tagSci-Fi & FantasyDr. Snip Ch. 14

Dr. Snip Ch. 14


Stephen had just informed Steve of how he had disposed of Vince in the Jurassic.

Steve was taken aback by Stephen's unilateral decision to involve himself.

However Steve had to accept that he had allowed his rage to cause others, i.e. nurses and doctors, to carry the can for his bad decision in not killing the man outright.

It was so obvious to Steve that Stephen was desperate to be told that he had done well.

Consequently he smiled warmly at his dimensional twin, and thanked him for tidying up that particular loose end.

As Stephen strode off to find Gloria, he left Steve in a very dark mood.

If only he had thought to dispose of the first people he had killed, by jumping their bodies back to the Jurassic, instead of admitting his involvement in the killings to the police.

"If only", "if only"; two words that haunted most of humanity at one time or another.

He briefly considered jumping back in time to advise himself to do just that.

Common sense however stopped him; meddling and second-guessing himself would lead to temporal confusion of the most complicated kind.

As far as he knew, no time traveller had ever spoken to himself; it was regarded by all that the consequences would be catastrophic.

The only attempt by someone to influence their own lives that he knew of, had been Jeckell's the then Minister of War.

Jeckell had gone back in time and whispered advice into his own sleeping ear in an attempt to change the result of an election in the 26th Century.

Surprisingly it had worked and he had indeed changed his own future. Steve and Angel had managed to undo the damage, and return the timeline to how it was before Jeckell meddled with it.

As it was Steve was a hunted man in his own century.

Stephen had also been regarded as a criminal in his dimension, so much so that he had to escape by jumping across into Steve's dimension.

Only Stefan, who seemed to be the most efficient killer of the three, had never been considered a criminal in his own dimension.

At this moment Stefan was being tested by Omega, with a view to becoming the King of Britain's personal bodyguard.

Stephen was chatting to Angel who had just jumped in from seeing her doctor.

Steve was doing what he was doing more and more often, he was brooding about things.

He was allowing himself to consider going back in time and reaching Agent Red before his past self arrived.

Taking the QT device from the dying agent, and jumping out again.

That way his past self would never have obtained the QT device, and none of this would have happened.

He even believed that this would work, his past self would arrive at a routine RTA and his life would continue, as it would have.

The problem was that he also believed that nothing would change for him in the here and now.

The existence of alternate dimensions had been proved beyond question by the existence of Stephen and Stefan.

He was now sure that a separate timeline would split off at that point, and he personally would still be in the same situation as he was now.

Also he had to admit that his situation could be a lot worse than it currently was.

He enjoyed the love of three beautiful women, four if you counted Mary.

He had rescued numerous children from fates as bad as death, and had placed humanities feet on the road to the stars.

There was also his imminent investiture as a lord of the realm to lift his spirits.

A smile crept over his serious face as he allowed himself to think about his female friends.

Angel had been the first to become his lover, and then later he had met Alison and had fallen for her.

Then later still Angel's mother Gloria, the 26th Century " Queen of Love and Sex" had exploded into his life like a thermite bomb.

All these women had become his lovers, on a regular basis.

He also had a dalliance with a girl from his past called Mary, but this was basically a one-night stand, caused by the stressful situation that had enveloped them.

He had never seen Mary since, although he had been tempted to look in on her now and then to check if her life was progressing ok.

Steve was a very fair person, and this remembrance of the positives in his life brought him out of his dark pensive mood.

He looked up and saw his first love Angel, standing in front of him with a wicked grin on her face.

As usual she was stunning, tall beautiful and very sexy with breasts that seemed to defy to laws of gravity.

'Hello Angel my love, you are stunning as usual,' he said gallantly.

She reached out to help him to his feet and clasped his big strong hand in hers.

'Gotcha,' she cried in joy.

Before Steve could react in any way to this, he felt a massive electric shock slam into his body.

One second he was standing in front of Angel, and the next he was lying on the ground his whole body tingling and unresponsive to his brain's commands.

As an ex Para, he realised what she had done, one of the initiation tests that he had to endure when he first joined his company in the Parachute Regiment was to test his resistance to a shock baton.

New recruits were stood in a line, and the old hands would touch each of them with the baton.

It was a matter of honour not to cry out, as the electrical charge slammed into their bodies.

Some of the new recruits even managed to stay on their feet although they were doubled up in pain.

Steve however had a low tolerance to electrical shock, and had collapsed onto the floor.

His mates had never let him forget it, even though he had since proved himself often on the battlefields of the Middle East.

He lay there listening to Angel's giggling, as she witnessed the effect her latest toy had on him.

'Thanks a fucking bunch Angel, I was just thinking that what I really needed was a couple of hundred volts to cheer me up,' he swore glaring at his warrior lover.

'Oh don't be a wuss Steve, that was my lowest setting, I'm surprised it knocked you over' she replied smiling down at him.

Steve was a tough guy, and soon shook off the effects to such an extent that he offered his hand to Angel again.

'Help me up darling,' he asked smiling at her.

Angel was suddenly nervous as she considered whether or not to take his hand.

'Promise me you aren't going to get your own back,' she asked nervously.

'Angel, I love you and I wouldn't hurt you, although that restriction doesn't seem to apply to you,' he said wryly.

'I'm sorry for shocking you Steve but I just had to try it out on someone and as Gloria and Alison are pregnant they were out of bounds.

I could have shocked Stephen but I am still not quite sure of him yet.

I really wanted to shock Stefan, but he isn't back from his test yet.

That left you, but I promise to make it up to you in bed,' she said apologetically.

'Ah Ha, I think I see a crush on Stefan here,' he teased.

To his surprise Angel blushed as his insight hit the target.

'What can I say Steve, he is such a warrior, I get wet just thinking about him,' she admitted shyly.

The old Steven Steele would have been jealous at this point, but Steve had learned that Angel had the morals of a cat and he had long since learned to accept her, as she was, a product of 26th Century womanhood.

'Well I would like to be there when you try this on him,' he said smiling at his wayward lover.

Reassured she took his proffered hand and easily lifted him to his feet.

'Fancy a cuppa?' she asked and led him into Gloria's kitchen to make him his favourite drink of tea.

Stefan noticed a change in the way he was treated by the scientists and Storm Troopers.

From being an unusual specimen of a primitive, he was now regarded with a certain degree of wariness by the people he was dealing with.

His revelation that he had come from the 30th Century had relegated those around him to the status of primitives, and they weren't very comfortable with the idea.

The portable fusion generator that powered his suit seemed to prove that Stefan was from the 30th Century.

Of all Stefan's new acquaintances, Omega was the least concerned about Stefan's increased status.

In fact to Omegas thinking, this simply made Stefan even more qualified to replace him as the kings bodyguard.

Stefan had passed all the standard tests and now all that was left was for him to meet the King, and see if Richard would agree to the change in his personal security.

Of all the Citizens of Great Britain, only Omega could jump via Portal straight into Buckingham Palace.

As the King's royal bodyguard it was essential that Omega had unrestricted access to his royal charge.

Out of courtesy he contacted Richard on a secure frequency, and informed him of their imminent visit.

The King was resting by his private pool, for a change he was alone. Normally he would have been surrounded by a bevy of beautiful girls vying for his attention.

King Richard the Seventh of Great Britain; was a perfect specimen of humanity.

He was tall, strong, handsome and very intelligent.

Like most 26th Century Britons he never wore a swimming costume, and he sprawled on the lounger magnificent in his nakedness.

He looked like a cross between a man and a lion.

This was due to his thick mane of golden hair that he allowed to grow for the sole purpose of reinforcing his leonine aspect.

He was a fan of his ancestor, Richard the Lion heart, and emulated him as much as he could given his Centuries mores.

Although he had been without his Bodyguard for some hours, Richard was far from defenceless.

Britain followed the path of Eugenics to the extreme, Richard was the epitome of humanity, and he had been designed from before birth to be King.

He was as genetically perfect as a human could be, he had never been ill in his life.

He was almost guaranteed to live for almost 500 years, barring violent death.

He was the most valuable person on the planet, as far as Britain was concerned.

His main value lay between his legs, his sperm was genetically perfect and his main function was to impregnate as many British females as he could.

However he had also been enhanced to the limit of 26th Century bioscience.

He was abnormally strong and very fast, he could, and to impress the girls he often did, bend steel bars in his bare hands.

None of this impressed the Government, he was simply too valuable to be risked.

Consequently he was allocated one of Britain's most feared warriors, as a personal bodyguard.

His current bodyguard was Omega, one of Britain's ten Storm troopers. These cyborgs were so feared that even the British Government had limited their number to Ten.

They were virtually indestructible and fanatically loyal to Britain.

Working in conjunction with the Ministry of Defence QT, they could and did go anywhere in the world and solve Britain's problems.

They often chose to assassinate the head of a troublesome country and then allow his deputy to take over.

This person was then advised to co-operate with Britain or face the same fate as his predecessor.

It rarely took more than two assassinations for the co-operation to manifest.

The world was an unsettled and dangerous place in the 26th Century.

The British Government had decided to lend a helping hand to the rest of the world, to bring some order out of the Chaos that the world had fallen into.

They were doing this because it was the right thing to do, and also because it was very profitable.

Very slowly and covertly, they were recreating the British Empire again. They had decided that the world needed a firm hand at the tiller, and that hand was going to be British.

They didn't need a great army, all they had to do was turn off the Oil tap to the country concerned.

The fact that Britain had stolen the Oil from the Middle East, concerned them not a jot.

Possession was 9/10's of the law, and Britain possessed the Oil by virtue of going back in time and stealing it from before the indigenous Arabs even knew what Oil was.

The government had the political will to use it as a weapon.

It was this situation that had given Stefan the opportunity to replace Omega as the King's Bodyguard.

Britain needed every available member of its military arm to further the Master plan.

Omega was needed elsewhere, but the King must be protected at all costs, Stefan was the possible answer to this problem.

Richard looked up as the two warriors entered; at first glance they looked identical.

They were both large men in black armour, with black-visored helmets. As they got closer Richard could see the differences between them more clearly.

Omega walked like the robot he was, his legs moving mechanically and efficiently to propel him along his chosen path.

Stefan by contrast seemed to glide smoothly towards the king; he emanated watchfulness even in this sanctum of security that was the Royal apartment.

Both figures came to a halt before Richard, and Stefan did something that Omega simply couldn't do.

With a quiet whir his visor slid up into his helmet, and revealed his face to Richards gaze.

Richard immediately recognised a fellow leader of men; it was in the eyes.

Stefan had a confident and steady gaze, and his experienced lined face testified to many life-threatening situations overcome.

Strangely enough Richard felt immediately that he could trust this man, and found himself relaxing in Stefan's presence.

'Welcome to the 26th Century, Stefan' said the King by way of greeting.

'If that armour can be removed then please feel free to remove it, and perhaps you would join me for a swim,' suggested Richard in a friendly tone of voice.

Stefan realised that Omega could keep guard whilst he humoured the King's request, and activated the control that caused his armoured suit to commence it's disengagement from his body.

Richard and Omega watched in fascination, as the suit seemed to split down the chest, arms and legs.

Segments of it slid into itself revealing Stefans naked body.

Wire thin probes retracted from various parts of his body until he was completely detached from the suit.

In less than 20 seconds he was able to step forward leaving the now empty suit standing like a hollowed out suit of medieval armour.

As Omega watched as the suit closed itself up again until it looked as if Stefan was still inside it.

Omega thought that he now understood how the suit responded to the wearer's commands so fantastically quickly.

It read the wearer's instructions directly from the nerve endings and from the brain stem.

This indeed was 30th Century technology, and way beyond anything that his century could produce.

Stefan wasn't wearing the suit; the suit was wearing Stefan.

Richard dove into the pool and called to Stefan, ' Come in the water's fine.'

With a suspicious look at the water Stefan overcame his wariness and climbed slowly in.

Fortunately the pool at this end was only 5ft deep, as Stefan couldn't swim.

In his world any open patch of water was a death trap, and they were avoided wherever possible.

These pools were always ringed with deadly plants waiting for the unwary to come and drink from the deceptive pool.

Even if you were lucky enough to evade these killers, there was always something in the pool itself that would be waiting to kill you.

The most common threat was the Hookworm.

This friendly little beast wanted your company in the pool so much that it whipped barbed tentacles at you from the depths, and literally hooked you and dragged you under the surface of the water.

The barbs ensured that the victim couldn't escape, and drowning followed by ingestion was the usual result.

Consequently Stefan and his fellows had never learned to swim.

Stefan contented himself with standing in the water watching Richard as he swam up and down the pool, his Herculean body slicing through the water easily.

Stefan was enjoying the feeling of being immersed, and was happily splashing about and even dipping his head under the water for a few seconds.

Suddenly to his surprise the water was turned into one big splash, as two gorgeous naked girls jumped into the pool to join them.

Richard had arranged this little surprise for Stefan, and climbed out of the pool to inspect the suit as the girls played with Stefan.

Large warm naked breasts were pressed against his chest and back simultaneously, as the giggling girls hugged his naked body.

Stefan was beginning to overcome his upbringing as regards women. Gloria and Samantha had shown him that the women in this Century were nothing like the women of his time.

Stefan's lined and rugged face fascinated the two girls, and they were soon kissing and fondling him as ordered to by the King.

Richard had set up a small test for Stefan, he had informed Omega of this via his encrypted implant and Omega called out to Stefan that he had to leave the room for a few minutes.

Stefan was having fun with the girls, and smiled at Omega to show he had heard him.

One of the girls had disappeared under the water, and Stefan jumped as her hot mouth encompassed his cock.

It was just at this point that Richard's test began.

Out of the corner of his eye Stefan saw a black dressed figure rappelling down to the poolside from a hole cut in the roof.

Stefan was no fool, and he realised that the odds of an attack on the King just when he was being introduced were very high indeed.

Therefore there was a good chance that the King wouldn't want his tester killed.

The girl kissing him was gently moved to one side, and Stefan made the mental effort required to counteract this threat.

'Cover your ears lady,' he ordered, and to her and to the King's amazement stared intently at the rope that the intruder was using to lower himself to the poolside.

The King thought for a second that Stefan had gone completely mad when he saw him point both his fingers at the rope.

With an ear splitting crack both Stefan's high-powered pistols fired, and the rope was severed causing the intruder to fall heavily onto the tiled floor.

The impact knocked the man out cold.

The sound of Stefan's pistols echoed throughout the tiled room, and wisps of smoke drifted from the muzzles of his twin guns.

They were held securely in the battle gauntlets of his suit that was now standing facing the crumpled body of the intruder.

Two spots of laser light were clearly seen rock steady on the unconscious man's head.

Richard and Omega were stunned; the suit had fired on the intruder even though Stefan was standing in the water yards away from it.

Omega realised that he had vastly underestimated 30th Century technology.

The suit wasn't just physically connected to the wearer; it was telepathically connected to him.

It had fired by remote control and had hit a rope at 25 yards.

Omega knew that if Britain could mass-produce this Suit, it would make him and the other Storm troopers redundant.

It was a sobering thought, and it showed his own strength of character when he stepped forward and applauded Stefan as he stood in the water.

The immersed girl's head popped up out of the pool, and she asked what the noise had been.

'Nothing to bother you Lady,' replied Stefan kindly.

Seeing Omega approaching the intruder he severed the telepathic connection to his suit, and climbed out of the water to join the King.

Richard had also seen the possibilities that obtaining the secrets of such a suit would bring his country.

However he contented himself by beaming his most gracious smile at Stefan, and asking him if he would like to become the Royal Bodyguard.

Stefan was only too pleased to accept the position, and shook the King's hand firmly.

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