tagSci-Fi & FantasyDragon Rider: Awakening

Dragon Rider: Awakening


Eraj kicked the dirt angrily. He hated having to go into Tri-Vraer, he always had. The city was beautiful but most of the people within it weren't. The town was built alongside the Tier River. A waterfall was just a five minutes walk from town. The huts were arranged nicely and well built. The townsfolk however were rude, crude and downright ugly. They rejected any offer for help and were always grumpy.

The only true friend Eraj had was a female dragon named Eriylia. She was a fairly large dragon with a five foot long head and neck, a six foot long body and an eight foot tail that was quite thick but tapered to a point. She had huge wings that when outstretched must have been at least thirty foot across. Her head had a low crest running along it. Her eyes were azure in colour and Eraj couldn't help but stare into those eyes. Her scales were a mixture between blue and green.

Eraj was a dragon rider. It was his job to protect the villages and towns of Irelisa. It was a difficult, not to mention dangerous job. He had to protect the towns and townspeople from the terrible Drake serpents which always terrorised the towns. The dragon riders had to deter them from doing this.

This was not the reason for Eraj to go into Tri-Vraer. He was going in to meet the fair maiden whom he loved dearly. She was the most beautiful person that Eraj had met. She had long blonde hair, blue eyes, lovely shapely legs and buttocks and relatively large breasts.

It had taken nearly a year for Eraj to convince her that he meant her no harm. At first she had been afraid of him, no however, she thought of him as a well brought up man. It had been a month since Eraj had last seen her, which was why he was heading into Tri-Vraer.

He made his way through the main streets. Small huts on each side made out of wood blocked the sight of the forest behind. The sound of cheerful music resonated from inside one of the buildings. Eraj ignored this however and turned down one of the smaller alleyways. He walked towards one of the smaller huts with a slightly run down look to it.

He rapped his knuckles on the doorframe. No one came to open the door but he heard strange noises coming from within the house. He opened the door and walked in. He walked down the narrow corridor and turned into one of the rooms. His jaw dropped when he saw what was going on inside.

One of the villages' butchers was lying on top of his girlfriend. They were both completely nude. Her breasts were mashed against his chest. She was moaning as the butcher thrust into her again with his stiff cock. She yelped in pleasure and just as she began to recover, she saw Eraj.

"Get Out! I mean it, GET OUT!" She screamed at him. Eraj didn't hang around; he knew that she could be pretty nasty when she wanted to be. He ran out of the house and into the bordering forest. He weaved through the trees until he thought that no one would be able to find him. His mind began to take in what he had just seen. His girlfriend had abandoned him, a dragon rider, for a mindless butcher who probably couldn't tell his right from his left.

What's the matter? Eraj heard Eriylia's voice in his head. All dragon riders were telepathically linked with their dragons because dragons were unable to speak any of the human languages aloud. I don't want to talk about it Eraj replied, which was true. He slowly made his way back to the large cave hidden in the side of the mountain which was his home. It was large enough to allow Eriylia to be accommodated inside completely but small enough to allow it to maintain a near constant temperature.

He entered the cave and made his way to Eriylia, who was taking a nap as she usually did during the middle of the day. She greeted him with a soft growl. He sat cross-legged between her forepaws and rested. You look as if you have a problem on your mind. What is it that makes you feel this way? Eriylia asked calmly. Eraj grunted. My only girlfriend, the only person I believe is worth living for has dumped me and gone after the village butcher! Eraj explained. Come on, let's go for a flight. It should cheer you up. She exclaimed. She stood up and walked out onto the overhang from the cave. Eraj grumbled to himself as he climbed up her left foreleg to get onto her back. He sat with one leg on one side the other leg on the other at the base of her neck, between two of the spikes running down her back. Eriylia extended her wings and jumped off over the edge.

She beat her wings furiously to remain airborne. She skimmed the trees and adjusted her heading to take them to the lake, their favourite recreational spot. The motion of her body moving in every direction from her flying took a bit of getting used to. The first time Eraj had flown on Eriylia; he had thrown up and nearly fallen off. Now however, he found it much easier to control his stomach.

Eriylia landed on a grassy cliff overlooking a valley. There was the clearing where she landed right on the edge and nearly immediately behind her, the forest began. Eraj dismounted and sat on the edge of the cliff, looking down on the valley bellow. This was one of their favourite spots because it was quiet and no-one could disturb them. Actually, no-one even knew it was there.

Eraj used this time to organise his thoughts. His only girlfriend, the only one he had had in his life had abandoned him. He contemplated what he should do. He knew that he wouldn't be able to face her for awhile. He heard Eriylia shift her position behind him but ignored her.

Eraj had noticed something different in the relationship between him and Eriylia. Occasionally when he woke up, he caught her looking at him in an odd way. She always re-located her vision to somewhere else and denied his questions. He himself had lately been having rather stirring thoughts about their relationship. He hoped that she didn't know this but she seemed to be hiding something as well.

Eraj was just about to get up and walk back away from the edge when Eriylia spoke; you know, I could give you more pleasure than any woman could. Eraj was confused by her comment. What do you mean by more pleasure? He asked her. Pleasure as in sexual pleasure Eraj. It is the dragon mating season and there are no male dragons here. I need sexual release and it seems you do too. Eraj was still confused. He understood what she was saying, but having sex with a dragon? Was it possible? These thoughts raced through his mind. He knew he had to make a decision then and there, but what?

I don't think we should do this. I mean, I'm not really that interested Eraj lied. That is a lie and both of us know it. Eriylia exclaimed. Eraj couldn't think of anything to say. Come on, I know you want to Eriylia pleaded. Alright, but when I've had enough, we stop Eraj committed. Besides, what harm could be done by fucking a dragon?

What should I do? Eraj asked. Follow my lead Eriylia replied. She lowered her head to his chest and sniffed at his chest. These outer coverings have to go, they don't feel natural Eriylia spoke softly. Her long forked tongue snaked out of her mouth and flicked at the bottom of Eraj's shirt. Eraj pulled the shirt off rapidly. He was now bare-chested with the only clothing being his trousers. Eriylia gave him a long, wet lick with her warm tongue from his belly button up to his neck. Her tongue felt warm and leathery. Eraj shivered at the first contact but as her tongue moved up his body, he noticed his body react differently and his cock began to grow in his pants, making a very obvious tepee in his pants.

Eriylia noticed this and grinned in what Eraj took as a feral expression. She gripped the cloth of his pants and jerked her neck, tearing them off. He now lay totally nude in front of Eriylia. You still want to go on with this? Eriylia asked. I'm not sure, but let's do it! Eraj replied, now starting to get excited. Eriylia grunted and then shifted her position.

Eriylia lowered her head and sniffed Eraj's crotch. Suddenly, she extended her tongue and wrapped it around his cock. The heat from her tongue made it grow to its maximum size. Eraj couldn't believe that his cock would be able to get so hard. Eriylia's indigo tongue coiled itself tightly around his cock. Eraj moaned as she tightened her tongue. You like that do you? Eriylia asked fiendishly. Eraj only managed a moan in response. Eriylia began to move her tongue up and down his shaft, making him moan with every movement. With the forks of her tongue, she began to play with his balls as the rest of her tongue moved up and down his shaft. Eriylia was now beginning to moan. Eraj took the option to move his body so that he lay on one side of her body with his groin near her head and his head near the base of her tail. It was then that he saw it, her magnificent cunt. It was at least the same diameter of a small dish plate.

Liquid was oozing from between the lips of her cunt. Instinct took over and Eraj reached out with his arm and felt her pussy. Eriylia moaned loudly as Eraj's fingers brushed against the sensitive flesh of her pussy. Eraj rubbed his hand around the outside of her pussy, rubbing in her juices. Eriylia flared her cunt and more juice ran out. She began a more vigorous pumping of his cock. Eraj held back his cum. He didn't want to orgasm yet. He scooped up some of Eriylia's juices with his fingers and put them in his mouth to suck the juices off. Eraj couldn't describe the taste with any words other than that he wanted more. He eagerly massaged her pussy to get more juice to come out. He then moved his hand and licked it clean. He did this about eight times, all the while; Eriylia was continuously pumping his cock. Feeling more courageous, Eraj inserted his middle finger into her cunt. He was surprised by two things. First of all, he was surprised by how tight her pussy was and two, she was warm, no, she was HOT! Eraj felt as if he had put his finger into a fireplace because of her unusually high body temperature. Please Eraj, Push it in! I can't take it any longer! Eriylia practically shouted with her mind. Eraj obeyed and pushed his finger in deeper. He pushed in as far as he could before beginning to withdraw his finger. Eriylia's cunt squeezed on his finger as it neared her exit; clearly she didn't want him to take it out just yet. Eriylia let go of Eraj's cock as he finger-fucked her. He inserted two, then three fingers into her waiting hole. Her juices began to pour out of her as Eraj thrust in and out of her with his fingers. Finally, she could take no more. She wrapped her tail around Eraj's mid-section and lifted him off his feet. She moved him behind her and positioned him so that his cock was right at the entrance of her pussy. Just one shove and Eraj's cock would be consumed by her moist pussy.

Please, I beg you; thrust your beautiful shaft deep inside of me! Eriylia begged. Eraj quickly made up his mind. Stuff being good anymore, Eriylia had aroused him well. All he wanted to do was fuck. Eraj moved forward and pushed his cock head against her moist lips. At first, her lips stayed tightly clamped shut, but as Eraj put more force behind his thrust, the lips parted and his head was enveloped by her pussy. They were both in heaven! Eraj and Eriylia both moaned as his head entered her pussy. Pleas continue! She pleaded. Eraj didn't reply but continued to slowly push in his cock. As it went in, Eriylia constantly clenched his cock with her powerful vaginal muscles. He now had 2 inches inside of her. He continued to push slowly to get more inside of Eriylia without hurting himself. He looked down at his cock and watched as inch after inch disappeared inside her meat hole. After a minute, he had 4 inches, half of his cock's length, inside of Eriylia. She was moaning from every movement he was making and seemed to be wanting more. Please! Keep going! Eriylia moaned. Eraj grunted and continued.

Eraj watched in amazement as the rest of his cock disappeared into her. His hips hitting the outside scales of Eriylia's pussy reminded him that he had reached his limit. Eraj and Eriylia stayed still for about 5 minutes, just savouring the moment. It was then that Eraj decided that he better get moving so to speak. He slowly began to pull back. He pulled his cock back all the way until only the head of his cock was still in before he slowly pushed it in again. Please! Deeper and harder! Eriylia pleaded. Eraj slowly sped up, increasing the force and speed of his thrusts. Eriylia's juices began to run down his shaft and around his balls. He thrust harder and faster, each thrust sending them both higher. Eriylia's sopping pussy made sloppy sucking noises as Eraj's cock moved in and out. Finally, Eraj couldn't take anymore. His vision narrowed and he saw stars as he came hard deep inside of Eriylia. Eriylia roared triumphantly as she also reached her climax at this point and orgasmed as well. Both of their juices mixed and started to run out of Eriylia's cunt. Eraj came 5 times deep inside of her before collapsing limply over Eriylia's rear. Eraj pulled his cock out of her. His now half-hard shaft was covered in both his cum and Eriylia's juices. Eriylia took this chance to wrap her tongue around Eraj's cock and clean it of the juices. She lapped it up and then bent awkwardly so that she could get her tongue into her pussy. She inserted her tongue and brought out more juices. Open up! Eriylia ordered. Eraj opened his mouth and Eriylia put her entire tongue deep into his mouth and down his throat. He gagged but managed to hold his stomach down. He closed his lips and as Eriylia withdrew her tongue; all the juices on it remained in his mouth. The combination of her sweet-tasting juices and his bitter cum left an odd taste in his mouth but he wanted more. Gimme more! Eraj begged. Eriylia acknowledged with a growl and again inserted her tongue deep into her pussy. She withdrew her tongue which was completely covered in cum. He opened his mouth and she again put her huge tongue into his mouth and down his throat. He sucked everything off her tongue making sure nothing was left on it.

Eriylia finished off the rest of the juices and cum herself. Eraj whined but she ignored him. After she was done, she rested her head on the ground and curled her head and neck around Eraj. I love you Eriylia spoke softly with her mind. I love you too Eraj replied before sheer tiredness overcame him and he fell asleep.

End Note:

Eraj woke up the next morning with a tingling feeling in his cock. He looked down to find out that his cock had doubled in size overnight. What happened? Eraj asked Eriylia. You have mated with a dragon. Magic from within me has now taken effect on you now and your cock will now continue to grow whenever you fuck me until it is the same size as a male dragons, as big as your arm. She replied. That is, if you continue to fuck me... Eriylia added. Of course I will. You were right. I doubt I could ever get any more pleasure than that you gave me Eraj replied. Eriylia grinned. I'm glad you thought so.

Story to be continued in Part 2: Dragon Rider: Discovery

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