tagFetishDr. Valdez Humiliates a Student

Dr. Valdez Humiliates a Student


Dr Velma Valdez tossed back her lustrous, chestnut brown hair and adjusted her tortoiseshell-rimmed glasses as she sauntered towards the entrance to the lecture theatre in her precariously high-heeled patent green stilettos. It was quite a vision to behold, a curvaceous woman in her early forties swaying from side to side, her equine buttocks accentuated by a close-fitting maroon pencil skirt which left little to the imagination. Dr Valdez knew how to work a crowd, whether in a lecture theatre full of drooling admirers or unsuspecting patients in her surgery.

As a renowned urologist, Dr Valdez attracted worldwide attention from specialists in the field, eager to come and hear her speak authoritatively about the latest topic in her particular specialism, the prostate. Her contributions to the most respected journals in the field were talked about in medical schools up and down the country and her lectures were consistently over-subscribed. You could say that he name preceded her and not just because of her medical expertise....

Today's lecture was for the benefit of the medical school's women's association: as a staunch feminist, Dr Valdez appreciated the importance of encouraging more women to enter the field of urology, one traditionally dominated by a certain type crusty, middle-aged man. Dr Valdez had no truck with such outmoded notions and was on a mission to break-down the barriers to women in that field of medicine. She was a woman who knew what she wanted, both in her medical practice and outside and no-one was going to push her around and tell her what to do!

"Ah, you must be Dr Valdez." She was greeted at the entrance to the building by an enthusiastic-looking young blonde woman in her early twenties. "I'm Emma Farringdon, head of the school's student women's association. The girls are really looking forward to your lecture today."

Dr Valdez shook her hand firmly and winked at her mischievously. Emma blushed, slightly flustered at finding herself drawn to this confident, sexy older woman.

"It's a pleasure to be here Emma," said Dr Valdez. "I'm sure the girls will learn a lot from today's demonstration. Did you manage to find a volunteer from the medical school?"

"Oh yes, a first-year student by the name of James. I think he's a bit nervous though. He doesn't really know what's involved."

They walked towards the back entrance to the lecture theatre, which lead into a small backstage area. There a tall, muscular young man was pacing up and down nervously, his sweaty hands clasped in front of him.

"James, I'd like you to meet Dr Velma Valdez who will be delivering the lecture today," said Emma. James swung round and held out his hand to Dr Valdez, who gripped it firmly as she looked intently into this big, dilated eyes. "No need to be nervous, James. I just need a little assistance to demonstrate some of my theories to the girls today and I'm sure your medical expertise will serve us very well." Her eyes dropped momentarily to the bulge in his crotch area, and the clear outline of his penis against his jeans. She thought skin tight jeans on men had gone out in the '80s, along with leg-warmers and asymmetric haircuts.

"Right, let's do this," said Dr Valdez, motioning to the others to follow her onto the stage.

Dr Valdez shimmied towards the lectern in the centre of the stage and stood confidently in front of the audience of young, female students. She waited until Emma and James has taken their seats in the front row before introducing herself to the eager-looking girls.

"My name is Dr Valdez and I'm here to talk to you about the work of a urologist. I'm sure you all know by now that we focus on the workings of the genitourinary system. But rather than blind you with science today, I thought I'd make it more interactive by bringing along a real live male specimen to demonstrate on."

There was a big cheer from the audience, with particularly enthusiastic whooping coming from three sexy young women in the front row. Jenna, Lysette and Holly were first-years at the medical school and delighted in showing off their assets. Jenna was a buxom blonde whose blue and white checked shirt struggled to contain her full, rounded breasts, either of which threatened to pop out at any moment. Lysette was a sexy brunette with an smooth, olive complexion and pert, rounded ass enveloped in a pair of skin-tight white jeans. Holly, also known as "the brains", was a tall, classical beauty with long, toned legs up to her shoulders and a confident, worldly air. The three girls relished the prospect of having a real, live man to experiment on.

As the attention of the rowdy audience focussed on him, James began to squirm uncomfortably in his seat. He had had no idea what he had signed up for when he saw the notice on the student participation board asking for a young, muscular, medical student to assist in a lecture by Dr Valdez. He was a huge admirer of her work and put his name forward immediately, without knowing exactly what would be required of him. Had had heard rumours about Dr Valdez and her alleged penchant for naked young men, but had dismissed them as being wishful thinking on the part of some of his classmates. Sitting there in a lecture theatre full of leering young women, he was no longer sure what he had let himself in for.

"We have a brave volunteer today to help us better understand the male sexual response," said Dr Valdez. "Come on up to the front James!"

James froze in his seat and had to be propelled forwards by Jenna, who was sitting on his right. The words "male sexual response" rang in his ears like a bell announcing an execution. He stumbled onto the stage to wild applause from the audience and repeated shouts of "James". He blinked as he stared out at a sea of animated faces and a wave of terror came over him. He swallowed and focussed on trying to keep calm.

Dr Valdez sashayed over towards him as she continued to address the crowd. "What a fine specimen of a man we have here. Twenty year-old male, 6 foot 3, athletic build." She ran her hand across his firm chest and let it fall down until it was almost touching his groin. He felt a stirring in his loins as her hand lightly brushed against his muscular thigh. He began to blush as he fought hard to conceal his reaction to having this beautiful, commanding woman run her fingers over him.

"I think we need to lose the polo shirt though, don't you agree girls? How else are we going to learn about the fine, male anatomy if we can't see it in action?" There was a deafening roar of approval from the audience. "Take it off James!" said Dr Valdez, looking him directly in the eye.

James pulled the blue and white striped polo shirt over his head to reveal a completely hairless chest and perfectly defined pecs. There was a wolf-whistle from the audience and more cheering. "Now, now girls, let's maintain a little decorum here please. This is a place of learning and we don't want to give ourselves a bad reputation, do we?" She winked at James as she said these last words, clearly alluding to her own reputation as the kinky femme fatale of the world of urology.

She ran a long, perfectly-manicured finger across his smooth chest, lingering briefly on one of his nipples as she circled it gently. His nipples hardened in response and his breathing became quicker and shallower. "He likes that," announced Dr Valdez approvingly, continuing her hand downwards towards his taut belly and finally settling on the button of his jeans.

James felt his cock slowly spring into life and felt mortified that his excitement was there for the entire audience of young women to see. He heard suppressed laughter from the front row as the girls realised that he was starting to get an erection. He flushed, deeply ashamed of his own arousal, not knowing where this was going to lead.

"Ah James!" exclaimed Dr Valdez. "There's no need to be ashamed. It's a natural response to be aroused by a woman's touch and an audience of hungry female eyes feasting on you." She stared down at his growing cock struggling against his jeans and made no bones about concealing her own excitement. Her large nipples, clearly visible beneath her low-cut silk top, where now brushing against the soft material. She ran a finger over one of them, momentarily distracted by her own arousal.

"I think these jeans need to come off too. I can see that you're straining to come out". She unbuttoned his jeans and pulled the zipper down slowly. James didn't know where to look. He had been in such a hurry to get dressed that morning that he hadn't bothered putting on any boxers. He tried to focus on one of the lights suspended from the ceiling, avoiding eye contact with any of the girls in the audience.

The girls squealed with delight as his big, bouncy cock sprung out of his jeans. Dr Valdez motioned to him to remove the rest of his clothing and he did so obediently. He was now completely naked, with a raging hard-on, in front of an audience of baying young women. It was like his worst nightmare and greatest fantasy rolled into one. Dr Valdez licked the palm of her right hand and started caressing the length of his pulsating shaft with slow, tantalising strokes. "Mmmm," she said, "this is what it feels like to stroke a fully erect penis. If you look closely, you can see some pre-cum starting to ooze out of the tip." With that observation, she squeezed the tip of his shaft until her fingers were lightly coated in his pre-cum and raised her fingers towards his mouth. "Do we want him to taste himself girls?" she teased the audience. The response was raucous and unequivocal.

James had never tasted his own cum before, but had secretly always longed to. He came from a very conservative family where sex was never openly discussed, he had never had a real girlfriend and his only knowledge of the subject came from the internet. He had been amazed at the kinds of things people did to get their kicks and found himself strangely drawn to the world of fetish and CFNM in particular. Until today, though, he had never dreamed that any of his secret fantasies would ever come true.

He opened his mouth and sucked on Dr Valdez' three cum-coated fingers. His arousal was now moving to a new level and he was terrified that he would no longer be able to control himself. "Could I have a couple of volunteers to.....," began Dr Valdez, but before she had a chance to finish the sentence, Jenna, Lysette and Holly had jumped up from their seats in the front row and onto the stage. "Excellent!" exclaimed Dr Valdez. "There's nothing I like more than enthusiasm."

Jenna, who had no inhibitions whatsoever, dropped to her knees and started sucking James' cock like a pro. This was something she was clearly well practised in and James could not believe the sensations that were running along every nerve in his body.

Inspired by this uninhibited display of desire, Lysette grabbed the bottle of lube from the lectern and squeezed some onto James' rock-hard ass cheeks. He flinched slightly as she began circling his puckered hole with her forefinger and he realised what was about to happen. He had masturbated relentlessly while watching videos involving ass-play on his computer, but had never dreamed that it would happen to him. In front of a crowd of salivating women. At that moment, he felt a tinge of pain as Lysette slowly inserted her finger into his ass, but as she began pressing down on his prostate, he felt as if he was going to explode with pleasure.

Meanwhile, Holly, who was becoming highly aroused by watching her friends play with James' cock and ass, decided that James needed to be put to good use. She hitched up her sexy, leopard-skin skirt, grabbed James' hand and rested his finger on her engorged clit. She moaned with pleasure as she guided his finger in circular motions around her clit and then inserted three of his fingers into her soaking wet pussy. James was out of his mind with desire and continued to ooze pre-cum from his throbbing cock.

Dr Valdez was impressed with the girls' initiative and the fact that they seemed to know what to do without being told. She herself was clearly enjoying the demonstration, as she had managed to slip her hand down her tight waistband and begun to touch herself without anyone noticing. Almost. The only person who could not take her eyes off Dr Valdez was Emma, who had sat motionless in the front row until now. She had wanted to volunteer herself, but felt too self-conscious and was worried about not being able to conceal her own desire. She squirmed in her seat and felt her pussy throb gently as she watched Dr Valdez finger herself slowly to orgasm.

Dr Valdez had felt Emma's eyes on her and interrupted herself briefly to invite Emma up to the front. "Emma, I think we need your assistance here too". Emma shuddered with fear and excitement as she approached the stage. She stood next to Dr Valdez, who took Emma's hand and placed it on her firm, right breast. Emma fondled her breast and ran her finger over Dr Valdez' rock hard nipple, feeling the juices ooze from her pussy. Dr Valdez continued to finger herself until her whole body shuddered and she let out a long moan.

Once she had regained her composure, Dr Valdez turned to James. "I want you to eat Emma's pussy. Now. You know you want to, because you're just a filthy boy slut."

Dr Valdez pushed James down to his knees in front of Emma and held up Emma's cotton skirt while sliding down her panties with the other hand. She guided James' head towards Emma's moist lips and watched approvingly as he started circling her clit with this tongue. He had seen this done on countless videos and it felt incredible. Emma came quickly and suddenly, thrusting her crotch into James' face as she felt the spasms deep in her pussy.

While this was going on, Jenna kneeled on the floor next to James and continued stroking his cock insistently. Lysette kneeled on the other side of him, playing with his balls. Dr Valdez motioned to Holly to follow her backstage. When they came back a few minutes later, both Holly and Dr Valdez were sporting huge erections. Holly's dildo was bright pink and she stood in front of James saying, "Crawl towards me on your hands and knees and suck my cock, boy slut". James inched forwards obediently, Jenna never letting go of his now sore and throbbing cock. He took the fake cock in his mouth and moved his lips up and down the shaft. Jenna was so turned on by this that she grabbed one of her huge breasts, heaved it up towards her mouth and started sucking on her own nipple. James groaned with pleasure.

Dr Valdez, who was sporting a purple dildo, squirted a generous amount of lube onto the it and started rubbing it up and down. She slowly went down on all fours behind James and pulled his ass cheeks apart, gently teasing his opening with her purple cock. James gulped as he realised that he was about to be penetrated from the front and back by two beautiful, strong women. Dr Valdez thrust the dildo all the way inside him and out again. He was crazy with lust now and could stand it no more. He felt a giant surge inside him as he was brought to the brink by being fucked in the ass by Dr Valdez whilst sucking on a big, pink cock. Jenna's stroking got faster and faster until he could hold it in no more and he spurted huge bursts of cum all over Holly's feet. Jenna milked him for a good 30 seconds longer until there was nothing left to come out. "Now lick my feet, cumslut," ordered Holly, really getting into it, as she withdrew the dildo from his mouth. Dr Valdez gave his cheeks a good slap as she withdrew the dildo from his ass.

James leaned back on his haunches and took one of Holly's feet in his hands. He sucked on each toe and then licked her whole foot clean. The crowd were now cheering "cumslut" ecstatically, as James did the same with Holly's other foot. Just at that moment, two esteemed professors, who were passing the lecture theatre, heard the commotion and pushed the door open to have a look. "Dr Valdez is doing one of her "demonstrations," said one of the professors to the other and they both chuckled to themselves as they pulled the door shut and continued walking on.

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