tagNonHumanDream Catcher Dreams Ch. 02

Dream Catcher Dreams Ch. 02

byMy Erotic Tail©

Lynn pulled up to the valet in front of the elegant hotel. Received her ticket from the young man and handed him her keys. He opened the trunk to her car and the bellhop immediately tended to her bags.

Lynn reached in to the front seat and picked up the Dream Catcher. Its long white feathers with black tips, hung from the oval with leather strap webbing. Green and white beads here and there brightened its apperance. The feathers swayed with the light breeze that was blowing in the Hotel's over hang.

Lynn made her way to the front desk with the bellhop right behind her. Approaching the front desk she placed her arms on the counter as she removed her sunglasses.

"May I help you." Addressed a tall slim man with a clean cut appearance and his jacket just a tad to small for his lanky frame.

"Yes, reservation for Lynn Wilkerson," Lynn said with a tired and exhausted tone. Pulling her medium black hair back with one hand and letting out a sigh. "I made it," She thought to herself.

"Ahh yes, Mrs. Lynn Wilkerson of Lost Maples Texas, correct?" The clerk asked.

"Yes," Lynn replied. Still holding the Dream Catcher against the counter. Her purse strapped over her shoulder and her sunglasses she stuck on-top of her head.

"Very well, sign here please ma'am," the clerk handed her a pen while placing the papers before her. Handing the card-key to the bellhop.

The elevator dinged as the doors opened to a grand hall of the elegant hotel. A crushed velvet rug and highly crafted molding of wooden trim adorned the walk way. Lynn walked down the hall till she got to her door, room 999. The bellhop unlocked the door and pushed the cart carrying her luggage into the room.

She laid the Dream Catcher on the bed and dug in her purse for a tip to give to the young man. Placeing a five-dollar bill in his palm and he left the room smiling. Lynn turned and switched the television on then went into the bathroom and checked out her surroundings. Then walked to the telephone, picking up the receiver and pushing zero. She sat on the side of the bed and turned to gaze at the television. Running her hands along the soft bed spread.

"Yes, operator. Could you connect me with Jameson and Keller Attorneys at law, please." Crossed her legs and swung her foot back and forth while she waited.

She watched the television set for a moment then glanced at the Dream Catcher. Its 8 feathers spread out on the bed with the blue bed spread for backing. She was lost in a stare at its alluring charm.

"Myth has it, if you were kind to her she granted you wishes with feathers," She recalled the waitress's comments about the old woman that had sold her the Dream Catcher. Lynn inspected each of the 8 feathers wondering about the ninth and its disappearance. The thoughts of her dream at the last chance motel still stirred her.

"Yes ma'am this is Lynn Wilkerson, I'm confirming an appointment with Mr. Keller, for 9 am tomorrow," Lynn paused. "Yes, I have arrived at the hotel just a few minutes ago," She paused. "What, a limousine? I didn't... Oh he did? Ok, thank you. Yes ma'am I'll be ready for it at 8:30 am. Thank you, good bye." Lynn placed the phone down and smiled deeply.

"A limousine?" She thought, "Wow, that's nice of them...I think." She was puzzled but relieved that she had made it to LA. and called to confirm her appointment for the reading of her Uncle Nick's will.

Her Uncle was a wealthy man, she didn't know too much about his affairs. Just remembered the joy he brought her at Christmas, back when the family would all get together. Uncle Nick was her father's brother. She hadn't heard much from him since her father's passing. But knew he was a millionaire and lived in Southern California.

"Wish I had a million bucks," Lynn said looking into the Dream Catcher with a fixed stare into its mesmerizing interlaced webbing. Her body slid onto the bed as she curled up into its comforting spread. She began breathing deeply and starting to un-wind. Her mind raced with all the thoughts of her life right now. So much has hit her all at once. The Passing of her Uncle, the strange dream and the Dream Catcher. Not to mention her troubles at home, the usual financial difficulties. Lack of romance and sex in a marriage filled with duties.

A flash of light caught her attention from the television. Its brightness grew till she shielded her eyes from its blinding light with her arm. The room came back into focus as the light disappeared. She sat up slightly looking at the snowy picture it yielded.

"Carefull what you wish for!" Came out of the television speakers. An image of the Old Indian Medicine woman flashed on the screen then dissapeared. Lynn's eyes shot open and she set up on the bed as a knock came at the door.

"Yes?" Lynn yelled out as she scrambled to get up scratching her head and stretching. "Who is it?" There was no reply. Un-safely and sleepily she opened the door.

Standing there at the door was the Indian man that fired her passions. He stepped into the room with his glazed skin and muscular frame. Leaning in and kissing her deeply, immediately. Lynn pushed him back with her hands but it was no use he was too strong. Her mouth was consumed by his hungry kiss.

He picked her up and carried her to the bed then laid her down. She was breathless. He went to lie on the bed when Lynn shouted.

"No," he stopped and looked at her with confusion. Lynn pointed to the door that was still wide open. The man gazed at it a moment and the door began to shut. Lynn stared with amazement but soon he was back to pressing his lips to her's. She heard the clicking of the doorknob as he was grabbing her, pulling her to him tightly and strongly. Removing her clothes with one hand while holding her tightly with the other.

She wasn't accustomed to this type of attention. "Almost animalistic," she thought. A smile came across her face while she began pulling him to her sensually. Her craving for his ravishing became stronger than her will to resist.

She felt him enter her, pushing and pressing. Then started paceing his humps deeper. Lynn tightened and received him willfully. Opening to his thrusts. Their bodies clashed into each other feverishly. Lynn gripped him tightly as he rocked back and forth, filling her fully. Driving his strong body into hers with powerful thrusts. She gripped the pillow tightly while pulling it between her legs as she heard the knock at the door.

Glanceing around the room she saw no one, pulling the pillow from between her legs. Then came the knock at the door again. "Coming," she shouted while rolling out of the bed sleepily. Still dressed and wiping her eyes Lynn yelled out, "Who is it?"

"My name's Charles Duncan ma'am, I'm the limo driver." Said a voice from the other side of the door. Lynn opened it and there stood a large man in a black suit with a charming smile. "Sorry ma'am but I was told to meet you at 8:30? And..."

"Yes. Yes, give me one second." She turned and went to the bed and picked up her purse and looked down at her shoes that were still on. Glanced in the Mirror for a quick finger brush through her hair. Looking at the bed in the Mirror she saw the Dream Catcher. Turning towards the bed she gazed at the Dream Catcher laying on the blue bedspread.

"Seven feathers?" She thought as she counted them again. She looked around the bed quickly then recounted them again. "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, well thats odd," she thought. The limo driver cleared his throat before speaking.

"Were running a bit late ma'am," He said kindly. Lynn looked at the driver standing in the hotel's hall while the door was still open. He stood with his feet slightly apart and hands behind him enterlaced.

"Yes of course," She said then headed out the door shutting it.

She followed the man all the way to the limousine. He opened the back door and Lynn crawled into the vehicle's spacious interior. In a matter of moments the long automobile was cruising down the street. "Like riding on air," she thought. Lynn glanced through the tented window at the shops and buildings that flashed by one after another.

Feeling something in her hand she glanced down and saw a feather in her fist. She gripped it tightly and pulled it to her face. "I've gotcha," she thought. Looking at the Long white feather with black tip and quil with one green bead and one white bead tied to it with horse hair. She became intranced by its contours.

"Mrs. Wilkerson...Mrs. Wilkerson..." A man in a suit stood over her shaking her. "Are you alright Mrs. Wilkerson?" The man seemed concerned. Lynn opened her eyes wider and picked her self up off the floor confussed.

"What happen...where am I?" Lynn asked while looking at the strange but sharply dressed gentleman. He pulled lightly on her arm and helped her to her feet. She was a bit shaken but managed to get the chair closest to her. The man brisked away and open a small refrigerator at the bar along one office wall. He pulled a small bottle of water from its depths, opened it and handed it to Lynn.

"Thank you," Lynn said taking the bottle then taking a drink.

"You obviously fainted Mrs. Wilkerson, no need for alarm, I've seen this before." The man was coy and cassual.

Lynn was looking around the office full of bookshelves, books, a bar, a couch, and a large polished wood desk. The man settled into a large leather chair and began organizing his papers. Then placeing them infront of her and handing her a pen.

"Just sign here by the x," he said smiling holding the pen out to Lynn. Lynn was confussed and took the pen and looked at the papers. Reading along its length with curious brow.

"Inheritance transfer of one-hundred and thirty nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine dollars and sixty nine cents?" Lynn's jaw dropped then she shut her mouth and looked at the man behind the desk. "This is for...?"

"In fear of you fainting again Mrs Wilkerson, please sit back and I'll explain it again." The man waited till she was settled in her seat before he proceeded. "Your Uncle Nick's Mansion and estate sale barely covered his debts. His partners in his corporation have bought his shares of the company legally and his back taxes and land taxes with penalties and intrest leaves you one hundred and thirty thousand and...what ever is there Mrs. Wilkerson." The man said while sitting back in his big leather chair.

Lynn soaked his words up while reading the document before her. "This says here that the original inheritance was 2.4 million dollars. Mr.?" Lynn asked questioning.

"Keller," The man said with concern. "Mrs. Wilkerson, are you ok?"

"Yes, yes I'm fine." Lynn continued to read then signed at the x as per his request. The man readily took the papers the minute her pen left the paper and tore off the back copy and handed it to her. Then taking a manila envelope from his desk and handing it to her.

"This is some old photos and two keys, one is a storge building where the remainder of your Uncle's belongings were placed. It is paid up for one year Mrs. Wilkerson, then you'll be liable for it. The safe deposit box has been transferred into your name for you to obtain its contents." Mr. Keller said then leaned back in his chair again. "Long story short Mrs. Wilkerson, you would've HAD a million dollars, had your Uncle taken better care of his affairs.

Lynn shot a cold look at the man till she recalled her own words, "Wish I had a million bucks." Over and over the words went through her mind. The TV was sideways as her head layed on the bed. She sleepily looked around the room. Slowly she raised up and wiped her eyes. The television's picture was fuzzy but the show was visible. The Dream Catcher lay on the bed beside her. She become quickly mezmerized by its weavings in her groggy state.

Then she reached out and picked the trinket up and brushed its seven feathers. "Seven feathers?" She thought, then began searching for the missing feather. Around the bedspread and along the floor then under the bed. Her head popped up as she recalled seeing it in the limo. "Limo?" She thought slightly confussed. "That was a dream?" She sat on the edge of the bed and wiped her face again.

Then looked down at the Dream Catcher and its seven feathers and oval webbing. Thinking about her dream and the possibility of almost having a million dollars. "Well thats what I asked for," she thought. "I guess I should have said I wish to HAVE a million dollars." She chuckled as she got up and went to the bathroom. Lynn reached to turn the light on and the illumination became blinding. Lynn sheilded her eyes with the back of her hand as she began to back up. The light dimmed and every thing was back to normal.

Lynn reached down and pinched herself and felt the sting. "Nope, not dreaming," she said as she went in and began her shower.

The water was warming as she stepped into the basin. The pelting spraying water massaged her tense body. She curled up into its warmth with her hands together and at her chin. Eyes closed and basking in the feel of the hot waters beatings. Her thoughts began to wonder of her dreams and the tall Indian that kept frequenting her dreams.

His strong muscles that enveloped around her and pulled tightly. His hot breath and alluring scent of musk. The feeling she got of being so small in comparison to his large frame. The large hands that caressed her with strength and power. She was rubbing the soapy cloth along her breasts and cleavage. The cloth's glides over her body were slippery. Reaching between her legs and pressing on her swollen clit. Her whole body tightened at her tender touching, then rubbing.

Lynn's fingers twisted her nipple while her other hand's fingers pressed into herself deeply. Her thoughts were filled with the man in her Dreams. The tall muscular Indian that filled her with desire. Vibrantly she shook her hand at her slit driving herself to ecstasy quickly. Jerking from her own hand's playfull rubs. Pulling taughtly at her nipple till it popped from her fingers.

She let out a heavy sigh as her orgasm peaked and her hands curled up to her breasts caressing them fully. The shower was filled with steam and a thick mist while she relaxed under the massaging hot water.

The deep trance of the shower's mezmerizing feel was broken by the knock at the door. Lynn turned the shower off and listened, till she heard the knock again.

"Just a minute," she yelled out as she got out of the shower and began drying off. Quickly she went into the room and grabbed her suitcase and slung it on the bed. "Who is it?" She shouted.

"Limo driver ma'am." a mans voice said deeply. Lynn glanced at the clock on the wall of the hotel, 8:35.

"Just a moment," she yelled and hurridly got dressed. Slinging her clothes on and closeing the suitcase. The Dream Catcher lay there on the bed still. She glanced at it and saw two sets of feathers. Three and three, "Wheres the other feather?" She gasped. Quickly searching the bed then grabbing her purse and slipping her shoes on while glancing around the room. "This gets stranger and stranger," she said as she went out the door.


Lynn was sitting at the attorneys office with a blank stare on her face. Her hand felt tight as she held her fist up to her face and the feather was in her hand. She looked at the attorney whom was rattling off legal jargon about her Uncles estate. She looked back at her fist and the feather was gone. The attorney looked at her puzzled and lynn just put her fist to her eyes as if drying a tear.

Her mind was wirling with thoughts of her Uncles affairs and her strange dreams. "This traveling has taken its toll on me," she thought. The Attorney laid the papers before Lynn to sign and handed her a pen.

Lynn looked at the man with confussion, then glanced at the documents. Inheritance transfer of one million, one hundered and thirty nine thousand, nine hundered and ninety nine dollars and sixty nine cents.

"Mrs. Wilkerson...Mrs. Wilkerson...," the man stood over her shaking her. "Are you alright Mrs. Wilkerson?" The man seemed concerned. Lynn opened her eyes wider and leaned upright in her seat, confussed.

The man brisked away and open the small refrigerator at the bar. Pulling a small bottle of water from its depths, opened it and handed it to Lynn.

"Thank you," Lynn said taking the bottle then drinking from it. "I'm fine Mr. Keller, thank you," Lynn said pulling herself together. The man looked at her strangely and went back to his large leather chair.

Lynn read and signed the documents, set the pen down and took a deep breath. The man took the papers and tore off the back copy and handed it to her. Then handed her a large manilla envelope. "This...," the man started.

"Let me guess, old photos, a key to a storage unit with my Uncles belongings and a key to his safe deposit box?" Lynn said with convidence. The Attorney looked at her with bewilderment.

"Why, yes. Yes indeed. How could you know that?" The attorney asked curiously.

"I really don't know Mr. Keller. I think I dreamed this?" Lynn said slightly uncertian. Looking at the attorney with sincere eyes.


The limo ride was pleasant, as if riding on a cloud of air she thought as she reached over and pinched herself agian. "Ouch," she said lightly and snickered. The long limousine made its way along the streets of Los Angeles. Lynn's mind was raceing with thoughts, questions and memories. "Everything happened so fast," she thought.

Lynn thought about the Dream Catcher's mystical charm and wondered how she was looseing the feathers. The dreams she had been having seem so real. Her Uncle leaving her his wordly possesions and the dealings with the attorney. The old women that had sold her the Dream Catcher and the tall Indian that fueled her passions. "A millionaire?" She gasped.

Lynn was in a fixed stare out the window of the limo, as it went casually down the street. "Like a magic carpet ride," she thought.

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