tagBDSMDream a Little Dream...

Dream a Little Dream...


Even the air in the modest hotel room was full of energy -- the steady, strong energy of Master and his dominance, the sexual energy that generated when Master and Master's bitch were in each other's physical presence, and the energy of Master's bitch's excitement at having the opportunity to serve and submit to Master directly. As Master's bitch brought in her luggage and other paraphernalia that she needed in order to perform every possible service for Master, she breathed in deeply, relishing the smell of her sexual excitement and feeling extra oxygen zinging through her veins.

Once Master's bitch unloaded the car, she approached Master on all fours, and waited by his chair to be acknowledged. When Master turned in his chair to face her, spreading his legs apart in tacit permission for Master's bitch to salute Master's cock with a kiss through Master's trousers, she could feel her cunt lubricating still further. Master placed the key to his rental car in his bitch's mouth, and she crawled to the door, and then stood and went to unload that car as well. Once Master's bitch had brought Master's suitcase to the room, unpacked it and Master's backpack, she removed the cleaning tags from Master's trousers, and hung the slacks with his shirts, buttoning the cuffs and collars. Master's bitch laid out the things she would need to be ready to serve Master's wine in the evenings, and Master's breakfast in the mornings. Then Master's bitch stripped down to the jet black cat suit she had worn under her street clothes, and the 5" black heels Master prefers, which had been worn to meet Master. Then Master's bitch removed her leather wrist and ankle cuffs, and her leather collar from the toy bag Master's bitch had placed on Master's bed, and put them on.

Fully attired, Master's bitch once again crossed the room on all fours, going to the chair that Master had placed for the administration of discipline. Master has established the procedures to be followed when Master grants his bitch the honor of entering his physical presence. Once Master's bitch completes her practical services to Master, then her submissive service, starting with presenting herself, correctly fitted out, for discipline begins. Master's bitch stood when she reached the chair, bent over its back and supported her upper body with it, presenting her wide-spread legs and upturned ass for Master's discipline. At Master's convenience, Master took the cat-of-nine-tails from the toy bag, and used it to warm up his bitch for more stringent discipline strokes using Master's belt. Depending on how Master landed the strokes, Master's bitch felt the echoes either in the vibration of the four ben-wa balls stuffed in her cunt or by the impact on the anal plug buried in her ass, its blonde tail brushing the backs of her legs, just above her knees. Despite these distractions, as trained, Master's bitch loudly counted each stroke granted by Master, thanked Master for each stroke, and begged Master to provide another stroke.

When discipline strokes were completed, Master's bitch thanked Master for his care and attention. Master returned the cat-of-nine-tails to the toy bag, but kept his belt coiled and close at hand where Master sat at the desk to access his computer. Master's bitch again dropped to all fours and crawled over to bark at Master's feet, requesting permission to speak. When permission was granted, Master's bitch begged permission to service Master's cock with her mouth and tongue. When Master granted permission, Master's bitch sat back on her heels and began to undress Master, allowing her freedom to touch Master's body whilst freeing Master's cock and balls. As Master had instructed, Master's bitch swallowed his cock, and buried her face deep into his groin, feeling the scratch of his pubic hair against her face, delighting in the taste of the smooth hard cock sliding over her tongue and down her throat. When Master's bitch had lavished Master's cock with her loving attentions to Master's satisfaction, Master pulled her head tightly against his body, insinuating his cock a few centimeters further down his bitch's throat before beginning to ejaculate. As Master's cock began to discharge, Master released his bitch's head so that she could withdraw enough to capture Master's ejaculate on her tongue. After showing Master his ejaculate by opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue, Master's bitch received Master's permission to swallow.

Master stood, and bent over to remove the purple anal plug with flowing blonde tail from Master's bitch's anus. Master took the large anal plug from the toy bag, applied a generous portion of lubricant, and slid the well-lubricated plug into Master's bitch's ass. Master allowed Master's bitch's ass time to adjust to the large plug, and provided her a distraction by allowing her to kiss, lick and suck Master's feet and toes. After accepting Master's bitch's homage, Master pulled his bitch up over his knees so as to slide an inflatable ball gag into her mouth. After buckling its harness behind her head, and inflating the ball gag to the maximum size Master's bitch's mouth could handle, Master removed the large plug from Master's bitch's asshole, and immediately inserted the large steel anal plug, with black tail, into her ass. Master had previously lubricated the heavy metal plug, which Master's bitch's ass had never before been able to accommodate. Master relied on the fully inflated ball gag in his bitch's mouth to prevent her screams from disturbing other hotel guests.

The cold steel of the large plug warmed in the stretched confines of Master's bitch's ass, relaxing muscles strained to new limits by the plug. Master briefly stroked the black tail of his bitch before sliding her off his knees with a quick pat to her ass cheeks. Once Master's bitch was back on all fours, Master stood again and, attaching his bitch's leash to her collar, led her to his bed.

Master motioned for Master's bitch to climb up on the bed from all fours, and lie on her back, spread-eagled. Once Master's bitch was in position, Master attached her wrist and ankle cuffs to the chain that Master earlier had wrapped around the frame of the hotel room bed using the double-headed connectors that hooked onto the metal rings set in the leather cuffs. When Master's bitch was positioned as desired, Master again picked up the cat-o-nine-tails and began warming up Master's bitch's body, landing strokes up and down the front of her body and the insides of her thighs, as well as directly on her cunt and clitoris. After a few minutes of using the cat-o-nine-tails, Master again employed his belt, laying on strokes in the same areas, watching with approval the pinking up of the skin, landing strokes in specific areas Master wished to paint with bruises.

After a few minutes, Master put aside his belt and leaned over Master's bitch. Master pulled down the top of Master's bitch's cat suit so as to manipulate the barbells in the nipple piercings Master created. Master plucked and pulled at the nipple hardware and felt his bitch begin to squirm with sexual excitement. Master leaned closer to her body and, starting just under Master's bitch's two collars, began sucking her skin, drawing blood to the surface and then biting the skin, bruising the hollow of her throat, then each breast under the nipples. In days to come, seeing and touching those additional marks of Master's ownership would bring streams of sexual juices to Master's bitch's cunt even when Master was far away from her again.

When his bitch was marked to his satisfaction, Master moved to the end of the bed and released the connectors holding his bitch's ankles to the foot of the bed. Master pressed each ankle, one at a time, toward his bitch's head. When each ankle was close enough to its corresponding cuffed wrist, Master used the metal connectors hanging from each ankle cuff to attach Master's bitch's ankles to her wrist cuffs. In this positioning, the view Master had from the end of the bed was wonderful -- Master's bitch's open cunt and her ass, still plugged with the steel plug from which the black tail flowed over the white comforter. The wet cunt lips were shiny in the lamplight that suffused the hotel room. Master went again to the toy bag and selected the "G" spot vibrator. Master quickly crossed back to the bed and, in one swift, smooth motion, stuffed the vibrator into his bitch's cunt, pushing the ben-wa balls further back, and sending them into constant vibration by switching on the vibrator pressed so tightly against Master's bitch's "G" spot that the sensation of needing to urinate overcame even the pain from the strokes Master recently laid on.

Having taken care of the cunt, Master moved to the ass. Once again reaching for his belt, Master quickly and thoroughly beat his bitch's ass, so handily upturned and unprotected in her current position. Whilst Master's bitch was processing the pain from the unexpected strokes, as well as continuing to adjust to the physical demands of her new position, Master removed the steel plug and black tail, and then pressed his cock into the gaping asshole, sinking deep into his bitch's ass, taking the warmth of his strokes into his own body. Master began to fuck the ass of his bitch with deep, long strokes, pressing his upper body against the bow of her thighs and torso, using their resistance to spring back from each downstroke and delighting in the inarticulate murmurs being made by Master's bitch around the inflated gag that filled her mouth.

Master understood immediately that the thighs of his bitch could be used to support both his weight and his movements in and out of his bitch's asshole. This allowed Master to reach up with his hands, squeezing Master's bitch's breasts, pinching her nipples and pulling on the barbells that decorated them. Master slid his hands up his bitch's body to grasp the metal collar that lay beneath her leather collar. Master slid his fingers between the collar and his bitch's neck, pulling the collar up, bringing Master's bitch's head up off the bed, and making her face available for close inspection. Whilst continuing to fuck his bitch's ass, Master watched the play of emotions across her face -- it was easy for Master to see that the physical pain was merely an emotional embellishment. She needed and loved the pain his cock was bringing by stretching her asshole, filling it even more than the various plugs Master instructed her to use so often and for so long. Her cunt was overflowing with her own sexual juices, churned by the ben-wa balls and the "G" spot vibrator to flow out of her cunt mouth and down to pool around her asshole, where they were being pushed into her asshole with every deep stroke of Master's cock. Master's bitch's sexual juices were so copious that some drifted upward, coating her mound and her abdomen with the musky fluids that revealed the depth of her excitement and lust for her Master.

Master's prior orgasm drew out the time Master fucked Master's bitch's ass before ejaculation, buried balls-deep in his bitch's ass. When Master's climax was completed, Master withdrew his cock, and went to the head of the bed to unclip Master's bitch's ankles from her wrists. Master helped Master's bitch lower her heels to the bed, and then knelt beside Master's bitch's head whilst uninflating and unbuckling the gag, then removing the gag from her mouth. Master's bitch cleared her throat, and licked her lips, tasting the bitter residue from the stem of the inflatable gag. Then Master's bitch barked, seeking Master's permission to speak. When permission was granted, Master's bitch begged Master to allow Master's bitch to clean Master's cock. Master moved to place one knee on either side of his bitch's head. Master's bitch lifted her head and began sucking Master's cock, straining in her restraints to provide the long, deep strokes that Master preferred, stretching to press her face as deeply as her anchored wrists would allow into Master's groin. Master's bitch licked and sucked away the remnants of lubricant, her own juices, Master's ejaculate, and her asshole. Because Master had just ejaculated, Master's bitch was careful to avoid landing any strokes of her tongue or pressure from her sucking onto the head of Master's cock, but the rest of his cock received lavish attention. Master's cock responded by hardening and lengthening, stretching itself deeper into her throat with each downstroke that Master's bitch lovingly applied.

When Master was satisfied his cock was clean, Master rose and unclipped his bitch's wrist cuffs from the chain around the bed. Master removed the vibrator from her cunt, and presented it, along with the anal plugs previously used, to Master's bitch to clean with her mouth and tongue. When Master's bitch completed the oral cleaning, Master inserted the anal plug with the blonde tail back into the ass of his bitch. When the plug was seated to Master's satisfaction, Master instructed Master's bitch to pull up the cat suit to cover her breasts, and to tuck the long blonde tail up into the open crotch of the cat suit. When Master's bitch put on the dress that Master had selected for her to wear to dinner, Master checked to be sure that Master's bitch had secured the blonde tail out of sight under the dress. Master's bitch's only perfume would be the scents of Master's ejaculate and her own juices, a perfume Master created from the bitch's lust and love for, and service to, the Master who owns her.

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