tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDracula's Return Ch. 01

Dracula's Return Ch. 01


Returning to Europe for the first time in almost a century, Alexander Lucard was finally going to end the relentless harassment from his old nemesis Abraham van helsing.

He followed the leader of the assault team that had destroyed his Brides; Lucard entered the airport and slipped thru security using his hypnotic powers.

Boarding a plane to London behind his victim, he watched as she was being seated in first class. Settling in to an empty seat in the rear of the plane, the hunter waited patiently for the perfect time to strike.

Over the Atlantic Ocean, as the other passengers slept, he waited until Miss Harker went forward to the restroom. Then he dissolved into a fine mist and flowed across the floor and under the door.

Miss Gwendolyn Harker was just washing her hands when Lucard materialized behind her. He grabbed her by the neck, bent her over the sink and hissed in her ear "don't move or speak." Reinforced by his mental powers Gwen was unable to resist as her attacker pulled up her skirt and tore off her lacey white panties.

Kneeing her legs apart he reached between her thighs to stroke her pubic mound, one finger sliding between her labia to probe deep inside her pussy. After a moment he added a second, stretching her painfully.

With his other hand Lucard released his 11" hard on and, guiding the bulbous crown to her slit, rammed forward hard. "uuuugggghhhhh!!!" Gwen gasped as his huge shaft pierced her sex like a stake.

He thrust in and out, deeper and deeper, driving into her cunt like a piston. His member invading her like a battering ram, as he climaxed he drove his fangs into the side of her bared throat.

When the vampires cum and venom entered her body, Gwen convulsed in a series of mind blowing orgasms.

He withdrew his fangs from her throat and; slashing his wrist with the nail of his index finger, pressed the wound to her lips.

At first Gwen gagged but after the first gulp she continued sucking desperately until Lucard pulled his wrist away.

He held her tightly to his chest as her body trembled thru THE TRANSFORMATION; enjoying the sensation of her tight, hot sheath milking his cock dry.

Finally he pulled out of her pussy and, turning her around, pushed her to her knees. Holding the sides of her head he guided her lips to his still hard shaft. "suck it good" he ordered.

Gwen obediently took the colossal organ into her mouth and began sucking it, alternately licking the head and swallowing as much of its thick length as she could.

Lucard let her go at it for a few minutes then he started pumping forward, pushing deeper and deeper into her throat until she could feel it passing her tonsils with every thrust.

moaning in pleasure Lucard came again, flooding Gwen's throat with spurting jism. Gagging, she valiantly swallowed every drop and licked his cock clean. finished using his first new Bride for now, Lucard closed his pants and ordered Gwendolyn to straiten up her close.

After instructing the young woman to act normally and meet him outside the airport after they landed, he misted back to his seat to plan his next strike against his enemies.

When he left the airports front doors he looked around until he saw a black Limousine driven by an attractive Asian woman. This would do nicely, he though as he approached the woman. Making eye contact he mesmerized her and ordered her to get in the drivers seat and await his return.

He collected Gwendolyn as she left the terminal and guided her to the Limousine. They got in quickly and Lucard told the woman to find them somewhere private. After a short drive the Limousine pulled into a vacant lot.

Bringing the driver into the backseat Lucard searched her mind for any useful information, finding her name was Mei Lin Chang, and that she had worked for a local business owner.

Finished pumping the 23 year old for knowledge, Lucard decided to just pump her for pleasure. He Removed her jacket and blouse, then pulled down her frilly bras cups and started kneading and squeezing her big pert breasts.

His mouth surrounded her left areola and he licked and sucked it, nibbling the plump nipple while his hands explored her inner thighs under her pleated skirt.

Not to be left out, Gwen leaned in from the other side and started sucking Mei Lin's other nipple for a moment before licking her way up the other woman's chest and throat to claim her mouth.

Her tongue probed the Asian woman's lips, forcing them open to wrestle with her own tongue. Pleased with his Bride's participation Lucard unbuttoned Mei-Lin's skirt; removing it and her panties.

Then he worked his way down her belly to her shaved pubis. "MMMMMMPPPP!!!" she moaned as the vampire lord licked her warm, moist cleft up to her clitty and sucked it into his mouth.

He gently nibbled and sucked her clit until her hips were bucking uncontrollable as her body was wracked with multiple orgasms.

When Lucard though she had had enough, he rose up between her legs and guided the head of his huge cock to her gapping Vulva and shoved the first few inches up her incredibly tight Cunt.

"uuunnnggghhh!!!" she groaned as he filled her up, stretching her wider than anything had done before. Working in and out to loosen her a little, he slowly inserted nearly half his length.

Wanting to get in all the way, Lucard lifted Mei Lin's legs up onto his shoulders and; folding her in half, plunged up her pussy to the root. thrusting like a machine, he plowed her hard and deep.

Leaning forward till he was crushed her thighs against her breasts as he sank his fangs into her throat and climaxed.

Mei Lin bucked and writhed beneath the Vampire as his fluids gushed into her from both ends, setting her body ablaze with pleasure, as venom filled her blood stream and stimulated a massive release of endorphins.

Sated for the moment, He pulled his fangs from her flesh and quickly fed her some of his own blood to make her his second Bride. He slowly withdrew from her bruised sheath and told her to get dressed and drive them to an elegant hotel. They would go after Van Helsing's daughter in the morning.

To be continued...

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