universes is 100 Nanoseconds thick. I know this because when I phase shift a test object by more than this amount it disappears from this dimension and is gone forever. Gone forever Steve, as in unable to get back. Dimensional travel is an all or nothing experience, a one way trip.'

'I simply cannot accept that premise old friend,' replied Steve, 'the reason that your test objects didn't return was because they were objects. If a real person with a QT device can go one way, then it is logical to assume that he can return the same way.'

'Be that as it may Steve, the bottom line is are you willing to risk losing literally everything in this world you love in order to experiment with dimensional travel?' countered the wise old wizard.

'Good point old friend, but it doe's intrigue me' said Steve, shelving the idea for later.

He got washed and dressed and went to say goodbye to Alison, he knew she would be busy with the children and he wanted to check up on Angel.

After many hugs and kisses, he jumped back to his kitchen.

Steve made himself a cup of tea, and wandered out into his garden to enjoy the fresh air.

'What the fuck has been going on here?' he swore, seeing the damage caused by the storm troopers explosive projectiles.

'Merlin, where is Angel? Is she OK?' he asked the AI his heart speeding up in fear.

'Angel is fine Steve, she is resting in her apartment.'

Without saying goodbye to his friend Steve jumped straight to Angel's apartment, and rushing through it found her still curled up naked in her bed.

'Angel darling what the fuck has been going on? Are you all right my love?' he asked concernedly.

She just hugged him to her body, and began to cry on his shoulder.

Steve panicked, Angel never ever cried.

He didn't even think her body could cry, so to feel her tears soaking into his shirt was scaring him.

He decided that she was too upset to be coherent, so just lay down beside her and kissed and cuddled her.

He told her how much he loved her, and how much she meant to him. This simply made her cry even more, as she was crying from guilt and shame.

In the final analysis she as a British Aristocrat, didn't find him worthy of impregnating her.

She knew she loved him, she knew she had, and would again risk her life for him as she had with the Storm Trooper.

All this female emotion just couldn't stand against her upbringing.

She was a member of the British Aristocracy, and as such had a duty to her nation and race.

She couldn't sully her lineage, with the genes of a primitive male from 600 years in her past.

Her mother Gloria had seen the painful truth immediately, and had told her in no uncertain terms to allow the king to fuck her and get her with child.

Despite the honour offered to her by the King, she had no intention of getting pregnant any time soon.

She compromised for not accepting Steve's seed by swearing to herself that she would fuck him senseless anytime he asked.

Starting from now.

'I want you Steve, I really need you,' she sobbed her hands freeing him from his pants.

He groaned as she fondled him urgently, soon he was more than ready for her and pushing her onto her back entered her gently.

This gentleness wasn't what Angel needed, she felt as if she had betrayed his love for her and wanted to be punished.

'Fuck me hard Steve, I'm a dirty whore and I want you to fuck me like one,' she demanded thrusting her pubes against his balls.

Steve sensed her need for rough sex, and started to fuck her hard and fast.

Angel felt him slamming into her body but it still wasn't enough.

She bared her neck to him, and told him to mark her as his woman.

'Bite me Steve, bite me hard,' she begged.

Steve bit down hard on her neck, knowing that he couldn't really damage her due to the sub-dermal armour.

However he managed to leave a decent love bite as asked.

Angel still wasn't satisfied she needed to be punished, debased, hurt as she had hurt him.

Reaching between her legs, she moved his rampant shaft from her vagina to her anus.

'Bugger me my love, bugger your whore. Fuck me up the arse as you did my mother,' she moaned desperately.

Steve was beyond reasonable thought, and was happy to ram his cock up her tight little arse.

'I love you Steve,' she whispered before exploding in a massive orgasm.

Her legs clamped painfully around his waist, and he gasped in pain as his ribs creaked from the pressure.

He knew she could literally crush him to death in her passion, so he phased whilst still buried deep inside her.

Even in the midst of her orgasm, Angel realised what he had done as his body became transparent.

She smiled to herself, and Phased as well.

Steve was shocked as Angel became transparent, but found that the crushing pressure had gone from around his waist.

Unfortunately so had any sensation of friction, between his cock and her vagina.

It was like fucking a glass mannequin.

'How the fuck did you learn to do that darling? He asked.

'Merlin told me, and just as well he did' she replied, coming out of phase and releasing her grip on his waist.

Steve quickly came out of phase too, his erection had vanished and he just lay on top of her.

He was content to cuddle her, as she told him about her adventure with the Storm Trooper and the Sun.

'I thought I'd killed the fucking thing,' said Steve hugging her tightly.

'Well it is definitely dead now, but as Agent Red demonstrated that doesn't mean anything where Time travel is involved,' she said with feeling.

She felt his hand as it slipped down between her legs, and fondled her wet pubes.

'What are you doing you oversexed gorilla' she asked.

'I'm trying to feel your balls of steel my brave lover; you must have them to do such a dangerous thing as jumping into the Sun. I have been using the phase shifter for some time now, and I would never have thought of doing something like that,' he said admiringly.

'It is 95 Million Miles, that must be some kind of record for single jumps,' he continued.

'It is a long way, but at least the Sun stays put in the centre of our Solar System making it hard to miss,' she replied.

Angel glowed with pleasure at his praise; she felt a bit better now but still felt guilty over her decision regarding children.

'How's Ali?' she asked to change the subject.

'She's fine my love, I assume you and she had a chat?' he probed gently.

Angel told Steve what she had told Alison, regarding the impossibility of her becoming pregnant by Steve.

He already knew this, so he wasn't affected by the repetition of it.

'How do you think your mother is feeling after all that excitement,' he asked.

'Oh Gloria will be just fine, she will probably be pregnant again soon,' said Angel smiling at him.

'How many children has she had?'

'Four including me,' answered Angel proudly.

'How does she keep her body so young and fit, after giving birth to four children?' he asked.

Angel looked at him strangely for a few seconds, before remembering that he was from 600 years in Gloria's past.

'My darling man, Gloria doesn't give birth to her babies. She gets pregnant and then the embryo is taken out of her womb and sent to the State's Genetic Centre. It is then checked over, and any modifications that are required are carried out. The embryo is then put into a mechanical womb until it is ready to be born,' explained Angel to a stunned Steve.

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