You're a Detective Sergeant. You're assigned to robbery detail.

Several women have fallen victim to purse snatching.

Your job; find the crooks.

It was hot in Los Angeles. The temperature was supposed to climb well into the nineties. I checked into robbery and found my partner there. My names Joe Friday, my partner is Frank Smith.

"Morning, Joe. Whew, sure gonna be a hot one today."

"Hi, Frank. Anything on the hot sheet?"

"Just another purse snatching. Makes the eighth one this week and it's only Tuesday."

"Yeah. Same MO?"

"Yup. Woman is walking down the street and some young man grabs her purse as he runs passed. Knocked her down just like all the others."

"Got an address?"

"Yeah, someplace out in Bel Air. She says to stop over anytime. She'll be home."

"Guess we'd better roll before it gets any hotter."

While Frank checked out a car I signed us out. Since LAPD was on a tight budget the car lacked air conditioning. An hour and a half later we pulled up a long driveway lined with trees. Set well back from the street we saw the large house.

"Looks like Miss Peterson has money." Frank whistled before speaking.
I rang the bell and we waited. The door opened and a pretty young woman greeted us.

"Are you the police?" Her voice was soft and very seductive.

"Yes Ma'am. My name's Friday and this is my partner Frank Smith."

"Nice to meet you both. It's rather warm outside. Won't you come in and cool off?"

"Thank you Ma'am."

It was cool in the house as Miss Peterson led us into the sitting room. She indicated to sofa and Frank and I sat while she sat in a large arm chair across from us. As she crossed her legs much of her already short skirt moved up exposing more of her very nice thighs.

"Are you here about my robbery?"

"Burgled Ma'am."

"I beg your pardon?"

"Stores are robbed, people are burgled." Frank hid his sigh as he explained the difference.

"Oh, I see. Well then are you gentlemen here about my being burgled?"

"Yes Ma'am. Now is everything you said in your statement correct?" I had to make sure she had told us the complete story.

"Yes. I was walking down Santa Monica about two yesterday afternoon when suddenly a young man ran passed me grabbing my purse."

"And he knocked you down?" As I asked questions Frank took notes.

"Yes he did. He didn't have to get rough. I would have given it to him if he had only stopped me."

"You'd have given it to him Ma'am?"

"Well of course. I never carry more than a couple of hundred in cash and certainly that wouldn't be something for me to fuss about."

"Do you always carry that much cash?"

Miss Peterson shifted and crossed her legs again but not before her skirt rode up higher. This time most of her bare legs were exposed and there had been a flash of panty. She seemed indignant, sat up straighter. Both Frank and I could see her large breasts filling her blouse as they stretched out the material.

"Of course. I don't like credit cards, you see."

"OK, Miss Peterson. Now when he knocked you down were you hurt in anyway?"

"A little when my arm hit the sidewalk. It was when his body struck mine that I really felt hurt." Suddenly a smile plied across her sensual face.

"Oh? I didn't see anything in your report indicating any other injuries."

"I didn't want to say anything to the woman police officer taking my statement."

"And why was that Ma'am?"

"She seemed just a little to interested, if you know what I mean."

"I'm sorry Ma'am but I don't know what you mean. Just spell it out and we'll take it from there."

"Well, she kept looking at my…"

"Ma'am, I don't mean about the police woman. I was asking about your other injury."

"Of course, how silly of me. He grabbed my purse and his elbow struck me."

"I see. Where did he strike you?"

"Here, right on the side of my left breast." Miss Peterson moved her body around and pointed. "I must say I was surprised but it didn't really hurt all that much. I guess that's the other reason I didn't say anything."

"You say the other reason. Was there another?"

"Most certainly, Sergeant. I'm defiantly not into women."

"When you say not into women, what do you mean?"

"I wasn't about to have some dyke female police officer groping and probing around my body."

I paused and looked at Frank. His hint of a smile told me he had seen the same thing. Miss Peterson had slipped open the three top buttons of her blouse and was now giving us a very nice look at her cleavage.

"I can understand that Ma'am. I wonder if you would mind showing us where you were struck."

"Only if you stop calling me Miss Peterson. My first name is Joan."

Frank and I agreed. Miss Peterson, Joan, slowly stood. She took the few steps needed and stopped in front of us. I didn't know about Frank but I was beginning to rise to the occasion. Joan pulled the hem of her blouse from her skirt and finished unbuttoning it. Letting it slip to the floor she half turned and opened the snaps in the front of her bra. She pulled away the left cup and there just below her large breast was the feint outline of a bruise.

"Here, Sergeant is where his elbow struck me. I know it's not much but still there is some bruising."

"Yes, I can see some darkened skin. Would you mind a closer examination? Just for the record Ma'am."'

Joan nodded and knelt between my legs that had moved apart. My fingers gently touched her skin directly onto the bruise. Instead of flinching her body seemed to force itself closer. I cupped her large breast and found it to be very firm.

"There is no doubt you were struck and that makes the crime more severe. Are you sure he didn't hit any other part of your body?" My hand cupping her breast squeezed and we heard her gasp.

"I'm not sure, Sergeant. Maybe I need a complete examination just to make sure."
"Would you like us to examine you here or would you be more comfortable somewhere else?"

Joan stood, took my hand and led us upstairs. Her bedroom was nicely furnished and the bed was huge.

"Should I undress or will you need to perform that function yourselves?"

Frank knelt and unzipped her skirt while I removed her bra. With the victim, Joan, standing naked we proceeded to examine every inch of her sexy body. As I caressed and kissed her breasts often sucking her rock hard nipples Frank licked between her legs. After laying her on the bed we renewed our examination.

"Ma'am, we don't seem to be able to find any other bruises or marks."

"Sergeant, you still have two places to inspect."

We both knew what and where she meant as we stripped. Joan turned over and got on her hands and knees. Frank knelt close to her head as I went behind her. We were both hard and ready.

"Ma'am, I'll try not to hurt you but there could be some discomfort. If it will help you could put something in your mouth."

Tucking on arm partly under her naked body Joan leaned her head as her hand grasped Frank's rigid erection. Her buttocks was now sticking up and giving me easy access. I watched as her lips surrounded and slid down Frank's stiff organ. My hand guided my own throbbing erection to her entrance. She was wet and ready. With ease I slipped deeply inside. I leaned over her body slipping my hands underneath and found her breasts. As I squeezed them she groaned and began bobbing her head into Frank's groin.

I felt the hot wet heat of her sex coating me as I began moving. Again and again I plunged deeply inside her dripping sex. Frank had a look of rapture of his face and I knew from experience he was about to climax. Quickly I speeded up my pumping feeling my own orgasm approaching. Joan would have scream if her mouth wasn't full of manhood. She gushed her orgasm burning my pounding erection. I filled her inside.

"Well, Ma'am, we didn't find where the man did any harm other than the one bruise." We lay panting with the afterglow of our sex.

"I didn't think you would but thank you for checking. Anytime you officers feel the need please stop by. I'm sure you won't be disappointed."

Having finished our interview of the victim Frank and I left.

"Whew. I don't know about you, Frank, but I think one of those a day is enough. OK, who's the next woman?"

"A Mrs. Velma Jackson. She lives in Hollywood."

I drove us to her house. If we thought Joan Peterson's house was nice, this one was elegant. The maid answered the door and showed us to the parlor. Mrs. Jackson was waiting.

"Come in young men and have a seat. Would you like anything to drink?"

We declined but noted she was having hard liquor. I felt relief to see that Mrs. Jackson was well into her sixties but even then she was a looker. What surprised me most was her body. Even at her age she looked good. Her breasts were large and she seemed not to mind exposing a huge amount of their flesh.

"Ma'am, can you describe the young man that grabbed your purse?"

"As if I were looking at a picture. He was six feet two inches tall, weighed one hundred ninety pounds and had jet black hair. His eyes are brown and he has a dark mole on his right cheek. White shirt with black pants. I didn't see the color of his socks, if he wore any, but he was wearing loafers. Anything else Sergeant?"

"Ma'am, how can you be so sure of his description?"

"Young man that's easy. He's my Grandson."

While Frank went out to the car to put the newest information out on the air I stayed with Mrs. Jackson.

"You're absolutely certain it was your Grandson?"

"There is no doubt in my mind. I suppose he didn't realize it was me. You see my Grandson doesn't often see me fully dressed."

"Ma'am? I don't understand."

"Well, Greg, that's his name by the way. We've been lovers for the last six years. Oh I know what you are thinking. An old woman like me having sex with my own Grandson. Well, it's not quite what you think."

"Maybe it would be best if you explain, Mrs. Jackson."

"Yes, I suppose it would. You see, Sergeant, it started after my husband died. He was the only man I ever made love with. But it goes further than that. During our marriage I would often use my mouth on him. I don't know which of us liked it more. Then he died."

Mrs. Jackson fell silent I had to prompt her.

"We had taken our marriage vows very seriously. Neither of us ever had sexual relations with anybody else. Now that doesn't mean we didn't have sex. Ah, I see you are confused. Let me explain."

"I wish you would, Ma'am." Something about the way she moved attracted me and I could feel the rising in my pants.

"Roger, my deceased husband, loved for me to suck him. I, in turn, love sucking him and drinking from his straw. Well soon after we were married he learned of my lust. A bargain was struck. I could have all the men orally I wanted just as long as I kept myself only for him. It worked for almost fifty years."

"But that doesn't explain your Grandson."

"Oh, well, that's easy to explain. I've been getting Greg's juices for the last fifteen years. He had found out about me lust and we sort of fell into it."

"But I thought you said you and Greg had only been lovers for the passed six years."

"True enough. When my husband was alive I had to keep Greg a secret. But when he died, well, there was nothing left to stop us."

"But why would he snatch your purse?"

"As I said before I'm sure he didn't realize it was me. It's been since before my husband died that Greg has not seen me naked."

It all began to make sense. Greg would come over and she would give him oral sex while being naked.

"But why naked, Ma'am."

"Sergeant, I may an old women but I can still turn the heads of a few men." Mrs. Jackson stood and quickly removed her dress along with her bra. "Tell me I don't still have nice breasts, Sergeant. Just try and convince yourself you wouldn't like to nuzzle your lips between these knockers."

I found myself entranced with her large mammeries. Even before she had used her hands to cup them and hold them up I saw there was little droop.

"Mrs. Jackson without doubt you have aged very gracefully. I find your breasts to be very enticing if not inviting."

"Sergeant, I've learned three very important things in my long life regarding sex besides being a bit vulgar. One is I love the feeling of a man's cock between them as my big tits are mashed around him. Second I love sucking the cock that my tits are surrounding. Third is having my tits taken hard with lots of pain. I suppose it goes without saying the fourth would be having and swallowing the cum from the cock fucking my tits."

I couldn't refuse her offer especially when Mrs. Jackson crawled between my legs, opened my pants and hauled out my now throbbing erection.

"Sergeant, I'm going to just love having this huge erection between my naked breasts. Then I'm going to suck it with my mouth."

She placed my turgid organ between her amazingly still firm breasts and mashed her flesh around me. As she moved her boobs up and down my hips followed. Although it had only been three hours since my last orgasm I could help but feel another coming on. Mrs. Jackson must have known because she released her breasts and sat back on her heels.

"Sergeant I know you are coming real close. Do an old woman a dear favor; let me feel and taste your spurting cream. Just do it in my mouth."

Mrs. Jackson slipped her lips back down my rigid shaft and plunged down deeply. Less than a second later I felt the back of her throat clutching tightly at the head of my organ. My hips jerked and she took what remained. I couldn't stop myself, my climax gushing as if it were a fountain.

"Mmmmm, Sergeant, that was about the best I've ever tasted. You be sure and come back anytime you feel the need."

Moments after we both had covered ourselves Frank came back.

"Got the APB out on Greg. Did I miss anything?"

"Let's go, Frank. I'll tell you later."

Trial was held in Superior Court, City of Los Angeles.

The results of that trial in a moment.

Gregory Charles Jackson was found guilty on eight counts

of theft by purse snatching.

He was sentenced to five years without parole.

Dum Ta Dum Dum, Dum Ta Dum Taaaaaaa.

Clang, Mark IV.

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