tagNonHumanDream Catcher Dreams

Dream Catcher Dreams

byMy Erotic Tail©

A two day drive to Los Angeles and the road just seem to get longer and longer. She had been driving across the Mojave Desert and came to the first place that offered a cold drink. A rustic old service station on the side of the road. A soda machine was in plain view, like an oasis.

"Hi." Lynn addressed the elderly Indian lady sitting outside by a table of trinkets for resale. Lynn gazed at the selection of highly used items that lay before her while she counted out her change from her purse.

"Hello." The lady replied. Her braided gray hair hung on both sides of her shoulders. The old Indian women just sat there smiling.

Placing her quarters in the cold beverage machine. The clinking and clanking as the coins rolled down the machine shoot. Pressing a selection and a can rolled out from it cold. Lynn grasp it and held it to her warm cheek. Browsing around the table she opened it and took a long drink. Gazing along at the various curios.

"How much is this?" Lynn asked while holding a turquoise bracelet. Putting it on her wrist and spinning it around to see how well it fit then setting the bracelet down.

"Twenty dollars." The elderly women said smiling with her toothless sucked in lips. Lynn's medium length black hair was falling in her face as she bent over to see the feathers. Pulling her hair back to see better.

The rustic tin that flapped with a slight clanging shaded the noon sun. The whistling wind spun sand in waves making them turn their heads away from the sandy gust.

"Wow, strong wind." Lynn said to the women who just sat there smiling with her old shoes and worn dress. The table laid out had many different items. Books, feathers and colored rocks. Bracelets and rings of turquoise and silver. Lynn walked along the roadside table more for a stretch of her legs, than a shopping spree.

"How much is this?" Lynn asked while holding up a looped stick with leather strands that were spider webbed in its center with 3 groups of white and black feathers that hung from it.

"Twenty dollars." The old women said. Lynn looked at her and put it back.

"Twenty dollars for a stick, feathers and leather with beads? I don't think so. What is it?" Lynn asked smiling.

"A Dream Catcher." The old women said smiling. "It will keep you safe while you dream. It represents the web of your life and helps to untangle life in your dreams."

Lynn let out a chuckle and started back to her car. Glancing at the barren desert. The wind whipped slightly as she turned her head away from the sandy gust.

"Ten dollars." The old women blurt. Still sitting and smiling.

Lynn turned and looked at the women then looked at the spider webbed laced leather with green and white beads. The feathers swayed with the passing breeze. "This elderly lady appears to need the sale." Lynn thought. She walked back to the table pulling her wallet out and handed the women a ten-dollar bill. More for a charity than a purchase. Picked up the decorated ring and held it out before her looking at it.

"It once belonged to a handsome brave." The old women said while she tucked the ten-dollar bill in her bra.

"Lot'a good that does me." Lynn said sarcastically.

"You'll see." Said the old Indian women with a grin. Lynn walked to her car and got in as a big gust of sandy wind whipped through the area. Starting her car and brushing back her wind blown hair. Checking the mirror then glancing down at her purchase. The inner woven circle mesmerized her. Enchanted by its colors and rustic flare she gazed into it deeply.


Renting a room at the nearest motel and cafe combination. She lay in the bed watching the snowy reception on the television, glancing through the Dream Catcher into the flickering white light.

She pulled the towel off her head from her wet shower fresh hair. Shook her head and hair with one hand while holding her new purchase with the other. The feathers dangled while she swayed back and forth. Hanging it on the bedpost she reached and turned out the light. Snuggled down into the bed and watched the movie with poor reception.

She looked down at herself and seen that she was naked. Her first instinct was to cover herself. She couldn't move, she was stuck. Looking at her arms she felt as if she was glued to the web. Darting her eyes all around looking for a way to move or a spider. Lynn tried to move her legs but they were just as mysteriously bound or frozen. Her back felt fine yet she couldn't free herself. She didn't panic, she felt comfortable. She was just there, not standing. Not laying or leaning, she was just there up against this large oval web.

She glanced around as far as she could see in front of her. It was dark, yet light enough to see. Something behind her illuminated brightness. She desperately tried to turn her head when she felt something along her left side. She gasp from being startled. Peering down she saw a hand come through the webbing. It circled around her ribs and up to her bare breast, cupping her mound and lightly squeezed. Then another hand come from the webbing and circled around her right side and down her stomach to her puss.

The long strong fingers went right to her wetness. Rubbing her sensually as she would rub herself. Knowing the pace and strides in which she liked to be rubbed in her favorite manner. Then feeling her nipple pinched and twisted by the hand on her breast. The other hands fingers slid inside her shallow. Then pulled up to her clit then back in her, then rubbing outward playfully.

Lynn pushed up to the hand with her body but it wouldn't move from the web. Her body tried opening wider to the hands play. Her mind was telling her not to give in. Yet her body was yearning for the fingered touch.

While her slit received the fingers with welcoming wetness. Ecstasy won over as she began to surge her body to greet the hands fondling. The long fingers went deeply inside her and pulled out slowly and patiently. Then pressing back into her folds. Her body welcomed with the motions of the fingers purge. Her nipples hardened from the twisting and fondling of the other hand.

"Ah." She began moaning and squirming, as she became really wet. The fingers feeling the wetness and pulled back behind her into the web. The hand at her breast faded behind her as well. She was there naked and waiting. Hearing nothing and seeing absolutely nothing but darkness. Her emotions boiled of desire from the two hands touch and frantic from being bound strangely.

"Who's there?" Lynn blurted. "I need your help." Crying out but the sound was slight.

Just then a figure slowly came into view before her. A tall and muscular Indian brave. Slowly walking towards her. He had a glazen tan and rolling muscles. His medium long black hair was held by a red bandana. Long white feather with black on the ends hung from the headband. Its green and white beads were tied with horsehair to the feather's stem.

The man walked up to her and pulled her arms gently and effortlessly from the web. Her arms fell before her but not to cover her nakedness. But to check them for reasoning. The tall dark Indian towered over her and went to turn and walk away when Lynn blurted out.

"Thank you." The Indian looked back at her, smelt of his finger and smiled. Lynn blushed with her thoughts.

His image raced through her mind as her eyes saw the flickering light of the television. The snowy image of an old show. Lynn looked around the motel room and assessed that all was fine. "A dream?" She thought.

She laid back and relaxed, turned her head and saw the Dream Catcher still where she had placed it. On the bedpost. Nine long white feathers with black tips in three groups hanging. Green and white beads sewn into various areas all around the spider webbed loop. She thought a moment about the Indian, then turned back to the TV.

"It was just a dream. Wish; he had taken me fully." Lynn thought while gazing into the televisions flickering light.

The light got brighter and brighter till she covered her eyes with her arm and peered to see why there was a flash of brightness. Then it went dark as she saw the Indian walking to her. She quickly glanced behind her and saw that she stood where she had before. In front of the web. She went to step forward away from the web but her feet wouldn't move.

The tall Indian walked up with a big smile on his face. Walked right up to her and took her in his arms and kissed her. She didn't resist. His tongue drove deep into her mouth as she began to kiss him back. Her back arched from his pulling her to him. He embraced her naked body tightly. His mound was felt and evident. His surging and pulling her onto him was driving Lynn to desires she hadn't felt in a long time.

Her mind was saying stop but her body wasn't listening. She wrapped around the tall strong man to brace his ravishing. She opened to his forcefulness willing. His scent and touch pleased her. She melted into his tugging hold. His warmth and flesh on flesh feel electrified her emotions.

Grabbing her ass and pulling her to him tightly he placed himself to her opening and pressed in her with short humps. Picking her up from her frozen stance and holding her up to him.

Lynn wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. His pumping pushed into her deeper with each thrust. She bit into his neck and held tightly as he humped her madly. Meeting his crashing body with her own drives. Tightening her arms around his neck as he rapidly pumped at her. Bringing her to total wetness and an orgasm like she had never had. She bit down into his shoulder hard with her body's surge.

She slowed her humping and lightened her gripping bite on her pillow. The cool feel of its cloth felt good next to her hot body. Her eyes opened to see the Dream Catcher before her. Then looking at the pillow.

Lynn threw back the covers when she noticed something in her hand. Looking down at her clinched fist she saw the white feather with black tip, adorned stem of green and white beads. She glanced at the Dream Catcher and saw it had its original nine feathers. Looking back at her hand and the feather was gone.

She shook her head and wiped her eyes. Looked around the room and settled back into the bed. Her mind raced for answers while her heart was pounding. She told herself. "Don't worry, it was only a dream." She leaned over to the nightstand and took the remote control and turned the television off. The darkness fell into the motel room.

The sound of her heart got louder as she lay waiting for sleep to come. But the thought of the man in her dream was churning in her head. Letting out a heavy sigh she clinched the pillow tighter as she anticipated her slumber.

The sun started shining as a rooster cock'a doodled Lynn to arise. She put her things in the car and walked to the tiny motel cafe. Finding her a seat and taking a menu from the centerpiece. Glancing as she heard the approaching waitress.

"Hello." The old Indian women with gray braided pigtails said as she approached the table.

"Hi." Lynn blurts out in recognition. "Coffee please." Lynn gazed at the women as she just stood there smiling. The same old Indian women who sold her the trinket.

"Anything else?" The women asked with a huge smile.

"Well yes." Lynn started. "That thing I bought from you. What did you say it would do to my dreams?" Lynn perked up for a response attentively.

"The Dream Catcher will keep you safe." The women said with a huge smile.

"It may also give you your inner desires in a dream." Said the tall Indian man standing at the foot of her bed. The tall dark man that had fueled her sexual desires. The sound of gunfire rang out from the television speakers. She pulled the covers up around her and curled up on the bed in fear. The Indian just stood there in a fixed stance. The man took a slow step towards her. Lynn pulled the sheets up to her chin.

"Who are you?" Lynn blurts out.

"Little Breeze." The sound echoed lightly in the room. Lynn looked around the room then back to where the man had been standing. He had vanished before her very eyes. She looked all around the room and reached for the light switch. Turned it on and the room became bright.

The motel room was empty. Lynn looked at the doorknob and it was still locked. "My mind's playing tricks on me. Highway madness or something." Lynn thought as she got up and went to the bathroom with caution. Reaching her hand in and flipping on the light then going in.

After flushing she got up and walked out turning the light off. She looked in the mirror and saw the old Indian women's reflection just as the light went off. She stopped dead in her tracks and quickly turned the light back on. Stepping back she saw herself in the mirror. She eased out of the room and turned the light off again.

Lynn looked around the room then sat on the bed. An eerie feeling was growing inside her. She pulled the covers over her as she rolled over to turn out the light and saw the Dream Catcher was gone. Lynn sat up and looked on the floor and saw it lying there beside the bed.

She reached down and picked it up. Then sat the Dream Catcher on the nightstand. Turning the light out and snuggling into her covers. She looked around the room again and settled in to watching the snowy pictured late night movie.

Her mind raced with possibilities for her strange thoughts. "Did I dream all this?" She thought of the Indian brave. Wanting his ravishing yet not knowing him. The pure thought of someone taking her as he did and never so much as saying a word. He was alluring and erotic, as was his name, "Little Breeze." His image filled her mind while she breathed deeply.

The feel of a warm hand run gently along her back and along her spine. Goose pumps spread all over her body. She tightened at first touch but settled into the gentleness that massaged her back sensually. The hand trailed over her curves and contours. The warm feel of a large body close behind her. His scent was recognizable as was the feel of his strong hands. His hot breath graced her neck as he kissed her lightly. His hand continuously roamed her body with powerful grasps.

She nestled into him willing. Her mind was not telling her to take caution. Her body was pressing into him instinctively. Her back still to him the man pulled her closer. She submitted to his will fully.

He brought his hardness to her slit and pressed into her with light surges of his body. Gripping Lynn tightly, they made light pushes into each other. They began to rock together as he thrust deeper and deeper. She thrashed her body backward to his pumping strides. The clashing of flesh and tightening muscles intensified. Lynn gave in fully to her desires and drove herself to greeting the ramming thrusts of her dream-man. Reaching back with her hand and pulling him to her with his rocking beat. She moaned out loudly as she felt a wave of warmth cum from her.

Thrashing on the bed with her hands between her legs. Rubbing herself slowly and sensually. Her fingers were wet and her heart was racing.

Lynn froze and looked around. Seeing that the television was on and the days light just dawned lightly through the window. She yawned and stretched, bumping her hand into the bedpost. There on the bedpost was the Dream Catcher. She gazed at it a moment while waking.

Noticing that there was a feather missing from it. There were three hanging together and three hanging together, now two hung off one end. She searched the floor around the bed. Remembering having one in her hand. Pulling the covers back and looking high and low for the other feather. Finally giving up the search and packed her things for the days long journey.

She loaded her car and walked to the tiny motel cafe. Finding her a seat and taking a menu from the centerpiece. Glancing quickly as she heard the approaching waitress. Dropping the menu from her face to see the waitress.

"Hello, what can I get you?" Asked a young waitress with long black hair.

"Coffee." Lynn smiled as she put the menu up.

"Coming right up." The waitress said turning and walking away.

"Excuse me." Lynn blurted out and the waitress stopped and turned around. "Who is that?" Lynn asked pointing at a painting on the wall of the old Indian women whom had sold her the Dream Catcher.

"That’s Little Breeze. A medicine women." The waitress said with a glowing smile.

"Little Breeze?" Lynn said slowly and drawn out. Her mind raced to sort out the name.

"Yes, she's a legend from a long time ago. Myth has it if you were kind to her she granted you wishes with feathers." The waitress said with a chipper way about her. "She was a healer of souls." Looking at Lynn then went for the coffee.

Lynn's head perked up as she gazed at the picture. She reached over and pinched herself and felt the sting of the pinch. "I'm awake." She thought with a grin on her face.

After a quick cup of coffee and another to go. With a brief history lesson on the local folklore from the talkative young women with long black hair. She tipped the waitress generously, got in her car and out on the road.

The trip to Los Angeles was short compared to the long thoughts of her new purchase. The Dream Catcher lay in the seat next to her the whole way. She got to know its every stitch and bead. The different size feathers and the way of its weavings. Its webbing strands mesmerized her. Her thoughts of the Indian man and the old women filled her mind.

"Wow, what a dream," she thought.

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