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Dragon Warrior III Romance Ch. 01


Disclaimer: Dragon Warrior III is the property of Nintendo and Enix.

Note: This story is based on one of my favorite RPG video games of all time, Dragon Warrior III. The game, which is so big it took me months to finish it, actually has some depth and story to it. I’ve wanted to write a twist on that story for years, but didn’t have any good ideas until now. This is a fantasy story that includes battling monsters, journeying to exotic lands, and steamy passion with beautiful exciting women. The spicy stuff doesn’t start until later in the story, so please have patience. Enjoy!

Colby lead his group down the valley, headed for the merchant town of Assaram. There was a beautiful fiery orange and red sunset resting over the ocean to their right. The light from the setting sun shone on the immense jungle a few miles to their left. Colby’s group kept a steady eye on that jungle, knowing the fierce beasts that lived there.

The group was made up of a wizard Vedie, a pilgrim Ansel, a soldier Panos, and the leader or hero Colby. Vedie, who was much older than the rest, was of average height and weight and had a mysterious fire within his green eyes. He wore colorful robe-like clothes that covered all of him except for his head and hands. Ansel wore similar attire except that it was only colored pure white and baby blue. He was a little shorter than the others and had blue eyes and blond hair. Panos easily stood 6’4” and was bulging with muscles underneath heavily plated armor. His hair and beard were dark brown. His brown eyes could be fierce one moment then cheerful the next. Finally there was Colby who wore armor similar to Panos’. He was 5’10” at 175 pounds, and was pretty muscular for his age. His hazel eyes showed his youth but also great maturity and even wisdom. His hair was dark and wavy.

At a very young age Colby had been given the most important mission in the world. Colby and his team of fighters had set out together to defeat the Archfiend Baramos. Baramos was a powerful and evil being that threatened to destroy the whole world. Originally it was Colby’s father, Ortega, who was on that mission. But he had reportedly met his end falling into the crater of a large volcano while fighting a terrible monster. So the king of Aliahan, where Colby lived, had helped him prepare to take over where his father had failed.

Since then they had constantly been busy with one thing after another. There were so many things to do before they could fight the Archfiend. They had to find a way from the continent of Aliahan to the one where they were now without the use of a boat. Then they had to retrieve the stolen crown of the king of Romaly from a thief named Kandar. Next they had to save the village of Noaniels from a sleeping curse that had been placed on them by elves. Now they were in search of a ship so they could continue their quest. They knew they could find one in Portoga, but couldn’t get there without a magic key. They had heard one could be found to the South of Romaly. Their first stop would be Assaram, which they could now see several miles in the distance.

As night came, the jungle full of its strange sounds, faded away behind them. Now they were hearing other sounds. Sounds of music were coming from the town. They could see the town was well lit and busy when they arrived. This was obviously a place of night owls! They decided that Ansel and Vedie would check them into the local Inn while Colby and Panos would get something to eat. Ansel and Vedie would join them later.

They found an eatery that had a belly dancing show going on. The place was open-air and buzzing with excitement. Colby and Panos sat down and thought about what to order as they watched the belly dancers move around on stage. The crowd was cheering and intently watching the exotic performance. Colby decided that he would try the daily special when I gruff bearded man at the next table looked at him shaking his head gravely.

“Beware the daily special friend.” He said.

Colby was a little freaked by the comment, and looked at what else he could get.

“How’s the beef stew?” Colby asked the stranger.

“Oh, that’s a fine choice friend.” He smiled.

“Well, thanks!” Colby said.

Colby and Panos turned to each other as the stranger left. “That was odd.” Panos said.

“Yeah. I wonder what the story is with the daily special?” Colby replied.

They both shook their heads, and when the waitress came they both ordered the beef stew. As they waited for their meal, the show went on. Both men began to become aroused as they watched Vivian the star dancer and the other two swaying and shaking their slender bodies around. Before long the show was over and their food came right after. The waitress placed two very large bowls full of steaming tender beef, potatoes, carrots, celery, and onions in a brothy juice in front of them. They hadn’t eaten all day, and ravenously attacked their delicious bowls of stew. Halfway through the meal Ansel and Vedie showed up.

“Well, we can stay at the Inn tonight.” Ansel said taking a seat and a load off.

“You just missed some great belly dancers!” Panos teased.

“Belly dancers! I haven’t seen any of those in years!” Ansel said with a frown of disappointment.

“I don’t care too much about that stuff.” Vedie remarked.

“You old prune!” Panos said laughing. “The only way you know how to have fun is studying those big dusty books all day long!”

“There’s your way, and there’s my way. My way happens to be the way of enlightenment.” Vedie retorted. Then Vedie suddenly looked sad.

“What is it Vedie?” Colby asked compassionately.

“Oh, it’s just … that when we are in battle I feel so inadequate compared to you guys. You’re all much better physical fighters than I am. And even Ansel can wear better armor than I can! My only advantage is magic, and I can’t attack with my spells as many times as you can attack with your swords.”

“Don’t feel that way Vedie.” Colby said reassuringly. “Where we excel in physical strength, we can’t compare to your wit and magical powers. Your attack spells have really saved the day more than once! You should be proud!”

Vedie cheered up some. “Yeah, you’re right. I do have gifts. Thanks for your kindness.”

“Sure thing old man!” Colby smiled.

Vedie looked at the bowls of great smelling stew and said he’d like to have some of that too. Ansel, trying to be original, said he was interested in the daily special. Both Colby and Panos jumped in shock and quickly told him that was a mistake. He settled for the same as they had. They all sat there in the eatery enjoying their beef stew, talking, and laughing.

* * *

Asking around they had found out some things about the town they were in. There was a weapon’s shop there in town that was only open at night. It had good prices compared to other shops in the town. But first they wanted to talk to some people in a room there at the eatery. These people had been trying to make their way through the craggy mountains to the Eastern lands, and may have known some useful information. It was more than likely that Colby and his friends would have to travel to the East eventually. They went to the room where a couple sat at a table in frustration. The woman was about 30 years old, had short brown hair, and was petite, and pretty. The man at 42 was handsome, tall, and well built.

“Excuse us folks, but we heard that you might have some information that could help aide us on our journey.” Colby opened.

“Who are you?” The tall man asked.

Colby introduced himself and his group, and then he told them about their quest. The couple now saw them as celebrities and introduced themselves. The woman was named Lusa, and the man was called Moore. They head a troupe of travelers that had an expedition planned for a trip to the Eastern lands beyond the craggy mountains. They had found a cave they hoped would lead them through, but it was a dead end. Strangely, there lived a dwarf in the cave called Norud. They had asked him if there was anyway through, but had found the little guy to be rude to any human and had kicked them right out. But the couple had heard of a man named Hayes who lived in the North end of town who might know something.

Colby thanked the couple, and they went to find the man. Even though it was night, this was a town that didn’t seem to sleep, so they had hope of meeting him. But when they arrived at the house they were disappointed. The lights were off and the door was closed. They were about to leave when a strange noise stopped them.

“Is that meowing?” Panos asked.

“Yes, but that sure doesn’t sound like a cat doing it!” Colby said.

Then they noticed the door wasn’t closed after all, but was slightly ajar. They carefully and quietly went inside to investigate. The house was very dark with only a couple candles lit. As they went in further the odd meowing continued. Then they saw the shocking source. It wasn’t a cat, but a demonite! (Demonites are small demon-like creatures with the famous horns, wings, and pointy tail. They’re more troublemakers than threats.) They readied to fight it, and the demonite looked at them innocently.

“Meow! Meow! Meeeooow! The demonite said. Seeing the way they were acting the demonite said, “Meow?” questioningly then looked down at himself. “Urg! This isn’t the form I was suppose to change into!” He screamed angrily.

The demonite rushed to attack them, and they fought back. It only took 3 seconds and one thrust of Colby’s sword to finish the battle. The dead demonite lay in its own black blood soaking the floor.

“What’s all the commotion?” A startled voice said from behind them. It was the owner of the house, Hayes.

“Sorry to intrude Hayes, but we heard a noise and after coming in to find out what it was, had to fight this demonite.” Colby said.

Hayes looked down at the lifeless demonite and then back at the men. “You know my name, but I still don’t know yours.” Hayes said.

Colby introduced himself and his partners, and then told him why they had come to find him. Hayes relaxed, and was happy to help them with his information. He told them that the cave WAS the passage through the mountains, but only Norud knew the secret way. Hayes said that they might have luck if they enlisted the help of Norud’s only human friend, the king of Portoga. With the valuable information they thanked him and left.

“Colby, me and Ansel are going to buy some things at that weapons shop.” Panos said. “Vedie just wants to sleep at the Inn. What are you going to do?”

Colby thought for a second and said, “I’m kind of interested in seeing more of this town. I’ll meet up with you guys later at the Inn, ok?”

“Have fun kid!” Panos smiled.

* * *

They split up and Colby walked around the town aimlessly. He didn’t know what he was looking for. Just anything of interest. He passed a Sacred House of Healing. Those places can be found just about everywhere and are always open. Unfortunately they charge for their services. Colby remembered a couple times when they had to pay that price. All the various shops and stores he saw had closed earlier. On the other hand people’s houses were lit up and buzzing with activity. It seemed everyone was awake and partying. Although the streets weren’t crowded with people, there were plenty to be found. Everyone he saw looked to be in a good mood.

He had now come back to the general area near the eatery. Just then a petite young girl walked up to him smiling. She was a gypsy girl, and more than that, she was one of the belly dancers! Her dark curly hair went all the way down to her waist with various beaded braids all over. She wore several large looped earrings in her ears and had an emerald stud in her nose. She was still in her belly dancing outfit; a white cotton top around her bust stopping above her slim belly, and a short but flowing crimson red skirt showing off her graceful legs. Her olive toned skin was both beautiful and exotic.

“Hey cutie pie!” She winked at him. “Would you like to have your fortune told?”

Colby smiled at her, “Sure! Never had my fortune told before.”

“Really? You don’t know what you’re missing! It’ll be real fun! Come on! By the way, my name is Tasarla.”

“Nice to meet you Tasarla!” Colby said graciously as he followed her to her house.

Like most of the buildings in Assaram, hers was made of stone and mortar. It stood 2 stories tall, and was of average size. Tasarla led Colby upstairs to a nice little room with various sized candles lit. In the center of the room was a small round table with chairs on opposite sides. On the table was a crystal ball.

“I’m turning down the lights now.” She said, and put out most of the candles. “Ok, get comfortable and just try to relax. Look into the ball while I focus on your energy.”

The clear crystal ball started to turn cloudy, and then a vision began to unfold inside. It showed Colby and his allies fighting a large and terrible monster. Although he didn’t know for sure, Colby thought it was Baramos! The battle raged on for several minutes and Colby was victorious. Then the ball clouded up again, and when it was clear Colby saw himself in a very strange place. He’d never seen a land like the one he was looking at now. It seemed to be a land of perpetual night. Then something unexpected happened.

“Nice crystal ball, huh? I operate the show from underneath!” A man’s voice said from under the table. A small, mid-aged man crawled out from under the table laughing.

“Dad! You gave it away again!” Tasarla yelled at him.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it!” He said still laughing.

“Well, I’ve had enough of you! Get out of here! Go to the eatery and drink a bunch! Go crawl into some hole! I don’t care! You’re always messing up my show!” Tasarla said full of irritation and anger.

Now her dad was not laughing. He looked sorry and sad. But he did what she told him and left mumbling to himself. All this time Colby had a frozen look of bewilderment on his face. Finally he snapped out of it when Tasarla spoke to him again.

“I’m sorry about that!” She said. I just wanted to have some fun with you, and my dad ruined it.”

“Oh, that’s fine!” Colby said smiling. “It was fun, and interesting too.”

“But you want to know the really weird thing?” Tasarla asked. “What you saw wasn’t what we had planned to show you! We were going to show you getting really rich and stuff. I have no clue where that vision came from!”

A shiver went up Colby’s spine. “That’s pretty spooky!”

“I’d say so.” She said. “By the way, how does your shoulder feel? Is the stiffness gone?”

“Actually it’s still very stiff and sore. How did you know?” He asked.

“Well, I’m not a complete fraud. I do pick up on some things! Here, let me help you with that.” She said.

Tasarla went behind Colby and started to massage his neck and shoulders. “It would really help if we could take this heavy armor off, wouldn’t you agree?”

Colby agreed and removed it. Then Tasarla continued with her massage. Soon Colby was so relaxed that he was about to fall right asleep. It had, after all, been a very long day. As he began to turn to butter in her hands she began to have feelings for this man. He was quite handsome, strong, and a perfect gentleman. With Colby’s eyes closed and him drifting off to sleep, Tasarla bent down and began to kiss his neck, his shoulders, his forehead, and his cheeks. Growing bolder, she placed her soft lips on his tenderly. She held them there for a while. Colby’s eyes opened to find her kissing him. He began to kiss her back. Affections emerging in both of them were now being communicated through their lips in a kiss growing hotter by the second. Their mouths opened and their tongues embraced together in warm wetness. Tasting one another’s mouths stirred a hunger for other fleshy foods.

They undressed the rest of the way, and soon were exploring each other’s bodies. Colby could see Tasarla’s dark firm nipples and full dark bush in front of him. Their fingers sought touch, while their mouths searched for flavors. They were now on Tasarla’s humble bed. Embracing in one, then another position, the passions within had come from a simmer to a boil. Seamlessly they were touching, feeling, rubbing, kissing, and tasting. Finally they both caught their breaths for a moment. With both sitting on the edge of her bed Tasarla stood up in front of him. She gazed right into him never blinking as she lowered herself down to her knees. He stood out large and proud. Tasarla reached for him cupping his balls in her hand. She squeezed a little, and then wrapped her hand around his shaft. After pumping him a few times her mouth came near and enveloped his hardness within. First her lips were sealed just around the large bulbous head. She sucked and swirled her tongue around it, as it slightly grew larger. Then she took the rest of him. His large member slid past her tongue and into her throat. Colby knew she had done this before.

The length of him was now inside Tasarla’s mouth and throat while her small fingers wrapped around his base and also fondled his balls. She was inducing greater pleasure from deep within him than he’d ever known, with ease. Colby looked down at the most erotic sight he’d ever seen. Every now and then she would gaze up at him with such lust that it set her green-yellow on fire. He knew he’d be coming soon, and before he could warn her she backed off giving him one last squeeze.

Smiling sexily up at him she instructed, “Stand up while I lay where you are.” After he had done this she spread her leg wide open and raised them into the air. “Put my legs over your shoulders and then enter me.”

Colby lifted her legs over his shoulders like she said, but then hesitated. “I’ve, never been with a girl before.” He said shyly.

“That’s alright darling.” She smiled. “It’s pretty much about your needs and desires. Just feed that hunger between your legs, and don’t worry about anything. Have fun, because I’m going to show you heaven!”

Colby’s eyes widened with excitement and placed himself at her entrance. Hot wetness was wrapped around him like a glove as his pushed his way inside. Tasarla moaned softly with eyes closed. After being embedded within her fully for a moment he began a slow pace in and out. He looked down at their moving bodies. The way her breasts bounced around was a sight he’d never known before now. Soft moans became louder and then turned into groans of delight.

“I need more dear! Give me more!” Tasarla coaxed.

Colby picked up his paced moving faster. A minute later he had done it again, and then again. His cock was sliding in and out of her pussy fiercely now with his weight behind it. Tasarla was squealing, moaning, and panting feverishly while clutching her pillow.

Soon Colby felt the coming release building and gasped, “Tasarla, I’m coming!”

Tasarla grinned looking right at him as the first load of seamen sprayed from him into her. Another quickly came, and then another. He sighed in bliss.

“Umm, I love the way you feel inside of me with all that hot stuff!” She cooed. “That was pretty good for your first time!”

“I think so too!” He panted.

He withdrew and laid down on top of her. That was just the beginning of a long night of firsts. They did so many things, some of which Colby had never even heard of. Finally morning came and he had to leave.

Colby moved to leave and get dress, when Tasarla reached for him and asked, “Darling?”

“Yes?” He asked.

“Do you know what Tasarla means?”

“No, what?”

Tasarla held his face in her hand and said, “Dawn.” They both smiled lovingly and kissed the most intense kiss yet.

Fifteen minutes later Colby was dressed and arriving at the Inn. Panos was waiting outside with the others with a worried look on his face. “Where the hell have you been man?” He bust out. “We thought you had been torn apart by some monster or something!”

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