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Dragon Warrior III Romance Ch. 02


Disclaimer: As said before, Dragon Warrior III is the property of Nintendo and Enix.

Note: The action heats up a bit in this part of the story. The sex is near the end, but is worth the wait.

Colby and his group really weren’t dressed for the intense heat of the desert they had come to days ago. But they had been surprise attacked by enemies enough times before that they endured the terrible heat. The sun above them was like a bonfire, and they were the roast! Before them was a vast ocean of sandy dunes. It had been their only sight for half a week. Fortunately they would soon get some relief. They were headed for a swamp just South of the desert. They continued their trek through the desert on into the night, for they knew the swamp was very close.

Around midnight they began to smell the moisture of the swamp. Not long after that they saw it. It wasn’t very large, only a few miles in diameter, but it was a welcomed relief. They made their way from the last dune onto earthy ground. The earthy ground got less and less dry until they were wading through marsh. Dark droopy swamp trees surrounded them as they went forth. They had never been here before. In fact, they had never even been in a swamp before. The water was waist high, and they were all wishing they had a boat. They even saw a crocodile fifty feet to their right, but it didn’t notice them. Finally Colby spotted a light in the distance. They followed it for 30 minutes, and then saw that it was from a house that stood upon a hill raised above the watery swamplands.

It was just a little wooden hut, with a smoking chimney. An elderly man smoking a pipe sat out front on a swinging porch bench. “Hello fellows! My name is Elmore. What brings you to this neck of the woods?” smiled the old man.

“We are in search of the magic key, and heard it was in the desert region.” Colby stated. “Can you help us?”

Elmore looked them over a couple of times thinking to himself. “You look quite strong and fit, so I’ll tell you what I know. The last anyone knew, the magic key was locked away inside the pyramid North of the palace of Isis. But be warned! Strong and terrible creatures roam inside the pyramid! There’s even a place inside it that blocks the use of magic spells. You also would be smart to ask around Isis and see what else you can learn about the pyramid.”

“Thank you very much.” Colby said as the others nodded. “We’ll be off now.”

“Don’t be ridiculous!” Elmore said. “You’ve been traveling through that hot desert for a long time. You need a break.”

“Ok. Thanks.” Colby said, and they all sighed in relief. They stayed in that small hut for a couple of days. They learned that Elmore had lived there for 20 years. He ate almost nothing but fish that he got from the swamp. He had a way of boiling swamp water, collecting the steam, and then drinking that for water. The wood he used for firewood was from the swamp trees around his hut. But they were far too drenched with water to burn, so he had to dry the wood out for a couple of weeks first. After the second day there Colby and his group set off again.

* * *

They had left early, and by the time the sun was rising they were in the desert again. They were now headed to the West. Far to their left was a continuous barrier of craggy mountains that they used as a guide. The sun set two more times before they saw the oasis of Isis. They spotted it on the top of a very large dune. It was several miles away still. Then something unexpected happened.

Down the dune in front of them an infernus crab came up out of the sand. Like other infernus crabs, this one was large, (6 feet tall and 10 feet across), and green. Even though Colby and his fighters had the advantage of height, they soon lost it. The crab easily pushed them off the dune and chased after them. They fought back as well as they could, but the crab’s natural armor was just as strong as theirs was. Things got worse when the crab made a gash in Vedie’s chest. Ansel quickly set to work healing the wizard. Meanwhile, Colby and Panos swung their broad swords at the infernus crab, but they just bounced off without even scratching it.

Losing even more ground, Colby came up with a strategy, “Aim for the eyes, the mouth, and the joints!” He yelled.

Both of them did so. Soon the crab was short an eye. The next moment it was missing a leg. Colby thrust his sword into the crab’s mouth all the way to the hilt. Now they had more of an advantage. But there was a problem. They couldn’t hurt it much more than they had already done. It continued its pursuit on them. Just as the crab was lunging to attack them, Vedie, (who had been healed by the pilgrim’s spells), used the spell Firebane on the crab. A horizontal pillar of intense fire engulfed the crab. After the flames dispersed, they could see the crab singed and cooked to death by the spell.

“Hurray for Vedie!” They all cheered.

Vedie shyly smiled. Then he looked alarmed. “Watch out! Our battle is not yet over!” He pointed away from the crab.

A flamapede was quickly approaching them! (Flamapedes are very much like caterpillars except that they are red, 4 feet around, and 30 feet long! They also breathe fire)! Colby and his group were tired, but had to fight the monster. As it drew near to attack, Colby needed to use a strategy. Very quickly he had himself and Panos get in front of Ansel and Vedie. They used their armor and shields to block gales of flaming breath that came from the flamapede. The flames lasted for 10 seconds. Their armor was now extremely hot to touch. They advanced and attacked the flamapede. Colby and Panos’ swords easily sliced though the flamapedes thin skin. But there was a lot of flamapede to deal with! Not being able to use a fire spell on a fire creature, Vedie used Icebolt, which is like a bolt of lightning except that it is made out of ice. That injured the monster a lot, but he was still going. The next time the flamapede used its fire breath there wasn’t so much of it, and they were able to dodge it. The battle was finished with Infernos, a small wind-based spell. They all had to take 10 minutes to catch their breaths.

“Man!” Panos said.

“Yeah! I hope there’s not yet another creature just over the dune that we have to fight.” Ansel said.

Colby looked at the wizard, “You really helped in that fight, you know. We wouldn’t have been able to defeat that crab without your spell.” The others agreed with him.

Vedie smiled a little. “Yeah. I proved that I really do measure up after all.”

* * *

The group of warriors picked up where they left off and made their way to the oasis. They could see that it was quite large when they arrived. The lake was at least half a mile across. Many palm trees of different sorts grew near the lake. They also had to watch out for cacti that grew there too. They refreshed in the water, drinking to their heart’s content. All the while they could see the large palace of Isis on the other side of the lake.

It was around afternoon time when they entered the large bronze gates to the city surrounding Isis. The buildings they saw were made of adobe. Some were as tall as three stories. There were many people going about with their daily lives and activities. There were more dark skinned people here than they had seen anywhere else on their quest. They roamed around the city checking the place out and talking to people. One woman they talked with told them of a secret place in the palace that held the mysterious Meteorite Armband. When worn, it endowed great speed to its wearer.

The group requested an audience with the queen of Isis, who most people named “The Desert Rose” for her beauty. After four hours of waiting it was time to see The Desert Rose. The palace was magnificent! It was six stories tall with several domes for the roof. Unlike the adobe buildings of the city, the palace was finely crafted of marble. When they were before the queen they all were struck with awe. She was quite tall, at least 6’2”, with shoulder length straight raven black hair. Even though Colby wasn’t very near the queen, the deep and intense blue of her eyes startled him. Her skin was fair, and she wore the finest, most beautifully colored gown he’d ever seen. It had intricate patterns and designs of nature on it. He could tell that some of the flowers in the designs were woven of silver thread, while others were woven of gold.

When Colby saw her majesty’s beauty he said, “I now know why people call you The Desert Rose, but you surpass the beauty of that name.”

She looked at him carefully for a moment and then said, “Everyone speaks so highly of me. But what becomes of beauty that blossoms briefly, only to fade away? Yet still, thank you sir.” She smiled. “Now tell of what business you have here.”

Colby told her of their quest and the happenings thus far. He told her of the magic key they needed. She was able to offer some helpful information, and dismissed them. As Colby was leaving one of the queen’s ladies-in-waiting came up to him. She told him that the Queen requested his presence that night. He didn’t know what to think, but thanked her.

They were now all eager to find the Meteorite Armband. Following the woman’s instructions, they found an opening in a wall of bushes. There was a path that led back into the palace. But this was a secret place, and no one was around. They had to light a torch going further into the black passageway. Stairs were found just around a bend to the right. They went down them. Then they went ahead, to the right, and down another hallway. After going down more stairs they entered a room. It was cold and dusty. No one had been there for many years. The main attraction of the room was a small chest in the center. Using tools of theirs they were able to open it. There before them was the Meteorite Armband! It was an averaged sized armband, but it was made out of a strange metal that none of them recognized. Unusual patterns decorated it.

Just as Colby was about to put it on his arm a skeleton-like ghost appeared in front of them. “Are you the ones that have taken the contents of the chest?”

Colby never even blinked. “Yes.” He said.

“That’s fine. You can have it. I have no more use of it.” With that the ghost disappeared.

The four of them looked at each other in amazement. After putting the armband on, Colby did notice an increase in speed. But he couldn’t speed up time, and had to wait 5 more hours before returning to the palace alone. The guards let him pass. In the first room of the palace Colby saw a lone cat looking up at him with great intelligence. Then the cat spoke.

With a deep voice the cat said, “I am the Archfiend’s familiar. You will meet with a terrific end! Ha, ha, ha!” Then he vanished.

* * *

Colby blinked a couple of times, and then kept going. Once he entered the throne room the same lady-in-waiting grabbed him by the arm and told him to follow her. She took him to a door to the left and into a room with no ceiling. Starlight shone down on the room with a flower garden along the walls. There were 3 other ladies-in-waiting in the room. At the end of the room was the Queen.

Colby approached her and said, “My queen? What do I owe this privilege?”

“You can use my real name.” She smiled. “It’s Sapphire. My parents gave me that name after seeing my blue eyes since blue eyes are uncommon here.”

“They are incredible eyes Sapphire.” Colby replied.

“Thank you.” She said. “I called you here to give you two gifts. One is near my feet. Check.” Colby searched the area near her feet and found an orange ring. “That’s a wizard’s ring. It helps restore a wizard’s power in battle. But you can only use it a few times, and then it crumbles into dust.”

“Thank you for this gift. What is the other one?” Colby asked.

“I will need to show you the other one in private.” Sapphire said softly, and took his hand.

Leaving that room Colby noticed the women giggling. One wasn’t giggling though. She looked irritated and upset. Sapphire led Colby through the throne room to a door on the other side. She took out a very expensive looking key made of gold and opened the door. Inside, Colby was amazed. This was like no other bedroom he’d ever seen before in his life. It was full of vibrant rich color. The red rug was thick and comfortable. There were varnished chest-of-drawers with a large silver mirror above it. The bed was especially nice. It was very large canopy bed. It had the standard two mattresses, except that they were both one and a half feet thick! The bed itself was 12 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 14 feet tall with the canopy. The finest lavender silk decorated the bed. Perhaps the most impressive thing about it though was its posts. They were made of solid white gold!

Colby looked around in bewilderment. “This place is wonderful! I’ve never laid eyes on a more incredible bedroom!”

“Lay your eyes on me now!” Sapphire said seductively.

Colby turned around to behold the beauty of Sapphire’s naked body before him! She was perfect in every way. Her breasts were large and shapely, and her very large pink areolas were accentuated with large nipples. Her slender waist rose and fell with each breath. Below was her trimmed brunette bush. Her pussy lips were a work of art too. They weren’t too big or too small. Colby could see her clit that was slightly larger than average. She already glistened with the moisture of her excitement.

Colby knew he must have been turning red. “But Sapphire, why me?”

“I’ve been with several women before.” Sapphire said. “I’ve never been with a man. I would not let any man take me, because of a dream I had when I was 14. I dreamt that a young man from a faraway land would come to see me. This man, I knew, I was destined to be with. I know you are him.”

Smiling, she walked to him and planted a passionate kiss on his lips. The next moment both their mouths were open, their tongues intertwined. The intensity of that passionate kiss steadily grew and grew for several minutes. They broke. Holding each other, they gazed into one another’s eyes not speaking for a long time. Colby could feel her bare breasts and taut nipples against his chest, (he wasn’t wearing his armor right then). Sapphire helped him out of his clothes. Then they kissed some more. The more Colby kissed her, the more he felt he knew her.

“I’ve waited 11 years for this night!” Sapphire sighed. “All the ladies-in-waiting that you saw are my lovers. I’ve learned what I could about sex from them. I know I don’t know everything, but I thought I should prepare for you.”

“Are you, um, sure I am the man from your dream?” Colby asked.

“I can’t explain it in words. I just know. You are that man.” She said.

They kissed again, and then Colby asked, “You’ve made love to all the ladies-in-waiting?”

“Ummm, yes! They are quite good lovers too.” Sapphire said. “I started with Georgeanna. I was 15 at the time. Then I was with another and another. Sometimes we would all play together. In fact we did so tonight just before you arrived. You know Georgeanna is in love with me!” She winked at Colby. “I do love her too, but my country would never accept us. I need a king.”

“I would be your king, my queen. But I must complete my mission, or you may not have a country to rule.” Colby said.

“I know.” She paused for a moment. “But you could come back to me after you have defeated Baramos.”

“I could.” Colby thought. “I will! I will return once I have vanquished him!”

“And we will rule this land in peace and love.” She smiled. “I know you have little experience with sex. Tonight you will learn from me.”

Sapphire helped Colby out of the rest of his clothes. She sat on the edge of her bed facing him, and could now see his large manhood sticking out in front of him erect. “Umm, I’ve only seen drawings of these before.” She said gripping it with her left hand and then her right. She held, squeezed, and massaged his cock, learning the feel of it. “I love how you feel Colby. I’ve never touched anything quite like it.” Then she smiled wider. Bending down, she placed the large head into her virgin mouth. She held it there and sucked a little for a moment, then swirled her tongue around it. Without rushing, she took more and more of him into her mouth. She had to stop once he reached her throat. Gripping him tightly with her lips, she began to bob up and down on him. Colby enjoyed several minutes of this before he had to warn her he was going to come. Sapphire stopped long enough to tell him to come in her mouth. He did just that a few seconds later. Spurt after spurt of hot cum flooded Sapphire’s waiting mouth. Some even leaked out down her chin. She was now smiling, eyes closed, with sperm dripping off her face.

Colby looked down at Sapphire the way she was. It put such lust in him that he stayed hard. They both knew what was to come next.

Sapphire laid down upon her big comfortable bed and opened her legs wide. “I want you inside me now babe.”

The next instant Colby was at her entrance. He rubbed his cock against her a little, and then slowly began to ease himself into the queen. Now he was feeling the resistance of her cherry. Slowly but firmly he pushed until he had broken it. Although Sapphire closed her eyes and clenched her teeth, she never cried out in pain.

“Ok Colby, now make love to me!” Sapphire said.

Colby’s body covered hers as he took himself in and out of her wet honeypot. He kept up a good slow pace for several minutes, not rushing things. They both gazed into the lust in each other’s eyes and watched their desire grow. Sapphire’s pussy was hot and tight around his shaft. And she was so wet it was dripping down her butt cheeks. Soon Colby saw that she wanted it harder, so he went harder and faster. After a few minutes he was pumping harder still. It was quite a workout to keep up that pace. Soon they were both sweating, and Colby’s sweat dripped off of him onto her. She wasn’t making much noise, just soft sexy moans of pleasure.

“Colby baby, I’m cumming!” She moaned as she gushed out a bunch of her hot juice all over him. This set him off, and he started to cum too. Several large loads burst from his cock buried inside the queen filling her up and leaking out. They laid in each other’s arms for a long time.

Finally Sapphire said, “I want to try something with you. I’ve already done it with girls, but I have yet to try it with a man.”

“What is it?” Colby asked.

“Bring me those four lacey scarves over there on my chest-of-drawers.” She smiled.

Colby went and retrieved them. They were made of silk and were extremely long. Sapphire spread herself out on her bed with her legs and arms open. “Now lover, tie each of my arms and legs to a bed post”

Colby was a little hesitant, but obeyed. He tied one arm, then another. Then he did the same to her legs. “Now I want you to tease my body until I can’t stand it anymore, and then fuck me hard!” She said.

Colby started by placing kisses all along her body, being careful to avoid her sensitive spots. After about 7 minutes of this the queen was getting worked up. Colby continued to tease her, now with his fingers and tongue too. When he finally heard some real noise coming from her, he moved to a nipple and sucked it into his mouth while kneading both of her tits. Then he moved to the other nipple. Now the queen was moaning loudly and squirming around tied to her bed. Colby traveled down Sapphire’s body to her snatch. He could smell her intoxicating aroma of arousal. Then his tongue darted out and licked her clit.

“Ummm, yeah babe! That’s right! Keep that up!” Sapphire moaned.

Colby licked her again and again. He kept his attention on her clit for a few minutes, then he stuck his tongue far into her soaking hole. He loved the taste of her sex, and kept eating her up more and more. Without warning Sapphire squealed and flooded his face with cum. Colby, a little surprised, looked up at Sapphire with a dripping wet face. Colby moved back up her body and French kissed her hungrily.

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