Dr. Wu


The small financial services company I worked for was bought up by a large multinational holding company three years ago, and since then, every ten or twelve months, head office has sent a psychologist to interview all of the staff, from the district manager on down. They don't tell us why, or even that the individual we see is a psychologist, but everyone knows. I suspect they're trying to cover their corporate asses by making sure that we aren't thinking about making off with our clients' savings or about to go on a shooting rampage at the local office.

Until now, the same goofy looking guy had shown up each time to do the interviews. He wore shirts that looked like pajama tops and the same dirty tie, one that looked like it had been cut from my mom's old sitting room drapes. Everyone was taken by surprise when a tall and very attractive Asian woman arrived one morning and announced that she was there to conduct the interviews. I had been out of the office seeing one of my clients and returned to find an e-mailed interview schedule on the screen of my desktop computer. It was only a few minutes from my appointed time when one of my co-workers returned from her own interview and filled me in on Dr. Wu. "What a bitch! It was more like a 'blame me for the troubles of the company' session than a psychological interview," she complained. That really made me feel uncomfortable.

I entered the board room where the interviews were being conducted and sat myself in the chair that was obviously intended for the interviewee. Dr. Wu entered the room shortly afterwards, "I'm Cynthia Wu." was all she said, and began the interview. I wasn't expecting her to be so pleasant after hearing about Susan's (my co-worker) interview, but she was gracious and polite and funny. I didn't have a clue as to what Susan had done to rate the Doctor's wrath.

During the half hour session she paced the length of the room as she asked me questions and pondered my answers. Where the goofball in the ugly tie had reams of paper in binders, graphs and forms, Dr. Wu had only a single sheet of paper on which she jotted the odd note.

It was pretty dry stuff, and part way through the meeting, my mind began to wander. I don't know if I was ever really aware that I was fantasizing about her, but there was certainly a lot to spur on a man's imagination. Her long, tapered legs were nicely displayed by the slit skirt she wore, and her full, firm breasts sat high on her chest, encased in a lacy bra which was visible through a sheer blouse. Her hair was shiny, very black, and stylishly cut and her artfully done makeup highlighted her cheekbones. All of this combined to give her a haughty yet exotic appearance.

I was imagining her slipping that lacy bra off to show me her breasts, when her voice, which had been low and comforting, jolted me out of my daydream like a verbal slap in the face. "Mr. MacIvor! Can I have your attention for a few more minutes, please?" I blushed like a school girl and snapped upright in my seat. She was staring at the bulge in my slacks. I stuttered something about mentally reviewing my morning meeting with my client, but I knew I had been caught. There was an angry tone to her voice when she dismissed me. "This interview is over, Mr. MacIvor."

I returned to my office, sure that she would submit a negative report to her corporate bosses and I'd be in trouble. That would be terrible. I loved my job. It was challenging, it was interesting and best of all, it paid very well. I hoped like hell I would have some kind of opportunity to speak to her and apologize before she wrapped up the interviews.

I spent the rest of the day trying to work up proposals for various clients, but I didn't accomplish much. I just couldn't concentrate. Most of the staff had left for the day when an e-mail message popped up on my screen, telling me to report to the board room at quarter past the hour. I had ten minutes. I made a quick trip to the washroom and splashed some water on my face and then headed to my meeting with Dr. Wu.

She was waiting for me, sitting on the table, with one foot on the floor, the slit in her skirt gaping to expose her leg well up onto her thigh. It was an extremely sexy pose, but the look on her face was anything but. "Sit down, Mr. MacIvor." She ordered. I quickly sat and immediately launched into my rehearsed apology, but she interrupted. "There is nothing for you to say, so you will keep your mouth shut unless I tell you to speak." She paused. "After our discussions today, I did some checking on you. For the most part, your colleagues have positive things to say about you. However, one of your female co-workers thinks you are a male pig of the worst sort and that you think of nothing but sex. Fortunately for you, I was able to determine that she'd say that about any of the men in the office. Another of your female co-workers complained that you always look at her breasts, and that she felt humiliated when you did."

"Humiliated, my ass," I thought. She was talking about Janet, the boss's personal assistant. Janet had a great figure and liked to show it off. She always made a point of leaving a couple of buttons undone so that her blouse would gape when she bent forward. She was always showing me her cleavage. When she caught me looking, which was often, she certainly didn't display any signs of displeasure, as a matter of fact, she often gave me a little smile. And Jan, that prudish man-hater, she's the one who classified me as a pig. I rarely spoke to her, she was so standoffish. What a bitch!

"As well as being known in the office as somewhat oversexed, one of your supervisors suggested that you are a bit of a yes man. An "ass kisser" is how I think he phrased it."

"Bullshit!" I exclaimed.

"Quiet! What did I tell you about talking."

I closed my mouth with difficulty, thinking of how I would reply if given the chance. Everybody has to brownnose once in a while to get ahead. I was no worse than anyone else in the company, and better than most, actually.

Dr. Wu continued. "That comment interested me, I have a particular fondness for ass-kissers," and with that she stood up and walked to the door and turned the lock. Looking into my eyes, she said "Get down on your knees".

"What?" I asked, not knowing if I had heard her correctly. She took a step forward and slapped me. "Didn't I tell you not to say a word. Now either do as you are told, or my report will go to the company as it now reads." My cheek stung like hell, but I didn't want to lose my job, so down onto my knees I went. She stood beside the large board room table and calmly pulled the zipper down, then unbuttoned the waistband of her skirt, stepped out of it and laid it on the table. She slipped her hands under the elastic waist of her panties and slid them down as well, revealing a sparse patch of straight, jet black pubic hair. She turned her back to me and bent over the table, looking over her shoulder as she did. "Come here."

In the relationships I had with women over the years, I had always been the one in control. Now, Dr. Wu had me jumping to obey her very wish and I felt powerless to resist.

I crawled across the floor until I was a few inches from her lovely behind. "Now," she bade me, "Kiss my ass". What could I do? I pursed my lips and kissed the smooth skin of one cheek, then the other. I had no idea what she expected of me, so I backed off a bit. "Did I say to stop? She said impatiently. I kissed some more. She bent a little further causing her cheeks to part, opening the cleft between them. Not wanting to disobey, I let my lips and tongue wander further, then I stopped. How far did I dare to go? Without warning she reached back and grabbed a handful of my hair. My reaction was to pull back, but she yanked hard, pulling my head down so that my mouth was right at her anus. "Lick me, you bastard. Use your tongue!" She ordered. As humiliating as it was, I did as she told me. My tongue slid right into the recess of her asshole. She tasted of perfumed soap and the muskiness of ass and cunt. I was being forced to eat this dominant woman's ass and I loved it!

My cock had been stiffening since the moment she removed her skirt, but now, as I rimmed her asshole, it was turning to stone.

Dr Wu grasped her rounded cheeks and spread them further, causing her anus to gape. I understood now that there were no limits to what she would have me do. I pushed my tongue as far into her asshole as the tight ring of muscle would allow. Now most, whether male or female, would be moaning and groaning by now. The anus is full of nerve endings and having your asshole tongued is intensely pleasurable. Dr. Wu however, had not uttered a sound. I thought it strange.

Without any warning, she pulled away and stood up, then sat on the table. "Stand up and drop your pants" she ordered. I did what she wanted. I looked down at my erection. It was as hard as it ever been. The skin on my cockhead was stretched so tight that it shone, and it was a deep purple color. "Lie down. Now!" she barked, and pushed me onto my back on the table.

She stepped up onto the table and stood over me so that her pussy was clearly visible. The sparse black hair ended just above the top of her slit, leaving her plump outer lips quite bald. Despite her stoic behavior, her labia were swollen and red, and a trickle of moisture leaked from between them, betraying her.

My erection was standing ramrod straight and it twitched violently when she took it in her hand. She spread her lips with her other hand and slowly lowered herself onto my dick, which slid easily into her overheated cunt. I bit my lip to stifle my moans. Once she hit bottom, she slowly rose up again, until just the head remained between her slippery lips. Up and down she went, slowly but surely fucking me with long slow strokes, each stroke bringing me closer, but not quite, to satisfaction.

All the while she rode my cock, she never showed any real signs of enjoyment or arousal, but rather stared deep into my eyes. Watching as she did, she knew when I was going to come, and she increased the tempo of her strokes. My cock twitched and throbbed inside her, then spit its thick white charge deep into her sex. She stopped moving on my cock and sat down hard, flexing her muscles to milk the last of my seed out of my balls.

When my breathing returned to near normal, she smiled at me and rose to her feet in the middle of the table. She took a step forward and then spread her legs. I was looking directly up into her wet and swollen cunt, and as I watched, a droplet of cum emerged from her vagina. She lowered herself down and by the time her pussy was a few inches from my face, strings of semen had started to drip onto my face.

"Now it's my turn, Mr. McIvor." She murmured. "Use your tongue as well as you did on my rear opening, and I'll be very pleased." She paused. "If you don't..." I didn't hear the rest of her comment. Her thighs pressed against my ears, effectively trapping me in the soundless world of her pussy.

My tongue slid between her lips and my semen flowed out of her cunt and down my throat. I pushed the tip of my tongue into all the nooks and crannies of her sex, then swirled it around her clitoris. Although she had not shown any overt signs of arousal earlier, that wasn't the case now. Having her just-fucked pussy licked was evidently what turned her on, because she was humping my face like a mad woman, and even though her thighs were clamped against my ears, I could hear the cries of ecstasy when she came.

After we disentangled ourselves, she produced tissues from her bag and wiped my face for me, then suggested we dress and leave before the cleaners wondered why the door was locked. We made our way out of the building, and as she turned to go to her car, she smiled at me and said, "That was a most interesting interview, Mr. MacIvor, I'm sure your employers will be happy with you for many years to come."

I was still too stunned from what had happened to react one way or the other. I just waved as she drove away, then climbed in my own car and drove home.

It took several days for me to work up the nerve to tell my wife about my interview with the corporate psychologist, and I expected her to be upset. Instead, she rolled me over and rode me to a mind numbing orgasm. And after that... Well, she came, not once, but three times as she knelt over my face and forced me to eat her creamy twat.

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