tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDracula's Return Ch. 03

Dracula's Return Ch. 03


Leaving the suite; Gwendolyn Harker and Mei Lin Chang split up to cover more territory.

Heading up the hall to the left, Gwen saw a housekeepers cart outside a room. She used her super-human hearing to listen and found that there was only one heartbeat within so she dissolved into a fine mist and slipped under the door.

The vampire bride reformed behind the young African woman making up the bed and clamped a hand over her mouth. "MMMPPPHHH!" the maid gasped into Gwen's hand.

Before she could react, Gwen spun her around and pinned her against the wall by the throat. "Don't scream." The bride ordered, using her mental powers to reinforce the command.

"P... please don't hurt me." The girl begged. "SSSHHH, easy my pretty; I'm not going to harm you." Gwen replied as her other hand grasped the maid's uniform blouse and tore it open.

"We're just going to have a little fun. Now hold still, honey." Gwen told her captive as she began fondling the girl's big perky breasts thru her lacey black bra. "No... don't... I've never..." the maid gasped. "Well, it's about time you did." Gwen said with a mischievous smile.

Then the blonde woman unhooked the front clasp of the bra and scooped out the two large, firm mounds of tit flesh. She leaned forward and enveloped the girl's right nipple with her lips.

Sucking the rapidly swelling nub into her mouth and laving it with her agile tongue.

"Oh, no...this is...bad..." the helplessly excited young woman moaned as pleasure stabbed thru her body, Gwen moved to the other breast and sucked that one for a moment to, nibbling gently on the sensitive bud.

While her victim was distracted, Gwen's hands went down to her uniform skirt and slid up under it. She grasped the matching black thong panties and slowly pulled them off the girl's hips and down her toned thighs.

Releasing her captive's engorged nipple, Gwen looked into her eyes. "What is your name, my darling." she asked the trembling young woman. "Ayesha, Ayesha Davis." She whispered.

"That's a very pretty name, my pretty little sex kitten." Gwen told her. Then she claimed Ayesha's lips with a long deep kiss while she cupped her captive's bushy mound.

Gwen stroked the girls dripping cleft with her finger tips and then slowly inserted one finger inside her hot, wet slit to probe her g-spot. Soon the vampire added a second and then a third finger, stretching Ayesha's vulva open.

Twisting her fingers back and forth the bride formed a cone with all four fingers and began pushing and twisting them up into the girls tight passage. "OH...NO...NOT YOUR HAND...IT'S TO...BIG!" Ayesha gasped, panting.

Gwen just thrust her tongue into the girl's mouth to silence her and shoved her hand in past the knuckles thru her labia.

The girls pained howl was muffled by the vampire's mouth as her hand penetrated deep into her pussy. She shuddered as the hand went wrist deep, her hips bucking from the incredible sensation of her pussy being filled like never before.

Gwen folded her fingers into a fist and started thrusting and twisting, reaming the girl out. She shoved deeper and deeper, pumping and rotating her fist inside the girl with her hand buried to mid-forearm.

Pile-driving so hard the girl was lifted to her tiptoes Gwen fist fucked her victim. Soon the pain turned into pleasure and Ayesha was grunting and groaning to a series of mind-blowing orgasms.

As her captive climaxed, Gwen bite into her arched throat, injecting her pleasure inducing venom as she drank deeply.

Stopping before she drained the girl dry, the bride slit her own wrist and fed Ayesha her blood. A the girls body underwent the TRANSFORMATION, Gwen slowly pulled her hand out of her cunt with a wet slurping pop and licked the pussy juice from her fingers.

Meanwhile Mei Lin went down the hall to the right, listening to each room as she past until she found one with a single occupant taking a shower. Misting under the door she reformed and approached the bathroom door.

Peeking thru the partially open door the 5' 2" tall Asian smiled at what she saw.

Standing under the spraying water was a real live Adonis. He had to be nearly 7" tall, without an ounce of excess fat on his muscular body. He had thick black hair almost to his shoulders and... 'OH, WOW.' she thought as he turned, revealing the biggest cock she had ever seen. Even soft it was at least 10" long with a head like a ripe plum.

Reading the man's mind, Mei Lin found his name was Yuri Ivonovich, a Russian businessman here on vacation. She quickly shed her clothes and slipped into the bathroom.

Yuri looked up at the sound of the door opening to see a gorgeous little Asian woman standing naked in the doorway. "And who might you be?" the huge Russian asked with a grin.

"I'm room service," she replied with a mischievous smile. "Here to service you." Crossing the room she stepped into the bathtub with her prey. Standing close to him she barely reached mid-chest on him and his club like cock reached right up between her breasts.

Mei Lin grasped the man's member like a baseball bat, her small hands only just reaching around the thick organ. "MMMMM, you're... so... big." She moaned as she stroked up and down the shaft.

"Yes, I am very big," he said. "I will fill you up like you have never been filled before." He reached down and stroked her breasts, kneading and squeezing them like dough. Then he slid one hand down her belly to cup her bare pubis, stroking a finger along her hot throbbing cleft before slowly inserting it up inside her pussy.

Soon he added a second finger and started rubbing her g-spot with a come-hither motion that drove her up to her tiptoes, arching in pleasure. "OOOOHHHH... YESSS." She gasped as she climaxed.

To do her part, Mei Lin leaned forward and began licking the crown of the Russians colossal member like an ice cream cone. Soon she opened her mouth wide and enveloped the whole head, probing the cum slit with her tongue tip.

His wrist thick phallus was stretching her lips to the limit but then Mei Lin did what no normal human woman could have, she unhinged her jaw, expanded her throat and swallowed all thirteen inches.

Yuri groaned as for the first time in his life he felt the pleasure of being deep throated. He couldn't believe the sensation of her muscular esophagus massaging and milking his huge shaft as she bobbed up and down the entire rod, her lips kissing his cock-root with every down stroke.

Licking the crown and plunging to the root over and over again, she drove him to an intense orgasm, draining his balls of the first load of cum so he'd last longer inside her tight pussy. She swallowed every drop of jism and continued sucking till he was rock hard again before pulling off and resetting her jaw.

Then she stepped on the soap dish with one foot and the side of the tub with the other and raised herself just high enough to mount his fist like cockhead. Spreading her labia open as wide as she could with her fingers she guided the plum sized crown into her cleft and slowly started working herself down the rampant shaft. "Oooohhh" she groaned as the thick tool penetrated all the way to her cervix.

Impaled to the root Mei Lin gritted her teeth and began sliding up and down the wrist thick member. Yuri grasped her firm buttocks and drove in harder and deeper, pounding up the tiny Asians stretched cunt passage like a piston.

She wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck as the giant carried her into the bedroom where he flopped down on top of her on the bed and really started fucking the shit out of her.

He grasped her ankles and pulled her legs from around his waist to straight up his chest so her feet were over his shoulders. Driving his cock deep up her cunt harder and harder, Mei Lin thought he was going to split her open right down the middle.

Yuri pumped in and out, smashing his crown against her womb with every thrust and then pulling back until just a few inches where inside her before plowing in again. Folded in half with her thighs mashing her tits, the small Asian woman writhed in mind blowing pleasure as the huge Russian continued to savagely fuck her pussy.

He jack-hammered into her for almost twenty minutes before he finally climaxed, flooding her belly with his thick, slimy cum. as she felt his jism filling her womb, Mei Lin came as well, her vaginal muscles convulsing around the giant shaft stuffed up her cunt.

After her sucking pussyhole finished milking every last drop of cum from his cock, Yuri slowly withdrew and rolled over to collapse in sated exhaustion.

Mei Lin rose unsteadily and lay across the big mans chest. , "Give me a minute and I'll take you again." Yuri said as the sexy little Asian woman started licking his neck. "UUUNNNGGGHHH!!!" he groaned as she sank her fangs into his throat, flooding his system with pleasure inducing vampire venom.

She sucked deeply for a few moments then nicked her own throat and made him drink her blood while she began manipulating his mind, starting the TRANSFORMATION into an undead minion. After she finished brainwashing him she climbed onto his rapidly hardening cock and started riding him like a horse.

Meanwhile Gwen had just finished indoctrinating Ayesha when they heard someone at the door. Both women dissolved into mist as it opened and the guest whose room this was entered. "What the..." the gorgeous Mexican business woman started to say when she saw her messed up bed but Gwen reformed behind her and clamped one hand over her mouth and the other onto her left wrist, twisting her arm up behind her back. "MMMPPP...MMMPPPHHH..." the frightened young woman moaned.

She was further shocked to see a beautiful, naked African woman materialize out of thin air in front of her. Grasping her free hand, Ayesha tore the woman's blouse open, pulled down her bra and mauled her exposed breasts. Ayesha licked, sucked and nibbled first one then the other nipple while her free hand sought the warm, moist slit between her victim's thighs.

While there captive was distracted by the sensation of being suckled by another woman, Gwen slipped into her mind to plant the command not to scream for help or try to escape. "Don't move, honey" Gwen whispered in her ear as she released her.

Next she reached around the woman and unfastened her skirt, letting it pool on the floor. Then she slid her fingers inside the waistband of her captive's panties and eased them down, making her step out of them.

"What's your name, my pretty little pet?" Gwen asked as she removed the shredded blouse. "Ma...Maria...Maria Sandoval" the Hispanic woman stammered. "That's a beautiful name for my new fuck pet." Gwen said, reaching back around Maria to cup and knead her breasts while Ayesha kissed and licked her way down to the woman's neatly trimmed muff.

The black girl eagerly licked the woman's swelling cleft, probing deeper and deeper inside with her long, agile tongue. Then she sucked her engorged clitty into her mouth and began licking and nibbling it until Maria bucked in a sudden climax.

"See we're not so bad to play with." Gwen said as she turned Maria to face her and pushed her to her knees. "Now you get to repay us for that orgasm by eating me out" the bride ordered as she guided the woman's face between her thighs. "Do a good job, my pet or I'll have to punish you."

The terrified Mexican woman timidly extended her tongue and licked the tall blonde's dripping wet pussy slit. "No, you have to really get in there and go to town like Ayesha did." Gwen instructed, grasping her victim's long thick black hair and grinding her cunt against her lips.

Maria licked harder, probing deep inside the other woman's pussy. As the vampire's tangy cunt juice coated her tongue and entered her system, she began to feel flushed and excited. Her own pussy started to drip juice as she became very turned on. Unable to help herself, Maria thrust her tongue deeper and deeper, trying to get more of the delicious pussy juice and driving the blond vampire to multiple orgasms.

Finally Gwen had had enough and stepped back from the now eagerly sucking Spanish woman. "Take her, my darling." Gwen told Ayesha, who immediately pounced on the woman, driving her to the floor on her belly. The African girl thrust two fingers thru Maria's puckered little anus and as she arched back in pain, bite her exposed throat.

Ayesha twisted and thrust her invading digits while she fed; finally she released the moaning woman and, slashing her own wrist, forced her to drink. Gwen stepped in to brainwash the woman and then the three vampire women cleaned themselves up and selected new clothes from Maria's luggage before heading back to the master's suite.

In the meantime Lucard had removed the alligator clips, deflated and removed the butt plug and had moved the girl to the main room where he tied her bent over backward over the middle of the coffee table with her hands tied to the legs of the sofa and her ankles tied to either end of the table, spreading her wide open.

Sitting cross-legged on the floor before her exposed pussy, he selected a 3" long needle and, pinching the lower fold of Rachel's naval, pierced it with a sudden jab. Removing the needle he replaced it with a gold ring.

Then he stroked her engorged clitoris, bringing it fully erect before pressing the needle tip to the side of the sensitive organ and ramming it thru. The girl howled as her most private of privates was impaled on the thick steel shaft of the needle.

Withdrawing he needle from her pierced clit, Lucard slid the hasp of a small hart shaped gold padlock thru the bleeding hole and locked it. The padlocks weight dragged at her, causing the most intense feelings to shoot thru her nether regions.

Finished with her cunt for the time being he pried the staples out of her clit hood and let it close partially over the new jewelry. Then he stood up and moved around to straddle her head.

Next he pinched her right nipple and pulled it straight up until her breast was a perfect cone. Pressing the needle to the side of her tender bud he drove it thru the swollen bud near the base. Just like her clitty he put a gold padlock thru the hole, this one round.

He quickly did the same to her left breast, adding a connecting chain before locking the small devices. Then he removed the ball gag and replaced it with a dental jaw spreader which he cranked till her mouth was open as wide as possible.

Picking up a pair of steel forceps, he grabbed the girls tongue and pulled it out of her mouth far enough to stab the needle thru the middle. Gagging and whining the girl desperately tried to escape the painful process but it was too late as her new master inserted a thick steel barbell thru the hole and screwed on the ball base.

As he finished he sensed the return of his brides and there recruits. He mesmerized Rachel and went to meet them in the hall, bringing some toys for his plan. After giving them their instructions he returned to the room and removed the jaw spreader, replacing the ball gag in her mouth.

Just them they both heard the sound of the door being kicked in. Lucard leaped straight up, clinging to the ceiling like a spider as Abraham Van Helsing, Jonathan Harker and a three of their hunters burst into the room.

Rachel tried desperately to signal for them to look up but it was too late. The vampire lord dropped to the floor between two of the hunters and slammed their heads together, knocking them unconscious.

Next he kicked back, hurling the last hunter across the room. Jonathan Harker tried to bring his crossbow around but Lucard slapped it from his hands and grabbed his by the shirtfront. Pulling him close, he sank his fangs into the man's throat. He nearly drained him before dropping him and turning to Van Helsing.

"Back, fiend. I commanded you." The old man snapped, brandishing his cross. Lucard laughed as he took the gold encrusted relic away from him. "Thank you, this will buy my new brides a dozen dresses after its melted down." The vampire said before tossing it aside and grabbing the superstitious old fool.

Tilting her grandfather's head to the side, Lucard bit deeply into his throat as Rachel looked on in horror. After drinking his fill he forced the old man to drink of his undead blood. Setting Van Helsing on the floor, he did the same to the other hunters.

Soon the would be rescuers began to rise as undead slaves of the vampire lord. "strip." He commanded. And Rachel stared as the five obeyed without question. "Now, Van Helsing; my servant. I think you should take her first."

The old man stepped forward and drove his surprisingly big and hard cock deep up his granddaughter's cunt, mashing the padlock thru her clitty between there crotches painfully. He rutted on her bound body for a few minutes before pulling out to be replaced by Jonathon Harker as Abraham straddled her head and shoved thru her lips, probing deeper and deeper down her throat with his rampant organ.

The hunters fucked Rachel Van Helsing in every position and every hole for the next two hours, filling her with vampire cum as they abused her stretched out passages. Finally the eighteen year-old's mind just snapped and she was left an empty shell. Calling his minions off her; Lucard sent them into the other room while he finished with the girl.

Pulling the limp young woman into his lap with her back to him, he impaled her sore, red anus on his 11' dick and hugged her to his chest. Tilting her head to the side he punctured her jugular with his fangs while holding his own slit wrist to her lips and making her drink.

Twenty minutes later the lord of the vampires came into the bedroom where Gwen, Mei Lin, Ayesha and Maria were using the strap-on dildoes on each other while the giant Russian removed from fucking all four vampire women in both holes one after another.

"That was perfect, the illusion of her loved ones being turned and having there way with her was the last straw needed to break her. Lucard told his loyal servants. "This evening we will finish this war once and for all. And little Miss Van Helsing will be right there at our side."

To be continued...

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