Crimson, orange and dark gray adorned the spectacular sunset over the Puget Sound. I just arrived to the Fisherman's Restaurant, a tourist trap on the waterfront in Seattle. Even a tourist trap can provide a decent meal, if you know what to ask for. The sign in the front saying that they had the best oyster bar in Seattle attracted me. I am an oyster's dilettante so I got in. I ordered half a dozen oysters in the half shell, a rare ahi tuna steak and a bottle of… guess what…ta ra ra ra (as in Ludwig Van's Fifth)! Champagne. I ordered a bottle of Washington State Champagne, Domain Saint Michelle Extra Brut. The waitress arrived with the oysters and the champagne, while I was contemplating the amazing sunset, and inevitably, thinking of you, on how much I miss you, and how much you will be enjoying being there with me. The air was not cold, but crisp, perfect to wash down a bottle of champagne, and I was contemplating the Olympic Mountains Range, and start thinking about my dream.

Piano maestoso

I had a dream. Not your every day dream, mind you. Your once in a lifetime dream. In it I invited to dinner a gorgeous colleague of mine. She is so perfect in every sense, that her acceptance put me in the very exclusive and desired minority of envied men. Envied by the fools, because the beauty of the woman I was accompanied by, envied by the wise, because the intelligence of the woman I was accompanied by. To completely fulfill my fantasy, she not only accepted, but she was sincerely flattered by my asking, and that step up my peg a notch or two.

Allegro ma no tanto

We did not go to a fancy restaurant. Before the dinner she said something like: "We should really have champagne, I feel victorious after detecting and diagnosing the bug we just found". I could not agree more; champagne is one of my favorite drinks. We ordered a light dinner, and engage in one of the very intellectual conversation that we appreciate so much. No dessert was ordered, from my part, not to burden myself with heavy carbohydrates, since I had the very intention (see, I was not so innocent) to seduce this wonderful woman that very night.


When we arrived to her hotel she mentioned the other bottle of champagne, the one she bought for me, and when we were going to drink it. We made a decent attempt of saying; let's drink it in the hotel's lobby, but then both found problems with this. Graciously she invited me to her room, and graciously I accepted. There we went, and I opened the bottle. The hotel management provided two flutes and I poured the first two glasses. We were very civilized and polite as we drink the bottle. We talk about music, porcelain, lead glass, and literature, since the label of the champagne was based on the famous tale "The adventures of Mr. Toad: From the Wind in the Willows", by Kenneth Grahame. It had the portrait of two toads, as bride and groom, handsomely dressed.


The moment to say good bye arrived. I said something about having to get going. She step up from the bed she was sitting and I approached her for a good night kiss. Then everything happened. I stood very close to her, and put my arms around her waist. She raised her arms around my neck, and then for a second or two we really look to each other in the eye. No one blinked. We knew what we wanted. But we were also savoring the anticipation, because unfortunately it is never again the same. Those few moments in which you consider whether a kiss in the mouth will be welcomed or not, are priceless, and I will always keep them in my heart. As I approached my face to hers she opened her mouth to take my kiss, in the most generous and open way. It was a fierce kiss that did not left any doubt about the intense feelings we had for each other. An eager kiss, a sensuous kiss, the kiss you never forget, because you give and receive only so many in your life, if at all.

The first lead to the second, and third and then I lost count, not that I really wanted to keep a tally. For me it was only one, THE KISS all capitals, the one that surrender you flesh unconditionally, the one that commit you forever. Soon my hands started to wander about her body and hers about my head. I've never in my life been caressed in the head as much as that night. Anyhow, my hands started to roam freely on her body, searching for her flesh.

She did not stop kissing me. I don't know how we ended on the bed, with me on top kissing and caressing like there was no tomorrow. Slowly without stopping kissing I started to undress her. There was an awkward moment in which she was topless and I still had my jacket on. Soon we fixed the situation and we got completely naked.

How can I describe her? Words won't do justice, Cervantes and Quevedo would stutter before they could tell her body. I would have to have the talent of a Mozart, the intense drive of a Beethoven, or the amazing power of Brahms to describe her with music. I wish I were a Tiziano or a Renoir to paint her. A Fidias or a Milo to sculpt her.

I will only say that her sight intoxicated me so much, that I am still drunk of her beauty.

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